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Simon Cotterill - Ridley Park Lodge s located at the Park View entrance to the park. It was built in the early 20th Century and provided accommodation for the Park Superintendent; thereafter it was let to members of...

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Peter Hastie - Can this picture be re-evaluated. I don't think it is Silver street. The headstones in the photo are for Thomas Elder and John Marshall and as of a few years ago were still in situ. They are next t...

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mort42 mort42 - Checkout corrections/comments @

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Simon Cotterill - Maybe the chimney to the left of the picture was part of the Forth Banks Power Station?

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Splat - Guess Hall Drive used to be part of the driveway up to Acklam Hall?

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Peter Smith - Catchgate Methodist Church held its last service on Sunday 17th December 2017.

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john mason - I worked in this store straight from school in January 1961 and left in 1964 had many happy memories there and that was when the Turks Head Hotel was one of the top hotels in Newcastle next door to...

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Simon Cotterill - I remember 'discovering' the Handyside Arcade when I first came to Newcastle as a student. It was like an Aladin's Cave, that seemed to go on forever. It was full of interesting unique small shops,...

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Simon Cotterill - A somewhat Newcastle-centric potted history of the North of England! When Smiley wrote this Newcastle was part of the county of Northumberland. He is setting the scene for George Stephenson's biogr...

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Simon Cotterill - Thanks - I've now tagged the photo to a page on St Dominic's: The photo draws your focus on to the interesting sculptor/undertaker's building in th...

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