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Historic Buildings and Monuments in Middlesbrough

This page includes historic buildings, monuments, parks and sites in the Borough of Middlesbrough, compiled from two sources: a) Listed buildings and scheduled monuments, from the the National Heritage List for England[1]. b) the Local list of buildings, structures, parks, gardens and open spaces of special local architectural or historic interest in Middlesbrough ('Local List') from Middlesborogh Borough Council.[2] Use the Search in the data table (below) if looking for a specific building / monument, or to filter on a particular area e.g. type:
Structure List No. Grade Built~ Ward / Locality Note
1, Albert Road 1136868 II 1873 Central  
11 and 13, Zetland Road 1137392 II 1871 Central  
2,3 and 4, Exchange Place 1136738 II 1870 Central  
36-42, Linthorpe Road 1139851 II 1889 Central Linthorpe Road
7, Zetland Road 1139851  II* 1881 Central Webb House
Boundary Wall at Entrance to Davy Offshore Modules Ltd. 1312365 II 1887 Central  
Bridgekeepers House 1139848 II 1911 Central At the entrance to the Transporter Bridge.
Captain Cook Public House 1136730 II 1893 Central  
Central Public Library 1139838 II 1912 Central  
Church House 1137035 II 1879 Central Vicarage, Martan Road
Church of All Saints 1252480  II* 1878 Central  
Church of St Columba 1139865 II 1902 Central  
Church of St John the Evangelist 1139854  II* 1865 Central Boho 4
Cleveland Buildings 1312710 II 1872 Central (Middlehaven)  
Cleveland Club, Area Walls, Piers and Railings 1312710 II 1872 Central  
Clock Tower, C5m South-West of Old Town Hall 1312502 II 1846 Central By the Old Town Hall
Commerce House 1329507 II 1872 Central Exchange Square
Constantine Building, University of Teesside 1139864 II 1930 Central  
Customs House 1139855 II 1836 Central (Middlehaven) Now 'Myplace'
Darlington Building Society 1136683 II 1913 Central Corporation Road
Dock Clock Tower 1139871  II* c.1870 Central (Middlehaven)  
Empire Mecca Social Club 1329519  II* 1897 Central The Middlesbrough Empire
Exchange House 1139843 II 1879 Central Exchange Square
Former Primary Infant School 1380273 II 1892 Central Victoria Road
Gates, Gatepiers and Boundary/Retaining Walls to Railway Station Forecourt, Including Commercial Premises 1312321 II 1877 Central Zetland Road/Exchange Place
Gates, Gatepiers and Flanking Walls at Entrance to Nazareth House 1329537 II 1905 Central Park Road North
Group of 5 Telephone Kiosks on East Side of Town Hall 1139869 II C20th Central 5 red K6 type phoneboxes  
Lloyds Bank Chambers 1329516 II 1899 Central Albert Road
Midland Bank 1139852 II 1912 Central Linthorpe Road
Midland Bank 1329520 II 1903 Central Exchange Place
Monument to H.W.F.Bolckow 1139844 II 1881 Central Exchange Square
Monument to John Vaughan 1329504 II 1884 Central Victoria Square
Monument to Sir Samuel Sadler 1137342 II 1913 Central Victoria Square
Nazareth House 1139829 II 1906 Central Park Road North
New Exchange Buildings 1139830 II 1874 Central Queen's Square
Nos. 2, 2a, 4 and Zetland Buildings 1139842 II 1872 Central Exchange Place/Zetland Place
Old High School, University of Teesside 1139863 II 1877 Central  
Old Town Hall 1139853 II 1846 Central (Middlehaven) East Street
Piers, Railings and Gates at Entrance to Transporter Bridge 1139846 II 1910 Central  
Queens Square - Nos. 1 to 15 odd 1139831 II c.1850 Central  
Queen's Square - Nos. 17 to 27 odd 1329538 II 1899 Central  
Railway Station with Shops, Offices and Two Bridges 1139840 II 1877 Central Middlesbrough Station, including Albert Bridge
Showboat Social Club 1137368 II 1908 Central Wilson Street
South African War Memorial, in Albert Park 1329536 II 1904 Central  
Sundial, in Albert Park 1139828 II 1879 Central  
The Albert 1329517 II 1901 Central 38 & 40, Albert Road
The Masham Hotel 1312556 II 1914 Central Linthorpe Road
The Shakespeare 1136953 II C19th Central Linthorpe Road
Town Hall and Municipal Buildings 1136659  II* 1889 Central  
Transporter Bridge 1139845  II* 1911 Central (Middlehaven) Connects Middlesbrough & Port Clarence.
Trustee Saving Bank 1139861 II 1905 Central Albert Road
Winch House, Adjoining Railings, Wall, Gates and Gatepiers, C.40m South West of Transporter Bridge 1139847 II 1911 Central  
York House 1329518 II 1938 Central Borough Road
Zetland Hotel 1139839 II 1860 Central  
Acklam Hall 1136868  I 1680 Acklam  
Coulby Manor 1139870 II 1825 Coulby Newham  
Walls Enclosing Carpark, C30m South-West of Coulby Manor 1312659 II c.1825 Coulby Newham  
Hemlington Hall Farmhouse, Farm Cottage and Garden Wall 1137057 II C18th Hemlington  
Stable and Cart Shed, Circa 20 Metres East of Hemlington Hall Farmhouse 1329513 II C19th Hemlington  
Church of St. Cuthbert 1329502  II* C12th Marton East Largely rebuilt in the 1840's
Armstrong/Ingledew Fenison Tombstone, C10m East of Church of St. Cuthbert armstrong/Ingledew Fenison Tombstone, Circa 10 Metres East of Church of St Cuthbert 1137271 II 1812 Marton East Church of St. Cuthbert
Bolckow Tombstones, Grave Cover and Kerb, Circa 24 Metres East of Chancel of Church of St Cuthbert 1139835 II 1858 Marton East 1858 to 1890 Church of St. Cuthbert
Captain Cook School and School House 1329508 II 1850 Marton East  
Coach House, Stable and Screen Wall Circa 10 Metres North East of Westside House 1137262 II C19th Marton East  
Davison Tombstone Circa 6 Metres South of South Trancept of Church of St Cuthbert 1252527 II 1795 Marton East Church of St. Cuthbert
Davison Tombstone, Circa 5 Metres South of South Transept of Church of St Cuthbert 1329503 II 1780 Marton East Church of St. Cuthbert
Loggia Circa 20 Metres South of Captain Cook Birthplace Museum 1139833 II 1860 Marton East In the former grounds of Marton Hall
Memorial to Captain James Cook Circa 80 Metres South of Captain Cook Birthplace Museum 1137243 II 1858 Marton East  
Stewart Park Depot 1329539 II 1864 Marton East Former stable block to Martan Hall
Temple Circa 150 Metres South West of Captain Cook Birthplace Museum 1312423 II c.1860 Marton East  
Westside House 1139834 II 1847 Marton East Former vicarage
Wright Tombstone, Circa 4 Metres South of South Porch of Church of St Cuthbert 1137287 II 1750 Marton East Church of St. Cuthbert
Barn and Stable, 15m. East of Gunnergate Farmhouse 1139849 II C18th Marton West  
Barn, Horse-Mill, Stable and Cartshed, C.10m North-West of Bonny Grove Farmhouse 1139866 II C18th Marton West  
Bonny Grove Farmhouse 1136565 II C18th Marton West  
Gate, Gatepiers and Walls at Entrance to Newham Hall 1136620 II 1880 Marton West  
Gunnergate Farmhouse and Farm Cottage 1136844 II C18th Marton West  
Newham Hall Lodge 1139867 II 1880 Marton West  
Newham Hall, Retaining Wall and Steps 1136584 II 1880 Marton West  
Forbes' Buildings 1312528 II 1900 Newport Linthorpe Road
Newport Bridge 1139837 II 1934 Newport  
Park Methodist Church 1329511 II 1905 Newport Linthorpe Road
Phoenix Squash and Leisure Centre 1329512 II 1902 Newport Former church
Church of the Holy Trinity 1139850 II 1881 North Ormesby  
1, East Side 1139808 II c.1800 Nunthorpe  
4, West Side 1137477 II C18th Nunthorpe  
6, West Side 1329529 II 1840 Nunthorpe  
8 and 10, West Side 1137492 II c.1800 Nunthorpe  
Chapel of St. Mary, in Grounds of Nunthorpe Hall 1329527 II 1824 Nunthorpe  
Church of St. Mary 1139841 II 1926 Nunthorpe  
Garden Terrace Wall, Stairs and Steps, in Grounds of Nunthorpe Hall 1329526 II C17th Nunthorpe  
Gatepiers at Entrance to the Lodge and Poole Hospital 1329528 II 1896 Nunthorpe  
Gates, Gatepiers and Crescent Walls at Entrance to Nunthorpe Hall 1139810 II 1901 Nunthorpe  
Grey Towers House (Poole Hospital) and Attached Wall 1139813  II* 1867 Nunthorpe  
Lychgate and Adjoining Stile, Fence and Gate, C45m South-West of Church of St Mary 1329525 II 1947 Nunthorpe War memorial
Nunthorpe Hall 1139809 II 1623 Nunthorpe  
Nunthorpe War Memorial 1448373 II 1921 Nunthorpe  
The Lodge 1139812 II 1896 Nunthorpe Lodge to Grey Towers
The Vicarage 1329506 II 1903 Nunthorpe Former schoolmaster's house
Tree Bridge 1139811 II C19th Nunthorpe  
33-55, High Street 1329509 II C18th Park End & Beckfield Terrace of 13 almshouses and school
57-61, High Street 1136930 II C18th Park End & Beckfield Terrace of 3 almshouses
Avenue Methodist Church 1139862 II 1908 Park (Linthorpe)  
Cenotaph, with Memorial Gates, Gatepiers and Screen Walls 1137094 II 1922 Park (Linthorpe)  
Church of St. Barnabas 1139832 II 1892 Park (Linthorpe)  
Church of the Sacred Heart 1329510 II 1932 Park (Linthorpe)  
Coffin in Grounds of Dorman Memorial Museum 1139856 II Roman Park (Linthorpe)  
Dorman Memorial Museum 1137086 II 1904 Park (Linthorpe)  
Memorial Clock, in Albert Park 1139827 II c.1900 Park (Linthorpe) Albert Park
West Lodge and Attached Screen Wall and Memorial in Albert Park 1329535 II 1866 Park (Linthorpe) Albert Park
Boundary Wall, Gates and Gatepiers of Church of St. Peter and St. Paul 1139817 II C17th Stainton & Thornton  
Burdon Table Tomb, 4m East of Chancel of Church of St. Peter and St. Paul 1329532 II 1741 Stainton & Thornton 1741 to 1821
Church of St. Peter and St. Paul 1137540  II* C13th Stainton & Thornton largely rebuilt c.1800
Church View 1139814 II c.1800 Stainton & Thornton  
Coffin, One M.south of Chancel of Church of St. Peter and St. Paul 1137556 II   Stainton & Thornton Prob. Anglo-Saxon
Corney (Or Corner) Tombstone, 7m. West of Church of St. Peter and St. Paul 1137559 II C17th Stainton & Thornton  
Low Farmhouse 2 Farm Cottages and Adjoining Outbuildings 1137568 II c.1800 Stainton & Thornton  
Memorial Hall 1329530 II 1844 Stainton & Thornton Former National School
Pair of Dovecotes and Linking Outhouse, C.20m North-West of Stainton Vale Farmhouse 1139815 II C19th Stainton & Thornton  
Rennison Tombstone, 3m South of Chancel of Church of St. Peter and St. Paul 1139816 II 1722 Stainton & Thornton  
Stainton Grange and Garden Walls 1329531  II* C18th Stainton & Thornton  
Stainton House 1137500 II C18th Stainton & Thornton Former vicarage
Stainton Vale Farmhouse 1312282 II C18th Stainton & Thornton  
The Stainton Public House 1137526 II 1897 Stainton & Thornton  
Walls, Gates and Gatepiers to Garden of No 15 1329533 II C18th Stainton & Thornton  
Earthworks at Nunthorpe Hall 1006762  n/a C12th? Nunthorpe Scheduled Monument
Fishpond 550m east of Acklam Park 1018944  n/a Medieval Park (Linthorpe) Scheduled Monument (now dry)
Stainsby medieval village and open field system 1016352  n/a Medieval   Scheduled Monument
Albert Park 1000646 II 1868 Park (Linthorpe) Listed Park and Garden
Britannia Testing House, Riverside Park - Local 1926 Middlehaven Former Dorman Long ltd
Middlehaven Public House, Stockton Street  - Local 1831 Middlehaven Damaged by fire in 2012
Locomotive Shed (Bolckow and Vaughan’s Ironworks)  - Local c.1880 Middlehaven  
Storrow’s Building, Dock Street  - Local 1860 Middlehaven  
Middlesbrough Dock - Local 1842 Middlehaven  
Bridge Inn Public House, Bridge Street East - Local 1858 Middlehaven  
Lord Byron Public House, Bridge Street East - Local 1864 Middlehaven  
Warehouse, School Croft  - Local c.1900 Middlehaven  
Navigation Inn, Cargo Fleet Lane  - Local c.1880 Middlehaven  
Isaac Wilson Public House, 65 Wilson Street - Local 1901 Middlehaven  
Wellington Hotel & 9 Albert Road  - Local 1891 Middlehaven  
13-25 Albert Road  - Local c.1900 Middlehaven  
42 Albert Road (Former National Westminster Bank)  - Local 1938 Middlehaven  
The Princess Alice Public House, 67-69 Newport Road  - Local c.1866 Middlehaven  
Debenhams, 1 Newport Road  - Local 1910 Middlehaven  
Miss Selfridge, 64-66 Linthorpe Road  - Local 1898 Middlehaven  
William Hill, 17 Corporation Road  - Local c.1890 Middlehaven  
Doctor Brown’s Public House and adjoining terrace, 97 Marton Road - Local 1862 Middlehaven  
House of Fraser, 37 Linthorpe Road  - Local 1957 Middlehaven  
Multi Media Centre, Medicine Bar and La Pharmacie, 89-90 Corporation Road - Local 1898 Middlehaven originally for Middlesbrough Co-operative Society
St Mary’s Centre, 82-90 Corporation Road - Local 1881 Middlehaven  
The Green Tree Public House, Gilkes Street  - Local C19th Middlehaven  
Peel Engravers and adjoining terrace, Gilkes Street  - Local c.1870 Middlehaven  
Methodist Church & Sunday School, 126-132 Linthorpe Road  - Local 1892 Middlehaven  
The Crown Public House 51-53 Borough Road - Local 1923 Middlehaven  
Former Southbrooke Girls School, 154 Borough Road - Local 1882 Middlehaven  
King Edward’s Square, University of Teesside  - Local c.1890 Middlehaven  
Gazette Offices, Borough Road  - Local 1938 Middlehaven  
Psyche, 175-187 Linthorpe Road  - Local 1950s Middlehaven  
TS: One Public House, 200 Linthorpe Road  - Local 1926 Middlehaven  
Christadelphian Hall, Southfield Road  - Local 1937 Middlehaven  
The Roseberry Public House, Acklam Road  - Local 1934 Ayresome  
Whinney Banks School, Fakenham Avenue  - Local 1938 Ayresome  
St Francis RC Church, Acklam Road - Local 1933 Ayresome  
Samuelson’s Working Men’s Club, Parliament Road  - Local 1904 Gresham  
The Cooperative Building, 251-255 Linthorpe Road - Local 1941 Gresham  
St Aidan’s Church, Clifton Street  - Local 1940 Gresham  
University Sports Centre (former Methodist Church) University of Teesside, Laura Street  - Local 1908 University  
Mosque and Community Centre, 133a Waterloo Road  - Local 1900 University  
34 Park Road North  - Local 1879 University  
214 –216 Marton Road - Local c.1875 University  
North Ormesby Youth and Community Centre, Derwent Street - Local 1875 North Ormesby  
Linthorpe Cemetery  - Local 1869 Linthorpe Incl. Quaker burial ground, dating of 1668.
Linthorpe Community Primary School  - Local 1874 Linthorpe  
51 Cambridge Road  - Local c.1910 Linthorpe  
5-19 Claude Avenue  - Local c.1899 Linthorpe  
110 The Avenue, Linthorpe  - Local c.1860 Linthorpe  
East Lodge, Albert Park  - Local 1867 Park  
353-359 Linthorpe Road (opposite Dorman Museum)  - Local c.1890 Park  
United Reform Church, Linthorpe Road  - Local 1924 Park  
Albert Park Public House, 406 Linthorpe Road  - Local c.1868 Park  
The Cleveland Hotel, Linthorpe Road - Local 1857 Park  
Linthorpe Hotel, The Crescent  - Local ? Park  
Kirby College, Roman Road  - Local 1911 Park  
Holmwood, Orchard Road  - Local 1895 Park  
Redlands Conservative Club, Orchard Road  - Local c.1870 Park  
Roseberry and Park View, 274-276 Marton Road  - Local c.1875 Claireville  
St. Joseph’s RC Church, Marton Road - Local 1934 Claireville  
Holy Name of Mary RC Church, The Avenue, Linthorpe  - Local 1938 Claireville  
Former Sacred Heart Home & Presbytery to Holy Name RC Church - Local c.1900 Claireville  
Blue Bell Hotel, Acklam Road  - Local 1939 Kader  
Slip Inn Bridge, Ladgate Lane  - Local C18th Kader  
St Mary’s Church, Church Lane  - Local 1874 Acklam  
Danby House and Blacksmiths Forge, 321 Acklam Road  - Local 1878 Acklam  
West Lodge, Acklam Road  - Local 1912 Acklam  
Newham Bridge - Local C18th Acklam  
South Lodge, Acklam Road  - Local 1912 Acklam  
88-90 The Grove  - Local c.1910 Marton  
East Lodge, 76 The Grove  - Local c.1860 Marton  
83-85 The Grove  - Local c.1907 Marton  
Stewart Park  - Local 1923 Marton  
West Lodge, Marton Hall, Stokesley Road  - Local c.1860 Marton  
Drinking Fountain, Stokesley Road  - Local 1879 Marton  
Westside, Marton  - Local c.1880 Marton  
The Fountain Inn, Ormesby High Street  - Local 1958 Beckfield  
Eastleigh and Westleigh, Ormesby High Street - Local 1876 Beckfield  
Methodist Chapel, Meldyke Lane, Stainton - Local 1840 Stainton & Thornton  
Stainton School, 6-8 Meldyke Lane, Stainton  - Local 1876 Stainton & Thornton  
14 Hemlington Road, Stainton   - Local c.1800 Stainton & Thornton  
1 Thornton Road, and 2-8 Maltby Road, Thornton - Local c.1930 Stainton & Thornton  
Newham Grange Farm  - Local 1786 Coulby Newham  
Newham Hall Farm  - Local C19th Coulby Newham  
Lodges, 84 Gunnergate Lane & 21 Tollesby Lane - Local 1857 Marton West   
Hall Farm, East Side, Nunthorpe Village - Local C19th Nunthorpe  
Nunthorpe Station  - Local 1853 Nunthorpe  
123 Guisborough Road - Local c.1910 Nunthorpe  
Red Cottage, 135 Guisborough Road  - Local c.1910 Nunthorpe  
Tudor Court, Church Lane  - Local c.1930 Nunthorpe  
The Old School, Church Lane, Nunthorpe  - Local 1903 Nunthorpe  
The Old Smithy, West Side, Nunthorpe  - Local c.1880 Nunthorpe  
14-16 Rookwood Road  - Local c.1920 Nunthorpe  

1. Primary source: the National Heritage List for England - NHLE is the register of nationally protected historic buildings and sites in England, including listed buildings, scheduled monuments, protected wrecks, registered parks and gardens, and battlefields. The list is maintained by Historic England. Check NHLE for updates and new entries.
Secondary sources: British Listed Buildings and Middlesbrough Borough Council.

2. Middlesbrough's Local List Local list of buildings, structures, parks, gardens and open spaces of special local architectural or historic interest in Middlesbrough - Middlesbrough Borough Council (April 2011). Check Middlesbrough Council for updates and new entries.

Acklam Hall
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Acklam Hall
- Overview About Acklam Hall Map Street View Acklam Hall was built by William Hustler in 1678 in the former village, and now suburb, of Acklam in Middlesbrough. The mansion, now ...
Webb House, 7 Zetland Road
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Webb House, 7 Zetland Road
- Overview Street View No. 7 Zetland Road, Middlesbrough, was constructed for ironmasters Bell Brothers between 1881 and 1891. It was the only commercial building ever designed by Philip Webb, the ...
All Saints Church
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All Saints Church
- Overview Map Street View All Saints Church is located on the corner of Grange Road and Linthorpe Road in Middlesbrough. The church was built 1873 - 1878, designed by G.E. Street. The ...
Church of St John the Evangelist
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Church of St John the Evangelist
- Overview Timeline Map Street View The Church of St John the Evangelist is located by the junction of Marton Road and North Ormesby Road in Middlesbrough. The church was built ...
Church of St. Cuthbert, Ormesby
  Co-Curate Page
Church of St. Cuthbert, Ormesby
- Overview Map Street View St. Cuthbert's is the parish church in Ormesby, Middlesbrough. The church was largely rebuilt in 1875 by Hicks and Charlewood, but incorporates masonry from an earlier ...
Dock Clock Tower
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Dock Clock Tower
- Overview Street View The current clock tower was built at the turn of the century (some time between 1870 and 1903) as Middlesbrough's docks were redeveloped. It replaced an earlier ...
Empire Mecca Social Club
  Co-Curate Page
Empire Mecca Social Club
- "Built in 1897 as a music hall The Middlesbrough Empire has played host to a variety of performers including Charlie Chaplin, Laurel & Hardy, The Scissor Sisters, The Arctic Monkeys ...
Tees Transporter Bridge
  Co-Curate Page
Tees Transporter Bridge
- Overview History Facts & Figures Map Street View The Tees Transporter Bridge was opened on the 17th October 1911 by Prince Arthur of Connaught. The bridge over the River Tees connects Middlesbrough, on the south bank, ...
Church of the Holy Trinity, North Ormesby
  Co-Curate Page
Church of the Holy Trinity, North Ormesby
- Overview Map Street View Holy Trinity Church in North Ormesby was built from 1868-1869, designed by William White in the Early English style. The tower, which is a prominent local ...
Cleveland Club
  Co-Curate Page
Cleveland Club
- Overview Map Street View Boho 4, former Cleveland Club is located on the corner of Gosford Street and Cleveland Street, Middlesbrough. It was originally built 1870 - 1872 by John ...
Constantine Building
  Co-Curate Page
Constantine Building
- Overview Map Street View   Constantine Building, Teesside University 93 Borough Rd
Customs House
  Co-Curate Page
Customs House
- Overview Map Street View The Customs House is located on North Street, Middlsbrough. It was originally built in 1836 as a Coal Exchange and hotel, designed by G. Burlison. It ...
29-31, Corporation Road
  Co-Curate Page
29-31, Corporation Road
- Overview Map Street View Located on the corner of Corporation Road and Albert Road in Middlesbrough, the building was originally built as a shop and hotel in 1912-1913. It was ...
Forbes Building
  Co-Curate Page
Forbes Building
- Overview Map Street View The Forbes' Buildings, nos. 311-321 Linthorpe Road in Middlesbrough were built 1899 -1900 by R. Lofthouse & Sons (Middlesbrough), for John Forbes.[1] It was originally a bakery with ...
Loggia of Marton Hall, Stewart Park
  Co-Curate Page
Loggia of Marton Hall, Stewart Park
- Overview Map Street View The Loggia (a long sheltered gallery or or corridor, which forms part of a house, typically with a side open to the garden) in Stewart Park ...
Tees Newport Bridge
  Co-Curate Page
Tees Newport Bridge
- Overview History Map Street View The Tees Newport Bridge was the first large vertical lift bridge in Europe, and opened by Prince Albert (later King George VI) on 28 February, ...
Old Town Hall
  Co-Curate Page
Old Town Hall
- Overview Map Street View The Old Town Hall is located on East Street in Middlsbrough. It was built in 1846, designed by W.L. Moffat.[1] It was replaced by the new ...
Park Methodist Church
  Co-Curate Page
Park Methodist Church
- Overview Map Street View The former Park Methodist Church is located on the corner of Linthorpe Road and Ayresome Street, near Albert Park in Middlesbrough. The Wesleyan church was built 1903 - ...
Zetland Hotel
  Co-Curate Page
Zetland Hotel
- The Zetland Hotel is a Grade 2 Listed Building which was built c.1860 and located on Zetland Road, close to Middlesbrough Station. Threatened with closure as a pub in 2015. ...
Dorman Museum
  Co-Curate Page
Dorman Museum
- Overview About the Museum Map Street View "The museum was officially opened on the 1st of July 1904, by the Colonel in Chief of the Yorkshire Regiment, as the Dorman ...
Middlesbrough Railway Station
  Co-Curate Page
Middlesbrough Railway Station
- Overview About Middlesbrough Station Map Street View "On the 1st of December, 1877, the large fine station at Middlesbrough, which had been for some years in course of construction, was ...
Masham Hotel
  Co-Curate Page
Masham Hotel
- Overview Map Street View Former hotel and pub on Linthorpe Road in the centre of Middlesbrough - now a shop. It was built in the mid 19th centry and has ...
The Shakespeare
  Co-Curate Page
The Shakespeare
- Overview Map Street View The Shakespeare is a public house on Linthorpe Road in Middlesbrough, built in the mid 19th century. It has a distinctive 1911 frontage by Kitching and ...
Middlesbrough Town Hall
  Co-Curate Page
Middlesbrough Town Hall
- Overview About the Town Hall Map Street View The gothic style Town Hall and Municipal Buildings on Albert Street & Corporation Road in Middlesbrough were built between 1883-1889, and replaced ...
Church of St. Columba
  Co-Curate Page
Church of St. Columba
- Overview Map Street View  
72-80 Corporation Road
  Co-Curate Page
72-80 Corporation Road
- Overview Map Street View 72-80 Corporation Road, Middlesbrough was originally built in c.1898 as a shop, warehouse and offices for the Middlesbrough Co-operative Society. During the 1940’s and 1950’s the building ...
Danby House and Blacksmith’s  Forge
  Co-Curate Page
Danby House and Blacksmith’s Forge
- Overview Map Street View Danby House at 321 Acklam Road, is a former small holding and part of the former village of Acklam, before it became part of Middlesbrough. It ...
Dr Brown's, Corporation Road
  Co-Curate Page
Dr Brown's, Corporation Road
- Overview Map Street View Doctor Brown's pub is located on the junction of Corporation Road and Marton Road in the centre of Middlesbrough. The triangular building was originally built as ...
Drinking Fountain, Stokesley Road, Marton
  Co-Curate Page
Drinking Fountain, Stokesley Road, Marton
- Overview Map Street View Dated 1879 and located on Stokesley Road, opposite St Cuthbert’s Church, and at the south-west corner of Stewart Park in Marton. The drinking fountain was built ...
House of Fraser, 37 Linthorpe Road
  Co-Curate Page
House of Fraser, 37 Linthorpe Road
- Overview Map Street View The House of Fraser Department Store (37 Linthorpe Road) is located in Middlesbrough town centre on the corner of Newport Road and Linthorpe Road. Built in ...
Linthorpe Cemetery
  Co-Curate Page
Linthorpe Cemetery
- Overview About Linthorpe Cemetery Map Street View Linthorpe cemetery is one of the oldest graveyards, in Middlesbrough, incorporating a Quaker burial ground, dating back to 1668. The cemetery covers of ...
Methodist Church, 126-132 Linthorpe Road
  Co-Curate Page
Methodist Church, 126-132 Linthorpe Road
- Overview Map Street View Built as a Methodist Church and Sunday School in 1892, located on the corner of Linthorpe Road and Borough Road in Middlesbrough. Today the church still ...
Miss Selfridge, 64-66 Linthorpe Road
  Co-Curate Page
Miss Selfridge, 64-66 Linthorpe Road
- Overview Map Street View Nos. 64-66 Linthorpe Road in Middlesbrough is a Miss Selfridge store on the corner of Linthorpe Road and Corporation Road. The building was originally built in ...
Old Stainton School
  Co-Curate Page
Old Stainton School
- Overview Map Street View Stainton Board Schools (separate boys and girls schools within the building) was constructed in 1876 by the Stainton, Thornton and Maltby School Board. It replaced the ...
The Crown
  Co-Curate Page
The Crown
- Overview Map Street View The Crown is a prominent building on the corner of Linthorpe Road and Borough Road, Middlesbrough. The building was designed by architect James Forbes, and was ...
Britannia Testing House, Riverside Park
  Co-Curate Page
Britannia Testing House, Riverside Park
The Lord Byron pub
  Co-Curate Page
The Lord Byron pub
Middlesbrough Docks
  Co-Curate Page
Middlesbrough Docks
Middlehaven Public House, Stockton Street
  Co-Curate Page
Middlehaven Public House, Stockton Street
- Overview Map Street View The Middlehaven was a public house on Stockton Street in the Middlehaven area of Middlesbrough. It was formerly called the Ship Inn, which was first licenced ...


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