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Historic Buildings and Monuments in Alston Moor Civil Parish

Listed buildings and scheduled monuments in Alston Moor Civil Parish, Cumbria, from the the National Heritage List for England[1]. Use the Search (below) if looking for a specific building / monument.

Structure List No. Grade Built~ Notes
3rd House from West End of Road 1144973 II    
Alston War Memorial 1463516 II 1922  
Bird House to East of Clarghyll Hall 1326962 II    
Blackstock's Baker's Shop 1106287 II    
Blue Bell Hotel 1144991 II    
Boundary Stone C1600 Yards South West of Nenthead in Field on South Side of Road 1335853 II    
Boundary Stone C2000 Yards South East of Nenthead in Field on North Side of Road 1326961 II    
Boundary Stone to East of Bundershill 1326261 II    
Bridge House 1144964 II    
Burial Ground Walls and Wooden Gate to Congregational Chapel 1107191 II    
Church Gates 1145002 II    
Church of St Augustine 1106230 II 1886 Alston
Claim Stone in Corner of Field C1000 Yards North East of Blagillhead Farmhouse 1145020 II    
Clarghyll Hall 1087069  II*    
Congregational Chapel 1144972 II 1756 Redwing, Garrigill.
Corner House Adjoining House to South of Blue Bell Hotel 1144990 II    
Cross View Cottage 1325978 II    
Dene Terrace 1107220 II    
Drystone Forecourt Walls and Piers to Front of Clarghyll Hall 1144982 II    
Forecourt Walls to Front of Bridge House, Four Pines and the Shieling 1144965 II    
Forecourt Walls, Gate and End Piers to Ivy House Farmhouse 1144967 II    
Forecourt Walls, Gate Piers, and Central Gate to Front of Ivy House 1326975 II    
Former Powder Magazine 150 Metres South West of Chapel Houses 1144925 II    
Four Pines 1144963 II    
Garage and Garden Walls to Loaning Foot House 1144968 II    
Gilderdale Bridge 1104899 II    
Gossipgate Bridge Bridge to South West of Gossipgate House 1332956 II    
H Kearton and Sons Store 1326976 II    
H Kearton's Shops Adjoining West End of Cross View Cottage 1144969 II    
Harbut Lodge 1252966 II    
High Mill 1419977  II*    
Hillcrest Hotel 1144989 II    
House Adjoining North End of Monument View 1086939 II    
House Adjoining South End of Blue Bell Hotel 1326943 II    
House Adjoining South End of Monument View 1087011 II    
Ivy House 1107214 II    
Ivy House Farmhouse and Adjoining Byre 1144966 II C18th Garrigill. On the site of an earlier building.
Killhope Cross 1326948 II    
Library 1106388 II    
Loaning Foot House 1326972 II    
Lowbyer Manor Farmhouse 1144994 II    
Lowbyer Manor Hotel 1326945 II    
Lyndhurst 1087003 II    
Market Cross 1325968  II* 1764 Alston. Re-erected 1883, 1970 & 1981.
Memorial Pump and Canopy 1144997 II    
Milestone Half Way Between Darngill and Crookburn Bridges 1105661 II    
Milestone Set into Rounded Corner of Wall to West of Town Hall 1326952 II    
Milestone to East of Ashgillside 1326265 II    
Milestone to East of Bayles 1144987 II    
Milestone to East of Bunkershill 1326949 II    
Milestone to East of over Lee House 1145000 II    
Milestone to North East of Hartside Cottages 1144986 II    
Milestone to North East of High Annat Walls 1144998 II    
Milestone to North East of Hilltop 1104870 II    
Milestone to North of Hudgillrigg 1104911 II    
Milestone to North of Whitehouse 1104894 II    
Milestone to North of Woodbrae 1326947 II    
Milestone to South of Ladygill Bridge 1326950 II    
Milestone to South West of Hartside House 1144985 II    
Milestone to South West of Newshield 1326946 II    
Milestone to South West of Skelgillrigg 1144996 II    
Milestone to West of Clargillhead 1144995 II    
Milestone to West of Rise Head 1144999 II    
Monument View 1326944 II    
Nenthead Methodist Church 1408095 II    
Number 4, Adjoining North End of Lyndhurst 1144992 II    
Orchard House 1144993 II    
Property Adjoining East End of Blackstock's Baker's Shop 1326974 II    
Property Adjoining East End of Cross View Cottage 1326973 II    
Property Adjoining to South of Midland Bank 1144970 II    
Property Adjoining West End of Angel Inn 1106259 II    
Property Occupied by the Sunderland Building Society 1145004 II    
Property on Corner at West End of Street 1145001 II    
Quaker Meeting House 1144960 II 1732 Alston. Front Street.
Randalholme Hall and Adjoining Byre 1144984 II    
Reading Room, Adjoining West End of Ivy House 1144971 II    
South Tyne House and Part of the Former Alston Brewery 1144988 II 1770s Alston
Station House 1325522 II    
Sun House, Adjoining North End of Orchard House 1104921 II    
The Angel Inn 1326951 II    
The Beeches 1332960 II    
The Cottage 1106380 II    
The Gatehouse 1326653 II    
The Shielding 1144962 II    
Vicarage and Ajoining Stables 1106250 II    
Walls and Gates to St Augustine's Churchyard Entrance 1145003 II    
Walls to Burial Ground in Front of Quaker Meeting House 1144961 II    
Hudgill lead mine bingsteads, 200m north east of Hudgill Farm 1017449 n/a   Scheduled Monument
Fletcheras Rake lead workings 1017447 n/a   Scheduled Monument
Whitesike and Bentyfield lead mines and ore works 1015832 n/a   Scheduled Monument
Lead mines, ore works and smeltmill at Nenthead 1015858 n/a   Scheduled Monument
Lead rake workings on Flinty Fell, 800m north west of Flinty Quarry 1017448 n/a   Scheduled Monument
Moated site, 340m north east of Moorwell Bridge 1007134 n/a   Scheduled Monument
Parkin's Stones round cairn on the summit of Benty Hill 1007244 n/a   Scheduled Monument
Rotherhopefell lead and fluorspar mines and ore works 1015827 n/a   Scheduled Monument
Upper Slatesike lead mine and ore works, 750m north east of Black Dub 1015837 n/a   Scheduled Monument
Perry's Dam 1015859 n/a   Scheduled Monument

Primary source: the National Heritage List for England - NHLE is the register of nationally protected historic buildings and sites in England, including listed buildings, scheduled monuments, protected wrecks, registered parks and gardens, and battlefields. The list is maintained by Historic England. Check NHLE for updates and new entries.
Secondary sources: British Listed Buildings.

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