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Historic Buildings and Monuments in Morpeth

Listed buildings and scheduled monuments in Morpeth, Northumberland, from the the National Heritage List for England[1]. Use the Search (below) if looking for a specific building / monument.

Structure List No. Grade Built~ Note
Motte and bailey castle on Haw Hill 1017376 n/a C11th Scheduled Monument.
Nos. 1 and 2, Market Place 1370721 II    
No. 1, Manchester Street 1370720 II    
No. 101, Newgate Street 1156131 II    
No. 105, Newgate Street 1042739 II    
No. 11, Oldgate 1156190 II    
No. 13, Castle Square 1370700 II    
No. 13, Oldgate 1042743 II    
No. 132, Newgate Street 1042735 II    
No. 19, Bridge Street 1303320 II    
No. 19, Buller's Green 1370699 II    
Nos. 2 and 4, Newgate Street 1042732 II    
2 Medieval Effigies Approx 2ft West of Church of St Mary 1042765 II    
Nos. 2-5 Wansbeck Place 1155717 II    
No. 23, Newgate Street 1370726 II    
Nos. 25 and 25a, Oldgate 1370728 II    
Nos. 26 and 28, Bridge Street 1370698 II    
No. 29, Newgate Street 1156090 II    
No. 3, Market Place 1042729 II    
Nos. 30 and 32, Bridge Street 1042756 II    
Nos. 30 and 32, Newgate Street 1155993 II    
No. 35, Oldgate 1156220 II    
No. 4, Market Place 1370722 II    
No. 46, Buller's Green 1155619 II    
Nos. 5 and 7, Oldgate 1042742 II    
Nos. 53 and 55, Newgate Street 1156109 II    
No. 57, Bridge Street 1042755 II    
Nos. 59 and 61, Newgate Street 1370727 II    
No. 59, Bridge Street 1155554 II    
Nos. 6, 6a and 8, Newgate Street 1370724 II    
No. 69, Newgate Street 1156124 II    
No. 8, Manchester Street 1042728 II    
No. 84, Newgate Street 1042734 II    
No. 94, Newgate Street 1303054 II    
Bell Headstone Approx 20 Yards South West of Church of St Mary 1303197 II    
Black Bull Hotel 1303286 II    
Bolland Hall 1302025 II    
Bollard by Rear Wall of Joiners Arms 1042726 II    
Bon Accord House 1370725 II    
Bow Villa 1302964 II    
Boys Brigade Headquarters 1042727 II    
Bullen Memorial 100 Yards North West of Church of St Mary 1042766 II    
Church of St James 1042733  II* 1846 Parish Church
Church of St Mary 1042763  I C14th  
Churchyard Cross Approx 20 Yards South of Church of St Mary 1155762 II    
Collingwood House 1042740  II* C18th Former home of Admiral Lord Collingwood
Collingwood Terrace 1042741 II    
Entrance Screen to Churchyard of Church of St James 1156013  II*    
Footbridge on Beggar's Lane 1155607 II    
Gatepiers and Gates to Carlisle Park 1042757 II    
Grange House 1370723 II    
Grave of Emily Davison Approx 100 Yards North-West of Church of St Mary 1155804 II 1913  
Harle House 1042737 II    
Kirkville 1042761 II    
Lansdowne House 1156030 II    
Lloyds Bank 1303026 II    
Lowford Bridge 1303122 II    
Lychgate North-East of Church of St Mary 1155749 II 1861  
Morpeth Castle 1155642  I C14th Gatehouse
Morpeth Masonic Lodge, Winton House 1042762 II    
Morpeth Station 1042760 II 1847 By John Green
New Bridge (Telford Bridge) 1303312  II* 1831 By Thomas Telford
Newminster Abbey 1155952 II C12th Scheduled Monument. Ruins.
No 15 and Attached Area Railings 1370697 II    
Numbers 1-7 (Consecutive) East Mill 1042753 II    
Old Station Buildings (Greens Agricultural Merchants) 1155697 II    
Percy Cottage and wall attached to north west corner 1042744 II    
Pethgate Court 1155635 II    
Railings and Gates North-East of Lychgate to Church of St Mary 1042764 II    
Roman Catholic Church of St Robert 1156182 II    
Softley and Brown Headstones Approx 3 Yards South of Church of St Mary 1370701 II    
The Beeswing 1042738 II    
The Cenotaph 1096118 II 1922 by Castle Bank
The Chantry 1042759  I C14th Now the Tourist Information centre
The Clock Tower 1156135  II* C17th incorporates part of an earlier building
The Court House 1303244  II* 1822 By John Dobson
The Croft and Croft Cottage 1370719 II    
The Hollen Fountain 1042731 II    
The Old Bakehouse Coffee Shop 1042736 II    
The Old Bridge and Footbridge 1155666 II    
The Toll House 1042758 II    
The Town Hall 1042730 II 1713  
Town and Country Antique Furniture Restorers 1042754 II    
Watch-House Approx 30 Yards South of Church of St Mary 1155845 II    
Watson House 1156202 II    

Primary source: the National Heritage List for England - NHLE is the register of nationally protected historic buildings and sites in England, including listed buildings, scheduled monuments, protected wrecks, registered parks and gardens, and battlefields. The list is maintained by Historic England. Check NHLE for updates and new entries.
Secondary sources: British Listed Buildings and Keys to the Past.

Church of St. Mary
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Church of St. Mary
- Overview Map Street View The Parish Church of St Mary the Virgin in Morpeth stands on Kirkhill, approximately one mile south of the town centre. Much of the building dates ...
Lych Gate, St Mary's Church
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Lych Gate, St Mary's Church
- The lych gate to St Mary's Church on Kirkhill in Morpeth was built in 1861. The lych gate is Grade II listed.[1]
Morpeth Castle
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Morpeth Castle
- Overview About Morpeth Map Street View Morpeth Castle was originally a gatehouse built at the entrance to the castle from which it gets its name. The castle is Grade I ...
The Chantry
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The Chantry
- Overview About Morpeth Chantry Map Street View   Morpeth Chantry also known as All Saints Chantry is a Grade I listed building situated adjacent to the site of the ancient ...
Church of St. James
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Church of St. James
- Overview Map Street View  
Collingwood House
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Collingwood House
- "Whenever I think of how I am to be happy again my thoughts carry me back to Morpeth" (Admiral Lord Collingwood). This house on Oldgate in Morpeth was the home ...
Telford Bridge
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Telford Bridge
- Overview Map Street View Telford Bridge (aka 'New Bridge') in Morpeth was built 1829 - 1831 by Thomas Telford.[1] The stone bridge carries the A192 road over the River Wansbeck. ...
Clock Tower
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Clock Tower
- Overview About the Clock Tower Map Street View The Clock Tower on Old Gate in Morpeth was built in the early 17th century, using stone from an earlier Medieval building. ...
Court House
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Court House
- Overview Map Street View The Court House in Morpeth was built in 1822, and designed by John Dobson in the style of a medieval castle.[1] It was originally part of ...
Grave of Emily Davison, St Mary's
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Grave of Emily Davison, St Mary's
- The grave of Emily Davison is located in the churchyard of St Mary's Church in Morpeth. Davison was buried in the family plot in the church following her death in ...
Newminster Abbey (ruins)
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Newminster Abbey (ruins)
- The ruins of Newminster Abbey are located on the west side of Morpeth, near the south banks of the River Wansbeck. This Cistercian abbey was founded in 1137; most of ...
War Memorial
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War Memorial
- Overview Map Street View The Cenotaph in Morpeth is located off Castle Bank. The memorial was designed by C. Franklin Murphy and unveiled by Lord Joicey on the 1st of ...
Town Hall
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Town Hall
- Overview Map Street View  
Haw Hill, Motte and Bailey
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Haw Hill, Motte and Bailey
Morpeth Station
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Morpeth Station
- Overview Map Street View The railway station in Morpeth was originally buit in 1847 by John Green for the York, Newcastle and Berwick Railway. The platform canopies were added in ...


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