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Historic Buildings and Monuments in Stockton-on-Tees

Listed buildings and scheduled monuments in the Borough of Stockton-on-Tees, from the National Heritage List for England[1]. Use the Search (below) if looking for a specific building / monument.

Structure List No. Grade Built~ Ward / Parish Note
Aislaby Grange 1329808 II   Aislaby  
Holme House 1139266 II   Aislaby  
No. 1, Church Road 1139269 II   Billingham  
Nos. 11 and 12, Church Road 1139270 II   Billingham  
No. 2, Church Road 1329810 II   Billingham  
Nos. 2-5, Chapel Road 1139268 II   Billingham  
No. 25, the Green 1329831 II   Billingham  
Barn to West of Ivy House 1139245 II   Billingham  
Billingham Branch Bridge 1248145 II   Billingham  
Billingham War Memorial 1439029 II   Billingham  
Church of St Cuthbert 1139241  I C10th Billingham  
Glebe Farmhouse 1329809 II   Billingham  
Hall's Farmhouse 1329833 II   Billingham  
Haverton Hill and Port Clarence War Memorial 1439661 II   Billingham  
ICI War Memorial 1439030 II   Billingham  
Ivy House 1139244  II*   Billingham  
Little Neuk Farm Cottage 1139242 II   Billingham  
Nightingale's Farmhouse and Barn Adjoining 1139243 II   Billingham  
Outbuildings to East of Ivy House 1329834 II   Billingham  
Phosphate Rock Silo Number 15 at Ici Works, Billingham 1115821  II*   Billingham  
Ruins in Garden of St Cuthbert's Vicarage 1139271 II   Billingham  
St Cuthbert's Vicarage 1139272  II*   Billingham  
Stable Building to West of Number 12 1329811 II   Billingham  
The Theatre Auditorium, Stage and Fly-Tower at the Billingham Forum Leisure Complex 1392712 II   Billingham  
Transporter Bridge 1139267  II* 1911 Billingham Part in Port Clarence, part in Middlesbrough.
Village Farm House 1329832 II   Billingham  
Former Royal Navy Wireless Station 1444381 II   Bishopsgarth & Elm Tree  
Grassy Nook Farmhouse 1140007 II   Bishopsgarth & Elm Tree  
Sparks' Daylight Bakery 1139857 II 1938 Bishopsgarth & Elm Tree Art Deco style building
The White House 1139960 II   Bishopsgarth & Elm Tree  
Glen Cottage 1139246 II   Carlton  
Holme Farmhouse 1329798 II   Carlton  
Poplars Farmhouse 1086963 II   Carlton  
Red Hall Farmhouse 1139247 II   Castlelevington  
No. 1, Wells Cottages 1326266 II   Egglescliffe  
Nos. 1-3, Cross Row 1326675 II   Egglescliffe  
Nos. 11 and 12, the Green 1329801 II   Egglescliffe  
No. 14, Church Road 1139250 II   Egglescliffe Nos. 
Nos. 16 and 18, Church Road 1104935 II   Egglescliffe  
No. 2, Church Road 1139248 II   Egglescliffe  
Nos. 3 and 4, Wells Cottages 1329803 II   Egglescliffe  
Nos. 4 and 6, Church Road 1139249 II   Egglescliffe  
Nos. 8-12, Church Road 1104924 II   Egglescliffe  
Carter Moor Farmhouse 1139254 II   Egglescliffe  
Church of St John the Baptist 1104901  I C12th Egglescliffe On the site of a Saxon church
Dovecote in Courtyard of the Hall 1104865 II   Egglescliffe  
Eaglescliffe and Preston-on-Tees War Memorial 1435092 II   Egglescliffe  
Egglescliffe War Memorial 1442330 II   Egglescliffe  
Evenwood 1139257 II   Egglescliffe  
Gate Piers, Gate and Walls to East, West and South of the Hall, with Summerhouse in North Corner 1139256 II   Egglescliffe  
Hawthorne Place 1104851 II   Egglescliffe  
Ivy Cottages 1104855 II   Egglescliffe  
Ivy Dene 1329802 II   Egglescliffe  
K6 Telephone Kiosk, Circa 10 Metres North East of Village Farmhouse 1248206 II   Egglescliffe  
Leyfield House 1139892 II   Egglescliffe  
Manor House 1329799 II   Egglescliffe  
Old Hall 1139260 II   Egglescliffe  
Remains of Village Cross 1105687 II   Egglescliffe  
Rose Cottage 1096848 II   Egglescliffe  
Rose Terrace 1332954 II   Egglescliffe  
Stable Buildings to East of Village Farmhouse 1104881 II   Egglescliffe  
Stable Flat to North of the Hall 1104862 II   Egglescliffe  
Station Cottage 1139258 II   Egglescliffe  
The Cottage 1096856 II   Egglescliffe  
The Hall (East House West House and Second Floor Flat) 1139255  II*   Egglescliffe  
The Mews, to North of the Hall 1329800 II   Egglescliffe  
The Rectory 1139251 II   Egglescliffe  
Village Farmhouse 1139252 II   Egglescliffe  
Well House 1105697 II   Egglescliffe  
West End House 1139253 II   Egglescliffe  
Barn to North of Town End Farmhouse 1105660 II   Elton  
Church of St John the Baptist 1139261  II* 1841 Elton C12th chancel arch
Coatham Stob 1323773 II   Elton  
Home Farm Cottages 1106243 II   Elton  
Home Farmhouse 1139262 II   Elton  
Old Coatham Bridge 1329820 II   Elton  
Sandy Lees Farmhouse 1139219 II   Elton  
Town End Farmhouse 1329804 II   Elton  
Church of St James 1139224 II 1887 Grindon Thorpe Thewles
Golden Gates, Gate Piers, Screen Railings and Lodges to Wynyard Park 1106336 II   Grindon  
Greek Temple to North West of Wynyard Hall 1139223 II   Grindon  
Howdon House 1329425 II   Grindon  
Lion Bridge to East of Wynyard Hall 1139222  II*   Grindon  
Roman Temple to North West of Wynyard Hall 1329824 II   Grindon  
Ruins of a Church of St Thomas a Becket 1329821  I C12th Grindon Ruins, surrounded by trees.
The Hamilton Russell Arms 1139220 II C18th Grindon Thorpe Thewles
The Vane Arms Public House 1329822 II C17th Grindon Thorpe Thewles
Wellington Obelisk to South East of Wynyard Hall 1329823  II* 1827 Grindon  
White House Farmhouse 1120897 II   Grindon  
Wynyard Hall 1139221  II* 1841 Grindon Remodelled by Ignatius Bonomi
Nos. 15-21, Hartburn Village 1139225 II   Hartburn  
Nos. 23 and 25, Hartburn Village 1139226 II   Hartburn  
Nos. 27 and 29, Hartburn Village 1325981 II   Hartburn  
Nos. 33-37, Hartburn Village 1139227 II   Hartburn  
Nos. 39-43, Hartburn Village 1106279 II   Hartburn  
No. 95, Hartburn Village 1325526 II   Hartburn  
Flax Beating Stone (In Front Garden of All Saints' Church) 1329825 II   Hartburn  
Hartburn House 1106312 II   Hartburn  
The Manor House 1325975  II*   Hartburn  
The Masham Arms Hotel 1139228 II   Hartburn  
Church of St Peter 1139229  I C12th Hilton  
Fir Tree Farmhouse 1107187 II   Hilton  
Outbuildings to South of Fir Tree Farmhouse 1139230 II   Hilton  
No. 1 Bridgewater, Levenbank 1107931 II   Ingleby Barwick  
Nos. 1-3, Barwick Lane 1248130 II   Ingleby Barwick  
No. 4, Barwick Lane 1329490 II   Ingleby Barwick  
No. 5, Barwick Lane 1278029 II   Ingleby Barwick  
Barwick Farmhouse 1107199 II   Ingleby Barwick  
Byres with Haylofts to North of Sober Hall Farmhouse 1139232 II   Ingleby Barwick  
Granary and Cart Shed to North of Barwick Farmhouse 1329826 II   Ingleby Barwick  
Ingleby Hill Farmhouse 1139233 II   Ingleby Barwick  
Leven House 1139234 II   Ingleby Barwick  
Low Barwick Farmhouse 1107198 II   Ingleby Barwick  
Mill and Granary to West of Sober Hall Farmhouse 1139231 II   Ingleby Barwick  
Sober Hall Farmhouse 1107192 II   Ingleby Barwick  
Nos. 19-21, Forest Lane 1139236 II   Kirklevington  
Barn to West of Grove Farm House 1107895 II   Kirklevington  
Church House 1329827 II   Kirklevington  
Church of St Martin 1329828  II* 1883 Kirklevington C12th chancel arch
Grove Farmhouse 1139235 II   Kirklevington  
Hill House Farmhouse 1139237 II   Kirklevington  
Kirklevington Grange 1323753 II   Kirklevington  
Number 71 and Outbuildings to West 1119647 II   Kirklevington  
The Hollies 1107885 II   Kirklevington  
Church of St Mary 1139238  II* 1857 Longnewton  
Larberry Pasture Farmhouse 1329829 II   Longnewton  
Manor House 1329830  II*   Longnewton  
St Mary's Rectory 1119602 II   Longnewton  
Barn to North of Maltby Grange 1140005 II   Maltby  
High Thornton Moor Farmhouse 1140003 II   Maltby  
Homefield Farmhouse 1139240 II   Maltby  
Little Maltby Farmhouse 1140002 II   Maltby  
Maltby Farmhouse 1329462 II   Maltby  
Maltby Grange 1140004 II   Maltby  
The Garth 1139239 II   Maltby  
Thornton Grange 1329461 II   Maltby  
White House 1323762 II   Maltby  
Barn to North of Newsham Hall 1140006 II   Newsham  
Featherstone House 1329424 II   Newsham  
Former Chapel to South East of Newsham Hall 1120928 II   Newsham  
Newsham Hall 1329423 II C17th Newsham  
No. 104, High Street 1329460 II   Norton North  
No. 106, High Street 1139993 II   Norton North  
No. 108, High Street 1101477  II*   Norton North  
Nos. 118, 120 and 122, High Street 1139995 II   Norton North  
No. 16, High Street 1139986 II   Norton North  
No. 18, High Street 1100284 II   Norton North  
No. 2, the Green 1140009 II   Norton North  
Nos. 20 and 22, High Street 1329456 II   Norton North  
No. 20, the Green 1140010 II   Norton North  
Nos. 24 and 26, High Street 1348528 II   Norton North  
No. 24, the Green 1329427 II   Norton North  
No. 29, the Green 1140015 II   Norton North  
Nos. 30 and 31, the Green 1322823 II   Norton North  
No. 32, High Street 1139987 II   Norton North  
No. 32, the Green 1140016 II   Norton North  
No. 32a, High Street 1100262 II   Norton North  
Nos. 33-5, the Green 1121540 II   Norton North  
No. 37, the Green 1140017 II   Norton North  
Nos. 4 and 5, the Green 1120850 II   Norton North  
No. 51, the Green 1121546 II   Norton North  
Nos. 52 and 54, High Street 1139989 II   Norton North  
No. 52, the Green 1140019 II   Norton North  
No. 6, the Green 1329426 II   Norton North  
Nos. 61-64, the Green 1121521 II   Norton North  
Nos. 62 and 64, High Street 1100605 II   Norton North  
Nos. 66 and 68, High Street 1139990 II   Norton North  
Nos. 70 and 71, the Green 1139981 II   Norton North  
Nos. 70 and 72, High Street 1101557 II   Norton North  
Nos. 76 and 78, High Street 1139991 II   Norton North  
Nos. 80 and 82, High Street 1101564 II   Norton North  
Nos. 9, 11 and 12, the Green 1323159 II   Norton North  
No. 94, High Street 1329459 II   Norton North  
Nos. 96 and 98, High Street 1139992 II   Norton North  
Barras Tomb to South of Stagg Tomb 1140013 II   Norton North  
Brick Garden Wall to North of Number 447 (The Hollies) 1278005 II   Norton North  
Brick Garden Wall to South of Number 447 (The Hollies) 1139998 II   Norton North  
Chestnut House 1139984 II   Norton North  
Coach House to North East of Number 108 1139994 II   Norton North  
Coppelia Cottage 1140011 II   Norton North  
Deneholme 1329458 II   Norton North  
Diamond Jubilee Cross Opposite Red Lion Hotel 1329455 II   Norton North  
Eastholme and 2 Gatepiers to South 1100248 II   Norton North  
Friends Meeting House 1140018 II 1671 Norton North The Green, Norton.
Garages Between Numbers 104 and 106 1347923 II   Norton North  
Garden Wall of Number 108 Fronting High Street Between Numbers 108 and 110 1101494 II   Norton North  
Garden Walls to North West of Number 71 1139983 II   Norton North  
Glebe Farmhouse 1347779 II   Norton North  
Harland Place 1139996 II   Norton North  
Harland Place 1139997 II   Norton North  
Harland Place (Medical Centre) 1347933 II   Norton North  
Hind's Cottages Numbers 1 and 2 (Smirk Yard) 1100268 II   Norton North  
Hogg Family Vault to North West of Church 1323013 II   Norton North  
K6 Telephone Kiosk Circa 25 Metres North West of Number 1 1139859 II   Norton North  
K6 Telephone Kiosk Circa 8 Metres East of Number 83 1248180 II   Norton North  
Norton Hall 1139980 II   Norton North  
Norton Memorial Cross 1439708 II   Norton North  
Numbers 58 and 59 (Incorperating the Former Number 60) 1140020 II   Norton North  
Parish Church of St Mary the Virgin 1140012  I 1020 Norton North  
Ragworth Place 1120828 II   Norton North  
Ragworth Place 1120842 II   Norton North  
Ragworth Place 1140008 II   Norton North  
Range and Buildings Immediately to East of Number 32a 1139988 II   Norton North  
Ray Tomb to South of Stagg Tomb 1121148 II   Norton North  
Sherton House 1347899 II   Norton North  
Stagg Family Tomb to South of White Tomb 1322985 II   Norton North  
Staypleton House 1139999 II   Norton North  
Sunday School 1329452 II   Norton North  
Table Tomb to South of Church 1140014 II   Norton North  
The Fox Almshouses 1139982 II   Norton North  
The Hermitage 1121124 II   Norton North  
The Hollies 1347938 II   Norton North  
The Manor 1329457 II   Norton North  
The Priory and Attached Gate 1329453 II   Norton North  
The Unicorn Public House 1139985 II   Norton North  
The Vicarage 1120802 II   Norton North  
Tomb of Reverend John Starkey, to South of Ray Tomb 1329429 II   Norton North  
Wall to South of Churchyard, Fronting Road from Opposite Number 26 to Opposite the Vicarage 1329430 II   Norton North  
Wellington House 1329454 II   Norton North  
White Family Tomb to South of Hogg Tomb 1329428 II   Norton North  
349-357, Norton Road 1068784 II   Norton South  
Church of St Michael and All Angels 1329478  II*   Norton South  
Holme House Farmhouse 1139948 II   Norton South  
Hogg Family Tomb of West of Church of St Mary the Virgin 1323173 II   Norton West  
Norton East Signal Box 1412065 II   Norton West  
No. 41, Yarm Lane 1139915 II   Parkfield & Oxbridge  
Nos. 43 and 45, Yarm Lane 1329501 II   Parkfield & Oxbridge  
Barrington House 1329443 II   Parkfield & Oxbridge  
Church of St Peter 1139916  II*   Parkfield & Oxbridge  
Cleveland House 1139961 II   Parkfield & Oxbridge  
Mount Pleasant Grange 1139962 II   Parkfield & Oxbridge  
War memorial cross outside St Peter's Church 1440569 II   Parkfield & Oxbridge  
Preston Hall Museum 1140000 II 1825 Preston-on-Tees aka Preston Park Museum
Quarry Farmhouse 1101726 II   Preston-on-Tees  
Church of St Cuthbert 1140001  I C12th Redmarshall  
Favell Rose Farmhouse 1083591 II   Redmarshall  
Rectory Cottage 1139858 II   Redmarshall  
The Old Rectory and Adjoining Balustrade 1248170 II   Redmarshall  
The Ship Inn 1139958 II C17th Redmarshall  
Railway Cottage at Norton West Junction 1120865 II   Roseworth  
Church of St John the Baptist 1356589 II 1872 Stillington & Whitton Stillington
Manor Farmhouse 1139920 II   Stillington & Whitton  
Stillington War Memorial 1440565 II   Stillington & Whitton  
No. 1, Brunswick Street 1139965 II   Stockton Centre  
No. 10, Finkle Street 1139971 II   Stockton Centre  
Nos. 104 and 105, High Street 1139940 II   Stockton Centre  
No. 11, Finkle Street 1068614 II   Stockton Centre  
No. 121, High Street 1329474 II   Stockton Centre  
No. 122, High Street 1139941 II   Stockton Centre  
No. 125, High Street 1139942 II   Stockton Centre  
No. 126, High Street 1068707 II   Stockton Centre  
No. 127, High Street 1139943 II   Stockton Centre  
No. 128, High Street 1068713 II   Stockton Centre  
No. 134c High Street 1329476 II   Stockton Centre  
Nos. 140 and 141, High Street 1329477 II   Stockton Centre  
Nos. 148 and 149, High Street 1356157 II   Stockton Centre  
Nos. 153a and 153b, High Street 1139945 II   Stockton Centre  
No. 16, Church Road 1329446 II   Stockton Centre  
No. 16, Ramsgate 1139949 II   Stockton Centre  
No. 2, Brunswick Street 1084367 II   Stockton Centre  
No. 24, High Street and the Sun Inn, Knowles Street 1343689 II   Stockton Centre  
No. 25, High Street 1329451 II   Stockton Centre  
No. 26, West Row 1068806 II   Stockton Centre  
No. 27, Silver Street 1139950 II   Stockton Centre  
Nos. 28 and 29, Silver Street 1356114 II   Stockton Centre  
No. 28, West Row 1139955 II   Stockton Centre  
No. 29, Norton Road 1139946 II   Stockton Centre  
No. 29, West Row 1139956 II   Stockton Centre  
No. 32, Dovecot Street 1329448  II*   Stockton Centre  
Nos. 39 and 39a, High Street 1329472 II   Stockton Centre  
Nos. 4 and 5, Finkle Street 1139970 II   Stockton Centre  
No. 40, High Street 1139938 II   Stockton Centre  
No. 41, Garbutt Street 1139973 II   Stockton Centre  
No. 41, Norton Road 1068774 II   Stockton Centre  
No. 45, High Street 1329473 II   Stockton Centre  
No. 48, Bridge Road 1139963  II*   Stockton Centre  
No. 50, Bridge Road 1329445 II   Stockton Centre  
No. 50, West Row 1068808 II   Stockton Centre  
Nos. 52 and 54, Bridge Road 1139964 II   Stockton Centre  
Nos. 55-61, Bishopton Lane 1139959 II   Stockton Centre  
No. 56, Bridge Road 1084365 II   Stockton Centre  
Nos. 6 and 7, Silver Street 1068796 II   Stockton Centre  
No. 6, Finkle Street 1068602 II   Stockton Centre  
Nos. 60-66, Norton Road 1139947 II   Stockton Centre  
Nos. 63-81, Bishopton Lane 1329481 II   Stockton Centre  
No. 64, Dovecot Street 1139969 II   Stockton Centre  
No. 66, Dovecot Street 1356205 II   Stockton Centre  
Nos. 74 and 76, Church Road 1139966  II*   Stockton Centre  
No. 80, Church Road 1338865  II*   Stockton Centre  
No. 82, Church Road 1139967 II   Stockton Centre  
No. 9, Finkle Street 1356182  II*   Stockton Centre  
No. 96, High Street 1139939 II   Stockton Centre  
Art Gallery 1139952 II   Stockton Centre  
Art Gallery 1356116 II   Stockton Centre  
Building at Rear of Number 10 1139972 II   Stockton Centre  
Calvin House 1139974 II   Stockton Centre  
Church of St Mary 1068751 II   Stockton Centre  
Church of the Holy Trinity 1329480  II* 1838 Stockton Centre By John & Benjamin Green. Damaged by fire in 1991.
Clinic 1067789 II   Stockton Centre  
Columbia House 1329447  II*   Stockton Centre  
Freeman, Hardy and Willis 1068718 II   Stockton Centre  
Friends Meeting House 1356201  II*   Stockton Centre  
Gate Piers at West Front of Parish Church 1068651 II   Stockton Centre  
Georgian Theatre 1356189 II   Stockton Centre  
Globe Theatre 1392470 II   Stockton Centre  
Gloucester House 1084341  II*   Stockton Centre  
Green Dragon Inn Public House 1329450 II   Stockton Centre  
Lloyd's Bank 1139937 II   Stockton Centre  
Metcalfe Family Tomb 50 Yards South of Church 1139978 II   Stockton Centre  
Midland Bank 1139944 II   Stockton Centre  
Number 2 and Adjacent Cottage to West, Now Part of Georgian Theatre Complex 1139953 II   Stockton Centre  
Stockton Almshouse 1067818 II   Stockton Centre  
Stockton Parish Church 1139977  I 1712 Stockton Centre  
Stockton Railway Station 1329515 II   Stockton Centre  
The County Court 1329444 II   Stockton Centre  
The Green Dragon Inn 1068616 II   Stockton Centre  
The Haven Restaurant 1356168 II   Stockton Centre  
The Market Cross 1139976  II* 1768 Stockton Centre  
The National Westminster Bank 1329475 II   Stockton Centre  
The Shambles 1068620 II   Stockton Centre  
Theatre Yard 1068804 II   Stockton Centre  
Tomb 20 Yards North West of Church to Richard Jackson 1068654 II   Stockton Centre  
Town Hall 1139975  II*   Stockton Centre  
United Reformed Church of St Andrew and St George 1139957 II   Stockton Centre  
War Memorial 1139979  II* 1925 Stockton Centre High Street
Warehouse 1329479 II   Stockton Centre  
Weslyan Methodist Sunday School 1068810 II   Stockton Centre  
West Retaining Wall of Stockton Railway Station 1248175 II   Stockton Centre  
Workshop, Former School 1139954 II   Stockton Centre  
Church of St Luke 1329463  II* 1904 Thornaby Now Teesside Vineyard Church
Church of St Paul 1139919 II 1888 Thornaby North Thornaby
Former Town Hall 1320257 II 1892 Thornaby  
Glebe House 1329465 II   Thornaby  
Green Farm House 1139918 II   Thornaby  
Ivy Holme 1329464 II   Thornaby  
Old Church of St Peter 1139917  II* C12th Thornaby  
Thornaby War Memorial 1393070 II   Thornaby  
Victoria Bridge 1393672 II   Thornaby  
No. 1, Lax Terrace 1139925 II   Wolviston  
No. 24, High Street 1139924 II   Wolviston  
No. 46, Durham Road 1329466 II   Wolviston  
No. 48, Durham Road 1075331 II   Wolviston  
No. 48, High Street 1329468 II   Wolviston  
Bradley Farm, 7, Durham Road 1139922 II   Wolviston  
Church of St Peter 1329469 II 1876 Wolviston by Austin, Johnson and Hicks
Farm Buildings to West and South of Number 1 1342721 II   Wolviston  
Garth End Farmhouse 1077030 II   Wolviston  
Hall Farmhouse 1139927 II   Wolviston  
Manor Farm House 1139923 II   Wolviston  
Methodist Chapel 1076996 II   Wolviston  
Northern Grange Farmhouse and Number 44 1067689 II   Wolviston  
Outbuilding to North of Manor Farm House 1342717 II   Wolviston  
Sundial House Farm and Dial House 1139921 II   Wolviston  
The Green Farmhouse 1329467 II   Wolviston  
The Londonderry Almhouses 1139926 II   Wolviston  
The Rectory 1329470  II*   Wolviston  
Walls, Gate and Gate Piers to North and East of the Rectory 1342739 II   Wolviston  
War Memorial 1076963 II   Wolviston  
Wynyard Close 1342719 II   Wolviston  
Nos. 1 and 2, Mill Wynd 1372081 II   Yarm  
No. 1, West Street 1139889 II   Yarm  
Nos. 1-3, Poplar Court 1139883 II   Yarm  
Nos. 1-4 Hauxwell's Yard 1049128 II   Yarm  
Nos. 10 and 12, High Street 1139936  II*   Yarm  
No. 10, High Church Wynd 1373833 II   Yarm  
No. 102, High Street 1051077 II   Yarm  
No. 103, High Street 1139874 II   Yarm  
No. 104, High Street 1329497 II   Yarm  
105, High Street 1329483 II   Yarm  
No. 106, High Street 1052375 II   Yarm  
Nos. 107 and 109, High Street 1139875 II   Yarm  
No. 108, High Street 1139902 II   Yarm  
Nos. 110 and 112, High Street 1372246 II   Yarm  
No. 111, High Street 1329484 II   Yarm  
No. 113, High Street 1139876 II   Yarm  
Nos. 114 and 116, High Street 1139903 II   Yarm  
Nos. 118 and 120, High Street 1329498 II   Yarm  
Nos. 119 and 121, High Street 1329485 II   Yarm  
No. 123, High Street 1139878 II   Yarm  
No. 124, High Street 1139904  II*   Yarm  
No. 125, High Street 1329486 II   Yarm  
Nos. 127 and 127a, High Street 1051612 II   Yarm  
No. 129, High Street 1139879 II   Yarm  
Nos. 13 and 15, High Street 1329499 II   Yarm  
No. 131, High Street 1051614 II   Yarm  
No. 133, High Street 1329487 II   Yarm  
Nos. 139 and 141, High Street 1139880 II   Yarm  
No. 14, High Street 1049109  II*   Yarm  
No. 143, High Street 1052251 II   Yarm  
Nos. 145 and 147, High Street 1139881 II   Yarm  
No. 16, High Street 1329471 II   Yarm  
No. 17, Bentley Wynd 1051667 II   Yarm  
No. 17, High Street 1372250 II   Yarm  
No. 17, West Street 1139890 II   Yarm  
Nos. 18, 20 and 22, High Street 1373869 II   Yarm  
No. 19, High Street 1139905 II   Yarm  
Nos. 2 and 4, Low Church Wynd 1329489 II   Yarm  
No. 2, High Church Wynd 1139932 II   Yarm  
Nos. 2-6, High Street 1049103 II   Yarm  
Nos. 23 and 25, High Street 1139906 II   Yarm  
Nos. 26-30, High Street 1329491 II   Yarm  
Nos. 27 and 29, High Street 1139907 II   Yarm  
Nos. 31 and 33, High Street 1052350 II   Yarm  
No. 35, High Street 1139908 II   Yarm  
No. 36, High Street 1329492 II   Yarm  
Nos. 37 and 39, High Street 1052351 II   Yarm  
No. 38, High Street 1139895 II   Yarm  
Nos. 4 and 6, Bridge Street 1139930 II   Yarm  
Nos. 48 and 50, West Street 1139887 II   Yarm  
No. 49, High Street 1139909 II   Yarm  
Nos. 51 and 53, High Street 1052358 II   Yarm  
No. 54, High Street 1329493 II   Yarm  
Nos. 54-58, West Street 1139888 II   Yarm  
No. 55, High Street 1139910 II   Yarm  
No. 56, High Street 1139897 II   Yarm  
Nos. 57 and 57a, High Street 1372277 II   Yarm  
No. 58, High Street 1329494 II   Yarm  
Nos. 59 and 61, High Street 1139911 II   Yarm  
No. 63, High Street 1139912 II   Yarm  
Nos. 71, 71a and 73, High Street 1052339 II   Yarm  
Nos. 72 and 74, High Street 1139899 II   Yarm  
No. 75, High Street 1139914 II   Yarm  
No. 78, High Street 1051066 II   Yarm  
No. 79, High Street 1329500 II   Yarm  
No. 8, High Street 1139935 II   Yarm  
No. 80, High Street 1139900 II   Yarm  
No. 81, High Street 1051597 II   Yarm  
No. 83, High Street 1139872 II   Yarm  
Nos. 84 and 86, High Street 1051069 II   Yarm  
No. 85, High Street 1329482 II   Yarm  
Nos. 87 and 89, High Street 1139873 II   Yarm  
No. 9, High Church Wynd 1139933 II   Yarm  
Bentley House 1139928 II   Yarm  
Brewery Cottage 1139929 II   Yarm  
Church of St Mary Magdalene 1054686  II* 1730 Yarm With some fabric from earlier Norman church.
Clock House 1052259 II   Yarm  
Coach House to North of Number 124 1052345 II   Yarm  
Dovecote to North of Friarage 1139886 II   Yarm  
Eastry House 1139913 II   Yarm  
Esk House (Lloyds Bank) 1139898 II   Yarm  
Field House Farmhouse 1139884 II   Yarm  
Forecourt Wall and Gates to North of Number 2 1051671 II   Yarm  
Former Chapel Building 1139931 II   Yarm  
Hope House 1039876 II C17th Yarm  
K6 Telephone Kiosk Outside Post Office (1 of 2 Northern) 1248157 II   Yarm  
K6 Telephone Kiosk Outside Post Office (1 of 2 Southern) 1329514 II   Yarm  
Leven Bridge 1052254 II C19th Yarm Near High Leven
Low Lands Farmhouse 1372104 II   Yarm  
Number 77 and Wing to Near 1372625 II   Yarm  
Numbers 32 and 34 (Incorporating 34a and 36a) 1139894 II   Yarm  
Old Rosehill 1039867 II   Yarm  
Part of the Ketton Ox Public House 1372071 II   Yarm  
Post Office 1329496 II   Yarm  
Range of Buildings Adjoining Rear Wing of Number 61 High Street 1139891 II   Yarm  
Range to Rear of Number 38 1139896 II   Yarm  
Ridley House 1372248 II   Yarm  
Roman Catholic Church of St Mary and St Romuald 1425128 II 1860 Yarm  
South Lodge Gate Piers and Gates to the Friarage 1039897 II   Yarm  
Stable Range and Wall Running East to West of Dovecote (The Spital) 1139934 II   Yarm  
The Cross Keys Public House 1052335 II C18th Yarm  
The Friarage 1139885 II   Yarm  
The George and Dragon Public House 1372879 II C18th Yarm  
The Green Tree Public House 1139893 II   Yarm  
The Ketton Ox Public House 1139901  II* C17th Yarm  
The Mount 1139882 II   Yarm  
The Union Arms Hotel 1329495 II   Yarm  
Town Hall 1329488 II 1710 Yarm  
Wall to West of Dovecote (The Spital) 1049094 II   Yarm  
Warehouse to Rear of Number 19 1052349 II   Yarm  
West End House 1139877 II   Yarm  
Winpenny House 1052314 II   Yarm  
Yarm Bridge over River Tees 1105658  II* C15th Yarm Widened later
Yarm Methodist Church 1373844 II 1764 Yarm  
Yarm Viaduct 1139259 II 1851 Yarm Railway viaduct, still in use.
Yarm War Memorial 1467852 II 1920 Yarm  
Stockton market cross immediately south of Town Hall 1019916 n/a 1768 Stocton Centre Scheduled Monument
Ropner Park 1001628 II* 1893 Stockton Centre Listed Park and Garden. 
Wynyard Park 1000372 II*   Grindon Listed Park and Garden
Castle Hill 1003267 n/a C12th Castlelevington Scheduled Monument
Larberry Pastures settlement site 1006741 n/a   Longnewton Scheduled Monument
Round Hill castle mound and bailey 1006760 n/a   Ingleby Barwick Scheduled Monument
Yarm Bridge 1006763 n/a   Yarm Scheduled Monument
Newsham deserted medieval village 1006764 n/a   Newsham Scheduled Monument
St Thomas a Becket's Church 1017321 n/a   Grindon Scheduled Monument
Barwick medieval village, 50m north east of Barwick Farm 1017730 n/a   Ingleby Barwick Scheduled Monument
Romano-British villa, with associated enclosures and other features, at Condercum Green, Ingleby Barwick 1473345 n/a   Ingleby Barwick Scheduled Monument
Fountain, Ropner Park 1477633 II 1893 Stockton Centre Restored 2006-8

Primary source: the National Heritage List for England - NHLE is the register of nationally protected historic buildings and sites in England, including listed buildings, scheduled monuments, protected wrecks, registered parks and gardens, and battlefields. The list is maintained by Historic England. Check NHLE for updates and new entries. Secondary sources: British Listed Buildings.

St Cuthbert's Church, Billingham
  Co-Curate Page
St Cuthbert's Church, Billingham
- Overview Map St Cuthbert’s church is located on the west side of the green at the centre of old Billingham in the borough of Stockton-on-Tees. The church's history goes back to the 9th …
Church of St Cuthbert, Redmarshall
  Co-Curate Page
Church of St Cuthbert, Redmarshall
- Overview About the Church Map Street View St Cuthbert's Church on Church Lane in Redmarshall dates from the 12th century. It has Jacobean box pews. Attached to the nave is …
St John The Baptist Church
  Co-Curate Page
St John The Baptist Church
- Overview Map The earliest documentary evidence of the church at Egglescliffe is from 1085.[1], it was built on the site of earlier Saxon church.[2] The church has a Norman south …
Yarm Railway Viaduct
  Co-Curate Page
Yarm Railway Viaduct
- Overview Map Street View The railway viaduct over the River Tees between the towns of Yarm and Egglescliffe was built for the Leeds Northern Railway between 1849 and 1851, and officially …
Yarm Bridge
  Co-Curate Page
Yarm Bridge
- In c.1400 Bishop Skirlaw of Durham built this stone bridge across the River Tees. The bridge was widened at a later date. It is still in use as a road …
Church of St Mary Magdalene
  Co-Curate Page
Church of St Mary Magdalene
Tees Transporter Bridge
  Co-Curate Page
Tees Transporter Bridge
- Overview History Facts & Figures Map Street View The Tees Transporter Bridge was opened on the 17th October 1911 by Prince Arthur of Connaught. The bridge over the River Tees connects Middlesbrough, on the south bank, …
Cross Keys
  Co-Curate Page
Cross Keys
War Memorial
  Co-Curate Page
War Memorial
- Overview Map Street View  
Market Cross
  Co-Curate Page
Market Cross
- Overview Map Street View  
Spark's Daylight Bakery
  Co-Curate Page
Spark's Daylight Bakery
- Overview Map Street View Spark's Daylight Bakery on Bishopton Avenue in Stockton-on-Tees was built in 1938. The Art Deco style building by Kitching & Co. of Middlesbrough was built for Ralph …
St Peter's Church, Hilton
  Co-Curate Page
St Peter's Church, Hilton
- Overview Map Street View The Norman parish church in Hilton dates from the 12th Century, with later alterations. It is Grade 1 Listed.
Church of St. Mary the Virgin
  Co-Curate Page
Church of St. Mary the Virgin
- Overview Map Street View St Mary's is the Parish Church at Norton, Stockton-on-Tees. The church was originally built in c.1020 AD[1], and extended in the late 12th and 15th centuries. …
Church of St James
  Co-Curate Page
Church of St James
- Overview Map Street View  
Vane Arms
  Co-Curate Page
Vane Arms
- Overview Map Street View  
Stockton Parish Church
  Co-Curate Page
Stockton Parish Church
- Overview Map Street View Built 1710-1712.
Ruins of the Church of St Thomas, Grindon
  Co-Curate Page
Ruins of the Church of St Thomas, Grindon
Wellington Obelisk, Wynyard Park
  Co-Curate Page
Wellington Obelisk, Wynyard Park
Wynyard Hall
  Co-Curate Page
Wynyard Hall
- Overview About Wynyard Hall Map Street View   Wynyard Park, sometimes known as Wynyard Hall is a large country house in County Durham, England. The house used to be the …
Leven Bridge
  Co-Curate Page
Leven Bridge
- Overview Map Street View Leven Bridge carries the A1044 road over the River Leven, near High Leven and Ingleby Barwick. The bridge was built in the early 19th Century and …
Church of St John the Baptist, Elton
  Co-Curate Page
Church of St John the Baptist, Elton
- Overview Map Street View There has been a church in Elton since the 12th century. The current St John the Baptist Church was rebuilt by the Rev. Albany Wade in 1841 …
George and Dragon
  Co-Curate Page
George and Dragon
Hope House
  Co-Curate Page
Hope House
Ketton Ox
  Co-Curate Page
Ketton Ox
Town Hall
  Co-Curate Page
Town Hall
RC Church of St Mary and St Romuald
  Co-Curate Page
RC Church of St Mary and St Romuald
Union Arms
  Co-Curate Page
Union Arms
War Memorial
  Co-Curate Page
War Memorial
- Overview Map Street View The War Memorial at Yarm is located on the High Street next to the old Town Hall. The memorial was dedicated to 61 local men who lost …
Wesleyan Methodist Chapel
  Co-Curate Page
Wesleyan Methodist Chapel
Church of St Martin and St Hilary, Kirklevington
  Co-Curate Page
Church of St Martin and St Hilary, Kirklevington
- Overview Map Street View The Church of St Martin and St Hilary in Kirklevington has a history going back to the 12th century. The church was rebuilt in 1882-1883 in …
Church of St Paul, North Thornaby
  Co-Curate Page
Church of St Paul, North Thornaby
- Overview Map Street View St Paul's Church is located on Cambridge Road, North Thornaby. The church was built 1887 to 1888, by Mallinson and Healey. The church tower was added …
St Peter ad Vincula Church
  Co-Curate Page
St Peter ad Vincula Church
- Overview Map Street View The old Church of St. Peter ad Vincula (St Peter in chains) is located on the Green in Thornaby-on-Tees. The building dates from the 12th century, …
Old Town Hall
  Co-Curate Page
Old Town Hall
- Overview Map Street View The former Town Hall in Thornaby is located on the corner of Railway Terrace and Mandale Road. It was built 1890-1892, designed by James Garry of …
  Co-Curate Page
Teesside Vineyard Church (St Luke's)
- Overview Map Street View The Church of St Luke on acklam Road in Thornaby was built in 1904 by Hicks and Charlewood of Newcastle.[1] In August 2016, The Vineyard church movement …
The Hamilton Russell
  Co-Curate Page
The Hamilton Russell
- Overview Map Street View  
Church of St Peter, Wolviston
  Co-Curate Page
Church of St Peter, Wolviston
- Overview Map Street View St Peter's Church in Wolviston was built in 1876 by Austin, Johnson and Hicks. It was designed in the early English style, built with red brick …
Church of the Holy Trinity, Stockton-on-Tees
  Co-Curate Page
Church of the Holy Trinity, Stockton-on-Tees
- Overview Map Street View The ruins of Holy Trinity Church stand in Trinity Green, a public park close to Stockton-on-Tees town centre. The church was built in 1837-1838 by John and Benjamin …
Friends Meeting House, Norton
  Co-Curate Page
Friends Meeting House, Norton
- Overview Map Street View The Friends Meeting House, at the east side of The Green in Norton, dates from 1671. The building was restored in 1902 and had an extension …
Newsham Hall, Stockton-on-Tees
  Co-Curate Page
Newsham Hall, Stockton-on-Tees
- Overview Map Street View
Newsham deserted medieval village
  Co-Curate Page
Newsham deserted medieval village
- Newsham (the place name means 'the new dwelling') was a substantial village around the 12th century, but the settlement had been deserted by 1600. The few visible remains would be …
Castle Hill, Castlelevington
  Co-Curate Page
Castle Hill, Castlelevington
Church of St Mary, Longnewton
  Co-Curate Page
Church of St Mary, Longnewton
- Overview Map Street View St Mary's Church is located off Darlington Road in Longnewton. The Early English style church was built 1856-1857 by S. S. Tenlon. The church is a …
Fountain, Ropner Park
  Co-Curate Page
Fountain, Ropner Park
- Overview Map Street View At the centre of Ropner Park is a three-tiered cast iron ornamental fountain. It was built in 1893, made by Walter Macfarlane and Company of Saracen …
Ropner Park
  Co-Curate Page
Ropner Park
- Overview Map Street View Ropner Park is a public park in Stockton-on-Tees. In 1890, Robert Ropner of Preston Hall, donated the money for Stockton-on-Tees Town Council to purchase land known …
Preston Park Museum and Grounds
  Co-Curate Page
Preston Park Museum and Grounds
- Overview Map Street View Preston Hall near Eaglescliffe in Stockton-on-Tees was a stately home built in 1825 for David Burton Fowler. When Fowler purchased the estate it included four farms, …
The Ship, Redmarshall
  Co-Curate Page
The Ship, Redmarshall
- Overview Map Street View The Ship is a public house located on Church Lane in Redmarshall. The building dates from the late 17th or early 18th century. The Ship is a …
Church of St John the Divine, Stillington
  Co-Curate Page
Church of St John the Divine, Stillington
- Overview Map Street View  


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