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Historic Buildings and Monuments in Carlisle

Listed buildings and scheduled monuments in Carlisle, Cumbria, from the National Heritage List for England[1]. Use the Search (below) if looking for a specific building / monument.

Structure List No. Grade Built~ Ward~ Note
Nos. 1 and 3, Abbey Street 1196976 II   Castle  
Nos. 1, 3 and 5, Alfred Street North 1208730 II   Castle  
No. 1, Earl Street 1196972 II   Castle  
No. 1, Fisher Street 1209979 II   Castle  
No. 1, Greenmarket 1297359 II   Castle  
No. 1, Howard Place 1297382 II   Castle  
No. 1, Lowthian Lane 1208743 II   Castle  
No. 1, Victoria Place 1196918  II*   Castle  
Nos. 1-13, Devonshiew Street 1292521 II   Castle  
Nos. 1-21, Tait Street 1196916 II   Castle  
Nos. 1-9, the Crescent 1291802 II   Castle  
Nos. 10, 12 and 14, Lowther Street 1217895 II   Castle  
Nos. 10-30, Tait Street 1297403 II   Castle  
Nos. 105 and 107, Warwick Road 1218895 II   Castle  
No. 109, Warwick Road 1297276 II   Castle  
No. 11, Earl Street 1209731 II   Castle  
No. 11, English Street 1209754 II   Castle  
No. 11, Fisher Street 1292334 II   Castle  
Nos. 11-29, Warwick Road 1197142 II   Castle  
No. 111, Warwick Road 1218898 II   Castle  
Nos. 113 and 115, Warwick Road 1197147 II   Castle  
Nos. 117, 119 and 121, Warwick Road 1291718 II   Castle  
Nos. 12, 14 and 16, Devonshire Street 1292525 II   Castle  
Nos. 13 and 15 Castle Street and 2 Paradise Court 1292899 II   Castle  
Nos. 13 and 15, English Street 1196975 II   Castle  
No. 13, Earl Street 1297350 II   Castle  
Nos. 14 and 16, Castle Street 1196991 II   Castle  
Nos. 15 and 17, Lowther Street 1297407 II   Castle  
No. 15, Portland Square 1196903 II   Castle  
No. 15a, Abbey Street 1297354 II   Castle  
Nos. 16-19, Portland Square 1297394 II   Castle  
Nos. 17 and 19, Abbey Street 1196979 II   Castle  
No. 17, Castle Street 1208982 II   Castle  
No. 17, Fisher Street 1210006 II   Castle  
No. 17, Scotch Street 1291901 II   Castle  
Nos. 18 and 20, Chiswick Street 1292597 II   Castle  
Nos. 18, 20 and 22, Abbey Street 1196980 II   Castle  
No. 18, Fisher Street 1196951  II*   Castle  
Nos. 19 and 21, Fisher Street 1292379 II   Castle  
Nos. 19, 21 and 23, Victoria Place 1197137  II*   Castle  
No. 19, Castle Street 1025283 II   Castle  
Nos. 2 and 4, Devonshire Street 1297388 II   Castle  
Nos. 2 and 4, Hartington Place 1210142 II   Castle  
Nos. 2 and 4, Howard Place 1292288 II   Castle  
Nos. 2 and 4, Spencer Street 1291829 II   Castle  
No. 2, Albert Street 1297274  II*   Castle  
No. 2, Greenmarket 1210127 II   Castle  
No. 2, Victoria Place 1218796  II*   Castle  
Nos. 2-9, Chapel Street 1196957 II   Castle  
No. 20, Fisher Street 1297379 II   Castle  
No. 20, Portland Square 1196904 II   Castle  
Nos. 20-28, Scotch Street 1291867 II   Castle  
Nos. 21 and 22, Portland Square 1297395 II   Castle  
Nos. 21, 23 and 25, English Street 1297374 II   Castle  
No. 21, Castle Street 1297358  II*   Castle  
Nos. 22 and 23, Chatsworth Square 1196960 II   Castle  
Nos. 22 and 24, Hartington Place 1196955 II   Castle  
No. 22, Chiswick Street 1196963 II   Castle  
No. 22, Fisher Street 1210040 II   Castle  
No. 23, Fisher Street 1196952 II   Castle  
No. 23, Portland Square 1196905 II   Castle  
Nos. 24 and 26, Chiswick Street 1209529 II   Castle  
No. 24, Abbey Street 1297355  II*   Castle  
Nos. 25, 27 and 29, Tait Street 1218743 II   Castle  
No. 26, Abbey Street 1196981  II*   Castle  
No. 27, Portland Square 1196906 II   Castle  
Nos. 28 and 30, Abbey Street 1208701 II   Castle  
Nos. 28, 30 and 32, Bank Street 1208765 II   Castle  
No. 28, Portland Square 1297396 II   Castle  
Nos. 3 and 4, Greenmarket 1196954 II   Castle  
Nos. 3 and 5, Fisher Street 1297378 II   Castle  
Nos. 3, 5 and 7, Earl Street 1292508 II   Castle  
Nos. 3, 5 and 7, Hartington Place 1297381 II   Castle  
No. 3, Brunswick Street 1292044 II   Castle  
No. 3, Castle Street 1208937 II   Castle  
Nos. 3-17, Victoria Place 1197136  II*   Castle  
Nos. 31 and 33, Chiswick Street 1196964 II   Castle  
Nos. 31-37, Fisher Street 1292353 II   Castle  
Nos. 32, 34 and 36, Tait Street 1196917 II   Castle  
Nos. 33-39, Lonsdale Street 1217857 II   Castle  
No. 34, Abbey Street 1297356 II   Castle  
No. 34, Fisher Street 1210063 II   Castle  
No. 34, Scotch Street 1297400 II   Castle  
Nos. 35-47, Chiswick Street 1209537 II   Castle  
Nos. 35-49, Spencer Street 1196915 II   Castle  
Nos. 36 and 38, Abbey Street 1208715 II   Castle  
Nos. 36, 38 and 40, Scotch Street 1218649 II   Castle  
Nos. 36-46, Victoria Place 1197139 II   Castle  
Nos. 4 and 5, Paternoster Row 1297372 II   Castle  
Nos. 4, 6 and 6a, Lowther Street 1196927 II   Castle  
Nos. 4, 6 and 8, Fisher Street 1292362 II   Castle  
Nos. 4-12, Chiswick Street 1196961 II   Castle  
Nos. 4-16, St Albans Row 1297398 II   Castle  
Nos. 42 and 44, Scotch Street 1196912 II   Castle  
No. 43, West Walls 1291734 II   Castle  
Nos. 46 and 48, Scotch Street 1291840 II   Castle  
No. 48, Abbey Street 1208720 II   Castle  
Nos. 49 and 51, Chiswick Street 1196965 II   Castle  
Nos. 5 and 6, Greenmarket 1210129  I C14th Castle Includes the Guildhall Museum.
Nos. 5-29, Chiswick Street 1292594 II   Castle  
Nos. 5-33, Spencer Street 1297402 II   Castle  
Nos. 6 and 7, Portland Square 1196936 II   Castle  
No. 6, Paternoster Row 1218268 II   Castle  
Nos. 6-12, Castle Street 1196990 II   Castle  
Nos. 6-20, Hartington Place 1210150 II   Castle  
Nos. 6-26, Spencer Street 1291832 II   Castle  
No. 60, Scotch Street 1291847 II   Castle  
No. 61, Warwick Road 1197143 II   Castle  
Nos. 63-69, Warwick Road 1197144 II   Castle  
No. 7, Paternoster Row 1196935 II   Castle  
No. 70, Scotch Street 1196913 II   Castle  
No. 71, Warwick Road 1218882 II   Castle  
No. 73, Warwick Road 1197145 II   Castle  
Nos. 75-81, Warwick Road 1218885 II   Castle  
Nos. 8 and 9, Portland Square 1292013 II   Castle  
No. 8, Lowther Street 1218057 II   Castle  
Nos. 85-93, Warwick Road 1291754 II   Castle  
No. 9, Earl Street 1196973 II   Castle  
No. 9, Fisher Street 1196950 II   Castle  
No. 92, Newtown Road 1218220 II   Castle  
Nos. 99, 101 and 103, Warwick Road 1218891 II   Castle  
Abbey Court 1196934 II   Castle  
Abbey Gate and Gatehouse 1208514  I 1528 Castle  
Arkle House 1297406 II   Castle  
Barclays Bank 1297375 II   Castle  
Bishops Registry 1197012  II*   Castle  
Bridge over Outer Moat 1297365  I   Castle  
Caladonian Mill 1292994 II   Castle  
Captains Tower and Inner Bailey Walls 1297368  I   Castle  
Carlisle Public Markets 1297380 II   Castle  
Cathedral Church of the Holy and Undivided Trinity 1208430  I C12th Castle  
Cavendish House 1297275 II   Castle  
Chatsworth House 1297385 II   Castle  
Church House 1197150 II   Castle  
Church of Our Lady and St Joseph 1197148 II   Castle  
Church of St Cuthbert with St Mary 1218565  II* 1778 Castle On an ancient site.
Church of St George and attached manse 1421406 II   Castle  
Church of St Paul 1217889 II   Castle  
City Boundary Stone at Ny 3993 5645 1197149 II   Castle  
Clydesdale Bank 1297357 II   Castle  
Coledale Hall 1196932  II*   Castle  
Congregational Church 1196929  II*   Castle  
County Hotel 1208782 II   Castle  
County Hotel (Part) 1208808 II   Castle  
Creighton Memorial 1408781 II   Castle  
Crown and Mitre Hotel 1297351 II   Castle  
Crozier Lodge, Cumberland Infirmary 1297371 II   Castle  
Cumberland Infirmary 1218237  II* 1832 Castle Old Infirmary building
De Irebys Tower and Outer Bailey Wall 1197000  I   Castle  
Devonshire Chambers 1209682 II   Castle  
Diocesan Church Centre 1218930 II   Castle  
Dispensary 1196958 II   Castle  
Eaglesfield House 1196982 II   Castle  
Eden Bridge 1297364  I 1815 Castle Bridge over the River Eden.
Entrance Gate Piers and Wall to East of Cumberland Infirmary 1196956 II   Castle  
Ex Servicemen's Club 1197138 II   Castle  
Former Priory Wall and Deanery Garden Wall 1197014 II   Castle  
Fragment of North City Walls Adjoining South East Angle 1197001  I   Castle  
Fratry of Former Priory of St Mary 1208468  I   Castle  
Gates and Lamp Bracket to East of Church of St Cuthbert with St Mary 1196910 II   Castle  
Herbert Atkinson House 1196977 II   Castle  
Inner Bailey Keep 1208315  I   Castle  
Inner Bailey Magazine 1197006 II   Castle  
Inner Bailey Militia Store 1293187 II   Castle  
Inner Bailey Palace Range Including Part of Queen Mary's Tower 1197007  I   Castle  
Larch House 1208921 II   Castle  
Liberal Club 1297408 II   Castle  
Lloyds Bank 1292237 II   Castle  
Market Cross 1297369  I 1682 Castle On the site of a previous medieval cross.
Methodist Central Hall 1392920 II   Castle  
Midland Bank 1297387 II   Castle  
Midland Bank, Including Railings 1196938 II   Castle  
Nisi Prius Courthouse, Associated Offices and Gate Arch 1196940  I 1542 Castle Carlisle Citadel (part of)
No 1 the Abbey 1208557 II   Castle  
No 10 Including Railings 1196937 II   Castle  
No 14 and 16 with Gate Piers to Front 1196962 II   Castle  
No 2 the Abbey 1197013  II*   Castle  
No 22 Including Railings at Front 1196928 II   Castle  
No 3 and Adjacent Outbuildings 1218264 II   Castle  
No 32 and Railings to Front 1293020  II*   Castle  
No 4 the Abbey 1297329 II   Castle  
No1 Including Intergral Shop 1196989 II   Castle  
Nos 103, 105 and Howard Arms Public House, Lowther Street 1218034 II C18th Castle Originally built as 2 houses
Nos 11-14 Including Railings to Nos 13 and 14 1196902 II   Castle  
Nos 24 and 26 Including Railings to Front 1217914 II   Castle  
Nos 26, 28 and 30 and Railings to Front 1355058  II*   Castle  
Nos 3 and 6 the Abbey 1293105  II*   Castle  
Nos 30-40 Including Railings to Front 1292188 II   Castle  
Nos 37 and 39 Including Overthrow and Lamp Bracket 1218009 II   Castle  
Nos 95 and 97 Including Railings to Front 1197146 II   Castle  
Numbers 10-22 Incorporating City Walls 1297278  I   Castle  
Old Town Hall 1218104  I 1669 Castle Market Place.
Outer Bailey Alma Block 1297366 II   Castle  
Outer Bailey Arroyo Block, Gym and Regimental Association Club 1297367 II   Castle  
Outer Bailey Gallipoli Block 1197004 II   Castle  
Outer Bailey Garrison Cells and Custodian's Office 1293243 II   Castle  
Outer Bailey Half Moon Battery, Flanking Wall and Bridge 1197005  I   Castle  
Outer Bailey Officers' Mess 1208359 II   Castle  
Outer Bailey Ypres Block 1208301 II   Castle  
Outer Bailey: Arnhem Block 1197003 II   Castle  
Piers, Wall and Railings to South of the Sands Sports Centre 1297370 II   Castle  
Railings and Gates at East End of Cathedral 1197010 II   Castle  
Red Gables 1196959 II   Castle  
Ruins of Dormitory of Former Priory of St Mary 1197011  I   Castle  
St Cuthbert's Vicarage and Associated Railings 1297279 II   Castle  
St Gabriels Court 1389127 II   Castle  
Statue of Earl of Lonsdale 1297404 II   Castle  
Statue of Francis Aglionby 1417583 II   Castle  
Statue of James Steel 1196942 II   Castle  
Statue of Queen Victoria 1218785 II   Castle  
The Andalusian 1291729 II   Castle  
The Apple Tree 1119685 II 1925 Castle Lowther Street
The Boardroom Public House 1196992 II   Castle  
The County Bar 1208798 II   Castle  
The Deanery and Prior's Tower 1208577  I   Castle  
The Pheasant Inn 1209553 II   Castle  
The Sportsman Inn 1210153 II   Castle  
The Turf Inn 1218199 II   Castle  
Theakston's Carlisle Brewery 1208869 II   Castle  
Tithe Barn 1218932  I C15th Castle Now church hall, St Cuthbert's
Tollund House 1297352 II   Castle  
Trustee Savings Bank and Attached Railings 1196930  II*   Castle  
Tullie House and Extensions 1297353  I   Castle  
Wall and Railings Around Central Gardens 1291976 II   Castle  
Wall, Gates and Railings in Front of Tullie House 1196978  I   Castle  
Wall, Railings and Gates Around Central Gardens 1297386 II   Castle  
Wall, Railings and Piers to West of the Sands Sports Centre 1292909 II   Castle  
West City Walls 1197151  I C12th Castle  
West City Walls and Tile Tower Adjoining at South West 1197002  I   Castle  
2, Etterby Close 1245330 II   Belah  
Milestone East of Number 325 1196921 II   Belah  
St Ann's 1196944 II   Belah  
The Redfern Public House 1380323 II 1940 Belah Etterby
18, Wood Street 1197155 II   Botcherby  
20, Wood Street 1197156 II   Botcherby  
22, Wood Street 1219033 II   Botcherby  
32 and 34, Wood Street 1291649 II   Botcherby  
35-43, Victoria Road 1197140 II   Botcherby  
Ashleigh House, Railings and Adjoining Garage 1297283 II   Botcherby  
Barn to North West of Durranhill Lodge 1292505 II   Botcherby  
Botcherby House 1218982 II   Botcherby  
Botcherby War Memorial 1458474 II   Botcherby  
Bramerton and Associated Railings 1219036 II   Botcherby  
Bramerton Lodge and Associated Railings 1219051 II   Botcherby  
Church Farmhouse, Associated Railings and Adjoining Barn 1197115 II   Botcherby  
Church of St Andrew 1413631 II   Botcherby  
Durranhill House 1292498 II   Botcherby  
Durranhill Lodge 1297349 II   Botcherby  
Holme Farmhouse 1297281 II   Botcherby  
Magpie Inn Public House 1404909 II   Botcherby  
Mayfield, and Associated Railings 1197154 II   Botcherby  
Norman House 1219005 II   Botcherby  
Orchard House 1197116 II   Botcherby  
The Beeches and Adjoining Former Barn or Stable 1219024 II   Botcherby  
The Cottage and Adjoining Former Stable 1219014 II   Botcherby  
The Grange and Associated Railings, Stable Croft (16) and Adjoining Barn 1297282 II   Botcherby  
1-11, Woodrouffe Terrace 1197117 II   Currock  
38, St Nicholas Street 1218637 II   Currock  
5-61, St Nicholas Street 1196911 II   Currock  
Central Plaza Hotel and Stable Range, with the West City Walls Behind 1197141 II   Currock  
Citadel Station 1196969  II* 1847 Currock Carlisle Railway Station
Crown Court, Adjoining Offices and Gate Arch 1196939  I 1542 Currock Carlisle Citadel (part of)
Cumberland Inn 1380211 II 1930 Currock Botchergate
Currock House Community Centre 1196923 II   Currock  
Detached West Wall of Citadel Station 1209674 II   Currock  
Gaol Wall, West of Crown Court 1196983 II   Currock  
Hospital Wing of County Gaol and Gaol Wall 1196941 II   Currock  
No 4 Gasholder, Carlisle Gas Works 1196909 II   Currock  
The Cumbrian Hotel 1209676 II   Currock  
The Golden Lion Public House 1291894 II   Currock  
The Railway Inn 1196925 II   Currock  
Turkish Suite, the Pools 1393755 II   Currock  
2-22, Bridge Terrace 1196987 II   Denton Holme  
Carlisle Cemetery 1209679 II   Denton Holme  
Carlisle Cemetery Chapel 1196907 II   Denton Holme  
Church of St James 1297399 II   Denton Holme  
Dixons Chimney at Shaddon Mill 1196919  II*   Denton Holme  
Former Holme Head Coffee Tavern and Reading Room 1196933 II   Denton Holme  
Gates and Gate Piers to East of West Lodge, Carlisle Cemetery 1196970 II   Denton Holme  
Holme Head House 1197008 II   Denton Holme  
Kingdom Hall of the Jehovah's Witnesses 1297384 II   Denton Holme  
Milbourne Arms Public House 1196931 II   Denton Holme  
Monument to Daniel Clark and Associated Railings 1297397 II   Denton Holme  
Monument to Peter Nicholson, North West of Cemetery Chapel 1218406  II*   Denton Holme  
Mortuary Chapel (Disused) 1218426 II   Denton Holme  
No 153 and Carlisle Cemetery Office 1196908 II   Denton Holme  
Offices of North West Water Limited 1208371 II   Denton Holme  
Offices of North West Water Ltd (Former Factory) 1208391 II   Denton Holme  
Shaddon Mill 1297383  II*   Denton Holme  
The Mill at Holme Head Works 1197009 II   Denton Holme  
Tuethur 1218603 II   Denton Holme  
Boundary Stone Outside Number 431 (431 Not Included) 1217855 II   Harraby  
London Road NER Goods Station 1430159 II   Harraby  
Milestone Outside Number 405 1196926 II   Harraby  
The Lodge 1217845 II   Harraby  
Horse and Farrier Public House 1218944 II   Morton  
Morton Community Centre 1291709 II   Morton  
Wall and Railings in Front of Horse and Farrier Public House 1197152 II   Morton  
Blencathra Building 1210121 II   St Aidans  
Christ Church War Memorial, Carlisle 1458500 II   St Aidans  
Church of St Aidan 1218914 II   St Aidans  
Skiddaw Building 1196953 II   St Aidans  
St Aidan's Church Hall 1297277 II   St Aidans  
St Nicholas Arms Public House 1297405 II   St Aidans  
The Cranemaker Public House 1196924 II   St Aidans  
1, 2 and 3, Etterby Scaur 1196943 II   Stanwix Urban  
1,2 and 3, Stanwix Bank 1218736 II   Stanwix Urban  
1-8, Eden Mount 1209736 II   Stanwix Urban  
1-9, Devonshire Terrace 1196971 II   Stanwix Urban  
10, Etterby Street 1196945 II   Stanwix Urban  
12, Etterby Street 1209908 II   Stanwix Urban  
14 and 16, Etterby Street 1196946 II   Stanwix Urban  
14, 16 and 18, Kells Place 1196920 II   Stanwix Urban  
18 and 20, Etterby Street 1209959 II   Stanwix Urban  
22 and 24, Etterby Street 1196947 II   Stanwix Urban  
26-36, Etterby Street 1209960 II   Stanwix Urban  
28-34, Eden Street 1292475 II   Stanwix Urban  
38, 40 and 42, Etterby Street 1297376 II   Stanwix Urban  
38-48, Scotland Road 1297401 II   Stanwix Urban  
43-51, Scotland Road 1218693 II   Stanwix Urban  
44-50, Etterby Street 1209966 II   Stanwix Urban  
50 and 52, Scotland Road 1196914 II   Stanwix Urban  
52, Etterby Street 1196948 II   Stanwix Urban  
54-60, Etterby Street 1209971 II   Stanwix Urban  
6 and 8, Etterby Street 1209903 II   Stanwix Urban  
60-70, Etterby Street 1297377 II   Stanwix Urban  
72-80, Etterby Street 1292394 II   Stanwix Urban  
82 and 84, Etterby Street 1196949 II   Stanwix Urban  
9, Eden Mount 1196974 II   Stanwix Urban  
Cavendish Hill 1208990 II   Stanwix Urban  
Church of St Michael 1209583 II   Stanwix Urban  
Cumberland and Westmorland Joint Counties’ War Memorial 1291971  II* 1922 Stanwix Urban Rickerby Park
Rickerby Park, Carlisle 1448365 II 1922 Stanwix Urban Listed Park and Garden
Cumbria College of Art and Design Homeacres 1208815 II   Stanwix Urban  
Cumbria College of Art and Design the Cottage and Homeacres Cottage 1196985 II   Stanwix Urban  
Gates, Piers and Overthrow at Entrance to the Old Vicarage 1292561 II   Stanwix Urban  
Gateway, Wall and Lamp Brackets at South Entrance to Stanwix House 1292935 II   Stanwix Urban  
Hyssop Holme Well 1196993 II   Stanwix Urban  
Little Bank 1196984 II   Stanwix Urban  
Monument to Dean Tait's Children to South of Church of St Michael 1196966 II   Stanwix Urban  
Monument to George Head Head to South West of Church of St Michael 1209595 II   Stanwix Urban  
Mulcaster House 1196986  II*   Stanwix Urban  
Old Farm Pottery 1196922 II   Stanwix Urban  
Stanwix House 1196968 II   Stanwix Urban  
The Old Vicarage 1196967 II   Stanwix Urban  
Petteril Bank 1297373  II*   Upperby  
Milestone Outside Suttle House 1197153 II   Yewdale  
Morton Cottage 1297280 II   Yewdale  
Suttle House 1218967 II   Yewdale  
Dalston Road Cemetery 1001613 II 1855   Listed Park and Garden
Carlisle Castle; medieval tower keep castle, two lengths of city wall, a 16th century battery, and part of an earlier Roman fort known as Luguvalium 1014579 n/a   Castle Scheduled Monument
Carlisle Cathedral precinct 1007074 n/a   Castle Scheduled Monument
Area of Roman and medieval towns, bounded by Annetwell Street, Abbey Street, Castle Street and Paternoster Row 1007075 n/a   Castle Scheduled Monument
City wall, NE side 1007123 n/a   Castle Scheduled Monument
Town wall, section on West Walls 1007149 n/a   Castle Scheduled Monument
Roman and medieval town area bounded by Heads Lane West Wall and Blackfriars Street 1007275 n/a   Castle Scheduled Monument

Primary source: the National Heritage List for England - NHLE is the register of nationally protected historic buildings and sites in England, including listed buildings, scheduled monuments, protected wrecks, registered parks and gardens, and battlefields. The list is maintained by Historic England. Check NHLE for updates and new entries. Secondary sources: British Listed Buildings.

Carlisle Castle
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Carlisle Castle
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City Walls
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City Walls
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Carlisle Cathedral
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Carlisle Cathedral
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Abbey Gatehouse
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Abbey Gatehouse
Eden Bridge
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Eden Bridge
Market Cross
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Market Cross
- Overview Map Street View The Market Cross in Carlisle was built in 1682 on the site of a previous medieval cross. It is inscribed "JOSEPH REED MAYOR 1682" and features …
Guildhall Museum
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Guildhall Museum
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Rickerby Park
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Rickerby Park
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Cumberland and Westmorland Joint Counties’ War Memorial
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Cumberland and Westmorland Joint Counties’ War Memorial
- Overview Map Street View  
Church of St Cuthbert, Carlisle
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Church of St Cuthbert, Carlisle
- Overview Map Street View "The Church stands not east-west but square to the Roman Road north through Carlisle (the A6, in town Blackfriars St). It is therefore of early foundation, …
Tithe Barn, Carlisle
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Tithe Barn, Carlisle
- Overview Map Street View "The Tithe Barn is thought to have been built in about 1480 by Prior Gondibour. It has had a complicated history since then, function as a …
Howard Arms, Carlisle
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Howard Arms, Carlisle
- Overview Map Street View The Howard Arms is a public house on the west side of Lowther Street in Carlisle. Originally, it was one of 2 adjoining houses built in …
The Apple Tree, Carlisle
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The Apple Tree, Carlisle
The Redfern, Etterby
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The Redfern, Etterby
- Overview Map Street View The Redfern is a public house located on Kingmoor Road, in the Etterby area of Carlisle. It was opened on the 1st of October 1940 and …
Cumberland Inn, Carlisle
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Cumberland Inn, Carlisle
- Overview Map Street View The Cumberland Inn, no. 22 Botchergate in Carlsile is public house built under the Carlisle and District State Management Scheme. Designed by Harry Redfern in a 'Tudor …
Carlisle Railway Station
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Carlisle Railway Station
- Overview About Carlisle Station Map Street View Carlisle Citadel Station was built by the Lancaster and Carlisle Railway and Caledonian Railway in 1847; the crests of both companies can be …
Old Town Hall, Carlisle
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Old Town Hall, Carlisle
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Carlisle Citadel
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Carlisle Citadel
- Overview About Carlisle Citadel Map Street View   Carlisle Citadel or The Citadel is a former medieval fortress on English Street in Carlisle, Cumbria. It comprises two towers, both of …
Old Cumberland Infirmary
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Old Cumberland Infirmary
- Overview Map Street View The original Cumberland Infirmary on Newtown Riad in Carlisle was built 1830-1832 by Richard Tattersall, funded by wealthy benefactors, and made available for charity patients. The …


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