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Historic Buildings and Monuments in Stanley

Listed buildings and scheduled monuments in Stanley, County Durham, from the the National Heritage List for England[1]. Use the Search (below) if looking for a specific building / monument.

Structure List No. Grade Built~ Notes
Beamish Burn Farmhouse 1240811 II    
Beamish Hall 1260862  II* C16th Beamish
Beamish Home Farm House, Stable and Mounting Block 1260821 II    
Beamishburn Bridge 1260823 II    
Beckley Farmhouse and Farmbuildings Attached 1260744 II    
Causey Arch 1240816  I 1726 Causey, near Tanfield
Christ Church Non-Conformist Church 1391865 II 1895 Stanley
Church of St Andrew 1323689 II 1876 Stanley
Church of St George 1260778 II    
Church of St Margaret 1240887 II 1749 Tanfield
Church of St Thomas 1240951 II 1841 Harelaw, Annfield Plain
Cock Grave Cover Adjacent to West Wall of South Side of Church of St Margaret 1240888 II    
Culvert, Arch and Retaining Walls, in West Face of Embankment over Causey Burn 1260837  I    
Davison Tomb Adjacent to East Wall of South Side of Nave of Church of St Margaret 1240889 II    
Derwentside Area Council Offices 1260825 II    
Farm Buildings at Beamish Hall Farm 1240809 II    
Former Collierley National School 1406014 II    
Former Miner's Hall and Institute 1260777 II    
Fountain About 100 Metres East of Beamish Hall Gardens 1240800 II    
Garden Wall, Piers, Gates, and House Attached at Beamish Hall Gardens 1240739  II*    
Gate Piers West of Church of St Margaret 1260765 II    
Grey Tomb Circa 10 Metres South West of Church of St Margaret 1260785 II    
Harelaw Watering Place 1240896 II    
Imperial Hotel 1240819 II    
Joicey Tomb Circa 20 Metres North East of Gates to Church of St Margaret 1240891 II    
Memorial Opposite Number 12 Loud Terrace 1240732 II c.1918 Annfield Plain
Middles Farmhouse 1240895 II    
Pillar Box Approx. 87 Metres East-South-East of Bandstand 1240810 II    
Public Library 1240952 II 1908 Annfield Plain
Roman Catholic Church of St Joseph 1391984 II    
Rosedale Manor 1240898 II    
St Margarets House 1260781 II    
Stables North of Beamish Hall 1260855 II    
Stables to Rear of Number 40 1260782 II    
Stanley War Memorial 1440528 II    
Starling Bridge over Beamish Burn 1240808 II    
Sundial on Lawn to East of Beamish Hall 1240740 II    
Tanfield Hall 1240892  II* C17th Tanfield
The Gatehouse 1240886 II    
Turnbull Tomb Circa 10 Metres South East of Church of St Margaret 1240890 II    
Wall, Trough and Horse Wash South of Beamish Home Farm 1260822 II    
Walls and Garage Around Garden of Rosedale Manor 1260776 II    
Walls and Gate Piers South of Church of St Margaret 1260786 II    
Walls, Piers, Steps, Gates and Railings in Front of Tanfield Hall 1260787  I    
War Memorial 1240796 II    
War Memorial 1240817 II 1922 Craghead
War Memorial in Annfield Plain Park 1240857 II 1919 Annfield Plain
War memorial outside St George's Church, South Moor 1440397 II    
West Lodge 1240812 II    
Wonders Tomb Circa 20 Metres South of Church of St Margaret 1260762 II    
Wray Tomb Circa 6 Metres South East of Church of St Margaret 1260784 II    
Causey Arch, Tanfield 1002364 n/a 1726 Scheduled Monument
Bobgins engine house 250m south west of New House, Causey 1018225 n/a   Scheduled Monument

Primary source: the National Heritage List for England - NHLE is the register of nationally protected historic buildings and sites in England, including listed buildings, scheduled monuments, protected wrecks, registered parks and gardens, and battlefields. The list is maintained by Historic England. Check NHLE for updates and new entries.
Secondary sources: British Listed Buildings and Keys to the Past.

Causey Arch
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Causey Arch
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Beamish Hall
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Beamish Hall
- Overview History of Beamish Hall Map Street View   Beamish Hall is a mid-18th-century country house, now converted to a hotel, which stands in 24 acres (97,000 m2) of grounds ...
Tanfield Hall
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Tanfield Hall
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Church of St Andrew, Stanley
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Church of St Andrew, Stanley
- Overview Map Street View St Andrew's Church is located on Church Bank / Joicey Gardens in Stanley, County Durham. The church was built 1876 - 1877, and designed by J. ...
Christ Church, Stanley
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Christ Church, Stanley
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Church of St Margaret of Antioch, Tanfield
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Church of St Margaret of Antioch, Tanfield
- Overview Map "Little is known for certain about the 'early' days of St Margaret's Church, but it is generally believed that St Cuthbert's monks chose Tanfield to hide the saints ...
Church of St Thomas, Harelaw
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Church of St Thomas, Harelaw
- Overview Map Street View St. Thomas' Church is located on North Road, Harelaw, Annfield Plain. The church, by G. Jackson, was built in 1841 at a time when the population ...
Loud Hill Memorial
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Loud Hill Memorial
- Overview Map Street View This memorial in Annfield Plain is inscribed "It was here that Pilot Officer Joyce met his death on the night of March 13 1918." The memorial ...
Annfield Plain Library
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Annfield Plain Library
- Overview Map Street View The library in Annfield Plain was built in 1908. The land for the library was donated by John Wilkinson Taylor, M.P., and the building itself was ...
War Memorial
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War Memorial
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War Memorial, Craghead
- Overview Map Street View The War Memorial in Craghead is located off Edward Street. The statue of an angel was unveiled on the 11th November 1922 by R.W. Cooper, Managing ...


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