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Historic Buildings and Monuments in Allendale Civil Parish

Listed buildings and scheduled monuments in Allendale Civil Parish, Northumberland, from the National Heritage List for England[1]. Use the Search (below) if looking for a specific building / monument.

Structure List No. Grade Built~ Notes
Nos. 1-5, Sipton Terrace 1154949 II    
No. 8, Shield Street 1154893 II    
Adit Entrance of Swinhope Horse Level on South Bank of Swinhope Burn 1042934 II    
Allen Lodge 1154179 II    
Allendale Library 1042978 II C19th Allendale. Former Primitive Methodist Chapel
Allendale Town Bridge, over River East Allen 1370615 II    
Allenheads Church 1042964 II 1825 Allenheads
Allenheads Estate Offices 1303988 II    
Allenheads Farmhouse and Adjacent Farmbuildings 1370610 II    
Allenheads Hall 1154155 II 1847 Allenheads
Allenmill Bridge over River East Allen 1042970 II    
Arnison Terrace 1042942 II    
Asheybank Farmhouse 1370585 II    
Barn 10 Metres North-West of Beacon Rigg Farmhouse 1042959 II    
Beacon Rigg Farmhouse 1370606 II    
Beaumont House, Allenheads 1370611 II    
Beaumont Mine 1042967 II    
Beaumont Mine, Fawside Level Portal in Wall on East Side of Site 1370612 II    
Beaumont Mine, Tunnel Entrances and Channel to North of Sawmill 1303925 II    
Beaumont Mine. Former Sawmill and Remains of Bouse Team Immediately to West 1154253 II    
Belvina and Adjacent House to East 1370596 II    
Bishopside Farmhouse 1303756 II    
Blackett Level, 100 Metres North-West of Parish Church 1154086 II    
Breckon Hill 1370607 II    
Brides Hill Holiday Home 1154344 II    
Bridge 100 Metres South of Burnfoot Farmhouse 1370600 II    
Bridge End Cottages 1154413 II    
Bridge End House 1042971 II    
Bridge over River East Allen 20 Metres North-East of St Peter's Church 1370604 II C19th Spartylea.
Bridge over Sipton Burn on the Long Drag 1155693 II    
Burnfoot Farmhouse and Attached Barn to South West 1154819 II    
Burnlaw Farmhouse 1042992 II    
Church of St Cuthbert 1042941 II 1874 Allendale. On site of Medieval church.
Church of St Peter, Spartylea 1154970 II 1825 Spartylea. Former church.
Corn Mill Farmhouse and Adjacent Farmbuildings 1154979 II    
Curtain House and Adjacent Barn to West 1154511 II    
Disused Furnace 40 Metres South East of Furnace Cottage 1042956 II    
Drinking Fountain in Front of No.4 and the Cottage 1042946 II    
Drinking fountain opposite Allendale Library 1042963 II    
Dudley Place, and Privy Row Adjacent 1303880 II    
Ellershope, the Eastern House with Byre Adjoining 1370635 II    
Elliott's Shop 1370597 II    
Farm Buildings 20 Metres North of Westside Farmhouse 1042958 II    
Farmbuildings Attached to North-East Corner of Wooley Farmhouse 1042955 II    
Farmbuildings to Northwest of High Frosthall Farmhouse 1042993 II    
Farmhouse and Adjacent Outbuildings at the Northern Farm, Old Town 1154572 II    
Fawside Green 1042968 II    
Former Chapel on West Side of Green 1042975 II    
Former County Primary School 1370609 II 1879 Allendale.
Friends Meeting House 1042972 II 1868 Allendale. Quaker meeting house.
Garden Wall, Gate and Railings to South of Park Farmhouse 1042957 II    
Garden Walls to East and Railings to South of Beaumont House 1042966 II    
Gate Piers and Screen Wall Adjacent to Allenmill Bridge 1303840 II    
Gatepiers and Gate Close to North West Corner of St Peter's Church 1042950 II    
Golden Lion Hotel 1303668 II c.1839 Allendale
Hallgarth 1154886 II    
Hammershield Farmhouse and Attached Farm Buildings 1303622 II    
Hare and Hounds Inn 1370601 II    
High Swinhope Shield Farmhouse 1042952 II    
Hindley Wrae Farmhouse 1042994 II    
Hollin Close Farmhouse 1042995 II    
Hollingreen Farmhouse 1042996 II    
Holme Dene 1042940 II    
Hopehead Farmhouse and Adjacent Buildings 1155000 II    
Hotspur Hotel 1303651 II    
House Adjoining Hare and Hounds Inn to East 1303598 II    
House Adjoining North End of Allendale Library 1370634 II    
Hunter Headstone 7 Metres South-West of the South-West Corner of St Peter's Church Porch 1042949 II    
Hydrant in Front of Number 3 Arnison Terrace 1370599 II    
Iceton House 1370613 II    
Isaac's Well 1154790 II    
K6 Outside Westhoe House 1253844 II    
Keenley and Broadside War Memorial 1438957 II    
Kings Head Hotel 1370598 II    
Level Mouth Cottage 1042969 II    
Limekilns 100 Metres West of Wainford Bridge 1042944 II C19th Allenheads
Low Broadwood Hall with Attached Outbuildings and Wall to Right Rear 1303808 II    
Low Huntwell Farmhouse 1042960 II    
Mill Cottage 1042936 II    
Moor Houses Farmhouse and Attached Range to West 1042976 II    
New Houses 1154329 II    
Nine Dargue, 150 Metres South-East of Nettle Hill Farmhouse 1043000 II    
Old Limekiln in North Bank of Black Cleugh, Beside Track to Intake Head 1042953 II    
Outbuilding 10 Metres South of Corn Mill Farmhouse 1042951 II    
Outbuilding 30 Metres North of Hayrake Farmhouse, with Adjacent Ruin to North 1154907 II    
Outbuilding to the East of the Old Post Office 1154987 II    
Outbuildings 25 Metres North of Hollybush Farmhouse 1042997 II    
Outbuildings Around Stable Yard, Allenheads Hall 1042965 II    
Paddock Cottage 1370605 II    
Park Farmhouse and Attached Barn on East 1153959 II    
Path House 1042945 II    
Peasmeadows Cottage and Ruin to South 1370608 II    
Peasmeadows House 1042962 II    
Peth Head House 1154875 II    
Post Office 1370614 II    
Powder House in Field 150 Metres South of Sipton Terrace 1042948 II    
Railed Enclosure Beside Road, Opposite North-East Corner of Estate Offices 1154297 II    
Range of Buildings Adjacent to West Side of Low Sinderhope Shield Farmhouse 1370603 II    
Range of Buildings to North West of Monk Farmhouse 1042998 II    
Range of Farmbuildings North-East of Bungalow at the Southern Farm, Old Town 1042977 II    
Selah House, Section Adjacent to West End of Hotspur Hotel 1042943 II    
Sinderhope Bridge, over Sinderhope Burn 1042913 II    
Sinderhope Methodist Chapel 1042947 II 1860 Sinderhope
Sipton Bridge over Sipton Sike 1042961 II    
St Cuthbert's Lychgate War Memorial 1393517 II 1920 Allendale
Swin Hope Methodist Chapel 1155021 II    
Tea Rooms 1154721 II    
The Cave 1154420 II    
The Hagg Farmhouse 1370586 II    
The Old School, Keenley Crossroads 1042937 II 1875 Keenley. Now residential.
Tithe Barn 50 Metres South West of Monk Farmhouse 1042999 II    
Trinity Methodist Church 1370602 II 1875 Allendale
Trustee Savings Bank 1042938 II    
Wall and Railings to West and South of Former County Primary School 1154048 II    
Wall, Railings and Gate to South of Allendale Library 1042935 II    
Wall, Railings and Gate to South of Trustee Savings Bank 1042939 II    
War Memorial 1391491 II    
Waterwheel Pit at Holmslinn Shaft, on South Bank of River East Allen 1154939 II    
Wayside Cottage 1042974 II    
Wellhead 20 Metres South East of South Corner of the Riding School 1042973 II    
Wooley Burnfoot Cottage 1154498 II    
Wooley Cottage and Ruined Cottage Adjacent 1042954 II    
Wooley Farmhouse 1155030 II    
Blackett Level portal 1006414 n/a   Scheduled Monument
Holmslinn lead mine, 200m south east of Holmes 1015848 n/a   Scheduled Monument
Allen smelt mill, flue system and chimneys 1016817 n/a C18th Scheduled Monument
Allenheads lead ore works 1016348 n/a   Scheduled Monument

Primary source: the National Heritage List for England - NHLE is the register of nationally protected historic buildings and sites in England, including listed buildings, scheduled monuments, protected wrecks, registered parks and gardens, and battlefields. The list is maintained by Historic England. Check NHLE for updates and new entries.
Secondary sources: British Listed Buildings and Keys to the Past.

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