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Historic Buildings and Monuments in Cockermouth

Listed buildings and scheduled monuments in Cockermouth, Cumbria, from the National Heritage List for England[1]. Use the Search (below) if looking for a specific building / monument.

Structure List No. Grade Built~ Note
Nos. 1,3, Castlegate 1144733 II    
Nos. 1-21, St Helen's Street 1144723 II    
Nos. 1-4, the Croft 1144735 II    
Nos. 1-8, Fern Bank 1327100 II    
No. 10, Castlegate 1144732 II    
Nos. 10,12, St Helens Street 1144721 II    
Nos. 11,13, Castlegate 1372873 II    
Nos. 11-19a, Gote Road 1327101 II    
Nos. 11-23, Market Place 1144720 II    
Nos. 12,14, Main Street 1144709 II    
Nos. 14-28, Market Place 1367073 II    
Nos. 16-22, Main Street 1144710 II    
Nos. 17-25, Kirkgate 1327063 II    
No. 2, Crown Street 1372897 II    
Nos. 2,4, Castlegate 1144730 II    
Nos. 21-27, Gote Road 1052325 II    
Nos. 24,28, Main Street 1327086 II    
Nos. 26-34, St Helens Street 1055794 II    
Nos. 3-7, Market Place 1144719 II    
Nos. 30,30a, Market Place 1144718 II    
Nos. 33,35, Market Place 1327093 II    
No. 38, Kirkgate 1144745 II    
Nos. 38,40 and 42, Market Place 1327092  II*    
No. 4, Main Street 1327085 II    
Nos. 4,6, Market Place 1327091 II    
No. 44, Market Place 1222239 II    
Nos. 45,47, Main Street 1054894 II    
No. 46, Market Place 1222249 II    
Nos. 46-50, Kirkgate 1144704 II    
Nos. 49,51, Main Street 1327090 II    
Nos. 5,7, Castlegate 1373837  II*    
Nos. 5-9, Gote Road 1144737 II    
Nos. 52-56, Main Street 1327087 II    
No. 6, Castlegate 1327096  II*    
Nos. 65-69, Main Street 1054870 II    
Nos. 68 and 70, Kirkgate 1144706 II    
Nos. 70,72,74,74a,76,78,80,82, Main Street 1144712 II    
Nos. 72 and 74, Kirkgate 1327083 II    
Nos. 73-85, Main Street 1367080 II    
Nos. 78 to 86, Kirkgate 1144707 II    
No. 8, Castlegate 1144731 II    
No. 9, Castlegate 1327098 II    
No. 9, Market Place 1055840 II    
Nos. 9-21, Main Street 1054877 II    
Barn to Rear of Cottage Attached to Goatmill House 1327102 II    
Bowling Green House in Grounds of Cockermouth Castle 1144729 II    
Brown Cow Public House 1327089 II    
Bush Hotel 1144716 II    
Castlegate House 1327097  II*    
Challoner House 1144684 II    
Christ Church 1327112 II    
Church of All Saints 1144744  II* 1854 On the site of an earlier church
Cocker Bridge 1067800 II 1828 Rebuild of earlier bridge here
Cockermouth Castle (Residence of Lord Egremont) 1144725  I    
Cockermouth Castle (Uninhabited Parts) 1144724  I    
Cockermouth Cemetery Chapels 1391538 II    
Cockermouth Grammar School 1096081 II    
Congregational Church 1045807 II    
Congregational Sunday School 1144713 II    
Cornmill at Goatmill Bridge 1144739 II    
Cottage Attached to Goatmill House, Including Attached Stable 1372622 II    
Derwent Bridge 1144765 II 1822  
Derwent Bridge House 1052352 II    
Derwent Mills (Old Building Only) 1144687 II    
Double Mills 1144766 II    
Eastern Range of Buildings 1144727  I    
Former Mill 1144734 II    
Garden Walls of the Castle South of Bowling Green House 1327095 II    
Gatepiers at Entrance to All Saints Churchyard 1367447 II    
Globe Hotel 1144714 II    
Goatmill House 1144738 II    
Grecian Villa (County Fire Office) 1372247 II    
Hames Hall, 1052261 II    
Kirkby House 1327099 II    
Kirkgate Corner 1144722 II    
Kirkgate House 1144703 II    
Maltings at Jennings Brewery, Castle Brewery 1393651 II    
Mayo Statue 1327084 II 1875  
Milestone West of Cockermouth 1138167 II    
National Westminster Bank 1144711 II    
No 13 and Cobbled Forecourt to No 13 1039899 II    
No 31 and Cobbled Forecourt to No 31 1367126 II    
No 52, Swan Inn and Nos 58-64 1144705 II    
Norham House 1144717  II*    
Nos 24-28 and Cobbled Paving in Front of Nos 24 to 28 (Even) 1274745 II    
Nos 33 and 35 and Cobbled Forecourt to Nos 33 and 35 1144741 II    
Nos 37 and 39 and Cobbled Forecourt to Nos 37 and 39 1144742 II    
Nos 41 and 43 and Cobbled Forecourt to Nos 41 and 43 1054726 II    
Nos 45 and 47 and Cobbled Forecourt to Nos 45 and 47 1327064  II*    
Nos 47a, 49 and 51 and Cobbled Forecourt to 47a, 49 and 51 1144743 II    
Nos 53 and 55 and Cobbled Forecourt to Nos 53 and 55 1054021 II    
Outer Gatehouse 1144726  I    
Pack Horse House 1367063 II    
Pump Inside the Outer Gatehouse 1327094  I    
South Lodge 1327113 II    
Southern Range of Buildings, Adjoining the Flag Tower (Including Garages, Store Rooms and Castle Cot 1144728  I    
St Leonards Hospice 1144685 II    
Sun Inn 1055853 II    
The Fitz 1145198 II    
The Old Courthouse 1144708 II    
The Trout Hotel 1144736 II    
Town Hall 1055821 II    
Victorian Hall (Gospel Hall) 1327114 II    
Wordsworth Hotel 1144715 II    
Wordsworth House and Garden and Forecourt Walling, and Gate Piers to Wordsworth House 1327088  I C18th A National Trust property
Cockermouth Castle: medieval enclosure castle and site of earlier motte and bailey castle 1013333 n/a C13h Scheduled monument (see 2 other listings for the castle)
Tute Hill motte 1013388 n/a C11th? Scheduled monument, remains of the mound
Romano-British farmstead in Fitz Woods 1014587 n/a Romano-British  Scheduled monument

Primary source: the National Heritage List for England - NHLE is the register of nationally protected historic buildings and sites in England, including listed buildings, scheduled monuments, protected wrecks, registered parks and gardens, and battlefields. The list is maintained by Historic England. Check NHLE for updates and new entries.
Secondary sources: British Listed Buildings.

Wordsworth House
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