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Historic Buildings and Monuments in Blyth

Listed Buildings and Scheduled Monuments in Blyth, Northumberland

Structure List No. Grade Built~ Note
11, Bath Terrace 1041338 II C18th  
12, Bath Terrace 1371410 II c.1800  
13, Bath Terrace 1041339 II C19th  
2 Defence Electric Light Emplacements to East of Link House 1371407 II c.1914  
4 and 6, Wensleydale Terrace 1154715 II 1821  
5-10, Bath Terrace 1371409 II 1790  
Blyth First World War Memorial 1433647 II 1923 In Ridley Park
Blyth Submariners' War Memorial 1433644 II c.1916 In Blyth South Beach Cemetery
Blyth United Reformed Church 1041348 II 1876 Waterloo Road
Boathouse Tavern 1371412 II C17th Bridge Street
Church of Our Lady and St Wilfred 1154702 II 1862 Waterloo Road
Church of St Mary 1154689 II 1864 Wanley Street
Church of St Cuthbert 1041345  II* 1892 Replaced earlier church of 1751.
Gloucester Lodge Heavy Anti-Aircraft Battery 1402264  n/a 1941 Scheduled Monument.
Coastal Artillery Battery on Blyth Links 1021401  n/a 1916 Scheduled Monument.
Former Rocket House 1396399 II C19 Bath Terrace
Fort on Blyth Links 1041334 II    
Front Garden Walls to Numbers 4 and 6 1041349 II    
Fynes Memorial in Cowpen Cemetery, 75 Metres South East of Cemetery Chapels 1154669 II    
Gate Pier at Entrance to Link House Farm 1041335 II    
Gates and Screen Wall at Entrance to Cowpen Cemetery 1154663 II    
Grotto, 100 Metres South of Bebside North Farm 1303739 II C18th Associated with Bebside Old Hall
Church of St Mary 1303743 II 1827 Horton. On medieval site.
Harbour Commissioners Offices 1041341 II 1913 Bridge Street
High Light (Lighthouse Attached to Rear Wing of Number 8) 1371411 II 1788 Back lane of Bath Terrace
House 10 Metres North of St Mary's Church 1041347 II 1858 Wanley Street, former headmaster's house 
Kings Head Hotel 1041340 II    
Lloyds Bank 1303735 II    
Low Horton Farmhouse 1041377 II    
Pair of Chapels in Cowpen Cemetery 1041343 II    
Police Station 1371413 II 1896 Bridge Street
Public Lavatory, Outbuilding and Enclosing Walls, to East of Link House 1276282 II    
Roman Catholic Church of St Cuthbert 1431014 II    
Straugham Tomb, 6 Metres West of St Cuthbert's Church Hall 1154682 II    
The Wallaw Cinema 1031569 II 1937 Former cinema, now a Wetherspoon pub.
War Memorial in Miners Welfare Park 1303710 II    
War Memorial to West of Junction with Briardale Road 1041344 II    
Watts and English Headstone 8 Metres South of St Cuthbert's Church Hall 1041346 II    
Blyth Battery
  Co-Curate Page
Blyth Battery
- Overview Map Street View Blyth Battery is a Military and Local Heritage museum which is free to visit. The artillery battery was originally built in 1916 to defend the port ...
First World War Memorial
  Co-Curate Page
First World War Memorial
- Overview Map Street View The First World War memorial for Blyth (including New Delaval, Newsham, Bebside and Cowpen) was originally located outside the Knight Memorial Hospital on Beaconsfield Street. It ...
High Light, Lighthouse
  Co-Curate Page
High Light, Lighthouse
- Overview Map Street View The High Light in Blyth was built  c.1788 and worked in conjunction with the Low light (rebuilt 1936). It was heightened twice and the light was in ...
Church of St. Cuthbert
  Co-Curate Page
Church of St. Cuthbert
- Overview Map Street View The Church of St. Cuthbert in Blyth, Northumberland was built in 1892. It replaced an earlier church built in 1751; at that time Blyth was part ...
  Co-Curate Page
- Overview Map The Wallaw Cinema on Union Street in Blyth opened on 16th November 1937 with 1,600 seats. It was designed by Percy Lindsay Browne, Son & Harding, for the ...
Gloucester Lodge Heavy Anti-Aircraft Battery
  Co-Curate Page
Gloucester Lodge Heavy Anti-Aircraft Battery
- Gloucester Lodge Battery, just south of Blyth, was a Second World War heavy anti-aircraft gun battery and radar site. It is one of only a handful of complete or near ...
Church of Our Lady and St. Wilfrid
  Co-Curate Page
Church of Our Lady and St. Wilfrid
- Overview Map Street View Roman Catholic church on Waterloo Road, Blyth Northumberland. The church was built 1862 and is Grade II listed on the National Heritage List for England.


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