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Streets and buildings in Newcastle city centre. See also: Chares

Newcastle City Centre Akenside Hill Argyll Street Barrack Road Barras Bridge Bath Lane Bewick Street Blackett Street Brunswick Place Buckingham Street Carliol Square Carliol Street Castle Garth Central Motorway Charlotte Square City Road Claremont Road Clavering Place Clayton Street Close Cloth Market College Street Collingwood Street Croft Street Cross Street Dean Street Dispensary Lane Dog Bank Ellison Place Fenkle Street Forth Banks Forth Street Gallowgate Grainger Street Grey Street Hancock Street Hanover Square Hanover Street Heber Street High Bridge Street Hood Street Horatio Street Jesmond Road West John Dobson Street Kensington Terrace King Street King's Road Leazes Park Road Leazes Terrace Lombard Street Low Friar Street Market Street Marlborough Crescent Melbourne Street Monk Street Mosley Street Nelson Street Neville Street New Bridge Street Newgate Street Northumberland Road Northumberland Street Nun Street Orchard Street Oxford Street Pandon Percy Street Pilgrim Street Pink Lane Pitt Street Pottery Lane Princess Square Quayside (street) Queen Street Queen Victoria Road Richardson Road Ridley Place Sallyport Crescent Sandgate Sandhill Saville Place Saville Row Shakespeare Street Side South Street St Andrew's Street (Darn Crook) St James Boulevard St John's Street St Mary's Place St Nicholas Street St Nicholas' Square St Thomas' Street St. Thomas Crescent Stowell Street Strawberry Place The Swirle Thornton Street, Newcastle Trafalgar Street Tyne Street Waterloo Street Wellington Street Westgate Road Westmorland Lane Windsor Terrace Worswick Street


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Newcastle City Centre

Akenside Hill

Argyll Street, Newcastle

Barrack Road, Newcastle

Barras Bridge

Bath Lane, Newcastle

Bewick Street, Newcastle

Blackett Street, Newcastle

Brunswick Place, Newcastle

Buckingham Street, Newcastle

Carliol Square

Carliol Street

Castle Garth

Central Motorway , Newcastle

Charlotte Square

City Road, Newcastle

Claremont Road, Newcastle

Clavering Place

Clayton Street

Close, Newcastle

Cloth Market

College Street, Newcastle

Collingwood Street

Croft Street, Newcastle

Cross Street, Newcastle

Dean Street, Newcastle

Dispensary Lane

Dog Bank

Ellison Place, Newcastle

Fenkle Street

Forth Banks, Newcastle

Forth Street, Newcastle


Grainger Street

Grey Street, Newcastle

Hancock Street, Newcastle

Hanover Square, Newcastle

Hanover Street, Newcastle

Heber Street, Newcastle

High Bridge Street

Hood Street

Horatio Street, Newcastle

Jesmond Road West, Newcastle

John Dobson Street

Kensington Terrace, Newcastle

King Street, Newcastle

King's Road, Newcastle

Leazes Park Road, Newcastle

Leazes Terrace, Newcastle

Lombard Street, Newcastle

Low Friar Street, Newcastle

Market Street, Newcastle

Marlborough Crescent, Newcastle

Melbourne Street, Newcastle

Monk Street, Newcastle

Mosley Street, Newcastle

Nelson Street, Newcastle

Neville Street, Newcastle

New Bridge Street

Newgate Street

Northumberland Road, Newcastle

Northumberland Street, Newcastle

Nun Street, Newcastle

Orchard Street

Oxford Street, Newcastle


Percy Street, Newcastle

Pilgrim Street, Newcastle

Pink Lane, Newcastle

Pitt Street, Newcastle

Pottery Lane, Newcastle

Princess Square, Newcastle

Quayside (street)

Queen Street, Newcastle

Queen Victoria Road, Newcastle

Richardson Road, Newcastle

Ridley Place, Newcastle

Sallyport Crescent


Sandhill, Newcastle

Saville Place

Saville Row, Newcastle

Shakespeare Street

The Side, Newcastle

South Street, Newcastle

St Andrew's Street (Darn Crook)

St James Boulevard

St John's Street

St Mary's Place, Newcastle

St Nicholas Street

St Nicholas' Square, Newcastle

St Thomas' Street, Newcastle

St. Thomas Crescent, Newcastle

Stowell Street, Newcastle

Strawberry Place, Newcastle

The Swirle, Newcastle

Thornton Street, Newcastle

Trafalgar Street, Newcastle

Tyne Street, Newcastle

Waterloo Street, Newcastle

Wellington Street, Newcastle

Westgate Road, Newcastle

Westmorland Lane, Newcastle

Windsor Terrace, Newcastle

Worswick Street


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