Anglo-Scottish Wars

This is not an exhaustive list!

  937  Battle of Brunanburh  
1018   Battle of Carham  
1093  Battle of Alnwick  
1174  2nd Battle of Alnwick  
1296  Capture of Berwick by the English the first significant battle of the 'First War of Scottish Independence'. 
1297  Battle of Stirling Bridge
1314  Battle of Bannockburn
1315  Siege of Carlisle
1318  Capture of Berwick by the Scots
1328  Treaty of Northampton
1333  Battle of Halidon Hill  
1346  Battle of Neville's Cross  
1357  Treaty of Berwick
1388  Battle of Otterburn  
1402  Battle of Humbleton Hill  
1448  Battle of Sark  
1498  Capture of Berwick by the English  
1513  Battle of Flodden  
1603  Union of the Crowns under James VI   
1640  Battle of Newburn Ford  
1707  Acts of Union  
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Battle of Otterburn, 1388
- Overview About The Battle of Otterburn   The Battle of Otterburn took place according to Scottish sources on 5 August 1388, or 19 August according to English sources, as part ...
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Battle of Newburn Ford, 1640
- "King Charles I's attempt to impose a new prayer book on the Scots led to military conflict in the summer of 1640. To avoid assaulting the strong defences on the ...
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Battle of Neville's Cross, 1346
- Overview About the Battle The Battle of Neville's Cross took place close to Durham on 17 October 1346. David II of Scotland invaded the north of England, whilst most English ...
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Battle of Halidon Hill, 1333
- Scottish forces under Sir Archibald Douglas were defeated by the English armies led by Edward III at Halidon Hill, 2 miles from Berwick-upon-Tweed in July 1333. At that time Berwick ...
Ruins of Beaurepaire Prior's House
- "The ruins of a grand Prior's manor house attached to the Priory of Beaurepaire, dating from the 13th century. Subsequently destroyed by the Scots and rebuilt, but now a ...

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Mortham Tower
- Mortham Tower, near Greta Bridge, is a Grade I listed fortified courtyard house and pele tower which dates from the reign of King Henry VII (1485-1509). The estate was the ...
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Revolt of the Northern Earls, 1569
- Summary About the Revolt The Revolt of the Northern Earls of 1569 (often called The Rising of the North) was led by Charles Neville, 6th Earl of Westmorland, and Thomas ...
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Pele Tower
- Pele towers were fortified houses built along both sides of the English and Scottish borders, mostly in settlements which did not have a castle. An English Act of Parliament in ...
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Old Vicarage, Embleton
- Overview Map Street View The former Vicarage and pele tower, is located next to the Church of the Holy Trinity in Embleton.  In 1332 Merton College, patron of Embleton, agreed to ...
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Shortflatt Tower
- Overview Map Shortflatt Tower is a historic house and defensive tower in the civil parish of Belsay, and located close to Bolam, Northumberland. Originally built in 1257, permission to crenellate ...
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Image taken from page 121 of 'The Local Historian's Table Book of remarkable occurrences, historical facts, traditions, legendary and descriptive ballads, connected with the Counties of Newcastle-upon-Tyne, Northumberland, and Durham. Historical Division.

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Etal Castle
- Overview About Etal Castle Map Street View Etal Castle was built c.1341, by Robert Manners. The ruined medieval castle is located in the village of Etal, in Northumberland. Etal castle ...


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