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Historic Buildings and Monuments in Stannington Civil Parish

Listed buildings and scheduled monuments in Stannington Civil Parish, Northumberland, from the the National Heritage List for England[1]. Use the Search (below) if looking for a specific building / monument.

Structure List No. Grade Built~ Note
St Mary's Hospital, Stannington (grounds) 1001478


1914 Listed Park & Garden. North Saltwick
Blagdon (grounds) 1001043


C18th Listed Park & Garden. Later additions by Sir Edwin Lutyens &  Gertrude Jekyll. Blagdon Estate
1-3, New Horton Grange 1299466 II    
Barn and Adjacent Stable Range Ot South West of East Moor Farmhouse 1237319 II    
Barn and Gingang to North West of Duddo Hill Farmhouse 1237317 II    
Beech Cottage 1264124 II    
Bellasis Bridge, over the River Blyth 1370762 II C16th Bellasis. Scheduled Monument(1006607)
Bellasis Farmhouse, Attached Wall and Outbuilding 1206670 II 1694 Bellasis
Blagdon Hall 1042662  I 1752 Blagdon Estate
Bus Shelter 10 Metres South of Footbridge 1206664 II    
Bus Shelter 45 Metres North of Footbridge 1042661 II    
Cale Cross, 60 Metres North of North Lodge 1042624 II 1785 Relocated from Newcastle to Blagdon in 1807.
Canal with Basin Urns and Statue, to South of Blagdon Hall 1247870  II*   Blagdon Estate
Cartshed to East of Main Farmbuilding Group 1264169 II    
Chimney 60 Metres East of North Shotton Farmhouse 1237370 II    
Church of St Mary the Virgin 1042627 II 1871 Stannington
Churchyard Cross 15 Metres North East of Church of St Mary 1370787 II   Stannington
Coates Tomb 11 Metres South West of Church of St Mary 1237313 II   Stannington
Deepdale 1237388 II    
Drinking Fountain 90 Metres South East of the Old Vicarage 1025123 II    
Duddo Hill Farmhouse 1237316 II    
East Moor Farmhouse with Farmbuilding to West 1237318 II    
Entrance Screen Adjacent to North Lodge 1187688 II    
Farm Building Attached to Number 4 1024969 II    
Farm Buildings and Garage North of Horton Grange Farmhouse 1024968 II    
Farm Buildings to West of Horton Grange Farmhouse 1355217 II    
Garden Wall and Outbuildings, South of North Shotton Farmhouse 1264154 II    
Garden Wall to South of South Shotton House 1237371 II    
Garden Wall, Gatepiers and Gate, West of North Shotton Farmhouse 1237369 II    
Garden Walls to East and South of the Old Vicarage 1042626 II    
Garden Walls, Attached Outbuildings, Greenhouse and Pillars, West of Blagdon Hall 1206715 II    
Gatepiers to West of Grove Pond, 300 Metres South of Blagdon Hall 1263886 II    
Gillespy Headstone 3 Metres South of Church of St Mary 1237312 II   Stannington
Gin Gang on West Side of Barn to South West of Briery Hill Farmhouse 1370786 II    
Gothick Ruin 200 Metres North East of Blagdon Hall 1042622 II   Blagdon Estate
Hall Tomb 2 Metres East of Church of St Mary 1355125 II   Stannington
Holly Cottage 1237341 II    
Horton Grange Farmhouse 1355216 II    
Ice House 20 Metres East of South End of Stone Bridge 1042621 II    
Lych Gate to Church of St Mary the Virgin 1355122 II   Stannington
Main Farmbuilding Group on North Side of Road 1237320 II    
Medieval Cross Remains in North Wood 1187710 II    
Middle Duddo Farmhouse and Adjacent Outbuildings 1237338 II    
Milepost East of Road 50 Metres North of Blagdon North Lodge 1237340 II    
Milepost East of Road 80 Metres South of Swan Farmhouse 1237372 II    
Milkhope Farm Cottages Nos 1-4 Consecutive, with Walls and Privy/Stores Attached 1042625 II    
Milkhope Farmhouse 1370785 II    
Moor Tomb 5 Metres East of South Aisle of Church of St Mary 1025103 II    
North Lodge and Attached Wall to South 1042623 II 1887 Blagdon Estate
North Shotton Farmhouse 1237368 II    
Old Boathouse to East of North End of the White Bridge 1187699 II    
Old Hearse House to North of Ridley Arms 1237373 II 1871 Stannington
Old Horton Grange 1264153 II    
Outbuilding 10 Metres North of Holly Cottage 1264139 II    
Outbuilding East of Middle Duddo Farmhouse 1237339 II    
Outbuilding to South of East Moor Farmhouse 1264168 II    
Pond with Surrounding Walls, Benches and Urns, 300 Metres West of Blagdon Hall 1263923 II    
Premises Belonging to H Irwin and Son 1264138 II    
Railway Viaduct over the River Blyth 1365310 II    
Rose Cottage 1237387 II    
Shotton Grange 1237342 II    
South Lodges, Gate Screen and Gates 1298582  II* 1787  
South Shotton Edge Cottage and Adjacent Outbuildings 1264152 II    
South Shotton Edge House 1237343 II    
South Shotton House 1264155 II    
Stable Block to North of Blagdon Hall Including Archway, Courtyard and Drummonds' Flats 1370782  II*   Blagdon Estate
Statuary in Sculpture Garden, 40 Metres South East of Stone Bridge 1206721 II    
Stone Coffin and Font Bowl Against South Wall of Church of St Mary 1370788 II   Stannington
Summerhouse 400 Metres East of Blagdon Hall 1187704 II   Blagdon Estate
Summerhouse at East End of Grove Pond, 300 Metres South East of Blagdon Hall 1280124 II   Blagdon Estate
Sunken Garden Walls and Pergolas 120 Metres South West of Blagdon Hall 1247873 II   Blagdon Estate
Swam Farmhouse 1264117 II    
Temple on North Bank of Lake 1370784 II    
Terrace and Walk with Ornamental Features to South and West of Blagdon Hall 1247874 II   Blagdon Estate
The Iron Bridge 200 Metres North West of Blagdon Hall 1263924 II   Blagdon Estate
The Milkhope Centre 1025241 II    
The Old Vicarage 1025120 II    
The Seed House, South West of Blagdon Hall Stables, with Wall to East 1206683 II   Blagdon Estate
The Stone Bridge, 160 Metres North of Blagdon Hall 1042620 II   Blagdon Estate
The White Bridge, 150 Metres North East of Blagdon Hall 1370783 II   Blagdon Estate
Urn 20 Metres North of Temple 1247872 II    
Urn on Island in Drive 80 Metres North East of Blagdon Hall 1247871 II   Blagdon Estate
Vale House, with Attached Pier, Wall and Railings 1206666 II    
Villa Rose 1370763 II    
Walls, Gate Piers and Gates in Front of Horton Grange 1024967 II    
West House Farmhouse 1237389 II    
Young Headstone 2.5 Metres South of Church of St Mary 1042628 II   Stannington

Primary source: the National Heritage List for England - NHLE is the register of nationally protected historic buildings and sites in England, including listed buildings, scheduled monuments, protected wrecks, registered parks and gardens, and battlefields. The list is maintained by Historic England. Check NHLE for updates and new entries.
Secondary sources: British Listed Buildings and Keys to the Past.

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