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Historic Buildings and Monuments in Dalston Civil Parish

Listed buildings and scheduled monuments in Dalston Civil Parish, Cumbria, from the National Heritage List for England[1]. Use the Search (below) if looking for a specific building / monument.

Structure List No. Grade Built~ Note
Nos. 1 and 2, the Green 1335648 II    
No. 14, the Square 1335651 II    
No. 19, the Square 1087410 II    
Nos. 25-26, the Square 1392399 II    
No. 27, the Square 1087411 II    
No. 3, the Square, Dalston 1087452 II    
Barn and Byres Adjoining to North East of Pinquay's 1057683 II    
Barn to North East of Green Lane Cottage 1045797 II    
Barn to West of Poplar House 1087440 II    
Beech House and Adjoining Outbuildings 1335670 II    
Boundary Stone on the Ivegill Road South East of Stockdalewath 1374529 II    
Brackenhow Ny 376485 1045821 II    
Brecon Hill 1087466 II    
Bridge End Inn 1087432 II    
Byres and Barn Adjoining to North of Cardew Hall 1335645 II    
Caldew Bank 1335680 II    
Caldew House 1087439 II    
Cardew Hall 1055827 II    
Cardew House 1335644 II    
Cardew Lodge 1087435 II    
Chapel House 1087449 II    
Chilterns 1366620 II    
Church Farmhouse 1374148 II    
Church House 1335650 II    
Church of All Saints 1345594 II 1761 Raughton Head
Church of St Michael and All Angels 1374153  II* C12th Dalston
Church View 1038532 II    
Corisca Cottage and Adjoining Cottages 1087434 II    
Coronation Seat 1055748 II    
Country Kitchen 1374223 II    
Cumdivock War Memorial 1457978 II 1919 Cumdivock
Curtain Walls Surrounding Rose Castle 1054869  I   Rose Castle
Dalston Bridge 1366595 II    
Dalston Hall NY376515 1087441  II*    
Dalston War Memorial 1458513 II 1920  
Dovecote to North East of Rose Castle 1087474  II*   Rose Castle
Dover House 1038340 II    
Farm Outbuilding Attached to North East Gable of Outbuilding, Formerly Farmhouse 35 Metres North Wes 1335675 II    
Farm Outbuilding Attached to South West Gable of Outbuilding, Formerly Farmhouse 35 Metre North West 1087420 II    
Farm Outbuilding North North West of Raughtonhead Hill Farmhouse 1263922 II    
Farm Outbuilding, Formerly Farmhouse 35 Metres North West of Raughtonhead Hill Farmhouse 1247865 II    
Fieldhead 1335661 II    
First floor dwelling with agricultural ground floor 1421404 II    
Flanders NY380501 1045827 II    
Forge Green (Former Workhouse) 1390515 II    
Former Stables to South East of Hawkesdale Hall 1087445 II    
Fountain Head and Adjoining Barn 1366626 II    
Gaitsgill Hall 1335647 II    
Garden Wall to South East of Cardew Lodge 1087436 II    
Gardener's Cottage, Adjoining Gateway Gate Tower and Outbuilding, to East of Cardew Lodge 1335682 II    
Gate with Flanking Lodge and Tower, to North of Rose Castle 1335662  I   Rose Castle
Green Lane Cottage 1087467 II    
Green Lane House 1087468 II    
Green Park 1087469 II    
Hawkesdale Hall 1335649  II* C17th Hawksdale
Haythwaite 1087450 II    
High Bridge 1392916 II    
Holm House and Adjoining Barn 1054920 II    
Holmmill Farmhouse 1345541 II    
House Immediately North East of Haythwaite 1087451 II    
Hudbeck and Adjoining Outbuildings 1087470 II    
Lime House School 1087446 II C17th? Holm Hill country house; now school
Lodge South East of Cardew Lodge 1087437 II    
Middle Farm and Adjoining Outbuilding 1055796 II    
Nook House and Adjoining Barn 1087471 II    
Outbuilding to North West of Hawkesdale Hall 1057697 II    
Pinquay's 1087447 II    
Poplar House 1055815 II    
Pow Bank 1054878 II    
Primrose Cottage Village Hall 1366618 II 1885 Gaitsgill. Village Hall
Raughton Farmhouse 1087448 II    
Raughton Head House 1039114 II    
Raughton Head War Memorial 1459491 II 1920  
Red Spears 1087472 II    
Roewath NY388445 1335671 II    
Rose Bridge 1054879 II    
Rose Castle 1087473  I C14th Fortified house incoprorating pele tower
Royal Oak House and Royal Oak Cottage 1087442 II    
Stables and Barn to West of Green Lane House 1045805 II    
Stockdalewath Bridge 1038311 II C19th Stockdalewath
Stonethwaite and Adjoining Former Barns and Byres 1087438 II    
Terrace Wall to East of Rose Castle 1367048 II    
Thackwood 1054813 II    
The Blue Bell 1087453 II C18th Dalston
The Gill 1335646 II    
The Oaks 1087444 II    
The Old Vicarage 1366606 II    
The Willows 1087443 II    
Thethwaite and Adjoining Barn 1087475 II    
Thrangholm Bridge NY385460 1335663 II    
Threshing Mill 1350376 II    
Thwaite Nook 1087433 II    
Townhead and Adjoining Barns NY92486 1087413 II    
Unnamed House and Outbuilding to North West of Hill House 1335681 II    
Wythmoor House and Adjoining Barns 1087412 II    
Bishop's Dyke 1007136 n/a   Scheduled Monument
Settlement enclosure, 492m south east of Cardew Hall 1007206 n/a   Scheduled Monument

Primary source: the National Heritage List for England - NHLE is the register of nationally protected historic buildings and sites in England, including listed buildings, scheduled monuments, protected wrecks, registered parks and gardens, and battlefields. The list is maintained by Historic England. Check NHLE for updates and new entries. Secondary sources: British Listed Buildings.

Dalston Civil Parish Lime House School, near Dalston Church of All Saints, Raughton Head Stockdalewath Bridge Hawksdale Hall Rose Castle Primrose Hall, Gaitsgill War Memorial, Raughton Head Church of St Michael, Dalston War Memorial, Dalston, Cumbria The Blue Bell, Dalston War Memorial, Cumdivock
Rose Castle
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War Memorial, Raughton Head
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War Memorial, Raughton Head
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Church of St Michael, Dalston
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Church of St Michael, Dalston
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War Memorial, Dalston, Cumbria
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War Memorial, Dalston, Cumbria
- Overview Map Street View The parish war memorial in Dalston is a carved Celtic cross located in the churchyard of St Michael's and overlooks the north end of The Square. …
The Blue Bell, Dalston
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The Blue Bell, Dalston
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Lime House School, near Dalston
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Lime House School, near Dalston
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War Memorial, Cumdivock
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War Memorial, Cumdivock
Church of All Saints, Raughton Head
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Church of All Saints, Raughton Head
Primrose Hall, Gaitsgill
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Primrose Hall, Gaitsgill
- Overview Map Street View Primrose Hall is the Village Hall in Gaitsgill. It was originally built in 1885 for estate workers by Lt. Col. J. Carleton Salkeld of Holm Hill. …


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