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Historic Buildings and Monuments in Stanhope Civil Parish

Listed buildings and scheduled monuments in Stanhope Civil Parish, County Durham, from the National Heritage List for England[1]. Use the Search (below) if looking for a specific building / monument.

Structure List No. Grade Built~ Notes
5 Boundary Stones on Border with Cumbria 1322754 II    
7/8 Stone Houses 1231097  II*    
Aller's Bridge over Killhope Burn 1233602 II    
Amrita Cottage 1232348 II    
Arch of Former Lintzgarth Smelt Mill Flue 1277257 II    
Barn and Byre North of Old Park Farmhouse 1230050 II    
Barn and Stable Range to East of Park House Farmhouse 1230492 II    
Barn Range South of Ludwell Farmhouse 1277426 II    
Barn to East of Peakfield Farmhouse 1277252 II    
Barn to North of Low Allers 1233680 II    
Bishop Butler's House 1278074 II    
Blackcleugh Farmhouse and Outbuilding 1232343 II    
Blaeberry Cleugh Lead Mine Bouse Team 1232306 II    
Blaeberry Cleugh Lead Mine Buddle, on West Bank of Blaeberry Cleugh 1232477 II    
Blaeberry Cleugh Lead Mine Knocking Wall and Bingstead on West Bank of Blaeberry Burn 1232461 II    
Bollihope House Farmhouse and Barn Adjoining 1231172 II    
Bonnymoor and Harthopeburn Cottage 1232082 II    
Bridge End 1229602 II C16th Cowshill. Farmhouse, incorporates bastle.
Bridge over River Wear 1277160 II    
Bridge over Rookhope Burn 1231376 II C19th Eastgate
Broadwood Farmhouse 1229993 II    
Burtree Ford House and Barn Adjoining 1231311 II    
Butts House 1231313 II    
Candle House at Newhouse 1233515 II    
Cart Shed North of Willow Green Farmhouse 1229604 II    
Castle Wall Including Market Lodge, Gateway and Bus Shelter 1232029 II    
Church of St John the Baptist 1232171 II 1752 St John's Chapel. On site of medieval church.
Church of St John the Evangelist 1232216 II 1822 Rookhope. Rebuilt 1905
Church of St Michael and All Angels 1231459 II    
Church of St Thomas 1231701  II* C12th Stanhope
Churchyard Wall with Gates, Piers and War Memorial 1231956 II    
Churchyard Walls and Hearse House to North of Church of St Thomas 1231166 II C19th Stanhope
Co-Operative Stores 1231492 II    
Coach House North of the Rectory 1231589 II    
Coronation Bridge over River Wear 1230037 II    
County Library Branch 1231493 II    
Cow Shed, Stable and Hay Loft to South of Dry Gill West Farmhouse 1230039 II    
Cowshill War Memorial 1436799 II    
Cragside Cottage 1278161 II    
Currah Tomb About 4 Metres South of Church of St John 1232081 II    
Dene View 1231319 II    
Dovecote North West of Frosterley House 1278149 II    
Dry Gill West Farmhouse 1230342 II    
Dwarf Walls in Front of Eastgate Mill 1278146 II    
Earle and Collingwoods Tombs About 3 Metres South of Church of St Thomas 1231872 II    
East and West Houses, Longhorn Ends 1278256 II    
Eastern Lime Kiln on North Bank of Bollihope Burn 1231170 II    
Eastgate Mill 1231373 II    
Eastgate War Memorial 1434063 II    
Emerson Tomb About 15 Metres East of Church of St John, Near South Wall of Churchyard 1232199 II    
Emmerson Cottage, The Cottages and Muschamp House 1231307 II    
Farmbuildings to South East of Low Allers Cottage 1233700 II    
Farmhouse on North Bank of Stotfield Burn, with Attached Outbuilding 1277204 II    
Fell View Cottage 1277059 II    
Field Barn About 100 Metres South of Newhouse 1232093 II    
Field Barn and Wall at Junction of Heights Quarry Road 1278822 II    
Footbridge over Railway Line 1231181 II    
Former Farmhouse to West of Snowhope Close Farmhouse 1232083 II    
Former House and Byre, with Loose Boxes, South of Ludwell Farmhouse Barn 1231826 II    
Former Inn 1232214 II    
Former Lock Up West of Former Police House 1230036 II    
Former Rectory, Now Parish Hall, Flats and Private House 1278083 II    
Frosterley Bridge over River Wear 1278085 II    
Frosterley House 1231416 II    
Frosterley House Cottage and Arch Adjoining 1231382 II    
Garage North of the Rookhope Inn 1231178 II    
Garden Wall and Dog Shelter North of Frosterley House 1231431 II    
Gate Piers and Walls South of Peakfield Farmhouse 1277254 II    
Gate Piers to North East of Church of St Michael and All Angels 1231470 II    
Greenhead Farmhouse and Outbuilding Attached 1230040  II*    
Greenlaws (Former Primitive Methodist Chapel) 1278815 II 1858 Lanehead
Greenlaws East Level Portal Arch at Middle Level Mine 1278086 II    
Greenlaws West Level Portal Arch at Middle Level Mine 1231675 II    
Grove Rake Mine Lodging Shop 1232075 II    
Guidepost at Junction of A689 and Causeway Road 1231699 II    
Hackword Tomb About 2 Metres East of East End of Church of St John 1277259 II    
Haswick's Bridge over River Wear 1232310 II    
Heather Lea 1231316 II    
Heathery Cleugh Bridge, over Heathery Cleugh 1278265 II    
High Bishopley Farmhouse and Barn Adjoining 1278248 II    
High Crooked Well 1231741 II    
High Greenwell Farmhouse and Barn Attached 1232213 II    
High House Chapel and Former Minister's House 1230009 II    
High Smailsburn Farmhouse 1232079 II    
Hog Hill Tunnel North Entrance 1230546 II    
Hog Hill Tunnel South Entrance 1278789 II    
Hole Dam Farmhouse 1230045 II    
Holroyd 1278148 II    
Hope Level Entrance Arch in Stanhope Dene 1230517 II    
Horsley Hall 1229603 II    
House East of the Cottage 1231379 II    
House Occupied by Mrs Burgess and Garden Wall Adjoining 1231314 II    
Iley Tomb Circa 28 Metres South of Church of St Thomas 1277434 II    
Inscription Stone Set in Garden South of Rancho Del Rio 1229607 II    
Island House 1231317 II    
Ivy Cottage and Barn Adjoining 1231806 II    
Killhopeburn Shielding 1230206 II    
Lime Kiln 1229978 II c.1800 Frosterley
Lime Kiln North East of Broadwood Kiln House 1276478 II    
Lime Kiln West of Fine Burn Quarry 1278191 II    
Limekiln About 100 Metres West of Allercleugh Plantation, South East of Middle Whitestones Farm 1232355 II    
Limekiln Circa 300 Metres South of Burnhope Reservoir 1278198 II    
Limekiln East of Clarty Lane 1278782 II    
Limekiln North East of Bollihope Shield Farm 1231177 II    
Limekiln North East of High Greenfield Farmhouse 1278556 II    
Limekiln North of High Greenfield 1230067 II    
Lintzgarth Bridge over Rookhope Burn 1277207 II    
Low Aller's Cottage 1233589 II    
Low Allers 1276529 II    
Low Bishopley Farmhouse and Barn Adjoining 1278846  II*    
Low Hawkwell Head 1278628 II    
Ludwell Farmhouse 1231700 II    
Marker Stone on Bridge over Bollihope Burn 1231171 II    
Market Cross 1231714 II 1871 Stanhope
Mellbutts Bank 1231719 II    
Memorial Fountain at Junction with Road to Ford 1277124 II    
Memorial to John Wesley 1229605 II C18th Ireshopeburn
Methodist Chapel 1278797 II    
Middle Level Lead Mine North Bouse Teams 1231634 II    
Middle Level Lead Mine Timber Store 1231495 II    
Middle Level Lead Mine Water Race and Steps and Retaining Wall at Dressing Floor 1231496 II    
Middle Level Mine Shop 1278087 II    
Milepost About 100 Metres East of Killhope Head Bridge 1230019 II    
Milepost About 120 Metres East of Park House Farmhouse 1230048 II    
Milepost About 15 Metres East of Junction to Road to Bondisle Way 1231609 II    
Milepost About 200 Metres West of Park Level Mine 1230020 II    
Milne Farmhouse and Barn, with Wall and Implement Shed Attached 1231169 II    
New Close Farmhouse with Stable, Byre and Lofts 1232289 II    
New Park and Cottage Adjoining 1230046 II    
Newhouse, and Walls Attached 1232062  II*    
North Lodge and Wall to Stanhope Castle (Castle Lodge) 1231528 II    
Number 1 and Houses Adjoining in Butts Head, the Butts 1232019 II    
Numbers 1 - 4 Consecutive and Stables Attached 1278197 II    
Old Market Cross in Churchyard About 3 Metres North of Gate 1277435 II 1669 Stanhope
Old Park Farmhouse, with Cottage and Byre Attached 1230494 II    
Outbuilding East of High Bishopley Farmhouse 1231168 II    
Outbuilding North of Whitestones Cottage 1232291 II    
Outbuilding South of Stanhope Hall Mill 1232085 II    
Outbuilding to North West of Former Inn 1232215 II    
Outbuilding to South of Park House Farmhouse 1278786 II    
Outbuilding to South of Swinhopeburn Farmhouse 1232288 II    
Outbuildings and Wall North East of Frosterley House 1278133 II    
Outbuildings North of Frosterley House 1231380 II    
Outbuildings to North of Phoenix Inn 1231491 II    
Outbuilidng South of Eastgate Mill 1231375 II    
Parish Hall of Church of St Michael 1231490 II    
Park Level Entrance Arch 1278746 II    
Park Level Mine Bouse Teams 1278747 II    
Park Level Mine Jigger House and Crushing Mill Water Wheel 1278814  II*    
Park Level Mine Masterman Washer's Hut 1230024 II    
Park Level Mine Shop 1278769 II    
Park Shops 1278632 II    
Peakfield Farmhouse and House Adjoining to Right 1232073 II    
Peart Tomb About 4 Metres South of Church of St John 1232180 II    
Peathill Brow 1232308 II    
Phoenix Inn 1278082 II    
Pine Cottage (Former Police House, North of Heatheryclough) 1278643 II    
Pound at West End of Village 1232345 II    
Premises Formerly Occupied by J and G Archibald Limited 1232050 II    
Premises Occupied by Wh Busby and Market Cottage 1231715 II    
Railway Marker About 600 Metres South of Weatherhill Engine 1278577 II    
Railway Marker About 660 Metres South of Weatherhill Engine 1278794 II    
Rancho Del Rio 1229606 II    
Reading Room and Cottage Adjoining to Right 1232064 II    
Retaining Wall South of Stone House 1230072 II    
Rookhope War Memorial 1439719 II    
Row of Houses at Wolfcleugh, About 200 Metres South of Rookhope Burn 1277255 II    
Scarsike Head Guide Post on North Side of Road Junction One Metre West of Wall 1232200 II    
Shield Ash Farmhouse 1278790 II    
Snape Gate Farmhouse (West) and Outbuildings Attached 1232067 II    
Somerville Tomb About 5 Metres South of Chancel of Church of St John 1232189 II    
Spring Spout and Trough North of High Bishopley Farmhouse 1278249 II    
Stanhope Bridge over River Wear 1277203  II* C15th Stanhope. Widened in 1792
Stanhope Castle 1231718  II* 1798 Stanhope
Stanhope Hall 1277202  II* C16th Stanhope
Stanhope Hall Mill 1277261 II    
Stockton and Darlington Railway marker about 400 metres south of Weatherhill Engine 1278791 II    
Stockton and Darlington Railway Marker About 530 Metres South of Weatherhill Engine 1278792 II    
Sundorne and Milburn, Adjoining to Right 1232066 II    
Swinhopeburn Court House 1277158 II    
Swinhopehead House 1232339 II    
The 'Golden Lion' 1277260 II    
The Cottage 1231377 II    
The Cottage 1231378 II    
The Cottage and Adjoining Farm Buildings 1232217 II    
The Cross Keys Public House 1231320 II C18th Eastgate. 2 houses, later converted to inn
The Curatage and House Adjoining on West 1278084 II    
The Frosterley Inn 1231455 II    
The Pack Horse Inn 1277436 II    
The Rectory 1231564 II    
The Rookhope Inn 1278192 II    
Trustees Savings Bank 1231509 II    
Unthank Hall 1230062  II* C16th Stanhope
Unthank Mill, Houses and Cow House Attached 1230065 II    
Wall of Former Rectory Garden and Retaining Wall to Stanhope Caravan Site 1278196 II    
Wall of Former Rectory Garden, Now Stanhope Caravan Site 1231186 II    
Wall on North East Side of Castle Garden, and Gazebo Attached 1278798 II    
Walls and Gate Piers in Front of Frosterley House 1231381 II    
Walton Tomb About 10 Metres South of Church of St Thomas on East Side of Path 1231710 II    
War Memorial 1277222 II 1922 St John's Chapel
Warden Hill Farmhouse East Part 1230422 II    
Wearhead Methodist Chapel 1230042 II 1826 Wearhead
Weavers Workshop at Junction of A689 and Causeway Road 1231820 II    
Well Head to West of Frosterley House 1278150 II    
Western Limekiln on North Bank of Bollihope Burn 1278250 II    
Westernhope Burn East Farmhouse 1232301 II    
Westernhope New Mine Washing Floor on East Bank of Ash Burn 1232489 II    
Westernhope Old (Lead) Mine Dressing Floor on South Bank of West Grain 1232444 II    
Westernhope Old (Lead) Mine Lodging Shop and Stable on South Bank of West Grain 1232303 II    
Westernhopeburn Cottage 1232380 II    
Westernhopeburn West Farmhouse and Adjoining Outbuilding 1232384  II*    
Westgate Primitive Methodist Chapel 1232510  II* 1871 Westgate
Wheel House on West Side of Harehope Burn 200 Metres South of Bollihope Burn 1231694 II    
White Kirkley Farmhouse 1277130 II    
Whitestones Cottage 1277110 II    
Willow Green Farmhouse and Byres Attached 1279004 II    
Wolfcleugh Sheepfold Circa 200 Metres South West of Wolfcleugh Cottages 1232076 II    
Stanhope Bridge 1002363 n/a   Scheduled Monument
Market cross, 35m and 50m south of St Thomas' Church 1016876 n/a   Scheduled Monument
Middlehope Shield and Low Slit lead mines and ore works 1015825 n/a   Scheduled Monument
Old Rookhope ore hearth lead smeltmill, 630m north west of Lintzgarth Plantation 1015826 n/a   Scheduled Monument
Middle Greenlaws Level lead mine and ore works 1015828 n/a   Scheduled Monument
Brandon Walls lead mine and ore works 1015831 n/a   Scheduled Monument
Park Level lead mine with ore works on Killhope Burn 1015853 n/a   Scheduled Monument
St Botolph's Chapel, 280m north east of Frosterley Bridge 1016466 n/a   Scheduled Monument
Cairnfield on Crawley Edge, 500m north west of Hill Crest 1016816 n/a   Scheduled Monument
Enclosure NW of Old Park House 1002313 n/a   Scheduled Monument
Westgate Castle 1002320 n/a   Westgate. Scheduled Monument
Camp at High Northgate 1002326 n/a   Scheduled Monument
Cambokeels medieval site 1002343 n/a   Scheduled Monument

Primary source: the National Heritage List for England - NHLE is the register of nationally protected historic buildings and sites in England, including listed buildings, scheduled monuments, protected wrecks, registered parks and gardens, and battlefields. The list is maintained by Historic England. Check NHLE for updates and new entries.
Secondary sources: British Listed Buildings and Keys to the Past.

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