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Historic Buildings and Monuments in Ponteland CP

Listed buildings and scheduled monuments in Ponteland Civil Parish, Northumberland, from the the National Heritage List for England[1]. Use the Search (below) if looking for a specific building / monument.

Structure List No. Grade Built~ Notes
12 and 14, Main Street 1302598 II    
21-25, Main Street 1156977 II    
3 and 5, Bell Villas 1370729 II    
Bank Head House 1302792 II    
Bath House Approximately 20 Yards South-East of Prestwick Hall 1302308 II    
Bell Headstone Approximately 10 Yards South-West of Church of St Mary 1042688 II    
Benridge Hall 1042746 II C18th  
Benridge Hall Cottage 1042705 II    
Birney Hill Hall 1042707 II    
Birney Hill House 1042711 II    
Block 13 1178626 II    
Block 27 1042692 II    
Blocks 1-2 and 3-4 1157176 II    
Blocks 5-6 and 7-8 1370740 II    
Blocks 9-10 and 11-12 1042691 II    
Callerton Hall 1302816 II C18th High Callerton
Callerton House 1042716 II    
Charlton Headstone Approximately 3 Yards South of Church of St Mary 1370739 II    
Church of Holy Saviour 1370718 II 1871 Milbourne
Church of St Mary 1370736  I C12th Ponteland
Coach House Approximately 30 Yards North-East of Benridge Hall 1370746 II    
Dissington Bridge 1156437 II C19th Over the River Pont
Dissington Hall 1042708  II* 1797 nr. Dalton. By William Newton
Eachwick Bridge 1042712 II    
East Gateway to Dissington Hall 1042710 II    
Eland Hall 1370713 II    
Eland Lodge 1157156 II    
Farmbuildings Attached to West of Bank Head House 1042717 II    
Forster and Turnbull Headstones Approximately Approximately 10 Yards South of Church of St Mary 1042689 II    
Garden Wall and Dovecote Attached to East of Eland Hall 1156463 II    
Garden Walls and Gateways Aouth of Oriel House and Coach House 1302824 II    
Garden Walls at Dissington Old Hall 1370717 II    
Garden Walls South and East of Prestwick Hall 1042693 II    
Gatepiers and Garden Wall to East of the Old Rectory 1156960 II    
Gateway Approximately 20 Yards West of Callerton Hall 1042715 II    
Gateway Approximately 440 Yards East of Benridge Hall 1042706 II    
Gateway Approximately 50 Yards South of Birney Hill Hall 1370748 II    
Gingang at Dissington Red House 1370712 II    
Grace Headstone Approximately 15 Yards North-West of Church of St Mary 1042686 II    
High House Farm Cottage 1042724 II    
High House Farmhouse 1156995 II    
Higham Dykes 1042713 II    
Higham Dykes Farmhouse and Attached Shelter Sheds 1042714 II    
Kirkley Hall 1156880 II 1764 Now an agricultural college
Milbourne Hall and Stable Block 1042725  I 1809 Milbourne
Newton Cottage 1156555 II    
Obelisk Approximately 440 Yards South-West of Kirkley Hall 1156901 II 1788 Kirkley Hall
Old Dissington Farmhouse 1302609 II    
Oriel House and Coach House 1370715 II    
Outbuildings Attached to Old Dissington Farmhouse 1042723 II    
Pearson and Potts Headstones Approximately 5 Yards West of Church of St Mary 1042687 II    
Pigsty Approximately 20 Yards North of Milbourne Hall 1042684 II    
Ponteland War Memorial 1463542 II    
Prestwick Hall 1370741  II*    
Rebellion House 1370716 II C16th High Callerton. Bastle.
South Lodge and Gatepiers 1042719 II   Kirkley Hall
South-East Farmhouse and Cottage with Attached Cartshed 1370747 II    
Stable Block at Kirkley Hall 1042718 II 1764 Kirkley Hall
Stable Block Attached to North of Dissington Hall 1042709 II    
Stables and Carriage House Attached to North-West of Higham Dykes 1156486 II    
Summer House and Garden Wall West and South of Higham Dykes 1370714 II    
Sundial Approximately 30 Yards South of Higham Dykes 1156492 II    
Terrace Wall and Railings to South of Dissington Hall 1370749 II    
The Badger Inn 1042745 II    
The Blackbird Inn 1042690  II*    
The Farmhouse 1156456 II    
The Old Rectory 1042720  II*    
The Seven Stars Public House 1042722 II    
Tomb of Sir Charles Ogle Approximately 40 Yards North of Church of St Mary 1042685 II    
Tones and Shireton Headstones Approximately 10 Yards South-West of Church of St Mary 1370738 II    
Vicarage Tower 1042721 II    
Wall Railings and Gate, East of Church of Holy Saviour 1157033 II    
Warwick Gravestone Approximately Approximately 10 Yards West of Church of St Mary 1370737 II    
Water Tower in Garden of Pine Dene 1302332 II    
West House Farmhouse 1178694 II    
Westgate 1302918 II    
Windmill Approximately 20 Yards North of Forge Cottage 1156447 II    
Vicar's Pele: a medieval tower house on north side of Main Street 1017042 n/a   Scheduled Monument

Primary source: the National Heritage List for England - NHLE is the register of nationally protected historic buildings and sites in England, including listed buildings, scheduled monuments, protected wrecks, registered parks and gardens, and battlefields. The list is maintained by Historic England. Check NHLE for updates and new entries.
Secondary sources: British Listed Buildings and Keys to the Past.

Church of St Mary the Virgin, Ponteland
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Church of St Mary the Virgin, Ponteland
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Benridge Hall
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Benridge Hall
- Benridge Hall, near Ponteland in Northumberland.
Kirkley Hall
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Gatehouse, Kirkley Hall
Obelisk, Kirkley Hall
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Obelisk, Kirkley Hall
Stable Block, Kirkley Hall
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Stable Block, Kirkley Hall
Rebellion House, High Callerton
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Rebellion House, High Callerton
- Overview Map Street View Rebellion House is a 16th century bastle house in High Callerton, near Ponteland. The ground floor was converted for use as accommodation in the early-mid 17th century. …
Callerton Hall
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Callerton Hall
- Overview Map Street Callerton Hall is located in High Callerton, Ponteland. It was built in the early 18th century, and extensively altered in 1892 by R. Norman Shaw.[1] The hall …
Church of Holy Saviour, Milbourne
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Church of Holy Saviour, Milbourne
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Milbourne Hall
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Milbourne Hall
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Dissington Hall
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Dissington Bridge
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Dissington Bridge


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