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Old Theatre Royal, Newcastle

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CastleGate, Newcastle

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Garth Heads, Newcastle

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Barnes Junior School

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Barnes Infant Academy

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Ewesley Road Methodist Church

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Church of St Gabriel, Barnes

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Barnes Park

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Neil Morton - The location of the Battlefield should read "bounded to the east by Ouse Burn"

Added to Battlefield - 1 day, 20 hours ago
Neil Morton - Simon Thanks for the prompt action. Battlefield itself is a bit of a mystery. In his book "A history of Newcastle on Tyne" Charleton said that the field within which St Ann's Church stood, "once k...

Added to Church of St Ann, City Road - 1 day, 23 hours ago
Simon Cotterill - Hi Neil, Thanks very much for sharing that and the page on St Ann's has been changed to say Battlefield instead of Byker. The St Ann's Website states Battlefield too. There wasn't anything about...

Added to Church of St Ann, City Road - 2 days, 23 hours ago
Neil Morton - When did St Ann's move to Byker? I grew up in nearby Tarset Street, my son was christened at St Ann's, and we were always very clear that we were in the Battlefield (NE1) and that Byker (NE6) was o...

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Max Sinclair - I have a very large original promotional poster of the factory with surrounding areas etc, its a beautiful thing , its belongs to a customer of mine and he's looking to sell it and I said I would t...

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Andrew Dullard - My Grandad Joe was 15 yrs old when he went to war , He had been working down Murton colliery since the age of 12 so he did not need to enlist but like a lot of young lads he lied about his age and...

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Peter Smith - In Medieval times, Christians making a pilgrimage to Saint James' shrine often wore a scallop shell. The parish magazine for St James' Church is named 'Scallop Shell'.

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Simon Cotterill - Thanks for that John - description now changed to remove the statement that the ruins of the windmill were demolished in 1967, when the roundabout was extended. The article was a secondary source, ...

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Simon Cotterill - Thanks for identifying this John - have tagged it, so that it now appears on the page about the Billy Mill roundabout

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John Walley - Billy Mill Roundabout. See HER 740

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