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Kirkharle Parish, 1855

Extract from: History, Topography, and Directory of Northumberland...Whellan, William, & Co, 1855.

KIRKHARLE parish comprises the townships of Harle (Little), Harle (West) and Kirkharle, and is bounded by the parishes of Kirwhelpington, Thockrington, and Hartburn. The townships of Harle (Little), and Harle (West), were added to this parish by an order of the Queen in council, in 1847, and severed from the parish of Kirwhelpington, to which they formally belonged. At the same time, and by the same order the township of Hawick, in Kirkharle parish, was transferred to that of Kirwhelpington. Kirkharle parish comprises an area of 3,502 acres, and its population in 1801, was 281; in 1811, 337; in 1821, 304; in 1831, 286; in 1841, 299; and in 1851, 253 souls. 

HARLE (LITTLE), a township situated one mile and a quarter south-east by east of Kirwhelpington, is the property and seat of Thomas Anderson, Esq., who is also Lord of the Manor. It comprises an area of 701 acres, and its rateable value is £735 16s. 6d. The tithes were commuted in 1839; aggregate amount £12 16s. 8d, vicarial, and in £1 8s. inpropriate. The number of its inhabitants in 1801, was 67; in 1811, 77; in 1821, 48; in 1831, 64; in 1841, 51; and in 1851, 67 souls. This estate was formerly one of the manors of the barony of Prudhoe, of which it was held, in 1552, by John de Fenwick. It came afterwards into the possession of the Aynesleys of Shaftoe, from whom it was transferred by marriage to Lord Charles Murray, youngest son of the Duke of Athol, who assumed the name of Aynesley. It is now the property of the gentleman above mentioned, who resides at a LITTLE HARLE TOWER, an ancient building beautifully situated, and surrounded by fine forest trees. The principal resident is Thomas Anderson, Esq. Little Harle Tower


HARLE (WEST) is a township and hamlet, the property of Thomas Anderson, Esq. who is also Lord of the Manor. The township contains 661 acres, and its rateable value is £400. It contained in 1801, 48; in 1811, 65; in 1821, 64; in 1831, 55; in 1841, 38; and in 1851, 22 inhabitants. Tithes commuted in 1839, aggregate amount £16 7s d..5 inpropriate, and £8 11s. 8d. vicarial. This estate was formerly possessed by the ancient family of Widdrington, and subsequently by the Harles. The hamlet of West Harle is situated 2 miles S.S.W of Kirwhelpington. William Curry, farmer, is the principle inhabitant. 


KIRKHARLE is a township and village in the parish of the same name, the property of Thomas Anderson, Esq. who is also the possessor of the manorial rights and privileges. The township comprises an area of 2,140 acres, and its rateable value is £2,184. Population in 1801, 166; in 1811, 195; in 1821, 196; in 1831, 167; in 1841, 210; and in 1851, 164 souls. This was one of the manors of the barony of Bolbeck, which belonged to Robert de Harle in the reign of Edward II. It was afterwards the property of the Strothers, from whom it descended to the Loraines, whose ancestor, Robert, was one of those who accompanied the Conqueror in his invasion of England, and received, as his share of his spoil, large estates in the county of Durham, where the family resided till the reign of Henry V., when William Loraine became the proprietor of the Kirkharle estate, by marrying the eldest daughter of William de Strother. THE VILLAGE of Kirkharle is pleasantly situated on the Cambo road, about 13 miles N.N.W. of Hexham. The church is dedicated to Saint Wilfrid. The living, a vicarage in the archdeaconry of Northumberland and the Deanery of Bellingham, is valid in the Liber Regis at £3 8s. 4d, gross income £197. Patron, Thomas Anderson, Esq,; Incumbents, the Rev. Thomas Redman; The Rerv. John Horsley Newton, B.A., is the resident curate. The parish register commences in 1692. Here is a colliery and tile works, which are extensively carried on by Thomas Anderson, Esq.


Walter Ballmer, steward

John little, blacksmith

Rev. John Horsley Newton, BA, Vicarage

Joseph Parslow, foreman, Mirlow House

Nicholas Thomas Soppet, coal agent

James Thornton, shopkeeper


Andrew Robinson, Kirkharle

 Ralph Shanks, Kidlaw

Thomas R Weddle, Shield Hill

William Weddle, Greatelaw.




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