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Brown's Bay - Whitley Bay

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Manor House, Gainford

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Kirk Merrington Primary School

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Raw, Northumberland

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Bastle at The Raw Farm

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The Raw, Northumberland

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Ratchwood, Northumberland

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Rudchester Hall

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Jo Phelan - The lady in this picture is local artist Erika A. Buddin. She attended most Sundays for many years in the 1970's, often with her husband and children. I being the youngest of her 3 daughters was w...

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Cally B - I wouldn’t call Cartington Parish “sparsely populated” given the fact it is extensive and is not just the “small village” mentioned. Cragside Estate is a part of the old Cartington Parish, with Car...

Added to Cartington - 2 weeks, 6 days ago
Pauline Stalley - This is my Great Grandfather and I have the original of this photo which is a full length photo.

Added to George Eastwood - KOYLI - Blackhall Colliery (Died of wounds) - 3 weeks ago
Simon Cotterill - Hi Stewart, Thanks so much for sharing this great information about Sgt. Williams and also his son John. Have added to the page

Added to J Williams - 6th DLI - Spennymoor (Wounded) - 3 weeks, 4 days ago
Stewart Coupar - Hello, I believe this is a photograph of 1102, Sergeant John David Williams, 6th Battalion, Durham Light Infantry. His service records have not survived, but I do know he enlisted into th...

Added to J Williams - 6th DLI - Spennymoor (Wounded) - 3 weeks, 4 days ago
michael dalton - I have two images of HRH The Queen Mother visiting the Retreat in Newburn in either 1967 or 1968 on the same day she officially opened Newburn Leisure Centre. I'd like to add them here and see if t...

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Peter Smith - "The first Chinese restaurant in Newcastle was the Marlborough Café on Scotswood Road which opened its doors in 1949 when the estimated Chinese population was about 30." (Steve Ellwood: https://twi...

Added to 048842:Marlborough Cafe Newcastle upon Tyne c. 1950s - 3 weeks, 6 days ago
john milton - Worked at the yard in sth sheild a couple of times, sad to see it gone.

Added to Brigham & Cowan, shipyard (1876-1982) - 1 month, 1 week ago
Simon Cotterill - Hi Caroline - thanks very much for pointing that out. A new page has been added for the Methodist Chapel and this photo added to it. You now have editing privlidges, so feel free to add/update! ht...

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Caroline Clarke - The Millennium Yew Community Garden, Hamsterley is next to the METHODIST Chapel, NOT the Baptist Church. The other photos labelled Hamsterley Baptist Church are correct. They are on opposite sides...

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