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Historic Buildings and Monuments in North Tyneside

This page includes historic buildings, monuments, parks and sites in North Tyneside, compiled from two sources: a) Listed buildings and scheduled monuments, from the the National Heritage List for England[1]. b) the List of Buildings, Parks and Gardens of Special Local Architectural or Historic Interest ('Local List') from North Tyneside Council.[2] Use the Search in the data table (below) if looking for a specific building / monument, or to filter on a particular area e.g. type: Wallsend.

Structure List No. Grade Built~ Ward Locality Note
Hadrian's Wall in wall mile 0, Wallsend Roman fort, Segedunum 1005914 n/a Roman Wallsend Wallsend Scheduled Monument
Hadrian's Wall in wall mile 0, two sections of Hadrian's Wall between Sharpe Road and The Avenue 1005915 n/a Roman Wallsend Wallsend Scheduled Monument
Enclosure 600yds (540m) NE of Burradon House 1005912 n/a   Camperdown Burradon Scheduled Monument
Clifford's Fort 1005896 n/a   Tynemouth North Shields Scheduled Monument. See 4 separate listed buildings on this site. 
Church of St Edward 1413394 II 1928 Whitley Bay Whitley Bay  
Church of St Paul 1185615 II 1864 Whitley Bay Whitley Bay By Anthony Salvin
Cullercoats Radio Station Browns Point 1389373 II 1906 Whitley Bay Cullercoats  
Drinking Fountain East of Church of St Paul 1355006 II 1864 Whitley Bay Whitley Bay  
K4 Telephone Kiosk 1025340 II c.1930 Whitley Bay Whitley Bay Station Road
Sewer Gas Lamp 1025338 II c.1900 Whitley Bay Whitley Bay Near Watts Slope
Sewer Gas Lamp 1405388 II c.1900 Whitley Bay Whitley Bay Park Road / Marine Avenue
Spanish City 1025339 II 1910 Whitley Bay Whitley Bay  
Whitley Bay Station Main Building with Train Shed 1355007 II 1882 Whitley Bay Whitley Bay Now Whitley Bay Metro Station
Drinking Fountain 1410877 II 1937 Monkseaton North Whitley Bay North Pomonade
Sewer Gas Lamp 1405386 II   Monkseaton North Monkseaton Deanholm
Sewer Gas Lamp 1405387 II   Monkseaton North Monkseaton Brantwood / Pykerley
Sewer Gas Lamp 1405390 II   Monkseaton North Whitley Bay Near Watts Slope
Sewer Gas Lamp at East Corner of Junction with Pykerley Road 1025337 II   Monkseaton North Monkseaton  
Sewer Gas Lamp at North Corner of Junction with Grange Park 1185720 II   Monkseaton North Monkseaton  
War Memorial and Dwarf Walls, Steps and Piers Surrounding 1299616 II 1922 Monkseaton North Whitley Bay On the Links
Sewer Gas Lamp 1405383 II   Monkseaton South Monkseaton  
Sewer Gas Lamp 1405385 II   Monkseaton South Monkseaton  
Sewer Gas Lamp 1405389 II   Monkseaton South Monkseaton  
Barn, Gin-Gang and Shelter Shed to West of Brierdene Farmhouse 1185581 II C18th St Mary's Whitley Bay  
Beehive Public House 1355005 II C18th St Mary's Near Earsdon  
Bleak Hope House 1025399 II C19th St Mary's Earsdon  
Chapel and Crematorium at Whitley Bay Cemetery 1096121  II* 1913 St Mary's Whitley Bay  
Church of St Alban 1184308 II 1837 St Mary's Earsdon By John & Benjamin Green
Edward Eccles Church Hall and Walls and Piers in Front 1025397 II 1911 St Mary's Earsdon  
Entrance Gates, Shelters, Railings and Boundary Walls to Whitley Bay Cemetery 1096119 II 1913 St Mary's Whitley Bay  
Former Fisherman's Cottage 1408464 II C19th St Mary's St Mary's Island  
Hartley Disaster Memorial North East of Church of St Alban, and Surrounding Wall 1354997 II 1862 St Mary's Earsdon  
Manor House 1184323 II C18th St Mary's Earsdon  
Oven South of the Garth and Wall Attached 1025400 II C17th St Mary's Earsdon  
St Mary's Island Lighthouse, Keepers' Cottages and Compound Walls 1408299 II 1898 St Mary's St Mary's Island  
Stable and Carriage Shed South of Bleak Hope House, and Walls and Piers Adjoining 1354998 II C19th St Mary's Earsdon  
Superintendents House at Whitley Bay Cemetery 1096120 II 1913 St Mary's Whitley Bay  
The Garth 1300188 II C17th St Mary's Earsdon  
Vicarage of St Alban 1025396 II 1836 St Mary's Earsdon By John & Benjamin Green
Walls and Piers in Front of Bleak Hope House 1300186 II C19th St Mary's Earsdon  
Walls and Piers in Front of Manor House 1025398 II C19th St Mary's Earsdon  
War Memorial and Railings Surrounding 1184342 II 1924 St Mary's Earsdon  
Adamson Memorial Drinking Fountain Opposite Number 68 1025403 II 1888 Cullercoats Cullercoats  
Cliff House 1299734  II* 1768 Cullercoats Cullercoats  
Cullercoats Lifeboat Station 1411983 II 1852 Cullercoats Cullercoats  
Cullercoats Watch Club House 1025361 II 1879 Cullercoats Cullercoats  
Rocket Garage 1025344 II 1867 Cullercoats Cullercoats  
Benton House (Conservative Club) 1354993 II C18th Benton Benton  
Church of St Bartholomew 1025393 II 1790 Benton Benton  
Ethel Williams Hall 1025390 II 1734 Benton Benton Former vicarage/orphanage
Ethel Williams Hall 1354992 II C18th Benton Benton Formerly North House
Ha-Ha South of Benton House 1184194 II C18th Benton Benton  
Manor House 1025389 II C17th Benton Benton  
Milepost at junction of Front Street and Manorfields 1392672 II C19th Benton Benton  
Vogue Hair Stylists' Shop 1025391 II C20th Benton Benton  
British Gas Research Station Including Attached Restaurant Block to South 1259313  II* 1967 Camperdown Killingworth  
Burradon Tower (East of Burrandon House) 1025387 II cC16th Camperdown Burradon Scheduled Monument(1018644)
War Memorial outside St Cuthbert's Church 1411540 II 1920 Chirton Chirton, North Shields  
Gate Piers to South of Murton Farmhouse 1185120 II ? Collingwood Murton / New York  
Murton Farmhouse 1025353 II C18th Collingwood MurtonNew York  
New York War Memorial 1185120 II 1921 Collingwood New York  
Church of Holy Cross 1299638  I C12th Howdon Wallsend Ruins of medieval church. Scheduled Monument(1018643)
Church of St Mary 1355038 II 1876 Howdon Willington, Wallsend  
Elmgrove 1025328 II 1876 Howdon Willington, Wallsend Former vicarage
House West of Bewicke School 1355004 II 1878 Howdon Wallsend  
War Memorial 1025324 II 1918 Howdon Wallsend  
Church Hall 1025394 II 1869 Killingworth Killingworth  
Church of St John the Evangelist 1184227 II 1869 Killingworth Killingworth  
Dial Cottage 1025392  II* C18th Killingworth West Moor / Killingworth Home of George Stephenson
East Farmhouse 1025395 II C18th Killingworth Killingworth  
East House Farmhouse 1025386 II C18th Killingworth Killingworth  
Gate Piers, Gates, Overthrow, Walls and Railings East of Church of St John the Evangelist 1354994 II 1869 Killingworth Killingworth  
Killingworth Cottage 1184242 II C18th Killingworth Killingworth  
North Farmhouse 1184235 II 1725 Killingworth Killingworth  
1914-18 War memorial in St Bartholomew's Churchyard, Longbenton 1410079 II 1922 Longbenton Longbenton  
East Benton Farmhouse 1355042 II C18th Northumberland Benton  
Farm Buildings to East of East Benton Farmhouse 1185523 II C18th Northumberland Benton  
Nos. 6 and 7, Spring Terrace 1025354 II 1830 Preston Preston, North Shields  
Christ Church 1185050 II C17th Preston PrestonNorth Shields  
Hodgson Tomb Circa 4 Metres South of Tower of Christ Church 1185085 II 1690 Preston PrestonNorth Shields  
Memorial to Ralph Gardiner 1025367 II 1882 Preston PrestonNorth Shields  
Nos. 1 and 2, Lovaine Terrace 1253592 II 1852 Preston PrestonNorth Shields  
Numbers 1, 2, 3 and 4 and Terrace in Front 1025364 II 1800 Preston PrestonNorth Shields  
Numbers 5 and 6 and Terrace in Front 1025366 II 1830 Preston PrestonNorth Shields  
Outpatients Building of Victoria Jubilee Infirmary 1025341 II 1932 Preston PrestonNorth Shields  
Piers and Walls to East of Number 1 1025365 II 1800 Preston PrestonNorth Shields  
Piers and Walls to West and South of Christ Church 1355012 II C18th Preston PrestonNorth Shields  
Preston Colliery War Memorial 1410878 II   Preston PrestonNorth Shields  
Rosella Place 1354999 II 1820 Preston PrestonNorth Shields  
The Moorings 1025363 II 1850 Preston PrestonNorth Shields  
Tyne Metropolitan College, Academy Campus 1392979 II 1902 Preston PrestonNorth Shields  
War Memorial, Benches, Walls, Piers, Terrace and Steps 1184732 II   Preston PrestonNorth Shields Hawkey's Lane
West Backworth medieval settlement, 300m south east of West Farm 1016974 n/a   Valley? Backworth Scheduled Monument (earthworks & below ground remains)
Backworth Miners Welfare Hall 1354995 II 1778 Valley Backworth  
Backworth War Memorial 1406711 II   Valley Backworth  
Dairy Cottage 1300194 II C19th Valley Backworth  
Dukes Cottages and Wall in Front 1354996 II 1840 Valley Backworth  
Finger Post 1408200 II C19th Valley Shiremoor  
The Old Cottage and Stables and Loft Adjoining, Occupied by G Thomas 1184292 II C18th Valley Backworth  
War Memorial 1184272 II 1924 Valley Shiremoor  
War Memorial 1184409 II   Valley West Allotment  
No. 1, Howard Street 1025377 II 1807 Riverside North Shields  
Nos. 1-5, Northumberland Place 1025348 II C19th Riverside North Shields  
Accumulator Tower in Albert Edward Dock 1354990  II* 1882 Riverside North Shields  
No. 10, New Quay 1025347 II 1800 Riverside North Shields  
Nos. 65, 66 and 67, Borough Road, 11, New Quay 1355018 II 1856 Riverside North Shields By Benjamin Green
No. 12, Union Road 1025360 II C19th Riverside North Shields  
Nos. 2 and 3 Spring Terrace 1299783 II 1830 Riverside North Shields  
No. 53, Tynemouth Road 1025336 II 1878 Riverside North Shields  
No. 68, Borough Road 1025362 II 1856 Riverside North Shields  
Accommodation Arch East of Junction with Martin Road 1185516 II 1839 Riverside North Shields  
Bewicke Schools 1299634 II 1878 Riverside North Shields  
Church of St John the Evangelist 1355013 II 1862 Riverside Percy Main, North Shields

By Anthony Salvin

Locks and Lock Gates in Albert Edward Dock 1184814 II 1882 Riverside North Shields  
Low Dock 1355008 II C19th Riverside North Shields  
Smith's Dock Company War Memorial in West Park 1025346 II 1922 Riverside North Shields  
The Porthole Public House 1390831 II 1897 Riverside North Shields  
Tyne Pedestrian and Cyclist Tunnels 1380276 II 1951 Riverside Howdon  
Willington Viaduct 1025323 II 1839 Riverside Wallsend  
Church of St George 1355000  I 1884 Tynemouth Cullercoats  
Tynemouth Station Main and Subsidiary Buildings with Canopies and Footbridge 1185168  II* 1882 Tynemouth Tynemouth Now Metro Station
Dudley War Memorial 1406693 II 1923 Weetslade Dudley  
Milepost, Wideopen 1450225 II C19th Weetslade Wideopen On the Great North Road
Milestone About 150 Metres South of Church of Sacred Heart 1355320 II C18th Weetslade Wideopen  
Sacred Heart Church 1391786 II 1865 Weetslade Wideopen  
Seaton Burn House 1025388 II C18th Weetslade Seaton Burn  
Seaton Burn War Memorial 1412829 II 1922 Weetslade Seaton Burn  
No. 12, Park Terrace 1025333 II 1876 Wallsend Wallsend  
Buddle Arts Centre 1299625 II 1876 Wallsend Wallsend  
Buddle School House 1185487 II 1876 Wallsend Wallsend  
Castellated Wall at Lily Bank Cottage 1389441 II C18th Wallsend Wallsend  
Church of St Luke 1025335 II 1887 Wallsend Wallsend Tower added 1906
Church of St Peter 1025326  II* 1809 Wallsend Wallsend  
Clock at South West Corner of Junction with Station Road 1025325 II C19th Wallsend Wallsend Built by Swan Hunter
Coach and Horses Public House 1025331 II 1907 Wallsend Wallsend  
Cross House 1366082 II 1748 Wallsend Wallsend  
Fire Station 1366095 II 1908 Wallsend Wallsend  
Giant Crane at Former NEM Works 1253566 II* 1909 Wallsend Wallsend No longer there! Delisted.
Jasmine House 1355039 II C18th Wallsend Wallsend  
Lilybank Cottage 1185480 II C19th Wallsend Wallsend  
Market Woman, High Street, junction with Station Road, Wallsend 1437357 II 1966 Wallsend Wallsend by Hans Schwarz
Milestone About One Metre South of Cemetery Wall 1025327 II C18th Wallsend    
Public Baths 1025332 II 1908 Wallsend Wallsend Behind the Town Hall
Remains of East Gate of Segedunum Re-Sited in Wallsend Park (Hall Grounds) 1355040 II   Wallsend    
Roman Catholic Church of Our Lady and St Columba and attached gates 1431024 II   Wallsend    
Wallsend Hall  (previously Sir G B Hunter Memorial Hospital) 1185390 II C19th Wallsend Wallsend By The Green
Social Services Area Office 1366090 II   Wallsend    
Stocks to West of Church of St Peter 1355037 II   Wallsend    
Thermal Syndicate Offices 1355041 II   Wallsend    
Town Hall 1025330 II 1908 Wallsend Wallsend  
Wallsend Health Centre 1413007 II   Wallsend    
Wallsend Library 1418250 II 1966 Wallsend Wallsend Former library, Ferndale Avenue
Wallsend Memorial Hall incorporating a First World War memorial with Second World War additions 1413255 II   Wallsend    
Nos. 1 and 2, Allendale Place 1025401 II 1840 Tynemouth Tynemouth  
Clifford's Fort South and East Wall Facing River 1185263  II* 1672 Tynemouth North Shields  
Clifford's Fort West and South West Wall 1025359  II* 1672 Tynemouth North Shields  
Collingwood Monument and Guns 1355011  II* 1845 Tynemouth Tynemouth  
Nos. 1 and 3, Tynemouth Road 1185212 II 1790 Tynemouth Tynemouth  
No. 1, Dawson Square 1355020 II 1830 Tynemouth Tynemouth  
No. 1, Newcastle Terrace 1355009 II 1830 Tynemouth Tynemouth  
Nos. 1-11 (Inc 6a, 7a and 11a), Bath Terrace 1025402 II 1830 Tynemouth Tynemouth  
Nos. 1-3, Tynemouth Terrace 1025358 II 1830 Tynemouth Tynemouth  
Nos. 1-5, Colbeck Terrace 1025368 II 1860 Tynemouth Tynemouth  
No. 105, Howard Street 1025380 II 1882 Tynemouth North Shields  
No. 106, Howard Street 1299946 II 1820 Tynemouth North Shields  
Nos. 2 and 3, Huntington Place 1025381 II 1840 Tynemouth Tynemouth  
Nos. 2-4, Dawson Square 1184545 II 1860 Tynemouth Tynemouth  
No. 25, Howard Street 1299960 II 1841 Tynemouth North Shields  
No. 3 Clark Tombs and Enclosing Wall About 10 Metres South of East End of Presbytery at Tynemouth Priory 1184651 II C18th Tynemouth Tynemouth  
No. 3, Allendale Place 1184382 II 1840 Tynemouth Tynemouth  
Nos. 4-8, Huntington Place 1025342 II 1840 Tynemouth Tynemouth  
Nos. 47, Front Street 1184558 II 1780 Tynemouth Tynemouth  
No. 47a, Percy Gardens 1299885 II 1916 Tynemouth Tynemouth Look-out post & gun emplacement.
Nos. 5 and 6, Dawson Square 1025370 II 1860 Tynemouth Tynemouth  
No. 52, Front Street 1025372 II 1770 Tynemouth Tynemouth  
Nos. 53 and 53a, Front Street 1300061 II C18th Tynemouth Tynemouth  
No. 54, Front Street 1355022 II C18th Tynemouth Tynemouth  
No. 55, Front Street 1300071 II C19th Tynemouth Tynemouth  
No. 56, Front Street 1025373 II C18th Tynemouth Tynemouth  
Nos. 57, 58 and 59, Front Street 1184588 II C18th Tynemouth Tynemouth  
No. 9, Huntington Place 1025343 II 1760 Tynemouth Tynemouth  
No. 9, Tyne Street 1355015 II 1830 Tynemouth Tynemouth  
No. 97, Howard Street 1025379 II 1780 Tynemouth North Shields  
Nos. 98, 99 and 100, Howard Street 1184795 II 1795 Tynemouth North Shields  
Anderson Tomb About 23 Metres South of Tynemouth Priory Church 1184717 II 1714 Tynemouth Tynemouth  
Ballard's Smoke House clifford's Fort and Boundary Stones Attached 1299778 II   Tynemouth    
Baptist Church 1025378 II 1846 Tynemouth    
Beacon House Trinity Buildings Number 1 1025356 II   Tynemouth    
Borough Treasurer's Department 1299964 II   Tynemouth    
Borough Treasurer's Department and Magistates Court borough Treasurer's Department and Magistate's  1354989 II   Tynemouth    
Brigade Cottage 1025351 II 1887 Tynemouth Tynemouth  
Church of Holy Saviour 1025369 II 1841 Tynemouth Tynemouth By John and Benjamin Green
Church of St Augustin 1401442 II 1881 Tynemouth North Shields  
Church of St Columba 1355010 II 1858 Tynemouth North Shields By John Dobson
Clifford's Fort Trinity House Almshouses and Boundary Stone Attached 1355016 II 1727 Tynemouth North Shields  
Clock Tower 1184619 II 1861 Tynemouth Tynemouth  
Corner Building of Borough Treasurers Department corner Building of Borough Treasurer's Department 1299975 II   Tynemouth    
Field House 1025355 II   Tynemouth    
First World War Memorial Opposite Number 6 1354985 II   Tynemouth    
Grand Hotel 1025376 II 1872 Tynemouth    
Haswell Tomb About 12 Metres South of Percy Chapel of Tynemouth Priory Church 1025375 II   Tynemouth    
Holly House and Walls and Piers in Front 1025371 II   Tynemouth    
Irvins Building 1061408 II   Tynemouth    
Land of Green Ginger Shopping Mall and Former Church Hall Adjoining on East 1354984 II 1868 Tynemouth Tynemouth  
Liddell Tomb About 20 Metres South of Percy Chapel of Tynemouth Priory Church 1184676 II   Tynemouth    
Low Lighthouse and Building Attached to North 1355017 II   Tynemouth North Shields  
Low Lights Tavern 1355019 II   Tynemouth    
Main Passenger Building of Tynemouth Old Railway Station 1299917 II 1847 Tynemouth Tynemouth  
Marsden House 1184551 II   Tynemouth    
Master Mariners' Homes 1185201 II   Tynemouth    
Memorial Church, Social Centre and Ministers House 1300159 II   Tynemouth    
Milestone 1421393 II   Tynemouth    
New High Light and House Attached 1185198 II 1808 Tynemouth North Shields  
North Pier with Crane Attached and Lighthouse 1025352 II   Tynemouth    
North Shields Mechanics Institute and Free Library 1413269 II   Tynemouth    
Numbers 12-20 Consecutive Including Number 17a (Number 12 Includes Number 1) 1025349 II   Tynemouth    
Old House 1184557 II   Tynemouth    
Salvation Army Citadel (Scotch Church) 1354988 II   Tynemouth    
South African War Memorial Opposite Number 2 1184607 II   Tynemouth    
St Leonard's Hosptial Remains in Northumberland Park, About 15 Metres East and 32 Metres South of Park Lodge 1025345 II   Tynemouth    
Statue of Duke of Northumberland, South of Master Mariners' Homes 1025357 II   Tynemouth    
Statue of Queen Victoria Opposite Number 10 1025374 II   Tynemouth    
The Old Maltings 1355014 II   Tynemouth    
Tomb in Style of Greek Temple About 20 Metres South of Tynemouth Priory 1354987 II   Tynemouth    
Tynemouth Watch House 1184976 II   Tynemouth    
Vicarage of St George 1184427 II   Tynemouth    
Wall and Piers 1185193 II   Tynemouth    
War Memorial outside St George's Church 1411542 II   Tynemouth    
West House 1355021 II   Tynemouth    
Wool House 1025322 II   Tynemouth    
Wright Tomb About 12 Metres South of Presbytery of Tynemouth Priory Church 1354986 II   Tynemouth    
Tynemouth Iron Age and Romano-British settlements, monasteries, site of lighthouse, cross, motte, enclosure and artillery castles and later coastal defences 1015519 n/a Iron Age Tynemouth   Scheduled Monument. Includes Tynemouth Priory and Castle
Church of St. Hilda - Local 1966 Cullercoats   Stanton Road 
Church Bank Cemetery and Buildings - Local 1870s Wallsend    
Church of St. Peter - Local 1930s Monkseaton North   Elmwood Road 
Allen Memorial Church - Local 1903 Wallsend   Park Road 
Whitley Bay Baptist Church - Local c.1910 Whitley Bay   Park Avenue
No. 1 Union Quay - Local c.1840s Tynenmouth North Shields Fish Quay
The Arcade - Local c.1860s Tynemouth    
Nos. 9-11-13 Percy Park Road - Local c.1880s Tynemouth    
No. 4 Percy Park Road - Local c.1880s Tynemouth    
Nos. 2 - 6 High Street West - Local 1883 Wallsend    
Nos. 105 - 109 High Street West - Local 1924 Wallsend   Early Art Deco
No. 205 Park Road - Local 1912 Wallsend    
No. 305 Whitley Road - Local 1902 Whitley Bay   Built for the North Shields Industrial Society.
Verdemar House - Local 1920s Whitley Bay   230 Park View 
Belvedere Building - Local 1926 Whitley Bay    
Nos. 201-203 Whitley Road & 4 Station Road - Local 1888 Whitley Bay    
Nos. 1-3 South Parade & 230-234 Whitley Road - Local c.1900 Whitley Bay    
Nos. 86-116 Park View - Local 1910 Whitley Bay    
Friends Meeting House - Local C18th Monkseaton South   23 Front Street 
No. 52 Bell Street - Local 1952 Tynemouth North Shields  
Tyne Steam Packet Provident Society Club House - Local 1897 Riverside   1 Waldo Street/47 Sibthorpe Street 
No. 31 Station Road - Local 1891 Wallsend    
Rake House Farm - Local C19th Collingwood North Shields Rake Lane
Burradon Farm Complex - Local C19th Camperdown Burradon Burradon Road 
Nos. 1-4 West Avenue - Local c.1890s Benton    
North View House - Local C18th Benton   Front Street
No. 42 Beverley Terrace - Local 1870 Cullercoats    
Nos. 1-3 Church Way - Local C19th Earsdon    
Melrose House - Local c.1860s Benton Forest Hall 1 Park Drive 
Hallington Mews - Local 1968 Camperdown Killingworth  by Ralph Erskine, designer of Byker Wall
Monkseaton House - Local c.1806 Monkseaton North   56 Front Street 
Knotts Memorial Flats - Local 1939 Tynemouth North Shields Tynemouth Road
Ashbury House - Local 1890s Tynemouth North Shields  
Preston Cottage - Local c.1810s Preston    
Nos. 1-6 Widdrington Terrace and 32 Newcastle Street - Local c.1880s Chirton    
Nos. 7-8-9 Lovaine Terrace - Local c.1850s Preston    
Former Quay Master's Office and House - Local 1860s Tynemouth North Shields Fish Quay
Nos. 1-7 Ferry Mews - Local c.1850s Riverside North Shields  
Nos. 2-6 Trinity Buildings - Local c.1887 Tynemouth North Shields  
Nos. 112-113 East View - Local 1870s Weetslade Wideopen  
No. 10 Russell Square - Local 1870s Weetslade Seaton Burn  
Nos. 1-8 Front Street Plus Lorne House and Broadstone  - Local C18th Tynemouth   Front Street
Pier Cottage - Local c.1850s Tynemouth    
Nos. 1-47 Percy Gardens Plus The Lodge, Priory Court And Gardens  - Local c.1860s Tynemouth    
Priory Court and Gardens  - Local 1892 Tynemouth    
Nos. 5-8 Tynemouth Place - Local C19th Tynemouth    
Nos. 1-6 Old Coastguard Cottages - Local 1892 Tynemouth North Shields  
Nos. 6-7-8 Tynemouth Terrace - Local c.1850s Tynemouth    
No. 1 Warkworth Terrace - Local c.1860s Tynemouth    
Nos. 22, 24, 26, 28 Lovaine Row - Local C18th Tynemouth    
Pickering House - Local C19th Tynemouth   1 Pier Road 
Nos. 1-4 Spanish Battery - Local 1895 Tynemouth North Shields  
No. 38 Percy Park - Local c.1870s Tynemouth    
No. 3 Northumberland Terrace - Local C19th Tynemouth    
No. 10 Priors Terrace  - Local C19th Tynemouth    
The Villa - Local c.1857 Wallsend    
Park Villas - Local c.1898 Wallsend    
Hawthorn Villas - Local 1898 Wallsend    
Highfield House - Local 1902 Wallsend   31 Kings Road South 
Nos. 89-96 Village Court Plus 1 & 2 The Clock Tower - Local C19th Whitley Bay    
Marden House - Local C19th Whitley Bay   Marden Road South 
Nos. 103 To 108 The Links - Local 1930s St. Mary’s   art deco
Nos. 31 To 37 (odds) Craneswater Avenue - Local 1930s St. Mary’s   art deco
No. 11A Shaftesbury Avenue - Local 1930s Monkseaton North   art deco
Nos. 12-34 (evens) Victoria Terrace - Local C19th Whitley Bay    
Buttress House - Local C19th Weetslade Seaton Burn Brenkley Way 
Dove Marine Laboratory - Local 1908 Cullercoats    
Henson Service Centre - Local 1964 Camperdown Killingworth former Lions Brush Works
Caley Fisheries Ships Chandlers - Local 1913 Tynemouth North Shields Fish Quay
No. 131 Bedford Street - Local 1874 Riverside North Shields  
Formica Ltd, West Chirton Industrial Estate - Local c.1947 Collingwood North Shields  
Boat House and attached former morgue - Local C19th Tynemouth   Tynemouth Sailing Club Storage Hut
Willington Mill - Local C19th Riverside Willington, Wallsend  
Tesco Chimney - Local 1940s Chirton   Norham Road 
Ritz Buildings (Forest Hall) - Local 1936 Benton Forest Hall Forest Hall Road 
Tynemouth Open Air Pool - Local 1925 Tynemouth Tynemouth  
The Ritz (Wallsend) - Local 1939 Wallsend Wallsend High Street West
Rendezvous Cafe - Local 1930 Monkseaton North  Whitley Bay  
Coliseum Building - Local 1803 Whitley Bay Whitley Bay 248 Whitley Road
Rex Hotel - Local 1906 Whitley Bay Whitley Bay Closed 2016
Search Light - Priors Haven - Local 1902 Tynemouth    
Backworth Miners Welfare Hall Gardens - Local C18th Valley Backworth  
Backworth Green - Local C18th Valley Backworth  
Chirton Green - Local 1882 Chirton    
Springfield Park - Local c.1940s Benton Forest Hall  
Killingworth Lake and Park - Local 1964 Killingworth Killingworth  
Preston Cemetery - Local 1856 Preston    
Northumberland Park - Local 1885 Tynemouth   King Edward Road 
Chirton Dene And Redburn Dene Parks - Local 1990s Riverside    
Northumberland Square - North Shields - Local C19th Tynemouth North Shields  
Tynemouth Green - Local C18th Tynemouth   Front Street
Tynemouth Park - Local 1890 Tynemouth   Grand Parade
The Hall Grounds including Victorian flued wall and grotto - Local C19th Wallsend   Kings Road South 
Richardson Dees Park and Arboretum - Local 1900 Wallsend   North Road
Whitley New Cemetery - Local c.1913 St Mary's   The Links
Panama Gardens - Local 1930s Monkseaton North   The Links
Prince of Wales Tavern - Local 1927 Tynemouth North Shields Fish Quay
The Crane House - Local 1905 Riverside North Shields Duke Street 
The Pub and Kitchen - Local C19th Riverside North Shields 13 - 14 Albion Road 
Berwick Arms - Local C19th Riverside North Shields Trinity Street 
Garricks Head - Local 1898 Riverside North Shields 44 - 52 Saville Street 
Wolsington House - Local 1902 Riverside   Dock Road Industrial Estate
Cumberland Arms - Local 1898 Tynemouth Tynemouth 17 Front Street 
Salutation Inn - Local C18th Tynemouth   Front Street
Dolphin Inn - Local 1930s Tynemouth   King Edward Road 
Rising Sun Inn - Local 1930s Wallsend Wallsend Coast Road 
Duke of York - Local C20th Wallsend   179 High Street West 
The Anchor - Local C20th Wallsend   166 High Street West 
Queen’s Head - Local C19th Wallsend   140 High Street West
Manhattan - Local C19th Wallsend   85 - 87 High Street West 
Rose Inn - Local c.1913 Wallsend   Rosehill Bank
New Winning Tavern - Local 1894 Wallsend   Church Bank 
The Fat Ox - Local 1923 Whitley Bay   278 Whitley Road
Travellers Rest - Local 1930s Weetslade Wideopen Great North Road
Richardson Dees Primary School - Local 1902 Wallsend   High Street East 
Marden Bridge Middle School - Local 1914 Whitley Bay   Lovaine Avenue 
Cattle Trough - Local 1927 Monkseaton North   Relton Terrace 
Lion's Head Fountain - Local 1863 Tynemouth   Buried under the sand at Tynemouth Longsands
Victorian Post Box - Lily Bank - Local C19th Wallsend    
Victorian Post Box - Engine Inn Road  - Local C19th Howdon    
Grant's Clock - Local 1933 Whitley Bay   Promenade
Victorian Post Box - Hillheads Road  - Local C19th Whitley Bay    
Killingworth Hippopotami - Local 1970s Killingworth Killingworth Garth Twenty Two
Jigsaw Memorial - White Swan Centre  - Local 2000 Killingworth Killingworth  
Benton Metro Station - Local 1871 Benton   Former railway station
Cullercoats Metro Station - Local 1882 Cullercoats   Former railway station
Monkseaton Metro Station - Local 1915 Monkseaton South Whitley Bay Former railway station
West Monkseaton Metro Station - Local 1933 Monkseaton North    
Linskill Centre - Local 1932 Tynemouth North Shields   
No. 21 Front Street - Local C18th Tynemouth    
Nos. 26 and 28 Great Lime Road - Local C19th Killingworth West Moor  
No. 2 Connaught Gardens/51 Station Road - Local c.1900 Benton Forest Hall  
Nos. 53-55 Park View - Local 1930s Whitley Bay    
No. 70 Whitley Road - Local c.1890s Whitley Bay   Bluebells 
Beacon House - Local 1962 St Mary's Whitley Bay  
Earsdon Community Centre - Local C19th St Mary's Earsdon  
N.E. Co-Op - Local 1895 Cullercoats  Cullercoats John Street
No. 28 Tynemouth Road  - Local 1792 Tynemouth North Shields Former House of Correction
War Memorial At Church Bank Cemetery - Local 1920s Wallsend    
Cross of Sacrifice at Preston Cemetery - Local 1927 Preston    
No. 16 Bygate Road  - Local C18th Monkseaton South    
Liddell House - Local 1958 Tynemouth   1F Grand Parade
The remains of the Old Monkseaton Brewery Wall, situated adjacent to the Monkseaton Arms - Local 1683 Monkseaton North    
Monkseaton Village Methodist Church - Local C18th Monkseaton South   Front Street
Oceana Business Park - Local C20th Wallsend   Former Wallsend Research Station
Park Hotel - Local 1938 Tynemouth   Art Deco
North and South Piers, Cullercoats Bay - Local C19th Cullercoats    
Post Box - Forest Hall Road - Local C20th Benton Forest Hall   
Post Box - Northumberland Terrace - Local C19th Tynemouth    
Old Post Office - Local 1889 Tynemouth North Shields 63 Saville Street 
Preston Towers - Local 1875 Preston   Preston Road
Three private graves - Benton Cemetery - Local C19th Benton Benton  
Horse trough - Local c.1900 Benton West Moor off Great Lime Road
Ryder House - Local 1956 Longbenton   98A Stoneleigh Avenue
Signpost - Junction of Fisher Road - Local C19th Valley Backworth  
Nos. 28-74 (evens) Simpson Street - Local C19th Cullercoats    
Spital Dene House - Local C18th Tynemouth   King Edward Road 
St. Andrew’s Church - Local 1904 Longbenton Benton  
Stone of Remembrance - Preston Cemetery  - Local c.1950 Preston    
The Ship Inn  - Local 1904 Benton   Front Street 
The Villa, 26 Front Street - Local c.1830s Weetslade Seaton Burn  
Tynemouth Lodge Hotel - Local 1799 Tynemouth North Shields Tynemouth Road
Water Hydrant - Westmorland Street  - Local c.1900 Wallsend    
The Winding House - Fenwick Colliery - Local 1946 Valley East Holywell   
No. 1 King Edward Road - Local C18th Tynemouth    
No. 58 Front Street - Local C15th Monkseaton North   C19th remodelling
Beach Bingo, Russell Street - Local 1929 Riverside North Shields  
Sterling Pharma Solutions  - Local 1972 Weetslade Dudley  
Post Box at junction with Jackson Street  - Local C19th Tynemouth North Shields  
Blocks E, F, J, L, M, N, S and Plant 1 and 2, Engineering Research Station - Local 1966 Camperdown Killingworth  
Concrete Pillar - St Mary's Island - Local 1914 St. Mary’s    
Tritek House - Stephenson Industrial Estate  - Local 1960s Camperdown Killingworth  
Ryder and Yates’ Office - Local 1965 Camperdown Killingworth  

1. Primary source: the National Heritage List for England - NHLE is the register of nationally protected historic buildings and sites in England, including listed buildings, scheduled monuments, protected wrecks, registered parks and gardens, and battlefields. The list is maintained by Historic England. Check NHLE for updates and new entries.
Secondary sources: British Listed Buildings and Sitelines.

2. Listed buildings and the local list - North Tyneside Council.

Accumulator Tower, Albert Edward Dock
  Co-Curate Page
Accumulator Tower, Albert Edward Dock
- Overview Map Street View The hydraulic accumulator tower is located in what today is the Royal Quays Marina in North Shields. The 2 story tower was built in 1882 for ...
Former British Gas Engineering Research Station
  Co-Curate Page
Former British Gas Engineering Research Station
- Overview Map Street View This former British Gas Research Station is located off Station Road in Killigworth. It was originally built 1966-1967, designed by Ryder and Yates, and extended. It ...
Cliff House
  Co-Curate Page
Cliff House
Dial Cottage, West Moor near Killingworth
  Co-Curate Page
Dial Cottage, West Moor near Killingworth
- Overview Map Street View The plaque above the door of Dial Cottage reads: "George Stephenson engineer. Inventor of the Locomotive Engine lived in this cottage from (1805 to 1823), his ...
Church of St George
  Co-Curate Page
Church of St George
- Overview About the Church Map Street View The Parish Church in Cullercoats was built between 1882 and 1884 by the Duke of Northumberland in memory of his father George Percy, ...
Tynemouth Station
  Co-Curate Page
Tynemouth Station
- Overview About the Station History Map Street View Tynemouth Station opened on 7th July 1882. It was designed by William Bell for the North Eastern Railway Company (NER). It replaced ...
Adamson Memorial Drinking Fountain
  Co-Curate Page
Adamson Memorial Drinking Fountain
War Memorial, Backworth
  Co-Curate Page
War Memorial, Backworth
Backworth Hall
  Co-Curate Page
Backworth Hall
- Overview Map Street View  
Beehive Inn, nr Earsdon
  Co-Curate Page
Beehive Inn, nr Earsdon
- Overview Map Street View The Beehive is a pub near Whitley Bay. It is located on Hartley Lane (the B1325) half a mile north east of Earsdon and 2.5 miles ...
Burradon Tower
  Co-Curate Page
Burradon Tower
- Overview About Burradon Tower Map Burradon Tower is a ruined Pele Tower (defensive tower) in Burradon, built during times of hostilities with Scotland. The Tower is a Grade II listed ...
Christ Church
  Co-Curate Page
Christ Church
- Overview About Christ Church Map Street View   Christ Church, North Shields, Tyne and Wear, England is an Anglican church in the parish of North Shields Christ Church, diocese of ...
Church of St. Alban
  Co-Curate Page
Church of St. Alban
- Overview Map Street View The Parish Church at Earsdon was built 1836-1837, on the site of a much earlier 13th century church. The church was designed by John & Benjamin Green, ...
Church of St Bartholomew
  Co-Curate Page
Church of St Bartholomew
- Overview About the Church Map Street View   St Bartholomew's Church, Long Benton is the Anglican parish church of Long Benton, Northumberland. It is built in the Gothic Revival Style. ...
Church of St. Edward
  Co-Curate Page
Church of St. Edward
- Overview Map Street View St Edward’s Roman Catholic Church on Coquet Avenue in Whitley Bay was built 1926-1928 to the designs of Stienlet & Maxwell of Newcastle. It was opened ...
Edward Eccles Church Hall
  Co-Curate Page
Edward Eccles Church Hall
- Overview Map Street View The Hall, which belongs to St Alban's Church, is located at the west edge of Earsdon. Designed by Wilkinson and Crawley, it was built 1910-1911 and ...
Church of St Paul
  Co-Curate Page
Church of St Paul
- Overview Map Street View St Paul's Parish Church on Park View in Whitley Bay was built in 1864 by Salvin, and paid for by the Duke of Northumberland. The west ...
Clock Tower
  Co-Curate Page
Clock Tower
- Overview Map Street View The distinctive clock tower and drinking fountain is located at the head of Front Street in Tynemouth, close to Tynemouth Priory. The Venetian Gothic style clock tower ...
Spanish City
  Co-Curate Page
Spanish City
- Overview About Map Street View In c.1904 Charles Elderton, of Hebburn Theatre Royal, started bringing the "Toreadors" concert party to perform at Whitley Bay. Following repeated success, he established a ...
Rendezvous Cafe
  Co-Curate Page
Rendezvous Cafe
- Overview Map Street View The iconic Art Deco style cafe at Duke's Walk by the North Promenade was built in June 1930 by Whitley Bay & District Council, and originally ...
Coronation Fountain, North Promenade
  Co-Curate Page
Coronation Fountain, North Promenade
- Plaque reads: "This drinking fountain was erected on 12th May 1937 to commemorate the coronation of T. M. King George and Queen Elizabeth". The fountain is Grade II listed as ...
Church of St Luke
  Co-Curate Page
Church of St Luke
- Overview Map Street View St Luke's Parish Church in Wallsend is located on the corner of Frank Street and Station Road. The church was built 1885-1887 by Oliver, Leeson and ...
Church of St Peter
  Co-Curate Page
Church of St Peter
- Overview Map Street View The Church of St. Peter in Wallsend was built in 1809 and extensively modified in 1892. The church is Grade II* listed on the National Heritage ...
Holy Cross Church (ruins)
  Co-Curate Page
Holy Cross Church (ruins)
- Overview Map Street View The Holy Cross Church, located near Valley Gardens in Wallsend dates from the mid 12th century. It was the chapel for Wallsend in the parish of ...
NEM Hammer-head Crane
  Co-Curate Page
NEM Hammer-head Crane
- The giant 'NEM Hammerhead Crane' in Wallsend was built for the North Eastern Marine Engineering Company in 1909. At the time it was built, it was said to be the largest crane ...
Buddle Arts Centre
  Co-Curate Page
Buddle Arts Centre
- Overview Map Street View Buddle Arts Centre is located on Station Road in Wallsend. The building was originally Buddle School or Wallsend Board Schools (for juniors and infants), completed in 1876 and ...
Coach & Horses
  Co-Curate Page
Coach & Horses
- Overview Map Street View The Coach and Horses in Wallsend is a public house located on the junction of High Street East and Coach Road. The pub was built c.1907 ...
Market Woman
  Co-Curate Page
Market Woman
- Sculpture of a Roman Woman by Hans Schwarz (1922-2003) in Wallsend. The sculpture was commissioned by J Seymour Harris and Partners, developers of the Forum shopping centre, and was unveiled ...
Town Hall
  Co-Curate Page
Town Hall
- Overview Map Street View The Town Hall, now a Business and a Conference Centre, were built 1907-8 by E.F.W. Liddle and P.L. Brown for the Borough of Wallsend. The Town ...
Old Wallsend Library, Ferndale Avenue
  Co-Curate Page
Old Wallsend Library, Ferndale Avenue
- Overview Map Street View The former Library on Ferndale Avenue in Wallsend was built 1965-1966, designed by Harry Faulkner Brown. The library closed on the 15th February 2014, and was ...
War Memorial
  Co-Curate Page
War Memorial
- The War Memorial for the Borough of Wallsend is located off Archer Street.  It is a tall granite obelisk topped with a bronze angel of victory. The panel on the ...
Willington Dene Viaduct
  Co-Curate Page
Willington Dene Viaduct
- Overview Map Street View Willington Dene Viaduct is a railway bridge over the valley of Wallsend Burn near Willington and Wallsend. It was built between 1837-1839 by John and Benjamin Green ...
  Co-Curate Page
- Overview About Segedunum Map Segedunum was a Roman fort built at the eastern end of Hadrian's Wall near the banks of the River Tyne. It is located in modern-day Wallsend, ...
Cullercoats Lifeboat Station
  Co-Curate Page
Cullercoats Lifeboat Station
- Overview Map Street View The first lifeboat in Cullercoats was funded by the Duke of Northumberland. This became operational in 1852 following the establishment of The Royal National Lifeboat Institution (RNLI) ...
Cullercoats Metro Station
  Co-Curate Page
Cullercoats Metro Station
- Overview About Map Street View The Metro station at Cullercoats was originally a railway station, which opened on the 7th July 1882. The station was built by the North Eastern ...
Cullercoats Radio Station, Brown's Point
  Co-Curate Page
Cullercoats Radio Station, Brown's Point
Cullercoats Watch Club House
  Co-Curate Page
Cullercoats Watch Club House
Dove Marine Laboratory
  Co-Curate Page
Dove Marine Laboratory
- Overview About Map Street View The first laboratory at Cullercoats was constructed by the Northumberland Sea Fisheries Committee and opened on the 21st of October 1897.[1] It was a small wooden ...
Rocket Garage (Life Brigade House)
  Co-Curate Page
Rocket Garage (Life Brigade House)
Church of the Holy Saviour
  Co-Curate Page
Church of the Holy Saviour
- Overview Map Street View Holy Saviour's Church on The Broadway/Crossway in Tynemouth was built 1839 to 1841 by John Green and Benjamin Green for the Duke of Northumberland. The parish ...
Collingwood Monument
  Co-Curate Page
Collingwood Monument
- Overview About the Monument Map Street View The Collingwood Monument was built in 1845 in honour of Admiral Lord Collingwood, who led the British Fleet to victory at the Battle ...
Land of Green Ginger
  Co-Curate Page
Land of Green Ginger
- Overview Map Street View The former Congregational Church on Front Street in Tynemouth was built in 1868 by Thomas Oliver. The adjoining Church Hall was built in 1886.[1] In the ...
Statue of Queen Victoria
  Co-Curate Page
Statue of Queen Victoria
- Overview Map Street View The bronze memorial statue of Queen Victoria in Tynemouth was by Alfred Turner and built in 1902. It was paid for by public subscription, despite financial ...
War Memorial
  Co-Curate Page
War Memorial
- Overview Map Street View The First World War Memorial in Tynemouth is located in the centre of the park by Front Street, between the Statue of Queen Victoria and the ...
Tynemouth Priory and Castle
  Co-Curate Page
Tynemouth Priory and Castle
- Overview History Aerial View Street View Tynemouth Castle is located on a rocky headland (known as Pen Bal Crag) at Tynemouth, overlooking Tynemouth Pier and the mouth of the River ...
Tynemouth Pier and Lighthouse
  Co-Curate Page
Tynemouth Pier and Lighthouse
- Overview Map Street View Work on the North Pier in Tynemouth began in 1854 and on the South Pier (in South Shields) in 1856. Both piers were originally constructed in ...
Grand Hotel
  Co-Curate Page
Grand Hotel
- Overview Map Street View The Grand Hotel is located on Grand Parade, by the sea front at Tynemouth. It was originally built in 1872 as seaside house for Duchess of ...
Tynemouth Outdoor Swimming Pool
  Co-Curate Page
Tynemouth Outdoor Swimming Pool
- Overview Map Street View "Tynemouth outdoor swimming pool was first opened on 30th May 1925 and was once one of the area’s favourite and most prestigious attractions. It was automatically ...
Tynemouth Lodge Hotel
  Co-Curate Page
Tynemouth Lodge Hotel
- Overview Map Street View Inside The Tynemouth Lodge Hotel is a traditional pub on Tynemouth Road in North Shields (non residential), located by Northumberland Park, close to Tynemouth. "This building ...
Tynemouth Volunteer Life Brigade
  Co-Curate Page
Tynemouth Volunteer Life Brigade
- In November 1864 five ships were wrecked on Black Middens rocks during 3 days of storms, adding to the many lives lost over the years because of the treacherous rocks. ...
Clock on Buddle Street
  Co-Curate Page
Clock on Buddle Street
- Overview Map Street View This Gothic-style cast iron clock is by the junction of Buddle Street and Station Road, near Segedunum in Wallsend. It was built in the late 19th ...
The Ritz, Wallsend
  Co-Curate Page
The Ritz, Wallsend
- Overview Map Street View The Ritz is a public house on High Street West in Wallsend. It was originally the Ritz Cinema, which opened on the 15th of May 1939 ...
Rising Sun Inn
  Co-Curate Page
Rising Sun Inn
- Overview Map Street View The Rising Sun is a public house by the Coast Road in Wallsend. It was built in the 1930's to serve the new community in the ...
Public Baths, Wallsend
  Co-Curate Page
Public Baths, Wallsend
- Overview Map Street View The former public baths in Wallsend are located on Lawson Street, behind the Town Hall. The 'Restrained Baroque' style building was built by E.F.W Liddle and ...
Look-out Post & Gun Emplacement, Percy Gardens
  Co-Curate Page
Look-out Post & Gun Emplacement, Percy Gardens
- Overview Map Street View 47A Percy Gardens (west side) in Tynemouth is a former lookout post and gun emplacement built in c.1916, during the First World War. It is a ...
Rex Hotel (closed 2016)
  Co-Curate Page
Rex Hotel (closed 2016)
- The 70 bedroom Rex Hotel, on the corner of  Promenade and South Parade in Whitley Bay, closed in 2016. It was originally built in 1906 as a small temperance hotel ...
Drinking Fountain, St Paul's Church
  Co-Curate Page
Drinking Fountain, St Paul's Church
- The old drinking fountain, dated 1864, is built into the boundary wall of St Paul's Church in Whitey Bay. It is Grade II listed on the National Heritage List for ...
N.E. Co-op, John Street
  Co-Curate Page
N.E. Co-op, John Street
- Overview Map Street View "This building was opened in 1895 by the North Shields Co-operative Society, subsequently North Eastern Co-operative Society. It is still in use by the Co-op. The building ...
The Ritz, Forest Hall
  Co-Curate Page
The Ritz, Forest Hall
- Overview Map Street View The 'Ritz' Bingo & Social Club in Forest Hall was originally a cinema. The Ritz cinema, with 1,062 seats, opened on the 9th November 1936 with ...
New York War Memorial
  Co-Curate Page
New York War Memorial
- Overview Map Street View The war memorial on Murton Lane in New York in inscribed with the names of 68 local servicemen from the district who lost their lives in the ...
War Memorial
  Co-Curate Page
War Memorial
- Overview Map Street View The Cenotaph in Whitley Bay is located on the Links, by the Empress Gardens, close to Spanish City. The memorial was officially unveiled on the 15th ...
Sir James Knott Memorial Flats
  Co-Curate Page
Sir James Knott Memorial Flats
- Overview Map Street View The Sir James Knott Memorial Flats were opened in 1939. "In January 1935, Tynemouth Council received a letter from the late Sir James Knott's trustees. Sir ...
Old Tynemouth Station
  Co-Curate Page
Old Tynemouth Station
- Overview Map Street View The first railway station in Tynemouth was opened on the 20th of March 1847 by the Newcastle and Berwick Railway. The station buildings were designed by ...
Cumberland Arms, Tynemouth
  Co-Curate Page
Cumberland Arms, Tynemouth
- Overview Map Street View The Cumberland Arms is located at 17 Front Street, Tynemouth. It is a red brick and faience Victorian gothic-style public house, which was built in 1898 ...
Monkseaton Station
  Co-Curate Page
Monkseaton Station
- Overview About Map Street View The railway station at Monkseaton opened 25th July 1915, replacing the former Whitley Junction station of 1860, which was located in what is now Souter Park. ...
Grants Clock
  Co-Curate Page
Grants Clock
- Overview Map Street View There is a clock with 2 faces located on the Promenade in Whitley Bay, close to the junction with South Parade. The clock stands on a ...
Northumberland Square
  Co-Curate Page
Northumberland Square
- Overview Map Street View Northumberland Square was the centrepiece of the 'New Town' development of North Shields built in the late 18th and early 19th century.
Wallsend Hall
  Co-Curate Page
Wallsend Hall
- Overview Memorial Hospital Map Street View Wallsend Hall is located on The Green in Wallsend. The house was built in the early 19th century and had significant grounds. The Hall ...


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