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Historic Buildings and Monuments in Barrow-in-Furness

Listed buildings and scheduled monuments in Barrow-in-Furness, from the National Heritage List for England[1]. Use the Search (below) if looking for a specific building / monument. See separate lists for the civil parishes of Askam & IrelethDalton Town with Newton, and Lindal & Marton.

Structure List No. Grade Built~ Ward~ Note
No. 1, St Georges Square 1282846 II   Central  
Nos. 1-41, Parade Street 1218627 II   Central  
Nos. 111-119, Duke Street 1292434 II   Central  
Nos. 113-119, Rawlinson Street 1201074 II   Central  
No. 125, Duke Street 1283001 II   Central  
Nos. 127, 129 and 131, Duke Street 1197854 II   Central  
Nos. 14-20, Salthouse Road 1218767 II   Central  
Nos. 2-10, Salthouse Road 1201078 II   Central  
Nos. 2-46, Keith Street 1283027 II   Central  
Nos. 2-46, Parade Street 1283058 II   Central  
Nos. 3-51 Keith Street 1218244 II   Central  
No. 36, Dalton Road 1197889 II   Central  
No. 4, Duke Street 1209874 II c.1900 Central  
Nos. 6-26, School Street 1282849 II   Central  
Nos. 63, 65 and 67, Duke Street 1197892 II   Central  
Nos. 77 and 79, Duke Street 1292429 II   Central  
Nos. 81-89, Duke Street 1283000 II   Central  
Alfred Barrow School, Centre Block 1283022 II   Central  
Bank Chambers 1197893 II   Central  
Central Fire Station 1197911 II 1911 Central Abbey Road. Now shops.
Church of St George 1201077 II 1861 Central  
Harbour Hotel 1291731 II   Central  
Hotel Imperial 1197887 II   Central  
Hotel Majestic 1197857 II   Central  
Pair of Lamp Standards Outside Entrance to Hotel Imperial 1292462 II   Central  
Railwaymen's Club and Premises of Hsp Printing 1218758 II   Central  
St George's House 1282848 II   Central  
St Georges Church of England Primary School 1201082 II 1849 Central School Street
St Mary's Club 1197863 II   Central  
Statue of Henry Schneider 1283025 II 1891 Central Duke Street, Schneider Square
The Albion Public House 1292468 II   Central  
The John Whinnerah Institute Building with Gate Piers to Front and Bicycle Shed in Rear Wall 1389529 II 1938 Central Abbey Road
The Lord Ramsden Public House 1209901 II   Central  
Town Hall 1197859  II* 1887 Central  
Barque Street Tenements 1197876 II   Barrow Island  
Brig Street Tenements 1209653 II   Barrow Island  
Burlington House 1197855 II   Barrow Island  
Church of St John 1197868 II 1935 Barrow Island Island Road
Devonshire Buildings 1218436  II* 1875 Barrow Island 1 of a pair of tenement blocks
Devonshire Buildings 1197845  II* 1875 Barrow Island 1 of a pair of tenement blocks
Front Range Ado Building, Lodge, Gateway and Railings at Vickers Ship and Engineering Limited Engine 1291983 II   Barrow Island  
General Offices, Technical/Commercial, at Vickers Ship and Engineering Limited 1283036 II   Barrow Island  
Heavy Engineering Shop at Vickers Ship and Engineering Limited 1197844 II   Barrow Island  
Schooner Street Tenements 1218826 II   Barrow Island  
Ship Street Tenement 1282850 II   Barrow Island  
Sloop Street Tenements 1201084  II*   Barrow Island  
Steamer Street Tenements 1282852  II*   Barrow Island  
Works Entrance Lode and Gateway at Vickers Ship and Engineering Limited Kings Gate Including Nationa 1218444 II   Barrow Island  
No. 12, Cross Lane 1197888 II   Hawcoat  
Chase End 1201075 II   Hawcoat  
Drinking Fountain at Junction Wityh Abbey Road 1209632 II   Hawcoat  
Millwood 1283055 II   Hawcoat  
Number 17 and Attached Outbuilding 1282845 II   Hawcoat  
Sink Fall Farmhouse with Attached Farm Buildings 1283020 II   Hawcoat  
Thwaite Flat Farmhouse 1218955 II   Hawcoat  
No. 32, Robert Street 1201076 II   Hindpool  
Barclays Bank 1209890 II   Hindpool  
Church of St James 1197881  II* 1869 Hindpool  
Church of St Mary of Furness 1283023 II   Hindpool  
College of Further Education Annexe Including Front Railings and Piers 1292626 II   Hindpool  
Conservative Club 1283009 II   Hindpool  
Cooke's Buildings 1292630 II   Hindpool  
Duke of Edinburgh Hotel 1197912 II   Hindpool  
Graving Dock 1197847 II   Hindpool  
National Westminster Bank 1283024 II   Hindpool  
Oxford Chambers 1197913 II   Hindpool  
Pair of K6 Telephone Kiosks Adjacent to Public Library 1292600 II   Hindpool  
Presbyterian Church 1291757 II 1875 Hindpool By Paley and Austin. Badly damaged by fire, March 2005
Presbytery to Church of St Mary of Furness with Wall Connecting to Church 1197856 II   Hindpool  
Public Library, Museum and Forecourt Wall and Railings Facing Ramsden Square 1197858 II   Hindpool  
Ramsden Hall 1292603 II   Hindpool  
Statue of Lord Frederick Cavendish at Junction with North Road 1292108 II   Hindpool  
Statue of Sir James Ramsden 1210082 II   Hindpool  
Victoria Hall 1282844 II   Hindpool  
Working Men's Club and Institute 1197914 II   Hindpool  
No. 1, Dorcas Avenue 1292453 II   Newbarns  
No. 19, New Barns Village 1197867 II   Newbarns  
No. 298, Abbey Road 1197909 II   Newbarns  
Furness Abbey Wall 1355052  I   Newbarns  
Furness Abbey, Including All Medieval Remains in Care of English Heritage 1197906  I 1123 Newbarns  
Hector Cottage 1197862 II   Newbarns  
Jubilee Bridge 1283010 II 1887 Newbarns Road bridge over Dane Gill Beck.
Lodge to Crosslands 1282843 II   Newbarns  
Malvern House 1218219 II   Newbarns  
Manor Framhouse 1201073 II   Newbarns  
Number 4 New Barns Village 1291783 II   Newbarns  
Oaklands 1209524 II   Newbarns  
Our Lady's School, Crosslands Convent 1201072 II   Newbarns  
Park House Farmhouse 1197851  II*   Newbarns  
Sandylands Farmhouse and Attached Barn 1218174 II   Newbarns  
West Gate Cottage 1197869 II   Newbarns  
West Gate to Furness Abbey, Remains of 1292045  I   Newbarns  
West Lodge to Abbey House with Attached Gatehouse and Wing Walls 1209001 II   Newbarns  
Barn and Outbuilding Adjoining Ormsgill Farmhouse 1197849 II   Ormsgill  
Barn Immediately to North East of Sowerby Lodge Farmhouse 1283033 II   Ormsgill  
Barn Immediately to Rear of Sowerby Hall Farmhouse 1283032  II*   Ormsgill  
Borough Cemetery Gate House and Attached Railings 1209811 II   Ormsgill  
Gateway and Attached Railings to Borough Cemetery at North Lodge 1292445 II   Ormsgill  
North Lodge 1283037 II   Ormsgill  
Ormsgill Farmhouse 1218612  II*   Ormsgill  
Ramsden Vault Immediately East of Crematorium (Not Included) at Borough Cemetery 1197890 II   Ormsgill  
Roman Catholic Cemetery Chapel at Borough Cemetery 1209845 II   Ormsgill  
Romney Cottage 1218620 II   Ormsgill  
Sowerby Hall Farmhouse 1197874 II   Ormsgill  
Sowerby Lodge Farmhouse 1197875 II   Ormsgill  
Victoria Park Hotel 1219009 II   Parkside  
War Memorial in Public Park 1218631 II 1919 Parkside  
No. 143, Salthouse Road 1218773 II   Risedale  
Nos. 145 and 147, Salthouse Road 1218775 II   Risedale  
No. 151, Salthouse Road 1201079 II   Risedale  
Barn Immediately to West of Number 143 1282847 II   Risedale  
Number 153 with Adjoining Farm Buildings 1218777 II   Risedale  
1-8, Piel Island 1197898 II 1875 Roosecote Piel Island Built as Trinity House Pilot Houses.
Abbey Gate Cottages 1025265 II   Roosecote  
Abbey House Hotel 1197910  II* 1914 Roosecote Abbey Road. By Edwin Lutyens.
Abbey Vale 1208939 II   Roosecote  
Barn Immediately to South West of Number 1 Roosecote 1218149 II   Roosecote  
Barn on Roadside to North West of Stank Farmhouse 1197903 II   Roosecote  
Bow Windows Farmhouse and Attached Farm Buildings 1218691 II 1654 Roosecote Rampside
Bridge over Mill Beck and Attached Gateway at Abbey Vale 1197905 II   Roosecote  
Capella Extra Portas with Attached Walls 1292871  I c1300 Roosecote Abbey Approach
Cow House and Barn with Attached Horse Engine House North East of Crofters Public House 1292077 II   Roosecote  
Crofters Public House 1197864 II   Roosecote  
Easatwood House 1283021 II   Roosecote  
Engine House at Ngr Sd 2325 7080 to North East of Glenfield House 1197901 II   Roosecote  
Entrance Gateways to Glenfield House Including Attached Side Gate to Rose Cottage 1283006 II   Roosecote  
Former Cow House and Attached Shelter Shed Immediately North of Crofters Public House 1197865 II   Roosecote  
Former Mine Building Immediately to North of Glenfield House 1197902 II   Roosecote  
Furness Abbey Cottage 1292900 II   Roosecote  
Furness Abbey, Former Custodian's Cottage 1197908 II   Roosecote  
Gateway Adjoining Capella Extra 1197907  I C16th Roosecote Outer gate of the abbey precinct
Gateway to Abbey Approach 1292595 II   Roosecote  
Glenfield House 1197900 II   Roosecote  
Group of 3 Former Pigsties and Midden Wall at Crofters Public House 1292080 II   Roosecote  
Home Farmhouse and Attached Farm Buildings 1283028 II   Roosecote  
Kitchen Garden Perimeter Wall at Home Farm 1218276 II   Roosecote  
Moss Side Farmhouse Including Moss Side Cottage 1197850 II   Roosecote  
North Lodge to Abbey House 1208995 II   Roosecote  
Number 1 Moorhead Cottages and Attached Barn 1218701 II 1719 Roosecote Rampside
Number 4 Leading Light on Foreshore Near Rampside Hall 1197853 II 1875 Roosecote Rampside Lighthouse
Piel Castle 1283004  I C14th Roosecote Piel Island . Scheduled Monument (1009097)
Rampside Hall 1197852  I C17th Roosecote Rampside
Roa Island Hotel 1283005 II C19th Roosecote Roa Island. Now a private house.
Roosecote 1197860 II   Roosecote  
Roosecote 1283026 II   Roosecote  
Roosecote 1292089 II   Roosecote  
Rose Cottage 1283007 II   Roosecote  
South Lodge at Abbotswood (Not Included) 1218289 II   Roosecote  
Stank Farmhouse and Attached Farm Buildings 1292910 II   Roosecote  
The Abbey Tavern 1025255 II   Roosecote  
The Concle Public House 1218697 II C19th Roosecote Rampside
The Ship Inn 1197899 II C18th Roosecote Piel Island
Tower House 1201092 II   Roosecote  
Wall Enclosing Garden to Front and South Side of Crofters Public House 1197866 II   Roosecote  
Watch Tower 1218986 II 1849 Roosecote Roa Island. Former customs house.
Waver Cottage 1291850 II   Roosecote  
No. 1, North Scale 1218588 II   Walney North  
No. 14, North Scale 1283056 II   Walney North  
No. 19, North Scale 1197848 II   Walney North  
Church of St Mary 1291841 II 1908 Walney North Vickerstown
Farm Buildings Immediately to South East of Number 14 1218594 II   Walney North  
Number 20 with Attached Front Garden Wall and Attached Barn and Shippons 1218608 II   Walney North  
Number 28 with Attached Stables 1283057 II   Walney North  
No. 19, Biggar Village 1197880 II   Walney South  
Barn Facing South Side of Queen's Arms Hotel 1209629 II   Walney South  
Barn to Souith East of Number 19 1292568 II   Walney South  
Hill Farmhouse 1209612 II   Walney South  
Manor Farmhouse 1209592 II   Walney South  
New Inn and Attached Buildings 1283035 II   Walney South  
Old School House 1218677 II   Walney South  
Queen's Arms Hotel 1292535 II   Walney South  
Rainbow Cottage 1197879 II   Walney South  
Range of Farm Buildings Attached to Number 2 1197878 II   Walney South  
South End Farmhouse and Attached Farm Buildings 1218165 II   Walney South  
Squire's Cottage 1209598 II   Walney South  
Walney Lighthouse with Two Attached Cottages and Outbuildings 1218858  II* 1804 Walney South Walney Island
Barrow Park 1437665 II 1915 Parkside Listed Park and Garden
Furness Abbey Savignac and Cistercian monasteries: precinct wall, great gatehouse, 'chapel outside the gates', south west gateway and earthworks. 1010014 n/a   Newbarns Scheduled Monument
Bow Bridge medieval multi-span bridge 1011245 n/a C15th Newbarns Scheduled Monument

Primary source: the National Heritage List for England - NHLE is the register of nationally protected historic buildings and sites in England, including listed buildings, scheduled monuments, protected wrecks, registered parks and gardens, and battlefields. The list is maintained by Historic England. Check NHLE for updates and new entries. Secondary sources: British Listed Buildings.

Furness Abbey
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Furness Abbey
- Overview About Furness Abbey Map Street View The substantial ruins of Furness Abbey are located in Barrow-in-Furness, and under the care of English Heritage. Furness Abbey was founded in 1123 …
Piel Castle
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Piel Castle
- Overview About Piel Castle Map Street View   Piel Castle, also known as Fouldry Castle or the Pile of Fouldray, is a castle situated on the south-eastern point of Piel …
Rampside Hall
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Rampside Hall
- Overview About Rampside Hall Map Street View Rampside Hall in Rampside, was built in the late 17th Century for the Knype family, on the site of an earlier house, recorded …
Town Hall
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Town Hall
- Overview About the Town Hall Map Street View The Town Hall in Barrow-in-Furness was built from 1882-1887, designed in a Neo-Gothic style, by WH Lynn of Belfast. It was opened …
Devonshire Buildings, Barrow Island
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Devonshire Buildings, Barrow Island
- Overview Map Street View The Devonshire Buildings are two imposing sandstone tenement blocks located on Michaelson Road on Barrow Island. They were originally built in c.1875 to house workers at …
Church of St James
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Church of St James
- Overview About St James' Church Map Street View   St. James Church located on Blake Street in Barrow-in-Furness, belongs to the Church of England's Diocese of Carlisle within the ecclesiastical …
Walney Lighthouse
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Walney Lighthouse
- Overview About Walney Lighthouse Map Street View   Walney Lighthouse is a functioning lighthouse located on Walney Island in Barrow-in-Furness, Cumbria, England. The current building dates to the early 19th-century …
Bow Windows Farm
  Co-Curate Page
Bow Windows Farm
- Overview Map Street View Bow Windows Farmhouse in Rampside dates from 1654, and was extended in the18th century and altered 19th centry. The associated farm buildings are mid 18th century.[1] …
Church of St Mary, Vickerstown
  Co-Curate Page
Church of St Mary, Vickerstown
- Overview About St Mary's Church Map Street View The Church of St Mary the Virgin is the Parish Church of Walney Island, located in Vickerstown in Barrow-in-Furness. The current church …
Former Roa Island Hotel
  Co-Curate Page
Former Roa Island Hotel
- Former Roa Island Hotel (originally called the Pier Hotel). Built in the mid-late 19th century; a Grade II listed building.
Moorhead Cottages
  Co-Curate Page
Moorhead Cottages
- Overview Map Street View Moorhead Cottages are located near Barrow-in-Furness and about a mile and a half from the village of Rampside. Moorhead farmhouse and attached barn are dated 1719 …
  Co-Curate Page
- Overview About Rampside Lighthouse Map Street View The lighthouse on the foreshore at Rampside was built in 1875. It was number 4 of 13 leading light navigation beacons built in …
Watch Tower & Former Customs House
  Co-Curate Page
Watch Tower & Former Customs House
- Located at the end of Tower Street
Church of St George
  Co-Curate Page
Church of St George
- Overview About St George's Church Map Street View St George's Church is located St George's Square, by the corner of Church Street and Salthouse Road in Barrow-in-Furness. The church was …
Concle Inn
  Co-Curate Page
Concle Inn
- Overview Map Street View The Concle Inn is a public house located on Roa Island Road in Rampside. The pub dates from the early 19th century and is situated close …
Ship Inn, Piel Island
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Ship Inn, Piel Island
- Overview About the Ship Inn Map Street View The Ship Inn is a public house and resturant on Piel Island. It is probably of 18th century in origin, then rebuilt …
Trinity House Pilot Houses, Piel Island
  Co-Curate Page
Trinity House Pilot Houses, Piel Island
- Overview Map Street View The Trinity House Pilot Houses on Piel Island are a terrace of 8 cottages, originally built in 1875 for the Duke of Buccleuch. They were used …
  Co-Curate Page
Jubilee Bridge over Dane Gill Beck
- Overview Map Street View Jubilee Bidge, which carries Abbey Road over Dane Gill Beck, in Barrow-in-Furness, was built in c.1887 and named to commemorate Queen Victoria's golden jubilee.[1] The bridge …
Barrow Cenotaph
  Co-Curate Page
Barrow Cenotaph
- Overview Map Street View The Cenotaph in Barrow-in-Furness is located in Barrow Park. It was unveiled on the 11th of November 1921 by Field Marshall Sir William R Robertson and …
Statue of Henry Schneider
  Co-Curate Page
Statue of Henry Schneider
- Overview Map Street View Henry William Schneider (1817 - 1887) was an industrialist, and politician, who played a leading role in the development of Barrow-in-Furness. This statue of Schneider, sculptured …
Statue of James Ramsden, Barrow-in-Furness
  Co-Curate Page
Statue of James Ramsden, Barrow-in-Furness
- Overview Map Street View Statue of Sir James Ramsden
No 4 Duke Street, Barrow
  Co-Curate Page
No 4 Duke Street, Barrow
- Overview Map Street View No. 4 Duke Street in Barrow-in-Furness was built in c.1900. Originally built as a house, the building now hosts the NHS Duke Street Surgery. The building …
St George's CofE School
  Co-Curate Page
St George's CofE School
- Overview Map Street View St George's Church of England School is located by the junction of School Street and Salthouse Road in Barrow-in-Furness. It is a voluntary controlled school with …
John Whinnerah Institute
  Co-Curate Page
John Whinnerah Institute
- Overview Map Street View The former John Whinnerah Institute building is located by the junction of Abbey Road and Hindpool Road in Barrow-in-Furness. The Art Deco style building was built …
Abbey House Hotel, Barrow in Furness
  Co-Curate Page
Abbey House Hotel, Barrow in Furness
- Overview Map Street View Abbey House Hotel and Gardens are located close to Furness Abbey on Abbey Road in Barrow in Furness. The hotel was originally built as a mansion …
Capella Extra Portas
  Co-Curate Page
Capella Extra Portas
- Overview Map Street View Inside Capella Extra Portas is a ruined chapel, built in c.1300, which is located on Abbey Approach - the entrance to Furness Abbey in Barrow-in-Furness. The …
Gateway adjoining Capella Extra Portas
  Co-Curate Page
Gateway adjoining Capella Extra Portas
- Overview Map Street View The Gateway (a Gothic carriage arch and separate pedestrian gateway) to the abbey precinct of Furness Abbey, is located on Abbey Approach, Barrow-in-Furness. The gateway is …
Church of St John the Evangelist, Barrow Island
  Co-Curate Page
Church of St John the Evangelist, Barrow Island
- Overview Map Street View The Church of St John the Evangelist is located on Island Road on Barrow Island in Barrow-in-Furness. The distinctive Byzantine-style church, by Paget and Seeley, was built …
Old Fire Station, Abbey Road
  Co-Curate Page
Old Fire Station, Abbey Road
- Overview Map Street View Central Fire Station on Abbey Road in Barrow-in-Furness is dated 1911 and was built by Burmantofts of Leeds, and cost £6,000. The station opened on the …
Barrow Park
  Co-Curate Page
Barrow Park
- Overview Map Street View In the Park Barrow Park is a 45-acre public park in Barrow-in-Furness, accessed from Abbey Road, Park Drive, Park Avenue and Greengate Street. "A new public …
Bow Bridge, near Furness Abbey
  Co-Curate Page
Bow Bridge, near Furness Abbey
- Overview Map Street View Bow Bridge is a 15th Century multi-span bridge over Mill Beck, located about ¼ mile south east of Furness Abbey. It was built by the monks …


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