Historic Buildings and Monuments in Newcastle

This page includes historic buildings, monuments, parks and sites in the City of Newcastle upon Tyne, compiled from two sources: a) Listed buildings and scheduled monuments, from the the National Heritage List for England[1]. b) the Local List of buildings of Local Architectural or Historic Interest ('Local List') from Newcastle City Council.[2] Use the Search in the data table (below) if looking for a specific building / monument, or to filter on a particular area e.g. type: Quayside.

Structure List No. Grade Built~ Ward~ Note
Coal workings at Dewley Pits, 650m south west of Black Callerton 1016194 n/a C18th    
Grand Hotel, Barras Bridge n/a Local 1902 Westgate City Centre, Barras Bridge
Sacred Heart Church 1391786 II 1865 North Gosforth North Gosforth
1 -6, Trafalgar Street n/a Local   Ouseburn City Centre. Former entrance to Manors Railway Station
127, Kenton Road n/a Local   Kenton Kenton. Kenton Road. House, originally called 'The Turrets')
136 - 178, Shield's Road  n/a Local 1921 South Heaton Byker. Built as a department store.
Former Cooperative Warehouse, 14 - 18, Stowell Street n/a Local 1908 Westgate City Centre, Stowell Street
20 -22, Pudding Chare n/a Local 1897 Westgate City Centre, Pudding Chare
27 - 29, Fenkle Street n/a Local C19th Westgate City Centre, Fenkle Street
27, Moor Road South n/a Local C20th East Gosforth Gosforth
28, Bigg Market n/a Local C20th Westgate City Centre, Bigg Market
283 - 287, Shield's Road n/a Local 1910 South Heaton Byker
299-307, Westgate Road n/a Local C19th Westgate Elswick
38-46, Stowell Street n/a Local 1824 Westgate City Centre, Stowell Street
39-43, Groat Market n/a Local C18th Westgate City Centre, Groat Market
4-6, High Bridge n/a Local C18th Westgate City Centre
64 - 66, Grainger Street n/a Local C19th Westgate City Centre
73 - 75, Grainger Street n/a Local 1870 Westgate City Centre
91 - 93, Westgate Road n/a Local c.1900 Westgate  
Aero Club, Newcastle Airport n/a Local 1930s Woolsington Woolsington. The original terminal building. art deco style.
Allan House, City Road n/a Local C19th Ouseburn  
All Saint's Cemetery, Jesmond n/a Local 1855 South Jesmond Jesmond, Jesmond Road
All Saint's Cemetery, Akenside Hill n/a Local   Ouseburn City Centre, All Saints Church
Anderson Jones, Shield's Road n/a Local   South Heaton Byker. Jewler's shop
Ashbourne, Glastonbury Grove n/a Local   North Jesmond Jesmond. House
Ashburton Cemetery (RC), Wolsingham Road n/a Local   West Gosforth Gosforth
Ballast Hills, Ford Street n/a Local   South Heaton Byker. non-conformist burial ground.
Bandstand, Leazes Park n/a Local 2003 Westgate City Centre, Leazes Park. Faithful reconstruction of C19th bandstand.
Western Lodge, Leazes Park n/a Local   Westgate City Centre, Leazes Park
Beavans, Shields Road n/a Local C20th South Heaton Byker
Belle Grove Pub n/a Local 1875 Wingrove Spital Tongues, Belle Grove Terrace
Belle Grove Terrace n/a Local C19th Wingrove Spital Tongues
Bentinck Crescent, Elswick n/a Local C19th Elswick Elsewick
Benwell Dene/Hodgkin Park n/a Local 1899 Scotswood and Benwell Benwell
Benwell Library (former library) n/a Local 1908 Benwell and Scotswood Benwell, Atkinson Road
Benwell Nature Park n/a Local 1982 Benwell and Scotswood Benwell, Atkinson Road
Big Yellow Crane, Duco Works n/a Local C20th Walker Walker, Nelson Road
Birdcage Walk in Nunsmoor Park n/a Local   Wingrove Fenham
Blackie Boy PH, Groat Market n/a Local C18th Westgate City Centre, Groat Market. Remodelled in 1926
Blakelaw Bunker n/a Local C20th Blakelaw Blakelaw, Moulton Court. WW2
Buildings at front of Newcastle General Hospital (former workhouse) n/a Local C19th Wingrove Fenham. Westgate Road / Brighton Grove
Blenheim House & Sinclair Building, 145-147, Westgate Road n/a Local 1919 Westgate City Centre
Blue House, Great North Road n/a Local C19th West Gosforth  Gosforth
Boatman's Hut, Leazes Park n/a Local   Westgate City Centre, Leazes Park
Branding Villa Hotel, Haddricks Mill Road n/a Local 1903 East Gosforth  Gosforth
Brandling Park n/a Local C19th South Jesmond Jesmond
Bridge over Cradlewell Bypass n/a Local   North Heaton Heaton, Benton Bank
Burma Campaigns War Memorial n/a Local 1991 South Jesmond City Centre, St Mary's Place / Barras Bridge
Byker Road Bridge n/a Local 1878 Ouseburn Byker
King Edward Railway Bridge 1242100 II 1906 Westgate Quayside
Benwell Waterworks Chimney 1186128 II   Benwell and Scotswood  
Biscuit Factory, Stoddart Street n/a Local C19th Ouseburn Shieldfield
Cassie Building, Newcastle University n/a Local 1955 Westgate City Centre, Claremont Road
Cattle run in Armstrong Park n/a Local C19th South Jesmond Heaton, Armstrong Park
Central Buildings, 7-9, Bigg Market n/a Local 1897 Westgate City Centre, Bigg Market
Chamber's Memorial, Christ Church Churchyard n/a Local 1869 Walker Walker
Chillingham Road Primary School n/a Local 1893 South Heaton Heaton
Church High School/Church High Junior School, Jesmond n/a Local 1889 South Jesmond Jesmond, Tankerville Terrace
Churchyard of St. Ann, City Road n/a Local   Ouseburn City Centre
City House, 1 -3, City Road n/a Local C19th Ouseburn City Centre
Civic Centre / St. Thomas' Grounds, Barras Bridge n/a Local   South Jesmond City Centre
Clarendon House, Clayton Street West n/a Local c.1896 Westgate City Centre
Collingwood Arms Public House, Brandling Village n/a Local 1836 South Jesmond  Jesmond, Brandling Village
Colvill Memorial Fountain, Great North Road n/a Local 1889 North Jesmond  Jesmond
Cradlewell, Jesmond Road n/a Local 1904 South Jesmond  Jesmond. On the site of earlier pub of 1833.
Cragside Primary School n/a Local 1937 Dene High Heaton, Cleveland Gardens
Cross House, Westgate Road n/a Local 1911 Westgate City Centre
Crosslings, Coast Road n/a Local 1930s North Heaton  Heaton
Cumberland Arms, Back Stephen Street n/a Local 1899 Ouseburn Byker / Ouseburn Valley
Dog Leap Stair, Side n/a Local   Westgate City Centre stairs from Castle Garth to Side
Granville Court, Fernwood Road / Granville Road n/a Local C20th South Jesmond  Jesmond
Groat House, Groat Market n/a Local 1889 Westgate City Centre
Hanging Gardens, Close n/a Local c.1993 Westgate City Centre
Hanover Street Road Surface (cobbles) n/a Local   Westgate City Centre
Hanover Street, City Centre, (North side excluding Coppersmiths workshop)  n/a Local 1840s Westgate City Centre
Harrogate House Pub n/a Local 1897 Ouseburn Shieldfield, Gosforth Street
Hawthorn House, Forth Banks n/a Local C19th Westgate City Centre
Haymarket Metro Station n/a Local   Westgate City Centre
Heaton Adult Education Centre and Heaton Community Centre n/a Local C19th South Heaton Heaton, Warton and Tosson Terraces
East Lodge, Gosforth Park n/a Local C19th Parklands Gosforth Park
Edward VIII period post box, Chester Crescent/Sandyford Road n/a Local 1936 Ouseburn Sandyford
Electricity Sub Station, Haddricks Mill roundabout n/a Local   Dene Gosforth
Elim Pentacostal Church, Heaton Road n/a Local 1882 South Heaton  Byker
Elswick Library n/a Local 1896 Elswick Elswick, Elswick Road
Exhibition Park n/a Local 1887 Wingrove City Centre, Claremont Road
Fenwick Close, Jesmond n/a Local   North Jesmond  Jesmond
Fleming memorial Patients Shelter, Great North Road/Clayton Road n/a Local 1928 South Jesmond  Jesmond
Former Abbotsford Memorial Orphanage / Princess Mary Maternity Hospital n/a Local C19th South Jesmond Jesmond, Burdon Terrace
Former Alfred Wilson House n/a Local 1933 Westgate City Centre, Waterloo Street
Former Brewery stables, St Thomas Street n/a Local   Westgate City Centre
Former Charlton's Bond, Waterloo Street n/a Local 1885 Westgate City Centre
Former Co-op Buildings, Heaton Road/Cardigan Terrace n/a Local 1892 Ouseburn Heaton
Former Jesmond Synagogue (Central New High School for Girls) n/a Local 1915 South Jesmond  Jesmond, Eskdale Terrace
Former Malings pottery - clock tower building n/a Local 1879 Byker Walker, Walker Road
Former Malings Pottery - main buildings n/a Local 1878 Byker Walker, Walker Road
Former Mission House, City Road n/a Local 1869 Ouseburn Ouseburn
Former National Provincial Bank, Shield's Road n/a Local 1904 South Heaton Byker
Former Ringtons Tea Warehouse, Algernon Road n/a Local   South Heaton Byker
Former Rye Hill Hospital n/a Local   Elswick Elswick, Rye Hill
Former Sun Ray Clinic, Brinkburn Street n/a Local 1930s Byker Byker
Former Territorial Army Building, Sandyford Road n/a Local   South Jesmond Sandyford
Former TSB Bank, Shield's Road n/a Local 1904 South Heaton  Byker
Formerly "Wilks Furniture" now "Ethel Austin", Corner of Shields Road and Flora Street n/a Local   South Heaton Byker
Galen House, Low Friar Street n/a Local 1901 Westgate City Centre
Gasometer, Rear of Greenford Road/Windmill Road n/a Local   Walker Walker
Gate Piers to Exhibition Park n/a Local   Westgate City Centre
Gates, Piers and Walls to Heaton Park, Heaton Park View n/a Local   Ouseburn Heaton
Gates, Piers and Walls to Heaton Park, Heaton Road n/a Local   Ouseburn Heaton
Glasshouse Bridge n/a Local 1878 Byker Ouseburn
Glasswork Flues, Cut Bank n/a Local C19th Byker Ouseburn
Gosforth Central Park n/a Local 1932 East Gosforth Gosforth
Gosforth Hotel n/a Local 1878 West Gosforth  Gosforth, High Street
Gosforth Memorial Clinic n/a Local 1924 East Gosforth  Gosforth, Church Road
Gosforth Park n/a Local   Parklands North Gosforth
Gosforth Squash Club and Moor Court n/a Local   West Gosforth  Gosforth. Art deco style.
Heaton Baptist Church n/a Local 1904 South Heaton Heaton, Heaton Road
Heaton Cemetery n/a Local C19th North Heaton Heaton, Benton Road
Heaton Methodist Church and Church Hall n/a Local 1902 North Heaton  Heaton, Heaton Road
Heaton Spinney, Newton Road/Place n/a Local   North Heaton  Heaton
Henshelwood Terrace n/a Local   North Jesmond  Jesmond. cobbled road
Holy Cross Church, Fenham n/a Local 1936 Fenham Fenham
HSBC Bank, 112-116, Grey Street n/a Local C19th Westgate City Centre. Former Victoria music Hall
Huntsmoor House n/a Local C20th Wingrove Spital Tongues, Hunters Road.
Jesmond Vale House n/a Local 1967 South Jesmond  Jesmond
Jesmond Vale n/a Local C19th South Jesmond  Jesmond. Southern extension of Jesmond Dene.
Jewish Section of Elswick Cemetery n/a Local 1830s Elswick Elswick
Kenton Lodge School n/a Local   West Gosforth  Kenton, Kenton Road
King John's Well, Armstrong Park n/a Local C19th South Jesmond Heaton
Laing Memorial Fountain, Great North Road n/a Local 1895 North Jesmond  Jesmond
Lemington Hotel n/a Local 1897 Lemington Lemington, Lemington Road
Lemington Power Station n/a Local 1903 Lemington Lemington, Lemington Road
Lime Street Chimney n/a Local   Ouseburn Ouseburn
Lloyds TSB Bank, 165-167, Shield's Road n/a Local 1904 South Heaton Byker
North East Lodge in Paddy Freeman's Park n/a Local 1883 Dene Heaton
Lodge in Heaton Cemetery n/a Local 1890 North Heaton Heaton, Benton Road
North Lodge in Jesmond Dene n/a Local 1898 Dene Jesmond
Long Stair, The Close n/a Local C16th Westgate City Centre
Maceys Bar, 31, Groat Market n/a Local C18th Westgate City Centre
Mansion House, Fernwood Road n/a Local 1880 South Jesmond Jesmond
Marlborough House n/a Local c.1840 Westgate City Centre
Maternity and child welfare centre gates/war memorial, n/a Local C20th East Gosforth Gosforth, Church Road
Maynard Toffee Factory Chimney n/a Local   Ouseburn Ouseburn, Ouse Street / Lower Steenbergs Yard
MEA House, Ellison Place n/a Local 1974 South Jesmond  City Centre
Methodist Church, St. George's Terrace n/a Local   North Jesmond  Jesmond
Millfield House, Jesmond Dene n/a Local C18th North Heaton Jesmond
Millstone Public House n/a Local 1900 East Gosforth Gosforth
Model Boat Pavilion in Paddy Freemans Park n/a Local   Dean Heaton
Model Yacht Pavilion in Exhibition Park n/a Local   Wingrove City Centre
Moffat Pavilion, Leazes Park n/a Local   Westgate City Centre
Montagu Court n/a Local 1970 West Gosforth Gosforth, Montagu Avenue
Newburn Bridge  n/a Local 1893 Newburn Newburn
Newcastle Arms Public House, St Andrew's Street n/a Local 1903 Westgate City Centre
Newcastle Breweries office, Bath Lane n/a Local 1953 Westgate City Centre
Newcastle University Quadrangle n/a Local 1949 Westgate City Centre
No 12, Northumberland Street n/a Local   Westgate City Centre
North Chapel in Heaton Cemetery n/a Local C19th North Heaton Heaton, Benton Road,
Northumberland Lead Works Remains, Lime Street n/a Local c.1871 Ouseburn Ouseburn
Nunsmoor Park n/a Local 1887 Fenham Fenham
Nursing Home, Newburn High Street n/a Local   Newburn Newburn
Old Eldon Square n/a Local 1831 Westgate City Centre, off Blackett Street
Old Nurses Home, Westgate Road n/a Local 1920s Elswick Fenham
Osborne Court, Jesmond n/a Local   South Jesmond Jesmond, Osbourne Avenue
Ouseburn Metro Bridge (aka Byker Viaduct) n/a Local 1979 South Heaton Byker
Plate Stacks (sculpture) n/a Local   Ouseburn Ouseburn, Stepney Bank
Paddy Freemans/Castle Farm n/a Local   Dean Heaton
Pandongate House, 5, City Road n/a Local   Ouseburn City Centre
Pape's Building, Pink Lane n/a Local 1893 Westgate City Centre
Park Education Centre, Leazes Park n/a Local   Westgate City Centre
Percy Street West, 101,103,107-111 n/a Local C19th Westgate City Centre
Percy Street West, 11,13 - 21, n/a Local   Westgate City Centre
Percy Street West, 79, 83-85, 87-89, 91, 93-95 n/a Local C19th Westgate City Centre
Picnic Field Shelters near Old Mill, Jesmond Dene n/a Local   East Gosforth Jesmond
2 Pigeon Crees, Both sides of Lime Street n/a Local   Ouseburn Ouseburn
Post Office, Heaton Road n/a Local 1904 South Heaton Byker
Primrose Cottage, Stamfordham Road  n/a Local C19th Woolsington Westerhope
Public Lavatories, Bigg Market n/a Local   Westgate City Centre
Punch Bowl, Jesmond Road n/a Local 1870s South Jesmond  Jesmond
Quay Wall, Ouseburn Quayside n/a Local   Ouseburn Ouseburn
Queen's Arms (former pub) n/a Local 1855 Ouseburn Shieldfield, Simpson Terrace. Now flats.
Rafferty's Bar, 29-31, Pink Lane n/a Local   Westgate City Centre
Railway Bridge, Mitchell Street n/a Local   Walker Walker. Now a cycle way
Railway Pub, Benfield Road/Shields Road n/a Local 1936 Walker Walker
Railway Terraces, Ebor,Cleghorn & Richardson Street n/a Local   South Heaton Heaton
Ravenswood Primary School n/a Local   North Heaton  Heaton, Ravenswood Terrace
Retaining Wall, Amethyst Road n/a Local C19th Elswick Elswick. Part of Armstrong's Elswick Works.
Richardson Road Lodge, Leazes Park n/a Local   Westgate City Centre
Ridley Villas, 91, New Bridge Street n/a Local   Ouseburn Shieldfield
Rose and Crown Public House, Newgate Street n/a Local c.1914 Westgate City Centre
Rosie's Bar Public House, Stowell Street n/a Local 1890 Westgate City Centre
Royal Court Yard, 11-15, Bigg Market n/a Local C19th Westgate City Centre
Royal George Hotel, Fisher Street n/a Local   Walkergate Walker
Royal Grammar School, Jesmond n/a Local   South Jesmond  Jesmond
Sachin's Restaurant, Forth Banks n/a Local   Westgate City Centre
Northern Counties School, Tankerville Terrace n/a Local 1861 South Jesmond  Jesmond
Scotswood Natural Community Garden n/a Local   Benwell and Scotswood Scotswood, Whickham View
Scotswood, Wylam and Newburn Railway Bridge n/a Local 1876 Newburn Newburn
Shieldfield House n/a Local   Ouseburn Shieldfield
Shilling House, 342, West Road n/a Local 1925 Fenham Fenham
Ship Inn, Stepney Bank n/a Local 1878 Ouseburn Ouseburn
Shipley Baths, Byker n/a Local   Byker Byker
Shoe Tree, Armstrong Park n/a Local   Ouseburn Heaton
South elevation of Siemen's Building, Shield's Road n/a Local   South Heaton  Walker
Slipway running from 26 Lime Street to River n/a Local   Ouseburn Ouseburn
Slipway running from 'Cluny' to River n/a Local   Ouseburn Ouseburn
South Chapel in Heaton Cemetery n/a Local   North Heaton Heaton, Benton Road
Spillers Tyne Mill n/a Local 1938 Byker Byker, St. Lawrence Road
Springbank Pavilion, Leazes Park n/a Local   Westgate City Centre
St Andrews Churchyard, Newgate Street n/a Local   Westgate City Centre
Church of St Augustine of Hippo n/a Local 1892 Wingrove Fenham,  Brighton Grove
St Cuthbert's House, West Road n/a Local C19th Scotswood & Benwell  Benwell
St Gabriel's Church Vicarage, 9 Holderness Road n/a Local   North Heaton Heaton
St James & St Basil's Church Gardens n/a Local   Blakelaw Fenham, Fenham Hall Drive
St James's Park Pitch n/a Local 1880 Westgate City Centre
St John's Church, Whorlton n/a Local C19th Westerhope Whorlton
St. Andrews Cemetery Chapels, Jesmond n/a Local C19th North Jesmond  Jesmond
St. Francis Church, Heaton n/a Local 1953 Dean Heaton, Cleveland Gardens
St. Joseph's Church, Benwell n/a Local 1931 Scotswood & Benwell  Benwell, Armstrong Road
St. Nicholas Cemetery Chapels, Fenham n/a Local c.1857 Wingrove Fenham
St. Nicholas Churchyard n/a Local 1170 East Gosforth Gosforth. Church Road.
St. Teresa's RC Church, Heaton n/a Local 1972 Ouseburn

Heaton. Heaton Road.

Stage Door Nightclub, Stowell Street n/a Local 1820s Westgate

City Centre. Former row of townhouses.

Stephenson Building, Newcastle University n/a Local 1952 Westgate

City Centre. Claremont Road.

Stephenson Halls of Residence, Northumbria University n/a Local   Ouseburn

Shieldfield. Stoddart Street.

Stepney Bank Stables n/a Local 1897 Ouseburn


Summerhill Square n/a Local   Westgate

Summerhill, off Westgate Road

Terraces - group, Eslington / Kingsland / Haldane Terraces & adjoining section of Clayton Road n/a Local 1912 South Jesmond

Jesmond. Ats & Craft style

The Bodega Public House n/a Local 1870s Westgate

City Centre. Westgate Road

The Conservatory, Royal Victoria Infirmary n/a Local 1907 Westgate

City Centre. Queen Victoria Road

The County Pub, Walker Road n/a Local 1893 Walker


The Flats / The Square, Gibson Street, Blagdon Street, City Road, Greenville Terrace. n/a Local   Ouseburn

City Centre

The Forth public house n/a Local C19th Westgate

City Centre.  Pink Lane.

The People's Theatre, Benton Bank n/a Local 1936 Noth Heaton


The Studio, back St. Thomas' Crescent n/a Local C19th Westgate

City Centre

The Town Moor n/a Local C12th Wingrove

City Centre

The Trap, Kenton Road/Carfield Road n/a Local 1868 Fawdon


The Tyne, Maling Street n/a Local 1895 Byker


Thornton Street Old Jewish Cemetery, Waterloo Chambers n/a Local 1835 Westgate

City Centre

Throckley Coke Ovens, Newburn Country Park n/a Local 1869 Newburn


Throckley War Memorial n/a Local 1921 Newburn


Tilleys Public House, Westgate Road n/a Local C19th Westgate

City Centre

Trent House Pub, 17, St Thomas Street n/a Local C19th Westgate

City Centre

Tunnels, Jesmond Dene Road n/a Local C19th North Jesmond 


Turner's Building, 7 - 13, Pink Lane n/a Local 1885 Westgate

City Centre

Two Large Houses below Wordsworth House, North of Clayton Road East n/a Local   South Jesmond 


Tyne iron works, Lemington Road n/a Local 1797 Lemington 


Tyne Waterfront, Elswick, William Armstrong Drive, Amethyst Road, Skinnerburn Road n/a Local   Elswick


Unlisted Bridges in Jesmond Dene n/a Local C19th Dene, East Gosforth, North Jesmond

Jesmond Dene

Victoria Library, Heaton Park Road n/a Local 1898 Ouseburn


Walker Library, Welbeck Road n/a Local 1908 Walker


Walker Park War Memorial n/a Local   Walker


Walled Garden, High Gosforth Park n/a Local   Parklands

Gosforth. North of Gosforth Park Hotel

War Memorial, Scrogg Road n/a Local   Walker


War Memorial, St Andrews Cemetery n/a Local   North Jesmond 


West Denton Hall (St Vincent's Home) n/a Local   Lemington

West Denton

West Jesmond Cinema, Lonsdale Terrace n/a Local 1921 North Jesmond 


Wilders Public House, Carliol Square n/a Local   Westgate

City Centre

Wilson's Court, Pudding Chare n/a Local   Westgate

City Centre

Wincomblee Workshops, White Street n/a Local 1915 Walker


WW2 Bellman Hanger, Newcastle Airport n/a Local   Woolsington

Newcastle Airport

Wylam Waggonway Bridge n/a Local 1748 Newburn

Newburn. Station Road.

Ye Olde Jockey Public House, Gosforth High Street n/a Local C19th East Gosforth


Church of St James 1024959 II 1833 Benwell and Scotswood Benwell. Atkinson Road / Benwell Lane
Drinking Fountain East of Church of St James 1024882 II 1902 Benwell and Scotswood Benwell
Former Lodge to Benwell Towers 1024957 II   Benwell and Scotswood  
Former Whickham View Schools 1024807 II   Benwell and Scotswood  
Gate Piers to the Mitre Public House 1024956 II   Benwell and Scotswood  
Grainger Tomb About 15 Metres West of Church of St James 1319893 II   Benwell and Scotswood  
Lodge to Benwell Waterworks 1024949 II   Benwell and Scotswood  
Lodge to Victoria School for the Blind 1116529 II   Benwell and Scotswood  
Piers and Gates East of Former Whickham View Schools 1024808 II   Benwell and Scotswood  
Piers, Walls and Gates and Railings West of Former Whickham View Schools 1355294 II   Benwell and Scotswood  
Roman Turret Opposite Number 800, Bishops House (Denton Hall) with Section of Hadrian's Wall 1355307  I   Benwell and Scotswood  
Royal Victoria School for the Blind 1024958 II   Benwell and Scotswood  
Scotswood War Memorial 1439949 II   Benwell and Scotswood  
The Mitre Public House 1186255 II   Benwell and Scotswood  
Thorntree Farmhouse 1024726 II   Benwell and Scotswood  
Wellburn House 1116524 II   Benwell and Scotswood  
Branch Library 1115497 II   Blakelaw  
Hall of Church of St James and St Basil 1024711 II   Blakelaw  
Piers About 100 Metres East of Junctions with Moorside North and Moorside South 1024895 II   Blakelaw  
Vicarage of Church of St James and St Basil 1355319 II   Blakelaw  
Brunswick Village War Memorial 1433742 II   Brunswick  
North East Mason Farmhouse and Farm Building Attached to East 1024963 II   Brunswick  
Shelter Shed and Barn to West of North East Mason Farmhouse 1355214 II   Brunswick  
1, 2 and 3 and Attached Ramps 1392123  II*   Byker  
1, 2 and 3, Grace Street 1392172  II*   Byker  
1, 2 and 3, with Attached Fences, Kerbs and Seating 1392176  II*   Byker  
1,2 and 3, with Attached Walls and Fences, and Electric Substation to Rear of No. 1 1392175  II*   Byker  
1,3 and 5 and Attached Fences 1392173  II*   Byker  
1-11 and Attached Garden Walls 1392127  II*   Byker  
1-11 with Kerbs to Front and Fences to Rear 1392178  II*   Byker  
1-11, Priory Place 1392118  II*   Byker  
1-115, with Attached Fences, Steps and Timber Heating Ducts 1392162  II*   Byker  
1-12, with Attached Walls and Fences, Finchale Terrace 1392144  II*   Byker  
1-12, with Attached Walls, Fences and Pergolas 1392166  II*   Byker  
1-13 with Attached Steps and Fences 1392129  II*   Byker  
1-13, Shipley Place 1392113  II*   Byker  
1-14, Priory Green 1392115  II*   Byker  
1-15 with Attached Garden Fences 1392139  II*   Byker  
1-17 (Odd) and 2-30 (Even), with Attached Walls, Fences, Pergola and Steps 1392170  II*   Byker  
1-17 and Attached Fences and Curbs 1392114  II*   Byker  
1-17 with Attached Walls,steps and Entry Walkway 1392141  II*   Byker  
1-18 with Attached Garden Fences 1392143  II*   Byker  
1-20 the Brow with Attached Fences and Bin Stores 1392146  II*   Byker  
1-20, with Car Porch and Attached Timber Fences 1392142  II*   Byker  
1-25, Kendal Street 1392122  II*   Byker  
1-35 Including Attached Walls, Fences and Gates 1392111  II*   Byker  
1-37 Clive Place 1392112  II*   Byker  
1-39 Mount Pleasant House and Attached Walls and Fences 1392167  II*   Byker  
1-42 Headlam Green, Including Chirton House, Bowling Green Pavilion, Garages, Entrance Gates, Retain 1392182  II*   Byker  
1-7 (Odd) and 2-8 (Even) with Attached Fences to the Rear 1392169  II*   Byker  
1-7 Thornborrow House with Fences to Rear 1392179  II*   Byker  
1-7, Brinkburn Place 1392124  II*   Byker  
1-7, Kendal Place 1392119  II*   Byker  
1-7, Raby Cross 1392136  II*   Byker  
1-8 and Attached Fences 1392140  II*   Byker  
1-89, Gordon Road 1392117  II*   Byker  
1-9, Brinkburn Lane 1392125  II*   Byker  
10-14, Raby Cross 1392138  II*   Byker  
12-18, Brock Street 1392134  II*   Byker  
18-22 with Attached Fences and Garages to the Rear 1392174  II*   Byker  
2,4 and 6, Brock Street 1392130  II*   Byker  
2-38 with Retaining Walls 1392121  II*   Byker  
2-46 and 62-92, Whickham Gardens 1392150  II*   Byker  
2-64 with Attached Fences 1392161  II*   Byker  
2-8, Raby Cross 1392137  II*   Byker  
24-28, Dibley Street 1392133  II*   Byker  
46 and 48 Raby Way and Attached Fences to Back 1392159  II*   Byker  
61, Ayton Rise 1392148  II*   Byker  
66-84, with Retaining Walls, Timber Fences and Steps to Front 1392165  II*   Byker  
66-92, Raby Street 1392116  II*   Byker  
Avondale House with Attached Fences Walls and Steps 1392156  II*   Byker  
Byker Neighbourhood Estate Office 1392128  II*   Byker  
Caretaker's House to Former Ouseburn Schools 1024899 II   Byker  
Church of St Michael with St Lawrence 1024948 II   Byker  
Education Committee Distribution Centre Office (Ouseburn Schools) 1024947  II*   Byker  
Electricity Sub-Station 1392135  II*   Byker  
Fixed Seating and Tables, and Shelters No 3, with Attached Walls and Fences and Table and Seats Nos 1392190  II*   Byker  
Lychgate Infront of St Lawrence's School 1393440  II*   Byker  
No 1, with Attached Walls and Fences 1392189  II*   Byker  
No 6, Attached Walls, Steps, Seats, Table and Fences 1392191  II*   Byker  
No. 100, with Attached Fences to Rear 1392168  II*   Byker  
No. 32, with Attached Fence, Walls and Steps to Churchyard 1392171  II*   Byker  
No.1 -17, with Kerbs to Front and Attached Fences 1392177  II*   Byker  
Nos 1 and 2, St Lawrence Court, with Attached Fences and Seats 1392180  II*   Byker  
Nos 1-14 (Consec), With Attached Fences, Pergolas and Seats 1392183  II*   Byker  
Nos 1-14 With Attached Meeting Hall and Garages 1392126  II*   Byker  
Nos 1-17 (Consec), With Attached Walls, Fences, Seats and Pergolas 1392187  II*   Byker  
Nos 1-18 (Link Blocks) with Attached Garden Walls 1392120  II*   Byker  
Nos 1-33, With Attached Walls, Fences and Pergolas 1392181  II*   Byker  
Nos 1-75 Dunn Terrace, including Graham House, Wolseley House, The Cabin and YMCA Byker Neighbourhoo 1392611  II*   Byker  
Nos 1-9 (Odd) and Nos 2-10 (Even) with Attached Walls, Fences, Pergolas and Seats 1392188  II*   Byker  
Nos 2-28 (EVEN), INCLUDING SHOP, PERGOLA AND FENCES 1392185  II*   Byker  
Nos 239-251 with Attached Steps, Walls and Fences 1392145  II*   Byker  
Nos 30-40 (EVEN), WITH RETAINING WALLS AND FENCES 1392186  II*   Byker  
Nos 52-72, and Attached Fences and Shed 1392158  II*   Byker  
Nos. 1-14, with Attached Archway and Ramp, and Walls and Fences to Rear 1392153  II*   Byker  
Nos. 1-15, and Attached Fences 1392152  II*   Byker  
Nos. 1-23, and Attached Fences 1392151  II*   Byker  
Nos. 1-27, with Attached Garden Fences and Retaining Brick Walls and Pergola 1392131  II*   Byker  
Nos. 1-52, and Attached Walls, Seats, Fences, Pergolas and Steps 1392154  II*   Byker  
Nos. 1-59, with Attached Walls and Fences 1392149  II*   Byker  
Nos. 1-63, with Attached Walls, Pergolas and Fences 1392164  II*   Byker  
Nos. 10-22, Including Fences 1392132  II*   Byker  
Nos. 14-50 (Even) with Attached Walls, Archway and Fences 1392147  II*   Byker  
Nos. 2-44, with Attached Wall, Pergola and Fences to Front and Rear, Including No.26a (Byker Photogr 1392160  II*   Byker  
Nos. 2-92, with Attached Walls, Fences and Steps 1392163  II*   Byker  
Nos. 39-79, with Attached Bin Stores and Sheds, and Walls and Fences to Rear 1392155  II*   Byker  
Nos. 85-105, with Attached Fences 1392157  II*   Byker  
Piers, Walls and Railings South of Former Ouseburn Schools 1355207 II   Byker  
Swimming Baths 1393439  II*   Byker  
Tom Collins House 1392110  II*   Byker  
Castle Farm Cottages 1024935 II   Dene  
Castle Farm Cottages Number 5 and Farm Building Attached 1319989 II   Dene  
Castle Farmhouse 1024934 II   Dene  
Farm Building West of Castle Farmhouse 1319985 II   Dene  
Forecourt Wall and Gates to Wills' Tobacco Factory 1355230 II   Dene  
Wills' Tobacco Factory 1115718 II   Dene  
Church of St Matthew 1355215 II   Dinnington  
Former School 1024965 II   Dinnington  
Gingang on West Side of Farmbuildings at Seven Mile Farm 1237367 II   Dinnington  
Granary, Byres and Lofts to East of North Farmhouse 1024964 II   Dinnington  
Piers, Walls and Railings, East of Church of St Matthew and Former School 1024966 II   Dinnington  
1 and 2, Roseworth Terrace 1355220 II   East Gosforth  
23-33, the Grove 1185892 II   East Gosforth  
32-36, High Street 1024971 II   East Gosforth  
38-52, High Street 1024972 II   East Gosforth  
7-21, the Grove 1355219 II   East Gosforth  
Boundary Mark in Wall at Junction with South Side of Moorfield 1024851 II   East Gosforth  
Church of St Nicholas 1355218 II   East Gosforth  
Gosforth War Memorial Pillar 1437134 II   East Gosforth  
Jesmond Dene House 1024853 II   East Gosforth  
Main Dike Stone 1185873 II   East Gosforth  
Police Stables 1186735 II   East Gosforth  
Racquet Court 1024852 II   East Gosforth  
Roman Catholic Church of St Charles, attached presbytery and boundary wall to south and south west 1431012 II   East Gosforth  
Salters' Bridge (Tyne and Wear Bridge Number 077) 1299417  I   East Gosforth  
The County Hotel 1186001 II   East Gosforth  
1-3, Bentinck Place 1299293 II   Elswick  
80-88, Elswick Road 1355255 II   Elswick  
Chapels and Archway in St John's Cemetery 1024893 II   Elswick  
Church House and Dwarf Walls in Front 1024863 II   Elswick  
Church of St Michael and Presbytery Attached 1024743  II*   Elswick  
Church of St Paul 1024846 II   Elswick  
Church of St Stephen 1355238 II   Elswick  
Clennell Family Tomb in Westgate Hill Cemetery 1338567 II   Elswick  
Conrad House and Western House 1024955 II   Elswick  
Graingerville South 1121908 II   Elswick  
Hospital of St Mary the Virgin Almshouses 1107920 II   Elswick  
Lodge to South East of Westgate Hill School, and Wall, Piers, Gateposts and Gates 1024737 II   Elswick  
Lodges to St John's Cemetery North Entrance 1115532 II   Elswick  
Mather Tomb in St John's Cemetery 1320365 II   Elswick  
Pendower Teacher's Centre 1024762 II   Elswick  
Piers and Walls in Front of Number 416a 1355332 II   Elswick  
Railings and Walls to South and East of Hospital of St Mary the Virgin Almshouses 1355288 II   Elswick  
St John's Cemetery North Entrance Gates, Piers, Walls and Railings 1024892 II   Elswick  
Temple of Antenociticus 1116382  I   Elswick  
Walls, Gate Piers, Gates and Railngs Around Church and Presbytery of St Michael 1338571 II   Elswick  
Wyclif Baptist Church 1320375 II   Elswick  
Red House Farmhouse 1299478 II   Fawdon  
Bishop's House 1338212  I   Fenham  
St Mary's Training College Administration Block and Chapel 1320395  II*   Fenham  
St Mary's Training College Lecture Room Block 1024897  II*   Fenham  
Stable Range and Linking Wall to North of Pendower Teachers' Centre 1024763 II   Fenham  
Kenton Bunker at Former RAF Blakelaw 1390494 II   Kenton  
Town Moor Boundary Stone About One Metre North of Millmount 1106311 II   Kenton  
Church of Holy Saviour 1186082 II   Lemington  
Church of St George 1186086 II   Lemington  
Lemington Cone 1299389  II*   Lemington  
Lemington War Memorial 1438772 II   Lemington  
Manager's House and Office of Former Iron Works 1355182 II   Lemington  
Parish Hall of Church of Holy Saviour 1024981 II   Lemington  
Presbytery Attached to Church of St George 1024943 II   Lemington  
Church of St Mary 1186066 II 1887 Newburn Throckley, Newburn Road
Church of St Michael and All Angels 1186036  I C11th? Newburn Newburn
Former Valve House 1024975 II   Newburn  
Hawthorn Tomb About 25 Metres South of Church of St Michael and All Angels 1299396 II   Newburn  
Hedley Tombs About One Metre South of Church of St Michael and All Angels 1024974 II   Newburn  
Housing Department Area Offices 1186074 II   Newburn  
Lych Gate South of Church of St Michael and All Angels 1355183 II 1885 Newburn Newburn
Market Garden House 1355204 II   Newburn  
Milestone About 21 Metres East of Small Burn Conduit 1024976 II   Newburn  
Newburn Almshouses 1299402 II   Newburn  
Newburn House 1024978 II   Newburn  
Newburn Pumping Station 1186050 II   Newburn  
The Boathouse Public House 1024945 II   Newburn  
The Duke of Northumberland's House 1024977 II   Newburn  
Throckley War Memorial 1431167 II 1921 Newburn Throckley
Valve House West of Junction with Coach Road 1186057 II   Newburn  
Walbottle Hall, Numbers 4 and 5 Walbottle Hall Gardens, and Outbuildings 1024980 II   Newburn  
War Memorial 1024979 II   Newburn  
Wesleyan Methodist Chapel 1024944 II   Newburn  
Border Minstrel Public House to North West of Brandling House 1024715  II*   North Gosforth  
Caretaker's Flat, Brandling House 1355322  II*   North Gosforth  
Entrance Gate Piers to Brandling House and Adjoining Park Walls 1355321 II   North Gosforth  
Entrance Lodge to Brandling House 1024714 II   North Gosforth  
Gate Piers and Stables North of Brandling House 1024716 II   North Gosforth  
Gosforth House, Now Brandling House, Part of High Gosforth Park Club 1121859  II*   North Gosforth  
Grandstand Attached to Brandling House 1121871 II   North Gosforth  
Ice House About 150 Metres East of North Lodge 1024713 II   North Gosforth  
North Gosforth Chapel (Ruins) 1355323  II* Medieval North Gosforth North Gosforth
North Lodge 1024712 II   North Gosforth  
Park House, North East of Brandling House 1121875 II   North Gosforth  
Church of St Gabriel and Hall Attached 1145873 II   North Heaton  
Footbridge Crossing Ouseburn South of Red Walk 1186748 II   North Heaton  
Old Hall Henderson Halls of Residence 1268409 II   North Heaton  
Akhurst School (Jesmond Cottage) and Gas Lamp at Door 1024845 II   North Jesmond  
Banqueting House with added gatehouse and other extensions 1024855 II   North Jesmond  
Boundary Stone in Wall in Front of Number 7 1087036 II   North Jesmond  
Bridge to West of Jesmond Dene Mill 1186739 II   North Jesmond  
Chapel of St Mary 1325172  II*   North Jesmond  
Church of St George 1024784  I 1888 North Jesmond Jesmond, Osbourne Road
Footbridge North East of Banqueting Hall 1024856 II   North Jesmond  
Hall and School of Church of St George 1355280 II   North Jesmond  
Jesmond Branch Library 1323708 II   North Jesmond  
Jesmond Church of St Hilda 1024758 II   North Jesmond  
Jesmond Dene Mill 1024854 II   North Jesmond  
La Sagesse School, Jesmond Towers 1024954  II*   North Jesmond  
St Mary's Well 1355270 II   North Jesmond  
Sunday School Attached to Church of St Hilda 1121525 II   North Jesmond  
The Lodge 1389144 II   North Jesmond  
Town Moor Boundary Stone Opposite Number 73 1145896 II   North Jesmond  
13, Sandhill 1260195 II   Ouseburn  
15, Sandhill 1255543 II   Ouseburn  
17, Sandhill 1255542 II   Ouseburn  
25 and 27, Quayside 1024797 II 1869 Ouseburn Quayside
25, King Street 1024827 II   Ouseburn  
25, Queen Street 1355286 II   Ouseburn  
25b, Broad Chare 1024929 II   Ouseburn  
31, Broad Chare 1319969 II   Ouseburn  
33, Broad Chare 1024932 II   Ouseburn  
63, Quayside 1355284 II C18th Ouseburn Quayside
9, Stepney Lane 1024754 II   Ouseburn  
Accommodation Arch over Manor Chare, and Railway Viaduct Extending Westward to Pilgrim Street 1335849 II   Ouseburn  
Austin Friary Tower Attached to the John George Joicey Museum 1355203  II*   Ouseburn  
Baltic Chambers 1024798 II   Ouseburn  
Bridge over Ouseburn (Crawford's Bridge) 1024785 II C18th Ouseburn Ouseburn
Christ Church and Hall Attached 1024748  II* 1861 Ouseburn Shieldfield, Simpson Terrace
Church of All Saints 1106329  I 1796 Ouseburn City Centre, Dog Bank
Church of St Ann 1355222  I 1768 Ouseburn City Centre, City Road
Church of St Dominic 1326644 II   Ouseburn  
Cluny Warehouse 1355264 II 1848 Ouseburn Ouseburn, Line Street
Cooperative Wholesale Society Warehouse 1107186 II   Ouseburn  
Corner Tower 1024903  I C14th Ouseburn City Centre, Town Walls. Scheduled Monument(1019810)
Coronation Buildings 1107182 II   Ouseburn  
Customs House 1325530  II* 1766 Ouseburn Quayside
Drinking Fountain and Statue of W.L. Blenkinsopp Coulson 1024850 II 1914 Ouseburn City Centre, City Road / Horatio Street
Exchange Buildings 1355283 II   Ouseburn  
Former Church of St Jude, Shieldfield 1024747 II 1891 Ouseburn Shieldfield
Former Tramways Power Station and Offices 1271012 II   Ouseburn  
Former Trinity House 1024759 II   Ouseburn  
Gibson Street Baths 1355292 II 1907 Ouseburn City Centre, New Bridge Street
Heaton Windmill 1355262 II   Ouseburn  
Industrial Workers' Dwellings 1242024 II   Ouseburn  
Live Theatre Workshop 1116412 II   Ouseburn  
Love Lane Warehouses 1086999 II   Ouseburn  
Mercantile Building 1107209 II   Ouseburn  
Mill South of Former Flax Mill (Seven Stories) 1024834 II 1840 Ouseburn Ouseburn
New Tyne Bridge 1325173 II   Ouseburn  
Outbuilding to East of Former Trinity House Numbers 9 and 10 1121531 II   Ouseburn  
Pant in Front of the John George Joicey Museum 1116152 II   Ouseburn  
Piers North of Church of All Saints 1242112 II   Ouseburn  
Piers, Wall and Railings South of Church of All Saints 1355282 II   Ouseburn  
Princes Buildings 1107170 II   Ouseburn  
Priory of St Dominic 1024816 II 1887 Ouseburn Shieldfield, New Bridge Street
Sailors Bethel 1318881 II 1875 Ouseburn Ouseburn, Horatio Street
Sallyport or Wall Knoll Tower 1121526  I   Ouseburn City Centre, Town Walls. Scheduled Monument(1019811)
Salvation Army Men's Palace 1424948 II   Ouseburn  
Sinclair's Cooperage with Outbuildings to West 1024883 II   Ouseburn  
Holy Jesus Hospital 1116207  II* 1682 Ouseburn City Centre, City Road
The Keelmen's Hospital 1024902  II* 1701 Ouseburn City Centre, City Road
The Tyne Public House 1024839 II   Ouseburn  
The war memorial cross of St Cuthbert's Church, Newcastle upon Tyne 1439593 II   Ouseburn  
Trinity House 1024931  I   Ouseburn  
Trinity House 1116390  II*   Ouseburn  
Trinity House Banqueting Hall and Board Room 1024930  I   Ouseburn  
Trinity House Gate and Chapel 1116418  I C16th Ouseburn  
Trinity House Number 12 (School) and Wall and Railings Attached 1116373  II*   Ouseburn  
Trinity House Numbers 7 and 8 (Premises Occupied by Live Theatre) 1355237 II   Ouseburn  
Trinity Maritime Centre 1355236 II   Ouseburn  
Tyne Bridge (also known as New Tyne Bridge) 1248569  II* 1928 Ouseburn Quayside
Wall from Swing Bridge to Quayside Sheds, and Bollards on Top 1355285 II   Ouseburn Quayside
Warehouse to West of Warehouse Formerly Known As Baxter's 1024786 II   Ouseburn  
Wesley Memorial Fountain 1024799 II   Ouseburn  
Adam of Jesmond's Camera 1024826 II C13th South Heaton Heaton, Armstrong Park. Scheduled Monument(1016633)
Byker War Memorial 1434062 II   South Heaton  
Church of St Silas 1024914 II   South Heaton  
Ouseburn Viaduct with Accommodation Arch 1120788  II* 1839 South Heaton Ouseburn. By John & Benjamin Green
St Mark's Church House 1024723 II   South Heaton  
1-5, Ellison Place 1320379 II   South Jesmond  
14-20, Great North Road 1139042 II   South Jesmond  
2, Jesmond Road 1355275 II   South Jesmond  
21, Brandling Park 1355233 II   South Jesmond  
22-28, Brandling Place South 1024928 II   South Jesmond  
31, 32 and 33, Brandling Place South 1116443 II   South Jesmond  
34-46, Brandling Place South 1355235 II   South Jesmond  
4-22, Jesmond Road 1299030 II   South Jesmond  
48-50, Jesmond Road 1186759 II   South Jesmond  
56-66, Jesmond Road 1024859 II   South Jesmond  
68 and 70, Jesmond Road 1299034 II   South Jesmond  
7, Saville Place 1120872 II   South Jesmond  
8-13, Brandling Park 1024925 II   South Jesmond  
All Saints' Cemetery Gate, Walls, Piers, Gates and Railings 1299067 II   South Jesmond  
All Saints' Cemetery Mortuary Chapels 1024857 II   South Jesmond  
Armstrong Bridge 1355205 II   South Jesmond  
Burt Hall (Northumbria University) 1326021 II 1895 South Jesmond City Centre, Northumberland Street
Careers Centre (College House) 1320314 II 1883 South Jesmond City Centre, College Street
Carlton Terrace 1355274 II   South Jesmond  
Church of St James with Hall, Sunday School and House Attached 1024820  II* 1884 South Jesmond City Centre, Northumberland Road
Church of the Divine Unity and Durant Hall 1245126 II 1940 South Jesmond City Centre, Ellison Place
Church of the Holy Trinity 1024942  II*   South Jesmond  
City of Newcastle Employees Club (Drill Hall, Northumbria University) 1106254 II 1849 South Jesmond City Centre, Northumberland Street
Civic Centre 1242692  II* 1968 South Jesmond City Centre, Barras Bridge
Deuchar House 1120893 II c.1840 South Jesmond Sandyford, Sandyford Road. Former brewery, now flats.
Drinking Fountain at Corner of Clayton Road 1355246 II   South Jesmond  
Entrance Archway, Pair of Chapel Lodges, Walls and Gates to Jesmond Cemetery 1186766  II*   South Jesmond  
Fairless Harrison Tomb About 100 Metres East of Jesmond Cemetery Gateway 1024825 II   South Jesmond  
Fleming Memorial Hospital 1242077 II   South Jesmond  
Former Boiler House, Sandyford Brewery 1024781 II   South Jesmond  
Former Brady and Martin Building 1325992 II   South Jesmond  
Gate Piers and Wall Adjoining City of Newcastle Employees Club 1024821 II   South Jesmond  
Gates and Gate Piers to South of Fleming Memorial Hospital 1242086 II   South Jesmond  
House and garden wall at 33 Brandling Park; part of garden wall to number 32 1355234 II   South Jesmond  
Jesmond Parish Church and Choir Vestry Attached 1115542 II 1861 South Jesmond Jesmond, Brandling Village. By John Dobson 
Jesmond United Reformed Church and Hall Attached 1319998 II 1888 South Jesmond Jesmond, Brandling Village.
Lodge to South of Fleming Memorial Hospital 1260185 II   South Jesmond  
MEA House 1419279 II   South Jesmond  
Memorial to Dr William Rea 1392258 II   South Jesmond  
Nazareth House 1120860 II   South Jesmond  
Northumberland Baths / City Hall 1242013 II 1928 South Jesmond City Centre, Northumberland Street
Number 22 and Wall Attached 1024926 II   South Jesmond  
Number 5 and Railings in Front 1024782 II   South Jesmond  
Numbers 2-30 and Railings to Front 1122682 II   South Jesmond  
Numbers 24-46 and Railings in Front of Number 46 1024858 II   South Jesmond  
Piers from Hospital of the Virgin Mary of Royal Grammar School 1024894 II   South Jesmond  
Pillar Box North of Number 4 1325922 II   South Jesmond  
South Lodge, Gateway, Walls and Gates to Jesmond Cemetery 1024860  II*   South Jesmond  
Steps, Walls, Piers, Gates and Railings in Front of Former Brady and Martin Building 1355258 II   South Jesmond  
Sutherland Building (Northumbria University) 1355259 II 1895 South Jesmond City Centre, Northumberland Street
The Carriage Public House 1355276 II   South Jesmond  
The Former Phillipson Memorial Orphanage at Princess Mary Maternity Hospital 1259614 II   South Jesmond  
Tomb of a Reed About 100 Metres South West of Jesmond Cemetery Gates 1299037 II   South Jesmond  
Tomb of John Dobson About 175 Metres South of Jesmond Cemetery Gates 1024824 II   South Jesmond  
Tomb of Joseph Wilson About 35 Metres South West of Jesmond Cemetery Gateway 1355240 II   South Jesmond  
Tomb of Keenleyside Family About 80 Metres South of Jesmond Cemetery Gates 1024861 II   South Jesmond  
Tomb of Thomas Oliver in Jesmond Cemetery About 140 Metres North East of Gateway 1355261 II   South Jesmond  
Tomb of Tm Richardson About 20 Metres South West of Jesmond Cemetery Gateway 1087106 II   South Jesmond  
Trinity Building (Northumbria University) 1106235 II 1895 South Jesmond City Centre, Northumberland Street
United Automobile Services Ltd Bus Depot 1024795 II 1930 South Jesmond Sandyford, Portland Terrace
Victoria Tunnel 1390828 II 1842 South Jesmond Spital Tongues / Ouseburn
Wall in Front of 33, Brandling Park 1024927 II   South Jesmond  
Walls, Piers and Gates to Nazareth House Garden 1355278 II   South Jesmond  
Walls, Piers, Gates and Railings in Front of Careers Centre 1024921 II   South Jesmond  
Walker War Memorial 1440916 II   Walker  
War memorial outside St Anthony's Church, Walker 1441351 II   Walker  
War Memorial to the 5th Northumberland Fusiliers 1441600 II   Walker  
2, the Drive 1185883 II   West Gosforth  
62-70, the Drive 1024970 II   West Gosforth  
Church of All Saints 1024973 II   West Gosforth  
Flats with Projecting Walls and Steps and Garages 1389262 II   West Gosforth  
St Nicholas Hospital 1376822 II   West Gosforth  
The Theatre or Recreation Room at St Nicholas Hospital 1242096 II   West Gosforth  
Trinity Church 1246936 II   West Gosforth  
1 and 3, Grey Street 1024871  II*   Westgate  
1 and 3, Market Street 1087018  II*   Westgate  
1 to 4, St James' Terrace 1024766 II   Westgate  
1, Mosley Street 1024794 II   Westgate  
1, Neville Street 1024814 II   Westgate  
1-10, Winchester Terrace 1355298 II   Westgate  
1-15, Gallowgate 1024862 II   Westgate  
1-4, Eldon Square (Old Eldon Square) 1355254  II* 1831 Westgate City Centre, off Blackett Street
1-4, High Swinburne Place 1355272 II   Westgate  
1-5, Leazes Crescent 1024830 II   Westgate  
1-6, Greenfield Place 1024870 II   Westgate  
1-9, St Thomas' Square 1024775 II   Westgate  
10 and 11, Eldon Place 1024889 II   Westgate  
10 and 12, Nelson Street 1096849 II 1838 Westgate City Centre. Former music hall.
10, Castle Stairs 1024940 II   Westgate  
10, Cloth Market 1096163 II   Westgate  
10, Dean Street 1115614 II   Westgate  
10, Grey Street 1145817 II   Westgate  
100, Pilgrim Street 1325948 II   Westgate  
104-108, Grey Street 1024842 II   Westgate  
108 and 110, Grainger Street 1320572  II*   Westgate  
11 and 13, Shakespeare Street 1024783  II*   Westgate  
11-33, Summerhill Street 1121125 II   Westgate  
112-118, Grainger Street 1024869  II*   Westgate  
112-118, Pilgrim Street 1355281 II   Westgate  
12 and 14, Dean Street 1024887 II   Westgate  
12, 14 and 16, Cloth Market 1355229  II* C16th Westgate City Centre 
12, Mosley Street 1024805 II   Westgate  
12-16, Grey Street 1024878 II   Westgate  
123-131, Clayton Street West 1320244 II   Westgate  
12a, Nelson Street 1024811 II 1899 Westgate City Centre, former warehouse
139-159, Grainger Street 1320453 II   Westgate  
14, Nelson Street 1024812 II 1838 Westgate City Centre. Former dispensary
14, Shakespeare Street 1024745 II   Westgate  
14-20, Pilgrim Street 1024790 II   Westgate  
15 and 17, Grey Street 1024872  II*   Westgate  
15, Side 1024751 II   Westgate  
16 and 18, Dean Street 1115621 II   Westgate  
16-24, Leazes Crescent 1024831 II   Westgate  
17 and 19, St Thomas' Street 1355311 II   Westgate  
172 and 174, Westgate Road 1355329 II   Westgate  
178, Westgate Road 1338525 II   Westgate  
18, Blackett Street 1355213 II   Westgate  
18, Fenkle Street 1024898 II   Westgate  
18-26, Grey Street 1145819 II   Westgate  
18-26, Leazes Park Road 1024832 II   Westgate  
19, St Thomas' Crescent 1119610 II   Westgate  
19-31, Grey Street 1139024  II*   Westgate  
190, Westgate Road 1024734 II   Westgate  
2 and 4, Mosley Street 1086962 II   Westgate  
2 Griffins in Front of Westgate Grange 1338566 II   Westgate  
2-10, Market Street 1355265 II   Westgate  
2-12, Shakespeare Street 1024744 II   Westgate  
2-12, St Thomas' Square 1119615 II   Westgate  
2-20, Newgate Street 1024818 II   Westgate  
2-6, Nelson Street 1024809 II 1836 Westgate City Centre
2-8, Grey Street 1024877 II   Westgate  
20, Dean Street 1355253 II   Westgate  
20-26, Fenkle Street 1115474 II   Westgate  
20-27, St Thomas' Crescent 1024774 II   Westgate  
200 and 202, Westgate Road 1338527 II   Westgate  
21 and 23, St Thomas' Street 1119589 II   Westgate  
21, Mosley Street 1355268 II   Westgate  
22, Blackett Street 1116468 II   Westgate  
22, Newgate Street 1105679 II   Westgate  
22-28, Pilgrim Street 1024791 II   Westgate  
23, Dean Street 1246624 II   Westgate  
23-29, Side 1355299 II   Westgate  
236, Westgate Road 1355330 II   Westgate  
24 and 26, Pudding Chare 1024796 II   Westgate  
25, St Thomas' Street 1024776 II   Westgate  
26, Terrace Place 1121543 II   Westgate  
26-31, Sandhill 1323142 II   Westgate  
26-32, Grey Street 1355248 II   Westgate  
26-36, Clayton Street West 1115791 II   Westgate  
260, Westgate Road 1121994 II   Westgate  
266, Westgate Road 1024735 II   Westgate  
28 and 30, Close 1024915  I C16th Westgate City Centre
28 and 30, Leazes Park Road 1087066 II   Westgate  
28 and 30, Mosley Street 1024806 II   Westgate  
28 and 30, Pudding Chare 1325972 II   Westgate  
3 and 5, Mosley Street 1024840 II   Westgate  
3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, Charlotte Square 1116223 II   Westgate  
3, Akenside Hill 1024946 II   Westgate  
3-7, St Thomas' Terrace 1355312 II   Westgate  
30, Blackett Street 1024962 II   Westgate  
30, Grainger Street 1355244 II   Westgate  
30-48, Dean Street 1115593 II   Westgate  
30A, Nun Street 1024865 II   Westgate  
32 and 34, Mosley Street 1355290 II   Westgate  
32, Close 1024916  II* C15th Westgate City Centre
32-52, Leazes Park Road 1024833 II   Westgate  
33, Groat Market 1024843 II   Westgate  
33-41, Grey Street 1024873  II*   Westgate  
34-40, Grainger Street 1115403 II   Westgate  
34-40, Grey Street 1318914 II   Westgate  
34-44, Pilgrim Street 1325961 II   Westgate  
35 and 37, Groat Market 1024844 II   Westgate  
35, Close 1024918  II* C16th Westgate City Centre
35, Side 1323175 II   Westgate  
36 and 38, Sandhill 1355313  II*   Westgate  
36-92, Clayton Street 1116077 II   Westgate  
37, Low Friar Street 1087042 II   Westgate  
39 and 40, Sandhill 1323105  II*   Westgate  
39 and 41, Low Friar Street 1024836 II   Westgate  
3A, St Thomas' Street 1323766 II   Westgate  
4 Lamp Standards on Edge of Pavement Opposite Number 1 1355273 II   Westgate  
4, Clayton Street West 1320240 II   Westgate  
4, St Mary's Place East 1024768 II   Westgate  
4-24, Lancaster Street 1024829 II   Westgate  
4-9, Swinburne Place 1355303 II   Westgate  
41-51, High Bridge 1241999 II   Westgate  
42-50, Grey Street 1024879 II   Westgate  
43 and 45, Grey Street 1329921  II*   Westgate  
44-48, Cloth Market 1115737 II   Westgate  
45, Northumberland Street 1024822 II   Westgate  
45-53, Clayton Street 1355227 II   Westgate  
46 and 48, Pilgrim Street 1024792 II   Westgate  
46, Sandhill 1120915 II   Westgate  
47-51, Grey Street 1024874  II*   Westgate  
47-52, Sandhill 1355277 II   Westgate  
48-54, Newgate Street 1355226 II   Westgate  
5, Collingwood Street 1355231 II 1898 Westgate City Centre
5, Elswick Road 1024756 II   Westgate  
5, Ravensworth Terrace 1107928 II   Westgate  
5-13, Grey Street 1139021  II*   Westgate  
5-13, Side 1024749 II   Westgate  
5-15, Lancaster Street 1087057 II   Westgate  
50 and 52, Dean Street 1024888 II   Westgate  
52, Westgate Road 1355327 II   Westgate  
52-78, Grey Street 1318917  II*   Westgate  
53, Grey Street 1138998  II*   Westgate  
53, Westgate Road 1121921 II   Westgate  
54 and 56, Pilgrim Street 1355326 II   Westgate  
55 and 57, Westgate Road 1024740  II*   Westgate  
55-59, Grey Street 1024875  II*   Westgate  
56-63, Thornton Street 1355304 II   Westgate  
58-72, Low Friar Street 1024835 II   Westgate  
6 Lamp Standards on Pavement Opposite Numbers 104, 106 and 108 1355269 II   Westgate  
6, 7 and 8, Higham Place 1024848 II   Westgate  
6, Bigg Market 1355212 II   Westgate  
6-12, Leazes Crescent 1087059 II   Westgate  
6-24, Clayton Street West 1355228 II   Westgate  
61-67, Grey Street 1024876  II*   Westgate  
67, Westgate Road 1338538 II   Westgate  
67-71, Clayton Street 1024910 II   Westgate  
68-72, Grainger Street 1115411  II*   Westgate  
69 and 71, Side 1323179 II   Westgate  
69, Westgate Road 1355296 II   Westgate  
7, Collingwood Street 1115669 II 1810 Westgate City Centre
7-11, St James Street 1024765 II   Westgate  
7-12, Summerhill Terrace 1121537 II   Westgate  
7-19, Mosley Street 1086984 II   Westgate  
71-75, Westgate Road 1338541 II   Westgate  
73 and 75, Side 1024753 II   Westgate  
74-84, Grainger Street 1024868 II   Westgate  
8 and 10, Close 1115771 II   Westgate  
8, Bigg Market 1319916 II   Westgate  
8, Mosley Street 1024804 II   Westgate  
8, Nelson Street 1024810 II 1836 Westgate City Centre
8-18, Hood Street 1024849 II   Westgate  
80-96, Grey Street 1355249  II*   Westgate  
86-90, Grainger Street 1115146  II*   Westgate  
87-107, Clayton Street 1024911 II   Westgate  
9 and 10, Charlotte Square 1024941 II   Westgate  
9-13, Ravensworth Terrace 1024802 II   Westgate  
92-104, Grainger Street 1355245 II   Westgate  
92-98, Westgate Road 1121984 II   Westgate  
93, Grainger Street 1106378 II   Westgate  
93-101, Pilgrim Street 1376004 II   Westgate  
94-106, Clayton Street 1024909 II   Westgate  
Accommodation Arch and Railway Viaduct Between High Level Bridge, Castle Garth and Central Station 1024800 II   Westgate  
Adelphi Hotel 1024746 II   Westgate  
Akenside House 1355206 II   Westgate  
Alderman Fenwick's House 1024793  I c.1670 Westgate City Centre, Pilgrim Street
Andrews House 1024722 II   Westgate  
Armstrong Building (Newcastle University) 1380578 II 1887 Westgate City Centre, Queen Victoria Road
Armstrong Memorial 1299341 II 1906 Westgate City Centre, Barras Bridge
Ashfield Parents Centre and Ashfield Nursery School and Walls, Gate Piers and Gate Attached 1024891 II   Westgate  
Atlas Chambers 1024732 II   Westgate  
Balmbra's Music Hall 1320266 II 1902 Westgate City Centre, Cloth Market
Bandstand in Exhibition Park 1024904 II c.1875 Westgate City Centre
Barclay's Bank 1024837 II   Westgate  
Barclay's Bank and Collingwood Buildings 1115694 II 1899 Westgate City Centre, Collingwood Street
Barclays Bank 1024912 II   Westgate  
Bath Lane School 1024953 II   Westgate  
Beehive Hotel 1024920 II 1902 Westgate City Centre, Cloth Market
Bessie Surtees House and Milbank House 1024779  I C16th Westgate Quayside, Sandhill
Bewick House 1024960 II 1884 Westgate City Centre, Bewick Street
Blackfriars East Range 1086979  I   Westgate  
Blackfriars South Range 1087001  I   Westgate  
Blackfriars West Range 1355267  I   Westgate  
Blandford House 1355306 II   Westgate  
Bolbec Hall 1024738 II   Westgate  
Bonded Warehouses 1355271 II   Westgate  
Bridge Hotel 1320030 II 1899 Westgate City Centre, Castle Garth 
Bridge Medical Centre 1024917 II   Westgate  
Broadcasting House (Lying in Hospital) 1104908 II 1826 Westgate City Centre, New Bridge Street. by John Dobson.
Brunswick Methodist Chapel 1024933 II   Westgate  
Building Forming Western Part of Evening Chronicle Building 1024767 II   Westgate  
Bust of Alderman Hamond 50 Metres North East of Lodge in Leazes Park 1186164 II   Westgate  
Carliol House 1087029 II   Westgate  
Cathedral Buildings 1024886 II 1901 Westgate City Centre, Dean Street
Cathedral of St Mary 1024913  I 1844 Westgate City Centre, Neville Street / Clayton Street
Cathedral of St Nicholas 1355309  I 1350 Westgate City Centre, St Nicholas Street
Central Arcade 1355247  II* 1906 Westgate City Centre, Grey Street / Market Street / Grainger Street
Central Police Station, Magistrates Court and Fire Station 1245576 II   Westgate  
Central Railway Station; passenger buildings and train shed with platforms 1355291  I 1850 Westgate City Centre, Neville Street. by John Dobson
Chapel at Royal Victoria Infirmary 1379637 II   Westgate  
Chaucer Buildings 1024864 II   Westgate  
Church of St Andrew 1104887  I C12th Westgate City Centre, Newgate Street
Church of St John the Baptist 1024728  I C14th Westgate City Centre, Gaainger Street / Westgate Road
Church of St Matthew 1024757  II*   Westgate  
Church of St Thomas the Martyr 1024952  II* 1830 Westgate City Centre, Barras Bridge
Claremont Buildings 1115598 II 1896 Westgate City Centre, Claremont Road
Clavering House 1024907 II   Westgate  
Co-Operative Stores 1105676 II   Westgate  
County Court and gates, piers and railings to front, 56 Westgate Road 1024731 II   Westgate  
County Hall 1024938 II   Westgate  
Crown Posada Public House 1024752 II   Westgate  
Derwent Water Chambers 1120904  II*   Westgate  
Drinking Fountain (Rutherford Memorial) 1319905 II 1894 Westgate City Centre, Bigg Market
Drinking Fountain in Wall of Westgate Cemetery One Metre from East Corner 1024890 II   Westgate  
Duke of Northumberland Public House 1320107 II   Westgate  
Dwarf Walls and Railings in Centre of Square 1116228 II   Westgate  
Earl Grey House 1355266 II   Westgate  
Earl Grey Monument 1329931  I 1838 Westgate City Centre,  Grey Street / Grainger Street / Blackett Street
East Front of Grainger Market 1355243  I   Westgate  
Eldon Buildings 1024924 II 1893 Westgate City Centre, Blackett Street/Grey Street
Elswick Lodge and Wall Attached 1024787 II   Westgate  
Emerson Chambers 1024923  II* 1903 Westgate City Centre, Blackett Street
Exchange Buildings 1138984  II* 1838 Westgate City Centre, Grey Street
King Edward VII Building (Newcastle University) 1355305 II   Westgate  
First Building Behind Number 10 1024919 II   Westgate  
Former Cooperative Wholesale Society Printing Works 1024803 II   Westgate  
Former Coppersmiths Shop and Warehouses with Offices Attached 1389276 II   Westgate  
Former Department of Agriculture, Now School of Architecture 1322822 II   Westgate  
Former Fish Market 1320263 II 1880 Westgate Quayside, Sandhill
Former Goods Station Warehouse (Forth Banks House) 1072614 II 1910 Westgate City Centre, Forth Banks
Former Hertz Rent a Car Building 1391451 II   Westgate  
Old Library Building (Newcastle University) 1024760 II 1926 Westgate City Centre
Former Market Keeper's House 1355279 II 1842 Westgate City Centre, former Cattle Market toll house by John Dobson, now by Centre for Life
Former Newcastle Breweries Offices 1024789 II   Westgate  
Former Robert Stephenson and Company Fitting Shop 1389277 II   Westgate  
Forth House 1390777 II   Westgate  
Gate Pier of the Old Grammar School 1355295 II   Westgate  
Gate Piers and Wall in Front of Church of St Andrew, and Pant Attached 1355293 II   Westgate  
Gate Piers, Walls and Piers to Westgate Hill Cemetery 1024742 II   Westgate  
Gates, Lodges and Railings at Royal Victoria Infirmary 1379638 II   Westgate  
Gem House and Messrs Reid and Company 1355232 II   Westgate  
George Stephenson Memorial 1338572  II*   Westgate City Centre, Westgate Road
Giovanni's Restaurant 1105646 II   Westgate  
Grainger Market 1024866  I 1835 Westgate City Centre
Grainger Memorial Fountain 1122654 II   Westgate  
Gunn Tomb About 10 Metres East of South Transept of Church of St Andrew 1024817 II   Westgate  
Gunner Tower 1260201  I C14th Westgate City Centre, Town Walls. Sheduled Monument(1019278)
Half Moon Chambers 1024961 II 1905 Westgate City Centre, Bigg Market
Hancock Museum of Natural History (Great North Museum) 1024951  II* 1884 Westgate City Centre, Claremont Road
Hawthorne Works Now J T Dove Ltd (Building Materials) 1390055 II   Westgate  
Heron Pit Prison, Drawbridge Pit and Other Under-Buildings in Barbican 1024937  I 1246 Westgate City Centre, Black Gate
High Level Bridge 1248568  I 1849 Westgate Quayside. By Robert Stephenson. 'double decker' road and railway bridge
Hodgson Tomb About 15 Metres East of Church of St John the Baptist 1024730 II   Westgate  
House Carpenter's Hall 1024733 II   Westgate  
House of Recovery in Yard Behind College of Advanced Technology 1299316 II   Westgate  
House South of Clavering House in Occupation of Messrs Turnbull 1116103 II   Westgate  
Irving House 1121977 II   Westgate  
King George Vi Building (Newcastle University) 1380579 II 1939 Westgate City Centre, Queen Victoria Road
L'anson Tomb in Westgate Cemetery, About 50 Metres South East of Entrance 1355297 II   Westgate  
Laing Art Gallery 1145885 II   Westgate  
Leazes Arcade 1087064 II   Westgate  
Literary and Philosophical Society 1121954  II*   Westgate  
Lloyd's Bank 1024880  II*   Westgate  
Lloyds Bank (9-17, Collingwood Street) 1024881 II 1891 Westgate City Centre
Lord Collingwood Public House 1024908 II   Westgate  
Market Lane Hotel 1106314 II   Westgate  
Midland Bank 1086992 II   Westgate  
Milburn House 1355252 II 1905 Westgate City Centre, Dean Street / Side
Moot Hall 1116297  I 1812 Westgate City Centre, Castle Garth
Motorail Terminal 1326654 II   Westgate  
National Westminster Bank 1355289 II   Westgate  
Neville Hall and Wood Memorial Hall 1024739  II*   Westgate  
Newcastle and District War Memorial 1115605  II* 1923 Westgate City Centre, Old Endon Square, Blackett Street
Newcastle and Gateshead Building Society 1024770 II   Westgate  
Northern Assurance Buildings 1024922 II   Westgate City Centre, Collingwood Street
Northern Counties Club 1145910 II   Westgate  
Northern Goldsmiths (Blackett Street) 1072613 II 1895 Westgate City Centre, Blackett Street
Northern Goldsmiths 1380580 II   Westgate  
Number 1 and Railings Flanking Steps 1355202 II   Westgate  
Number 18 and Gate and Area Railings 1355310 II   Westgate  
Number 20 and Building to Rear (Number 18 Now Demolished) 1120815  II*   Westgate  
Numbers 1-16 and Area Railings 1119638 II   Westgate  
Numbers 1-59 Including Lake House, Garnett House, Hodgkin House, Gurney House and Embleton House 1335857  I 1834 Westgate City Centre, Leazes Terrace
Numbers 1-8 (Consecutive) and Steps, Railings and Area Railings in Front 1024755 II   Westgate  
Numbers 11 to 43 (West Front of Grainger Market) 1320114  I   Westgate  
Numbers 81 and 85 and House to the South of Number 85 1115788 II   Westgate  
Old Assembly Rooms 1355256  II* 1776 Westgate City Centre, Fenkle Street
Old Tyne Bridge 1323141  I   Westgate  
Pair of Lampholders in Front of Old Assembly Rooms and Wall 1115507 II   Westgate  
Parsons' Polygon,Blackett Street, Newcastle upon Tyne 1437311 II 1985 Westgate City Centre, Blackett Street. Art form and ventilation shaft!
Phoenix House 1024777 II   Westgate  
Piers, Walls, Gates and Railings in Front of Elswick Lodge 1024788 II   Westgate  
Plummer House 1024838 II   Westgate  
Plummer Tower 1024884  I C14th Westgate City Centre , Town Walls. Scheduled Monument(1019812)
Posts and Rails on Castle Stairs 1116255 II   Westgate  
Presbytery Attached to Cathedral of St Mary 1115801 II   Westgate  
Quadrangle Gateway (The Arches) (Newcastle University) 1024828 II 1911 Westgate City Centre
Railway Arch 1024885 II   Westgate  
Railway Arch South West of Black Gate 1119641 II   Westgate  
Railway Viaduct Between Dean Street and Pilgrim Street 1355251 II   Westgate  
Railway Viaduct Between St Nicholas Street and the Side 1355239 II   Westgate  
Royal Station Hotel 1104900 II c.1850 Westgate City Centre, Neville Street. by John Dobson
Royal Tank Regiment War Memorial 1355210 II 1920 Westgate City Centre, St Mary's Place / Barras Bridge
Royal Victoria Infirmary Administration Block 1107175 II   Westgate  
Rye Hill House, Newcastle College 1024764 II   Westgate  
School of Architecture, Planning and Landscape (Former School of Bacteriology) 1380577 II   Westgate  
Scottish Provident House 1024841 II   Westgate  
Second Building Behind Number 10 1320293 II   Westgate  
Second Church of Christ, Scientist 1024721 II   Westgate  
South African War Memorial 1024847  II* 1907 Westgate City Centre, Haymarket
South Front of Grainger Market 1355260  I   Westgate  
South Postern Tower Facing the River, and Curtain Wall Adjoining 1024939  I   Westgate  
Spiral Nebula outside the Herschel Building, off Haymarket Lane, University of Newcastle 1437126 II 1962 Westgate City Centre
St Andrews Roman Catholic Church and Attached Presbytery 1245033 II   Westgate  
St Anne's Convent and Walls Attached 1121147 II   Westgate  
St Nicholas' Buildings 1024772 II   Westgate  
St Pauls Church of England School (North Part) 1145914 II   Westgate  
Statue of Joseph Cowen at Junction with Fenkle Street 1355328 II   Westgate  
Statue of Queen Victoria 1024771  II*   Westgate  
Statue of Queen Victoria on Front Lawn of Royal Victoria Infirmary 1024801  II*   Westgate  
Stephenson's Works - Erecting Shops Etc. J T Dove, Showroom, Nos 2-14 1391237 II 1823 Westgate City Centre, Forth Banks
Steps and Railings to Right of Number 2 1024761 II   Westgate  
Students' Union Building (Newcastle University) 1355263 II 1924 Westgate City Centre, King's Walk
Summerhouse West of St Anne's Convent 1355302 II   Westgate  
Sun Insurance Buildings 1355250 II 1904 Westgate City Centre, Collingwood Street
Sunlight Chambers 1116510 II 1902 Westgate City Centre, Bigg Market
Swing Bridge over River Tyne 1390930  II* 1876 Westgate Quayside  Scheduled Monument(1003722)
The Balmoral Public House 1024736 II   Westgate  
The Barbican Walls Between North Gate of Castle and Black Gate 1116305  I   Westgate  
The Black Gate 1024936  I   Westgate  
The Coach House 1121137 II   Westgate  
The Cordwainers' Public House 1096855 II 1838 Westgate City Centre, Nelson Street
The County Hotel 1104930 II   Westgate  
The Guildhall and Merchants' Court 1120877  I 1660 Westgate Quayside, Sandhill. Remoddled 1825 by John Dobson.
The Castle Keep 1320005  I   Westgate  
The North Front of Grainger Market 1024813  I   Westgate  
The Old George Public House 1024823 II C17th Westgate City Centre, Cloth Market
The Old Post Office and area balustrade 1323754 II   Westgate  
The Red House 1024778  II*   Westgate  
The Song School and Choir Vestry 1024769  I   Westgate  
The Turk's Head Hotel 1329950  II* 1835 Westgate City Centre, Grey Street
Theatre Royal Lounge and Restaurant; the Royal Public House 1087023  I   Westgate  
Theatre Royal 1145840  I 1837 Westgate City Centre, Grey Street. By John & Benjamin Green
Tiffany's Club (West Part) 1024815  II* 1825 Westgate City Centre, New Bridge Street. John Dobson's House
Town Boundary Stone in Rear Wall of Number 65 1115483 II   Westgate  
Town Wall 1115451  I   Westgate  
Town Wall North of the Close and Breakneck Stairs 1320260  I   Westgate  
Town Wall South of Numbers 74-80 1355308  I   Westgate  
Town Wall to Rear of Numbers 1-25 Odd 1355241  I   Westgate  
Town Wall with Durham Tower 1186222  I C14th Westgate City Centre, Town walls. Scheduled Monument(1019279)
Town Wall, with Morden, Heber and Ever Towers 1355301  I C14th Westgate  
Trustee Savings Bank 1355242 II   Westgate  
Turnbull's Warehouse 1325543 II   Westgate  
Tyne Theatre and Opera House 1024741  I 1867 Westgate City Centre, Westgate Road
Tyneside Cinema 1385094 II   Westgate  
Union Club 1024727 II   Westgate  
University PE and Fitness Centre 1380979 II   Westgate  
Victoria Buildings 1024867 II   Westgate  
Walls, Gates and Railings West of Number 43 1355300 II   Westgate  
War Memorial (The Response) 1186201  I 1923 Westgate City Centre, Barras Bridge
Ward's Building 1024720 II   Westgate  
Water Tower South of Central Station 1355257 II   Westgate  
Watergate Buildings 1024780 II   Westgate  
Waters Tomb About 2 Metres South of Church of St John the Baptist 1024729 II   Westgate  
Westgate Hall Buildings 1121960 II   Westgate  
Workshops, Stairs and Wall Behind Numbers 5-13 Odd 1024750 II   Westgate  
Worswick Chambers 1376003 II   Westgate  
1-17, Framlington Place 1355221 II   Wingrove  
18-21, Framlington Place 1115453 II   Wingrove  
22 and 23, Framlington Place 1024901 II   Wingrove  
25 and 26, Claremont Place 1355223 II   Wingrove  
27-33, Claremont Place 1260193 II   Wingrove  
3, Belle Grove Place 1355211 II   Wingrove  
Barracks Wall Attached to Fenham Barracks East Lodge 1355208 II   Wingrove  
Chimney Mill and Mill House 1024905 II 1782 Wingrove Spital Tongues, Claremont Road
Church of St James and St Basil 1024896 II   Wingrove  
Church of St Luke 1355224 II 1890 Wingrove Spital Tongues, Claremont Road
Church of St Philip 1024773 II   Wingrove  
Claremont House 1024900 II   Wingrove  
Former Brewery House (Newcastle University Works Department) 1024819 II   Wingrove  
Former North Guard House and Attached Wall to North West, Fenham Barracks 1024950 II   Wingrove  
Former Officers' Mess, Fenham Barracks 1186173 II   Wingrove  
Former Sergeants' Mess, Fenham Barracks 1355209 II   Wingrove  
Former South Guard House and Attached Wall to South East, Fenham Barracks 1244726 II   Wingrove  
Framlington House 1115466 II 1850 Wingrove Spital Tongues, Framlington Place
Hall of Church of St Luke 1024906 II   Wingrove  
Wylam Brewery (Palace of Arts) 1355325 II 1929 Wingrove City Centre, Exhibition Park
Newcastle General Hospital Young People's Unit and Dwarf Walls in Front 1338521 II   Wingrove  
Prospect House 1106282 II   Wingrove  
West Gateway, Walls and Gates of St Nicholas Cemetery 1024710 II   Wingrove  
Westgate Hill School 1355331 II   Wingrove  
Westgate Road Baptist Church, Sunday School and Hall 1121968 II   Wingrove  
Whiteknights 1186234 II   Wingrove  
Bullock Steads Farmhouse 1024719 II   Woolsington  
East Wing of Woolsington Hall 1355324 II   Woolsington  
Gas Lamps at Entrance to South Drive 1024717 II   Woolsington  
Gate Piers and Walls at Entrance to South Drive 1121877 II   Woolsington  
House, South East of Bullock Steads Farmhouse, and Farm Buildings Attached 1123748 II   Woolsington  
Orangery, East of Woolsington Hall 1337676 II   Woolsington  
Stables and Coachhouse, North of Woolsington Hall 1024718 II   Woolsington  
Trees 1395156 II   Woolsington  
Whorlton Grange 1186151 II   Woolsington  
Woolsington Hall and Wall Attached to North West 1123737  II*   Woolsington  
Battle of Newburn Ford 1640 1000025 n/a   Newburn Historic Battlefield
Newcastle General Cemetery (Jesmond Old Cemetery) 1001181 II* 1836 South Jesmond Jesmond. By John Dobson. Listed Park and Garden.
Newcastle upon Tyne town defences: section of curtain wall including Closegate and Water Tower 1019814 n/a C14th   City Centre, Town Walls. Scheduled Monument
Newcastle upon Tyne town defences: section of curtain wall and town ditch between Forth Street and Hanover Street 1019813 n/a C14th   City Centre, Town Walls. Scheduled Monument
Newcastle upon Tyne town defences: section of curtain wall including St Andrew's Tower and section of town ditch 1019281 n/a C14th   City Centre, Town Walls. Scheduled Monument
Newcastle upon Tyne town defences: section of curtain wall containing Ever, Morden and Heber towers, two turrets and two sections of town ditch 1019280 n/a C14th   City Centre, Town Walls. Scheduled Monument
Westgate Hill Cemetery  1001680 II 1829 Westgate Listed Park and Garden
Leazes Park 1000550 II 1873   Listed Park and Garden
Jesmond Dene, Armstrong Park and Heaton Park 1001180 II C19th   Listed Park and Garden
St Andrew's Cemetery 1000877 II 1857   Jesmond. Listed Park and Garden
St John's Cemetery 1000761 II 1857 Westgate Elswick. Listed Park and Garden
Woolsington Park 1001322 II C18th Woolsington Listed Park and Garden
Roman fort, Anglo-Saxon cemetery, motte and bailey castle and tower keep castle 1020126 n/a Anglo-Saxon   City Centre, site of current Castle. Scheduled Monument
Gardner's Houses settlement 1003496 n/a Prehistoric Dinnington Scheduled Monument
Hadrian's Wall in wall mile 5, sections of wall in playing field of Rutherford School 1003497 n/a Roman   Scheduled Monument
Hadrian's Wall vallum in wall mile 6, Benwell length of vallum of Hadrian's Wall in grounds of St Cuthbert's School 1003498 n/a Roman   Scheduled Monument

1. Primary source: the National Heritage List for England - NHLE is the register of nationally protected historic buildings and sites in England, including listed buildings, scheduled monuments, protected wrecks, registered parks and gardens, and battlefields. The list is maintained by Historic England. Check NHLE for updates and new entries.
Secondary sources: British Listed Buildings and Sitelines.

2. Local List of buildings of Local Architectural or Historic Interest - Newcastle City Council.


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