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Historic Buildings and Monuments in Belsay Civil Parish

Listed buildings and scheduled monuments in Belsay Civil Parish, Northumberland, from the the National Heritage List for England[1]. Use the Search (below) if looking for a specific building / monument.

Structure List No. Grade Built~ Notes
Belsay Hall Grounds 1001042  I C18th Listed Park and Garden
Defended settlement on Slate Hill, 300m north west of Bolam Lake 1011834 n/a Iron Age Scheduled Monument
Medieval wayside cross, 190m east of Belsay Tower 1015518 n/a Medieval Scheduled Monument
Belsay tower house and attached unfortified wing, deserted medieval village, possible moated site, promontory fort and watch post 1015517 n/a C15th Scheduled Monument
Standing stone and adjacent round cairn, 760m north east of East Shaftoe Hall 1015530 n/a   Scheduled Monument
Standing stone on Bygate Hill, 660m north west of Bygate Farm 1015843 n/a   Scheduled Monument
Round cairn 680m north east of Bygate Farm 1015845 n/a   Scheduled Monument
Middle Newham deserted village 1006421 n/a   Scheduled Monument
Bowl barrow, 200m ENE of Shortflatt 1011833 n/a   Scheduled Monument
Defended settlement, 200m south west of Bolam Hall 1011836 n/a   Scheduled Monument
Round cairn, 400m SSW of Bolam church 1011837 n/a   Scheduled Monument
Huckhoe palisaded enclosure, defended settlement and Romano-British settlement, 550m north east of Bolam West Houses 1011838 n/a   Scheduled Monument
1, Harnham 1154084 II 1757 Harnham
3 and 4, Harnham 1154102 II C18th Harnham
Anderson, Colley and 2 Other Headstones Approx 2-10 Yards South of Church of St Andrew 1153916 II C18th Bolam
Armorial Beast Approx 10 Yds East of Shortflatt Tower 1370657 II Medieval Sandstone carving
Bantam Folly, Approx 200 Yards West of Belsay Castle 1152975 II c.1757 Belsay
Belsay Castle 1042837  I 1370 Belsay. With house added 1614.
Belsay County First School 1153721 II 1870 Belsay
Belsay Dene House 1042810 II C18th Belsay
Belsay Hall 1304489  I 1817 Belsay
Belsay Village Cross Approx 250 Yds East of Belsay Castle 1042841 II Medieval Belsay
Blackheddon Farmhouse 1370688 II 1613 Black Heddon
Blackheddon Hall 1042813 II 1824 Black Heddon
Boat House 450 Yards North-East of Belsay Hall 1042846 II 1820s Belsay
Bolam Hall East Wing, and Bolam Hall West Wing 1370689 II 1810 Bolam
Boundary Stones in Laker Plantation Approx 44o Yards North of Belsay Dene House 1042811 II 1788  
Bowman and Morgan Headstones Approx 20 Yds South of Church of St Andrew 1153905 II 1712  
Bridge and Gateway Approx 750 Yards West of Belsay Castle 1042840 II C18th Belsay
Bridge Approx 350 Yards North of Belsay Castle 1370666 II   Belsay
Bridge Approx 440 Yards East of Shortflatt Tower 1042823 II    
Bridge Approx 440 Yds North-East of Belsay Castle 1304526 II   Belsay
Bridge Approx 600 Yards West-North-West of Belsay Castle 1152985 II   Belsay
Byre and Barn to East of No 2 1042820 II    
Byres and Granary to East of Harnham Hall 1370655 II    
Byres and Shelter Sheds Approx 10 Yards North of Bantam Folly, Belsay Castle 1042839 II    
Byres and Shelter Sheds Approx 30 Yards South-East of Blackheddon Farmhouse 1042812 II   Black Heddon
Cascade at East End of Belsay Lake, Approx 270 Yards South of Belsay Hall 1042845 II   Belsay
Church of St Andrew 1304102  I Saxon Bolam. Norman interior.
Cook, Hepple, Steel, Renwick and Crow Headstones Approx 2-8 Yards South of Church of St Andrew 1042817 II   Bolam
Courtyard Wall East and North of Belsay Castle 1370664 II   Belsay
Dovecote and Outbuilding Approx 30 Yards North of Bolam Hall 1153843 II   Bolam
East Lodge to Belsay Hall 1042848 II   Belsay
Farmbuildings Approx 20 Yards South-West of Woodhouse 1304154 II    
Farmbuildings to North of Belsay Dene House 1370687 II    
Field Hall Lodge 1153674 II    
Folly Farmhouse and Attached Barn 1153969 II    
Garden Cottage and Stables to North West of Shortflatt Tower 1154161 II    
Garden Gates Approx 30 Yards East of Shortflatt Tower 1303944 II    
Garden Wall Attached to West Side of Shortflatt Tower 1042822 II    
Garden Walls and Dovecote to South of Nos 3 and 4 1370656 II    
Gate Piers and Walls Approx 300 Yards South-East of Bolam Hall 1042814 II   Bolam
Gateway and Churchyard Wall to South of Church of St Andrew 1042816 II   Bolam
Gateways, Wall and Railings Approx 40 Yds West of Belsay County First School 1042849 II    
Harnham Hall 1042818  II* C16th Harnham. House with tower
Kennels Approx 40 Yds North of Belsay Castle 1042838 II C19th Belsay
Milepost Approx 440 Yds East of Edgehouse 1042834 II    
Milepost at Junction with B6309 1042833 II    
Mounting Block Approx 20 Yards South of Church of St Andrew 1153897 II   Bolam
North Lodge 1153623 II    
Number 2 and Attached Shed 1042819 II    
Pant Approx 40 Yards South of the Arcade 1042809 II    
Pigsty, Forge and Garden Wall Approx 10 Yards North of Belsay Hall Stables 1370667 II   Belsay
Redhouse Farm Buildings 1042836 II    
Redhouse Farmhouse 1370663 II    
Remains of Cross Approx 15 Yards South of Church of St Andrew 1042815 II   Bolam
Restaurant to Rear of the Highlander Public House 1042835 II    
Robson Headstone Approx 15 Yards South of Church of St Andrew 1370691 II    
Sandyford Cottages Farm Buildings and Garden Walls 1154129 II    
Shelter Sheds Tack Room and Stables Approx 40 Yards North of West Bitchfield 1154264 II   West Bitchfield
Shortflatt Tower 1042821  I 1257 near Bolam
Snowball Headstone Approx 10 Yards South of Church of St Andrew 1304063 II   Bolam
Stable Block Approx 20 Yards South of Woodhouse 1042847 II    
Stable Block Approx 30 Yards North-East of Belsay Hall 1153036  II* c.1817 Belsay
Stable, Barn and Gingang Approx 20 Yds North of West Bitchfield 1042825 II   West Bitchfield
Stables Approx 30 Yds North-West of Belsay Castle 1370665 II C18th Belsay
Steps and Terrace Wall Approx 5 Yards South of Belsay Hall 1042843 II   Belsay
Sundial Approx 20 Yards West of Shortflatt Tower 1303928 II    
Terrace Wall Approx 30 Yards South of Belsay Hall 1042844 II   Belsay
The Arcade, 1 1153733 II   Belsay
The Arcade, 2-4 1370668 II   Belsay
The Arcade, 5-13 1370686 II 1830s Belsay
The Highlander Public House 1370662 II    
The Old School House 1042826 II 1829? Belsay
The Old Vicarage 1370692 II    
Tomb of Katherine Babington, Wall and Statues Approx 20 Yds West of Harnham Hall 1304022 II 1670 Harnham
Wall and Gatepiers and Gate Approximately 350 Yards South West of Bolam Hall 1370690 II   Bolam
Walled Garden and Garden Cottages North of Belsay Hall 1042842 II   Belsay
Walled Garden Attached to South of West Bitchfield 1042824 II   West Bitchfield
Walls Around Winter Garden Approx 150 Yds West of Belsay Hall 1153649 II   Belsay
West Bitchfield Tower 1303894  I C14th West Bitchfield
Woodhouse 1153693 II    

Primary source: the National Heritage List for England - NHLE is the register of nationally protected historic buildings and sites in England, including listed buildings, scheduled monuments, protected wrecks, registered parks and gardens, and battlefields. The list is maintained by Historic England. Check NHLE for updates and new entries.
Secondary sources: British Listed Buildings and Keys to the Past.

Belsay Hall
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Old Stable Block near Belsay Castle
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Old Stable Block near Belsay Castle
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Belsay Castle
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Stable Block, Belsay Hall
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Church of St Andrew, Bolam
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Church of St Andrew, Bolam
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Shortflatt Tower
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Shortflatt Tower
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West Bitchfield
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West Bitchfield
- Overview About West Btichfield Tower Map   Bitchfield Tower or West Bitchfield Tower is a 15th-century medieval pele tower near Belsay, Northumberland, England. It is Grade I listed on the ...
Harnham Hall
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Harnham Hall
Belsay School
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Belsay School
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Blackheddon Hall
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Blackheddon Hall
- Former manor house in Black Heddon, Northumberland. Built in 1824, this is a Grade 2 Listed Building.
Old School House, Belsay
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Old School House, Belsay
Tomb of Katherine Bavington, Harnham
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Tomb of Katherine Bavington, Harnham
Slate Hill Settlement Earthworks, Bolam
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Slate Hill Settlement Earthworks, Bolam
- Overview Map Remains of a defended Iron Age settlement around the top of Slate Hill, just north of Bolam Lake in Northumberland. The ruins are a Sheduled Monument.
Former Kennels, Belsay Castle
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Former Kennels, Belsay Castle
Belsay Hall Grounds
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Belsay Hall Grounds
- The grounds and parkland around Belsay Hall were laid out from 1806-1867 by Sir Charles Monck, incorporating features from an earlier landscape park developed during the 18th Century by the ...
Bantam Folly, Belsay
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Bantam Folly, Belsay
- Bantam Folly, near Belsay Castle, are farm buildings, built in c.1757 for Sir William Middleton. The buildings were designed to provide a landscape feature; until the mid-20th Century, the folly ...


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