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Historic Buildings and Monuments in Sunderland

Listed buildings and scheduled monuments in Sunderland, from the the National Heritage List for England[1]. Use the Search (below) if looking for a specific building / monument.

Structure List No. Grade Built~ Ward~ Note
Roker Park 1001325 II 1880 St Peter's Roker Listed Park and Garden.
Mowbray Park 1001320 II 1857   Listed Park and Garden
Lambton Castle (Grounds) 1001438 II C18th   Listed Park and Garden
Hasting Hill cursus and causewayed enclosure, 600m south of Hasting Hill Farm 1016977 n/a     Scheduled Monument
Monkwearmouth Anglo-Saxon monastery and medieval priory 1017222 n/a   St Peter's Scheduled Monument. Monkwearmouth Below ground remains in the grounds of St Peter's Church
Round barrow on Hasting Hill, 230m west of Hasting Hill Farm 1018639 n/a Neolithic   Scheduled Monument
Seven Sisters round barrow, Copt Hill, Houghton-le-Spring 1018680 n/a Neolithic   Scheduled Monument
World War I early warning acoustic mirror on Namey Hill, 570m north of Carley Hill Cricket Ground 1020325 n/a c.1915   Scheduled Monument
Defended settlement on Humbledon Hill 1402212 n/a Bronze Age   Scheduled Monument
Bowes Railway 1003723 n/a 1826   Scheduled Monument
Bandstand Near North Boundary at NZ 3781 5567 1207781 II   Barnes  
Barnes Park South Entrance Walls Gates and Railings 1207075 II   Barnes  
Children's Hospital and Attached Steps, Walls and Piers 1207076 II   Barnes  
Church of St Gabriel 1279870 II 1912 Barnes By CA Clayton Greene
East Building of Barnes School 1208910 II c.1900 Barnes Now Barnes Infant Academy
Gates and Gate Piers at Entrance to Humbledon Pumping Station 1218026 II   Barnes  
Hill House, 1279925 II   Barnes  
Humbledon Pumping Station 1279871 II   Barnes  
Lodge to Children's Hospital 1279924 II   Barnes  
South East Lodge Bishopwearmouth Cemetery 1207881 II   Barnes  
South Entrance Including Gates, Piers and Railings to Bishopwearmouth Cemetery 1207930 II   Barnes  
Vaux Tomb 196 Metres West of South East Lodge at Bishopwearmouth Cemetery 1207064 II   Barnes  
Walls, Piers and Railings to Children's Hospital 1207077 II   Barnes  
West Building of Barnes School 1207105 II c.1900 Barnes Now Barnes Junior School
Burdon Hall 1184756 II   Burdon  
Tunstall Lodge 1354975 II   Burdon  
Hylton Castle 1207073  I C15th Castle North Hylton  Scheduled Monument(1017223)
Hylton Chapel 1293281  I C12th Castle North Hylton Scheduled Monument(1017223)
The Shipwrights Public House 1279927 II C18th Castle North Hylton Former coaching inn.
No. 16, Front Street 1025410 II   Copt Hill  
No. 18, Front Street 1025411 II   Copt Hill  
No. 2 Barns South of Russel House 1184914 II   Copt Hill  
No. 20, Front Street 1355002 II   Copt Hill  
Ashleigh 1354966 II   Copt Hill  
Cellar Hill House 1299884 II   Copt Hill  
Church of St Matthew 1184890 II 1886 Copt Hill Newbottle
Church of St Michael 1025405 II   Copt Hill  
Dial House 1025412 II   Copt Hill  
East Grange 1355003 II   Copt Hill  
Engine House to East of Pumping Station 1185037 II   Copt Hill  
Gate Piers and Gates North of Stonygate Pumping Station 1354970 II   Copt Hill  
Heatherlee House and Warden House and Front Railings 1184952 II   Copt Hill  
Houghton Hall 1184920  II*   Copt Hill  
Houghton Mines Rescue Station 1268411 II   Copt Hill  
Laburnum House Area Railings and Dwarf Wall 1184947 II   Copt Hill  
Manor House 1025415 II   Copt Hill  
National Coal Board Central Garage 1299853 II   Copt Hill  
Newbottle Working Men's Club 1025409 II C18th Copt Hill Newbottle
North Farm and Adjacent Stable and Coachhouse, Railings and Gate 1184881 II   Copt Hill  
Number 16, Area Railings and Dwarf Wall in Front 1025416 II   Copt Hill  
Number 18, Area Railings and Dwarf Wall in Front 1025417 II   Copt Hill  
Piers, Walls and Steps to North of Pumping Station 1025421 II   Copt Hill  
Pillbox at NZ 35175 52073 1392382 II   Copt Hill  
Presbytery of Church of St Michael 1025406 II   Copt Hill  
Pumping Station and Attached Outbuildings 1185028 II   Copt Hill  
Russell House (East Farm) and Farm Building Adjacent 1025413 II   Copt Hill  
Storey House 1025414 II   Copt Hill  
Doxford House with conservatory 1279879  II*   Doxford  
Garden Wall to East of Silksworth Cottage 1207147 II   Doxford  
Garden Walls and Piers to East of Doxford House 1292003 II   Doxford  
Lamp Standard, Dwarf Piers and Chains in Front of Doxford House 1207146 II   Doxford  
Silksworth Cottage 1218380 II   Doxford  
Silkworth Hall 1207129 II   Doxford  
Nos. 160, 162 and 164, Newcastle Road 1025277 II   Fulwell  
Bents Farmhouse 1207150 II   Fulwell  
Cottage and Former Stable to Fulwell Water Pumping Station 1218030 II   Fulwell  
East Lodge and Gates to Mere Knolls Cemetery 1207078 II   Fulwell  
Fulwell Water Pumping Station Engine House and Boiler House with Steps Attached 1207128 II 1853 Fulwell Fulwell
Nos. 1-24, Park Place East 1207114 II   Hendon  
Nos. 1-24, Park Place West 1209501 II   Hendon  
No. 10, Church Street East 1279470  II*   Hendon  
No. 11, Church Street East 1207069  II*   Hendon  
No. 11, Mowbray Road 1292879 II   Hendon  
Nos. 110, 111 and 112, High Street West 1293118 II   Hendon  
No. 14, Foyle Street 1207081 II   Hendon  
Nos. 15-25, Foyle Street 1208293 II   Hendon  
Nos. 17-23, Saint Bede's Terrace 1217868 II   Hendon  
Nos. 170, 171 and 173, High Street West 1207092 II C18th Hendon Former Binns department store
No. 176, High Street West 1208538 II   Hendon  
Nos. 2-15, The Oaks 1391847 II   Hendon  
Nos. 21 and 22, Fawcett Street 1208224 II   Hendon  
Nos. 211 and 212, High Street West 1207093 II   Hendon  
No. 22, Athenaeum Street 1279914 II   Hendon  
No. 3, Athenaeum Street 1207056 II   Hendon  
Nos. 3-19, Ridley Terrace 1207117 II   Hendon  
Nos. 43-48, West Sunniside 1218409 II   Hendon  
Nos. 49 and 50, High Street East 1207088 II   Hendon  
Nos. 5-12, Foyle Street 1293239 II   Hendon  
No. 51, High Street East 1208455 II   Hendon  
No. 64, Tatham Street 1279872 II   Hendon  
Balustrade on Steps to Salisbury Street 1292049 II   Hendon  
Bede Tower 1279563 II 1851 Hendon Ashbrooke. By John and Benjamin Green
Bethesda Free Church 1207137 II   Hendon  
Bonded Warehouse Premises of Thomas Maughan (Rose Line) at NZ 4017 5734 1207103 II   Hendon  
Borough Social Services Area Office 1217980 II   Hendon  
Caretaker's Cottage to Church of Holy Trinity and Attached Wall 1293305 II   Hendon  
Carlton House 1207107 II 1850 Hendon Ashbrooke. By John and Benjamin Green
Central Buildings 1291987 II   Hendon  
Church of Holy Trinity 1208056  I 1719 Hendon  
Church of St Aidan 1292317 II   Hendon  
Church of St Ignatius 1218133 II   Hendon  
Church of St Mary and Attached Railings 1207805 II   Hendon  
County Court with Attached Steps and Railings 1207102 II   Hendon  
Custom House 1279881 II   Hendon  
Dock Office at North End of Hudson Dock with Hydraulic Accumulator, Walls and Piers 1279893 II   Hendon  
Drinking Fountain at North End of Central Avenue NZ 3986 5666 1208918 II   Hendon  
Footbridge over Cutting Between Mowbray Park and Mowbray Extension Park 1207106 II   Hendon  
Forecourt Wall and Gate Piers to Church of Holy Trinity 1207070 II   Hendon  
Forecourt Wall, Piers and Railings to North of Trafalgar Square Almshouses 1208160 II   Hendon  
Forecourt Walls Gate and Railings to Caretaker's Cottage Church of Holy Trinity 1279920 II   Hendon  
Former Presbyterian Chapel 1292024 II   Hendon  
Former Salvation Army Citadel 1279897 II   Hendon  
Former South Lodge to Mowbray Park 1207143 II   Hendon  
Gas Holder at NZ 4080 5544 to East of East End of Corporation Road 1207072 II   Hendon  
Gates and Railings in Front of Number 19 1207145 II   Hendon  
Gates, Piers and Railings to Former Sunderland Orphange 1208905 II   Hendon  
Gray House 1279889 II   Hendon  
Hutchinson's Buildings 1208477 II   Hendon  
Lampholder in Centre of Trafalgar Square 1208169 II   Hendon  
Langham Tower (Sunderland High School) 1207123 II 1891 Hendon Ashbrooke
Machinery Pit to West of Swing Bridge at East Side of Dock 1207096 II   Hendon  
Mackie's Corner 1207090 II   Hendon  
Maritime Buildings and Attached Balustrade 1217999 II   Hendon  
Medieval Arch in Wall to West of Public Gardens 1218428 II   Hendon  
Medieval Arch Under Cliff Near South East Corner of Park 1292898 II   Hendon  
Museum and Library 1207798 II   Hendon  
No. 20, Villiers Street 1218336 II   Hendon  
North Lodge of Sunderland Cemetery 1207124 II   Hendon  
Nos. 29 and 30, Villiers Street 1292027 II   Hendon  
Number 13 and Attached Railings 1208287 II   Hendon  
Number 19 and Attached Wall, Railings and Area Cover 1355049 II   Hendon  
Numbers 1-16 with Attached Handrails 1207126 II   Hendon  
Numbers 11-17 with Steps and Railings Attached 1293041 II   Hendon  
Numbers 17-23 and Attached Steps and Railings 1207108 II   Hendon  
Numbers 17-29 with Steps and Handrails Attached 1279888 II   Hendon  
Numbers 20-23 with Steps and Railings Attached 1208682 II   Hendon  
Numbers 25-28 with Steps and Railings Attached 1279896 II   Hendon  
Numbers 28-39 (Consecutive) with Steps and Railings Attached 1218396 II   Hendon  
Numbers 31, 32 and 33 and Attached Steps, Walls, Railings and Area Cover 1208999 II   Hendon  
Numbers 32-42 with Steps and Railings Attached 1208314 II   Hendon  
Numbers 45, 46 and 47 with Attached Steps and Railings 1207101 II   Hendon  
Numbers 45-58 with Steps and Railings Attached 1207082 II   Hendon  
Numbers 48-58 with Steps and Railings Attached 1293017 II   Hendon  
Park Road Methodist Church with School, Walls and Gates Attached 1207115 II   Hendon  
Phoenix Lodge (Freemason's Hall) 1279903  I 1785 Hendon Queen Street East
Piers at North End 1292623 II   Hendon  
Post Office and Railings 1207149 II   Hendon  
Register Buildings 1207091 II   Hendon  
South Lodge of Sunderland Cemetery 1207125 II   Hendon  
Statue of General Havelock in South West of Park, Building Hill Nz 3984 5639 1208966 II   Hendon  
Statue of John Candlish Mp at South End of Central Avenue NZ 3986 5658 1279899 II   Hendon  
Sunderland and South Shields Water Company Offices, with Steps, Walls and Railings 1293010 II   Hendon  
Sunderland East Community Centre, Former Sunderland Orphanage 1207104 II   Hendon  
Sunderland Exchange 1207089 II 1814 Hendon High Street East
Sunderland Synagogue 1387275 II   Hendon  
Sunniside Chambers 1207148 II   Hendon  
Swing Bridge at East Side with Ashlar Walls 1279892 II   Hendon  
Swing Bridge, Lock and Walls of North End of Dock 1207097 II   Hendon  
Tavistock House 1279873 II   Hendon  
Terrace Wall and Statues South of Museum and Library at North End of Park 1292891 II   Hendon  
The Bridge Hotel 1208524 II   Hendon  
The Manor House 1291959 II   Hendon  
The Midland Bank 1279926 II   Hendon  
Trafalgar Square Merchant Seamen's Almshouses 1207071 II 1840 Hendon  
Two Lamp Standards in Front of Main Entrance to Museum and Library 1207059 II   Hendon  
Wall and Pier at Lock at North End of Tide Basin 1207112 II   Hendon  
Wall to North of Church of Holy Trinity Churchyard 1208124 II   Hendon  
Wall, Piers and Railings to East Boundary of Mowbray Park 1218323 II   Hendon  
Walls, Piers and Gates to Gray House 1208355 II   Hendon  
Warehouse on Wylam Wharf, Premises of Rose Line Limited at NZ 4025 5736 1208788 II   Hendon  
Wave Basin Battery Adjacent to Old South Pier 1207135 II   Hendon  
Wearmouth Bridge 1279911 II 1929 Hendon  
Area Offices of Sunderland District Council 1354977 II   Hetton  
Church of St Cuthbert 1184778 II 1867 Hetton East Rainton
High Farm House 1184776 II   Hetton  
Laburnum House 1354976 II   Hetton  
Monument 13.8 Metres South of Church of St Michael 1184771 II   Hetton  
Monument 30 Metres West of Junction with Elemore Lane 1025439 II 1921 Hetton Easington Lane. War Memorial
Pithead Baths (Premises of Elemore Auto Parts Limited) and Wall and Railings in Front 1184774 II   Hetton  
Primative Methodist Church 1025441 II   Hetton  
Smithy 1025440 II   Hetton  
St Nicholas House 1299967 II   Hetton  
Tomb of Nicholas Wood, 32 Metres to South of Church of St Nicholas 1025438 II   Hetton  
Arch to West of Church of St Michael and All Angels, Formerly Part of Rectory Lodges 1025442 II   Houghton  
Church of St Michael and All Angels 1184780  I C12th Houghton Houghton-le-Spring
Davenport and Lilburne Almshouses 1184826 II   Houghton  
Gilpin House 1354979 II   Houghton  
Houghton Le Spring Area Offices of Sunderland District Council 1184817  II*   Houghton Houghton-le-Spring
Houghton-le-Spring War Memorial 1438103 II 1925 Houghton Houghton-le-Spring
Kepier Grammar School 1025443  II*   Houghton  
Lilburn House 1184830 II   Houghton  
The Old Mill Public House 1025404 II   Houghton  
The Rectory 1355001 II   Houghton  
The Villa (Office of the Clerk to the Justices) 1025445 II   Houghton  
1-29, Thornhill Terrace 1292039 II   Millfield  
1-7, High Street West 1293137 II   Millfield  
Barclays Bank 1208231 II   Millfield  
Church of St Joseph 1207116 II   Millfield  
Church of St Mark 1207099 II   Millfield  
Church of St Michael (Sunderland Minster) 1207993  II* Pre-Conquest  Millfield  
Drinking Fountain to West of Saltgrass Public House 1292011 II   Millfield  
Fitzgerald's Public House 1208372 II   Millfield  
Former Gas Board Offices with Walls and Piers Attached 1207094 II   Millfield  
Former Simpson Street Secondary School 1279880 II   Millfield  
Galen Building with steps, walls and railings attached 1207084 II   Millfield  
Greens Public House 1208778 II   Millfield  
Livingstone's Public House 1218062 II   Millfield  
Lloyd's Bank and Attached Walls and Gates 1207080 II   Millfield  
Lodge to North West of Westburn House (St Anthony's Secondary School) 1218294 II   Millfield  
Magistrates' Court 1208328 II   Millfield  
Monkwearmouth Railway Bridge over River Wear with Viaduct to North 1207051 II 1879 Millfield Monkwearmouth
Mountain Daisy Public House 1279894  II* 1901 Millfield Millfield
Mowbray Almshouses Forecourt Walls and Piers 1207067 II   Millfield  
National Westminster Bank 1207079 II   Millfield  
Numbers 1-7, Crowtree Terrace and Attached Steps and Railings Including 35-38 Crowtree Road 1207074 II   Millfield  
Piers and Walls to North of Westburn House (St Anthony's Secondary School) 1279877 II   Millfield  
Retaining Wall and Railings Around Corner of Raised Area Opposite Number 12 1208389 II   Millfield  
Royal Bank of Scotland (Elephant Tea Rooms) 1208244 II 1877 Millfield High Street West
St Mary's Building of the University of Sunderland 1208574 II   Millfield  
The Croft, Formerly Tonstall School 1279876 II   Millfield  
The Dun Cow Public House 1208545 II 1901 Millfield High Street West
The Empire Theatre 1279891  II* 1907 Millfield High Street West
The King's Arms Public House 1279890 II   Millfield  
The Londonderry Public House 1293067 II   Millfield  
Wall behind St Mary's Building at the University of Sunderland 1207095 II   Millfield  
Websters Public House 1209626 II   Millfield  
Websters Ropery 1207121 II   Millfield  
Westburn House (St Anthony's Secondary School) 1207142 II   Millfield  
Bolam Tomb 200 Metres West of South East Lodge at Bishopwearmouth Cemetery 1279919 II   Pallion  
Central Chapel Bishopwearmouth Cemetery 1207062 II   Pallion  
Church of St Luke 1292949 II 1874 Pallion  
North Chapel Bishopwearmouth Cemetery 1279542 II   Pallion  
North Entrance Including Gates, Piers and Railings to Bishopwearmouth Cemetery 1207098 II   Pallion  
South Chapel Bishopwearmouth Cemetery 1207063 II   Pallion  
Sunderland Corporation West Branch Library 1208734 II   Pallion  
Taylor Tomb 210 Metres West of South East Lodge at Bishopwearmouth Cemetery 1207897 II   Pallion  
Victoria Hall Disaster Memorial 180 Metres North of South East Lodge at Bishopwearmouth Cemetery 1207911 II   Pallion  
Webster Tomb 210 Metres West of South East Lodge Bishopwearmouth Cemetery 1207065 II   Pallion  
9 and 10, Ryhope Village 1279875 II   Ryhope Ryhope
Chimney to West of Boiler House at Ryhope Pumping Station 1207133  II*   Ryhope Ryhope
Church of St Paul 1217835 II 1873 Ryhope Ryhope
Cooling Ponds to North and South and Reservoir to East of Ryhope Pumping Station 1292116 II   Ryhope Ryhope
Coqueda Hall 1292083 II   Ryhope  
Engine House and Boiler House at Ryhope Pumping Station 1218116  II* 1868 Ryhope Ryhope Now Ryhope Engines Museum Scheduled Monument(1005916)
Entrance Gates, Piers and Front Railings to Sunderland Cemetery 1217820 II   Ryhope  
Former Workers Cottages and Stables/Coach House of Ryhope Pumping Station 1390597 II   Ryhope Ryhope
Fountain 5 Metres South East of Sunderland Cemetery North Chapel 1217797 II   Ryhope  
North Chapel of Sunderland Cemetery 1279868 II   Ryhope  
Pigeon Cree at Storefield Belonging to Mr M Surtees 1119716 II   Ryhope  
Rent Office, Former Chapel 1207141 II 1826 Ryhope Ryhope
Ryhope 1279921 II   Ryhope  
Ryhope Grange Farmhouse Including Barn Adjacent to West 1292290 II   Ryhope  
South Chapel of Sunderland Cemetery 1217808 II   Ryhope  
Superintendent's House South West of Ryhope Pumping Station 1218132 II   Ryhope  
The Chestnuts 1208175 II   Ryhope  
The Railway Inn 1207118 II C18th Ryhope Ryhope
Wall, Gates and Railings Around Former Graveyard and Chapel, Now Rent Office 1218238 II   Ryhope Ryhope
Walls, Piers, Gates and Railings South of Ryhope Pumping Station 1207134 II   Ryhope Ryhope
War Memorial at West End 1207138 II 1924 Ryhope Ryhope
Accommodation Arch in Railway Embankment North of Low Lambton Farm 1354980 II   Shiney Row  
Alice Well, North of Number 5 1025444 II   Shiney Row  
Church of All Saints 1299896 II   Shiney Row  
Church of St Aidan 1025420 II   Shiney Row  
Earl of Durham's Monument (Penshaw Monument) 1354965  I 1844 Shiney Row Penshaw
Joicey Aged Miners' Homes, Front Wall and Railings 1184991 II   Shiney Row  
Monument 25 Metres South of Church of All Saints 1354967 II   Shiney Row  
National Coal Board Workshops Coal Face Machinery and Electrical Overhaul Shops 1025419 II   Shiney Row  
National Coal Board Workshops Office Block 1184970 II   Shiney Row  
National Coal Board Workshops Underground Battery Locomotive Shop 1025418 II   Shiney Row  
National Coal Board Workshops Welding Bay and Fabrication Block 1184985 II   Shiney Row  
National Coal Board Workshops Winding and Cable Repair Shops 1184980 II   Shiney Row  
National Coal Board Workshops: Machine Shop and Surface Locomotive Shop 1354968 II   Shiney Row  
Penshaw House 1354969 II   Shiney Row  
Penshaw Parish, Shiney Row War Memorial 1439795 II 1922 Shiney Row Shiney Row
Pillbox at NZ 34875 52938 1392381 II 1940 Shiney Row Herrington Hill
Stone at Junction with Woodhouse Lane 1184833 II   Shiney Row  
Roman Catholic Church of St Leonard with attached presbytery and stone walls 1431019 II   Silksworth  
Silksworth and Tunstall War Memorial 1463870 II   Silksworth  
Tunstall Hope Lodge 1207144 II   Silksworth  
No. 6, Back North Bridge Street 1207057 II   Southwick  
Nos. 65-95, James Armitage Street 1279895 II   Southwick  
Nos. 76-92, James Armitage Street 1207100 II   Southwick  
Acoustic Mirror at NZ 389 596 1355057 II   Southwick  
Boiler House Walls and Piers to South East of Church of Holy Trinity 1207951 II   Southwick  
Church of Holy Trinity 1207066 II 1842 Southwick Southwick
Church of St Columba 1208179 II   Southwick  
Coal Staithe at Wearmouth Collery 1218456 II   Southwick  
Eight Lime Kilns at Fulwell Quarry NZ 3918 5955 1207110 II C18th Southwick  
Former North Eastern Railway Stables 1031895 II   Southwick  
Fulwell Mill 1207109  II* 1808 Southwick Fulwell Windmill
Gates, Piers and Railings to South of Monkwearmouth College Swan Street Centre 1207136 II   Southwick  
Lime Kilns on North Bank of River Wear at NZ 3895 5826 1292063 II   Southwick  
Monkwearmouth College Swan Street Centre (West Building) 1218138 II   Southwick  
Monkwearmouth Museum of Land Transport with Walls, Footbridge, Waiting Room 1209029  II*   Southwick  
Queen Alexandra Bridge 1207052 II 1909 Southwick Southwick - Deptford
The Tramcar Inn 1279874 II   Southwick  
Thompson Memorial in Centre of Green, with Posts to North and South 1207139 II   Southwick  
Walls, Gates and Railings to North South and East of Chutch of Holy Trinity 1207966 II   Southwick  
War Memorial at East End 1207140 II 1928 Southwick Southwick Green
Church of St Mary 1390829 II 1880 St Anne's South Hylton
Hylton House and Attached Garden Wall 1207086 II   St Anne's  
Retaining Walls Fronting Number 41 (The Terrace) and Number 42 Hylton House 1293161 II   St Anne's  
The Golden Lion Public House 1207087 II c.1910 St Anne's South Hylton
The Terrace and Attached Garden Wall 1208425 II   St Anne's  
War Memorial opposite Railway Terrace 1208443 II   St Anne's  
Greystones 1218038 II   St Chad's  
Ivy House 1207130 II   St Chad's  
Middle Herrington Farmhouse and Outbuildings Attached to West 1279922 II   St Chad's  
Nos. 1-15 Grange Crescent (Terrace) with Steps and Handrails 1218083 II   St Michael's  
Nos. 1-9 the Esplanade (Terrace) with Steps and Handrails 1207131 II   St Michael's  
Nos. 14-16, Stockton Road 1209034 II   St Michael's  
Nos. 2 and 3, Mary Street 1279898 II   St Michael's  
Nos. 3 and 4, Albion Place 1207053 II   St Michael's  
No. 5, Albion Place 1279912 II   St Michael's  
Ashburne House, part of Backhouse Building of the University of Sunderland 1209651 II   St Michael's  
Burdon House 1207060 II   St Michael's  
Christ Church Including Attached Vestry and Verger's House 1209657 II   St Michael's  
Church House to Church of St John 1279913 II   St Michael's  
Church of St George with Trininty and St James with Hall, Walls and Gates 1279916  II* 1890 St Michael's Ashbrooke Stockton road URC.
Church of St John and Attached Hall 1207054 II   St Michael's  
Churchyard Walls and Gates North and East of Church of St John 1207055 II   St Michael's  
Douro Terrace Including Douro House (No. 7) with Steps and Railings 1279553 II   St Michael's  
Forecourt and Side Railings to St George's House 1279902 II   St Michael's  
Lamp Standard North East of War Memorial 1279567 II   St Michael's  
Lamp Standard North West of War Memorial 1207061 II   St Michael's  
Lamp Standard South East of War Memorial 1207845 II   St Michael's  
Lamp Standard South West of War Memorial 1279918 II   St Michael's  
Monument to Jack Crawford at NGR 3979 5652 1279900 II   St Michael's  
Numbers 1-6 (Consecutive) Including Coach House to Number 6 1279878 II   St Michael's  
Parish Church of St Nicholas (CofE) 1405866 II   St Michael's  
St George's House with Attached Steps, Railings and Yard Walls 1292629 II   St Michael's  
Terrace Walls and Piers to Ashburne House 1207122 II   St Michael's  
Walls, Railings and Gates to Christ Church 1279907 II   St Michael's  
War Memorial South of Christ Church 1292312 II   St Michael's  
War Memorial with Railings and Gates 1279917 II   St Michael's  
Wearside Masonic Temple with Attached Walls and Gates 1279533 II   St Michael's  
West Hendon House 1279869 II   St Michael's  
West Lodge, Tunstall School (Senior Section) with Attached Garden Wall 1292021 II   St Michael's  
West Park United Reformed Church 1207132 II   St Michael's  
Andover 1207120 II   St Peter's  
Bandstand at North End (Roker Park) 1207119 II 1910 St Peter's Roker 
Barclay Lodge 1207058 II   St Peter's  
Church of All Saints 1207083 II   St Peter's  
Church of St Andrew 1207113  I 1907 St Peter's Roker
Church of St Peter 1217958  I C7th St Peter's Monkwearmouth
Drinking Fountain Near North End of Roker Park Terrace 1279905 II   St Peter's  
Hebron Church with Attached Gates 1207111 II   St Peter's  
Lych Gate and Walls South, East and North of Church of St Andrew 1279901 II c.1908 St Peter's Roker
Monkwearmouth Branch Library and Attached Railings 1207068 II   St Peter's  
Old South Pier Lighthouse in Roker Cliff Park NZ 4073 5974 1218440  II* 1856 St Peter's Roker
Parish Hall West of Church of St Andrew 1209496 II 1928 St Peter's Roker Priestman Church Hall
Remaining Walls of North Dock 1207085 II   St Peter's  
Retaining Wall to East of Former Graveyard of St Peter 1207127 II   St Peter's  
Roker Pier and Lighthouse with Railings, Lamp Standards and Part of Promenade 1279906 II 1903 St Peter's Roker Built 1885 - 1903
The Bede Memorial 1279882 II 1904 St Peter's Roker
Vicarage to Church of All Saints 1293223 II   St Peter's  
Wall Attached to North West 1279915 II   St Peter's  
Walls and Four Mooring Posts to North Dock Basin 1293182 II   St Peter's  
Wheatsheaf Hotel Public House 1279904 II   St Peter's  
Church of Holy Trinity 1185061 II 1832 Washington Central by John and Benjamin Green
Church of Our Blessed Lady Immaculate and Presbytery Adjoining 1299818 II   Washington Central  
Gates and Gate Piers to West of Washington Old Hall 1025423 II   Washington Central Washington
Lodge to West of Washington Old Hall 1185067  I C17th Washington Central Washington
Monument 5 Metres to North of Church of Our Blessed Lady Immaculate 1025385 II   Washington Central  
The Old Hall Smithy 1354972 II   Washington Central  
War memorial c40m to the west of the Church of Our Blessed Lady Immaculate, Washington 1441589 II   Washington Central  
Washington and Barmston War Memorial 1441367 II 1920 Washington Central  
Washington Hall School 1185075 II   Washington Central  
Washington Old Hall 1354971  I C17th Washington Central Washington Home of George Washington'
Fatfield House and Garden Wall Adjoining 1025437 II C19th Washington East Fatfield
Fatfield War Memorial 1436957 II 1922 Washington East  
Ha Ha Wall South of Fatfield House 1184760 II   Washington East  
Low Barmston Farmhouse 1299800 II   Washington East  
Victoria Railway Bridge 1354978  II* 1838 Washington East Fatfield
Hylton Grove Bridge 1185305 II   Washington North  
Usworth Hall 1025384 II C18th Washington North Usworth
Blue House Villa 1025424 II   Washington West  
Church of Holy Trinity 1025382 II   Washington West  
F Pit Winding House 1025422 II   Washington West Of former Washington Colliery. Scheduled Monument(1018224)
Farm Building and Yard Wall Adjoining to North of Peareth Hall Farmhouse 1185128 II   Washington West  
Monument 6 Metres South West of Church of Holy Trinity 1025383 II   Washington West  
Peareth Hall Farmhouse 1354991 II   Washington West  
Red Hill House 1185130 II   Washington West  

Primary source: the National Heritage List for England - NHLE is the register of nationally protected historic buildings and sites in England, including listed buildings, scheduled monuments, protected wrecks, registered parks and gardens, and battlefields. The list is maintained by Historic England. Check NHLE for updates and new entries. Secondary sources: British Listed Buildings and Sitelines.

St Peter's Church, Monkwearmouth
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St Peter's Church, Monkwearmouth
- Overview About St Peter's Church Map Street View   St Peter's Church, Monkwearmouth is the parish church of Monkwearmouth in Sunderland, Tyne and Wear, England. It is one of three ...
Wearmouth Bridge
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Wearmouth Bridge
- Overview History Timeline Map Street View The Wearmouth Bridge crosses the River Wear in Sunderland. The current bridge was built 1927 to 1929 and replaced an earlier cast-iron bridge in the same ...
Washington Old Hall
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Washington Old Hall
- Overview About Washington Old Hall Map Street View Inside   Washington Old Hall is a manor house located in the Washington area of Tyne and Wear, England, United Kingdom. It ...
Hylton Castle
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Hylton Castle
- Overview About Hylton Castle Map Street View Hylton Castle is a ruined stone castle located in the North Hylton area of Sunderland. A wooden fortification was constructed here by the ...
Church of St Michael and All Angels
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Church of St Michael and All Angels
St Catherines Chapel, Hylton
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St Catherines Chapel, Hylton
- Overview Map Street View The chapel, located near Hyton Castle, dates back to at least the 12th Century and is a Scheduled Ancient Monument and a Grade 1 listed building.
Church of St Andrew
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Church of St Andrew
- Overview About the Church Map The Parish church was built 1906-1907 by Edward Priorand with architect A Randall Wells. The main benefactor for building the church was Sunderland shipping magnate John ...
Penshaw Monument
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Penshaw Monument
- Overview History and Further Details Map Street View The Earl of Durham's Monument, better known as the Penshaw Monument, was built in 1844 on Penshaw Hill. The folly is a ...
Phoenix Lodge
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Phoenix Lodge
- Overview About Phoenix Lodge Map Street View Freemasons' Hall located on Queen Street East, Sunderland. The hall was built in 1785, designed by John Bonner, to replace an earlier lodge ...
Church of Holy Trinity
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Church of Holy Trinity
- Overview About Holy Trinity Church Map Street View Holy Trinity opened in 1719 as the church for the newly created Parish of Sunderland. The church played a major part in ...
Nos. 170 -175, High Street West
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Nos. 170 -175, High Street West
- Overview Map Street View This row of 18th century buildings on High Street West in Sunderland, is being restored by the Tyne & Wear Buildings Preservation Trust. Number 173 was ...
Sunderland Minster
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Sunderland Minster
- Overview About Sunderland Minster Map Street View The Minster Church of St Michael and All Angels and St Benedict Biscop (commonly referred to as 'Sunderland Minster') is located on Church ...
Sunderland Empire Theatre
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Sunderland Empire Theatre
- Overview About Sunderland Empire Map The Empire is a 1,860 seat theatre located on High Street West in Sunderland SR1 3EX. The Empire was opened on 1st July 1907 by variety ...
Mountain Daisy Public House
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Mountain Daisy Public House
- Overview Map Street View The Mountain Daisy is a pub located on Hylton Road in the Millfield area of Sunderland. In addition to its 'Modified Queen Anne style.' exterior, the ...
Stockton Road United Reformed Church
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Stockton Road United Reformed Church
- Overview About Stocton Road URC Map Street View Formerly known as the Church of St George with Trinity and St James, on Stockton Road in Sunderland. It originally opened as ...
Ryhope Engines Museum
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Ryhope Engines Museum
- Overview About Ryhope Engines Museum Map Street View Ryhope Pumping Station was built in 1868 for the Sunderland & South Shields Water Company, to supply water to the Sunderland area. The ...
Lighthouse, Roker Cliff Park
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Lighthouse, Roker Cliff Park
- The lighthouse was originally built in 1856 on Sunderland's South Pier. In 1983 it was dismantled to allow for harbour improvements, and then re-erected in Roker Cliff Park, between Roker ...
Victoria Viaduct
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Victoria Viaduct
- Overview About the Victoria Viaduct Map Victoria Bridge is a 810 ft long rail viaduct over the River Wear near Fatfield, Washington.  It was built for the Durham Junction Railway and opened ...
Fulwell Windmill
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Fulwell Windmill
- Overview Map Street View "Fulwell Windmill started to appear on the Sunderland skyline in 1806 and became the familiar landmark we know today when opened in 1808. Built for Joseph ...
Bandstand, Roker Park
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Bandstand, Roker Park
- "The bandstand is one of the park's most popular features. Its characteristic shape was influenced by Chinese style garden buildings, popular in Europe in the mid 18th century. The present ...
Bede Tower
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Bede Tower
Charlton House, Sunderland
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Charlton House, Sunderland
- Overview Map Street View Charlton House, No. 2 Mowbray Road, Sunderland (formerly known as Nicholson House) was built in 1850 by John and Benjamin Green. The mansion was built for ...
Church of the Holy Trinity, Southwick
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Church of the Holy Trinity, Southwick
- Street View Map
Church of Holy Trinity
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Church of Holy Trinity
Church of St. Cuthbert
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Church of St. Cuthbert
- Overview Map Street View The Church of St. Cuthbert on Quary House Lane in East Rainton was built 1866-1867 and designed by C.H. Fowler. The south chancel window in the ...
Church of St Luke, Pallion
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Church of St Luke, Pallion
Church of St Mary, South Hylton
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Church of St Mary, South Hylton
Church of St Matthew, Newbottle
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Church of St Matthew, Newbottle
Church of St Paul
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Church of St Paul
- Overview Map Street View St Paul's in the parish church of Ryhope. The church was built 1868 -1873 to cater for the growing population of Ryhope, and replaced a smaller church ...
Lime Kilns
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Lime Kilns
- Overview Map Street View There are a distinctive bank of 8 lime kilns off Newcastle Road in Fulwell, Sunderland. The kilns were built for Sir Hedworth Williamson in the 18th ...
Washington F Pit Museum
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Washington F Pit Museum
- Overview Map Street View  
Fatfield House
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Fatfield House
- Overview Map Street View A 19th century house on Vigo Lane in Harraton - which had been in Fatfield before the boundaries changed with the creation of Washingon new town. ...
War Memorial, Harraton / Fatfield
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War Memorial, Harraton / Fatfield
- Overview Map Street View The memorial commemorates 103 local servicemen who died in the First World War and later the names of 12 people who died in the Second World ...
Fulwell Pumping Station
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Fulwell Pumping Station
- Overview Map Fulwell Pumping Station was built in 1853, designed by Thomas Hawksley. The water pumping station is located to the north of Fulwell, near Cut Throat Dean, which marks ...
Houghton-le-Spring War Memorial
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Houghton-le-Spring War Memorial
Langham Tower
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Langham Tower
- Overview Map Street View Langham Tower is a large Victorian mansion, located on the corner of Ryhope Road and Mombray Road in the Ashbrooke suburb of Sunderland. The mansion was built 1889-1891 ...
Lych Gate, St Andrew's Roker
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Lych Gate, St Andrew's Roker
Monkwearmouth Railway Bridge
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Monkwearmouth Railway Bridge
- Overview About Monkwearmouth Railway Bridge Map Street View   Monkwearmouth Railway Bridge (officially Monkwearmouth Bridge, also called Wearmouth Railway Bridge or Sunderland Railway Bridge) is a railway bridge built in ...
War Memorial, Easington Lane
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War Memorial, Easington Lane
- Overview Map Street View The clock tower war memorial in Easington Lane was unveiled by Lord Joicey on the 27th August 1921, in honour of the men of Easington Lane ...
Mowbray Park
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Mowbray Park
- Summary Map "Mowbray Park first opened in 1857, following a public health enquiry into the cholera epidemic of the 1840s. The enquiry recommended that a park should be built so ...
Newbottle Working Mens' Club
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Newbottle Working Mens' Club
Priestman Church Hall
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Priestman Church Hall
War Memorial, Shiney Row
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War Memorial, Shiney Row
- Overview Map Street View  
Pillbox, Herrington Hill
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Pillbox, Herrington Hill
- Built with reinforced concrete this pillbox was constructed in 1940-41. It was one of a pair built as part of an inland "stop-line" designed to slow down anticipated invasion during ...
Queen Alexandra Bridge
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Queen Alexandra Bridge
- Overview About the Bridge Map Street View The Queen Alexandra Bridge over the River Wear links the Southwick and Deptford areas of Sunderland. The bridge was built 1907-1909, originally as a double-decker ...
Rent Office
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Rent Office
- Overview Map Street View This building on The Village, in Ryhope, was originally built in 1826 as a chapel of ease to Church of St Michael in Bishopwearmouth (now Sunderland ...
Roker Park
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Roker Park
- Overview About Roker Park Map Roker Park, in the Roker area of Sunderland, was opened on 23rd June 1880. The land for the park was donated by Sir Hedworth Williamson, ...
Roker Pier and Lighthouse
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Roker Pier and Lighthouse
- The foundation stone for the New North Pier (Roker Pier) at Sunderland was laid on 14 September 1885. With growing use of the port at Sunderland the piers were built ...
Elephant Tea Rooms
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Elephant Tea Rooms
- Overview About The Elephant Tea Rooms Map Street View Former Elephant Tea Rooms, on the corner of Fawset Street and High Street West, Sunderland. The Elephant Tea Rooms is a ...
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Sunderland Exchange
- Overview Map Sunderland, 197 High Street East. Originally built as the Sunderland Exchange in 1812-1814, designed by John and William Stokoe of Newcastle; builder George Cameron of Esk. Later the building ...
Bede Memorial Cross
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Bede Memorial Cross
- Overview Map Street View The Bede Memorial Cross is located at the seafront in Cliff Park, Roker. It was built in 1904 by G.W. Millburn and C.C. Hodges, and dedicated ...
Golden Lion, South Hylton
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Golden Lion, South Hylton
Railway Inn
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Railway Inn
- Overview Map Street View There are several public houses in Ryhope - the Railway Inn, on Robson Place, is notable as a Grade II listed building. It was built in ...
The Shipwrights, North Hylton
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The Shipwrights, North Hylton
- Overview Map Street View The Shipwrights is a pub and resturant located on Ferryboat Lane in North Hylton, by the River Wear. The building dates from the 18th century; and a Grade ...
Trafalgar Square
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Trafalgar Square
- Overview Map Street View Former merchant seamen's almshouses in Hendon, Sunderland - 14 almshouses, built in 1840 by William Drysdale for the Trustees of the Muster Roll to house aged ...
Usworth Hall
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Usworth Hall
- Overview Map Street View Usworth Hall was built in the late 18th century for Bernard Shaw.[1] In the mid 20th century it was owned by the National Coal Board. Then ...
Ryhope War Memorial
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Ryhope War Memorial
- Overview Map Street View War memorial, located at the west end of the village green in Ryton. The memorial was unveiled in October 1924, by Colonel T.G. Taylor of Kelso, ...
Bowes Railway
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Bowes Railway
- Overview About Bowes Railway Map Street View Bowes Railway was originally built by George Stephenson in 1826 to transport coal from pits in north west Durham to boats on the ...
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- Overview About the City of Sunderland Timeline Map Street View The City of Sunderland is located in Tyne and Wear, in the North East England. The former Metropolitan Borough of ...
War Memorial, Southwick
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War Memorial, Southwick
- Overview Map Street View The cenotaph in Southwick is located by Sunderland Road, at the east end of Southwick Green. The memorial was unveiled by Lord Londonderry on the 4th ...
Washington and Barmston War Memorial
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Washington and Barmston War Memorial
- Overview Map Street View The Washington and Barmston War Memorial is located on the Village Green in Washington, Tyne & Wear. The pond on the Village Green was filled and ...
Church of St Gabriel, Barnes
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Church of St Gabriel, Barnes
- Overview Map Street View St Gabriel's Church is located on the corner of Chester Road and St Gabriel's Avenue, in the Barnes area of Sunderland. The Parish Church was built ...
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Barnes Infant Academy
- Overview Map Street View Barnes Infant Academy is located on Mount Road in Barnes, Sunderland. The school has about 340 pupils aged 3 to 7. Previously, this was known as ...
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Barnes Junior School
- Overview Map Street View Barnes Junior School is located on Mount Road in Barnes, Sunderland. It is a Community school, with about 340 pupils aged 7 to 11. For many years ...
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The Dun Cow, Sunderland
- Overview Map Street View The Dun Cow public house is located on High Street West in Sunderland. It was built in 1901 by Benjamin F. Simpson, for Robert Deuchar Ltd.[1] The Dun ...


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