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Historic Buildings and Monuments in Wallington Demesne Civil Parish

Listed buildings and scheduled monuments in Wallington Demesne Civil Parish, Northumberland, from the National Heritage List for England[1]. Use the Search (below) if looking for a specific building / monument.

Structure List No. Grade Built~ Notes
Nos. 1-3, Middle Row 1370669 II    
Nos. 2-5, Front Row 1042890 II    
4 Stone Dragons Heads on Lawn East of Hall 1154450  II* C16th Wallington
Nos. 7-9, Front Row 1042891 II    
Bolt Cottage and Outbuilding to North 1154320 II    
Bridge over River Wansbeck 1303956  I 1755 South of Wallington
Calverley Cottage and The Vicarage 1042853 II    
Cambo War Memorial 1434944 II 1920  
Cartshed, Yard Walls and Attached Structures to Rear of No 1 1042889 II    
Clock Tower Gate 1042870  I 1754 Wallington. By Daniel Garrett
Congregational Church 1303907 II    
Conservatory in Walled Garden 1042866 II    
Corridge Farmhouse 1042856 II    
Drinking Fountain 40 Metres East of Post Office 1370671 II 1880 Cambo
Eastern Cottage Adjacent to Manse 1303892 II    
Farm Buildings to West of Prior's Hall Farmhouse 1042864 II    
Footbridge over Middleton Burn 60 Metres South-West of Congregational Church 1042861 II    
Forge House 1154239 II    
Garden Wall Adjacent to West End of Corridge Farmhouse 1154244 II    
Garden Wall and Dovecote/Privy to East of Corridge Farmhouse 1370673 II    
Garden Walls to South of Prior's Hall Farmhouse 1303865 II    
Garden/Forecourt and Terrace Walls to Congregational Church and Manse 1303890 II    
Gate Piers 80 Metres North-West of Bridge over River Wansbeck (Q.v.) 1042885 II    
Gate Piers and Gate to Churchyard with Adjacent Walls 1042887 II    
Ha-Ha Wall 20 Metres South of Wallington Hall 1303803 II    
Hartburn Grange Farmhouse and Adjacent Cartshed 1042858 II   Hartburn Grange
Highlaws Farmhouse 1042884 II 1728 Highlaws
Holy Trinity Church 1154139 II 1842 Cambo. By by J.&.B. Green
Icehouse in West Wood 1042832 II C18th Wallington
Manse Adjacent to Congregational Church 1042859 II    
Middleton Mill and Millers House 1154314 II    
Milepost on West Side of Road Opposite Track to Corridge 1154109 II    
Milestone 160 Metres North of Cambo School 1370651 II    
Milestone 240 Metres West of Old Deanham 1042886 II    
Milestone 40 Metres North of Crossroads 1303959 II    
Milestone 50 Metres North of Gate to Wallington Car Park 1154135 II    
Milestone on South Side of Road at Ngr Nz 03628419 1303862 II    
New Deanham Farmhouse 1370650 II    
No. 10 (Cambo House) and Cambo House Cottage 1042850 II    
North-East Courtyard Range and Courtyard Wall 1154428  II*    
North-West Courtyard Range and Courtyard Wall 1154425  II*    
Outbuilding East of Corridge Farmhouse 1042857 II    
Outbuildings and Yard Walls to North of the Garden House 1303859 II    
Outhouse Row to East of Nos 1-3 1042852 II    
Ox Inn 1370637 II    
Pele House 1370670 II C16th Cambo. Converted to a shop in 1818.
Piers and Screen Wall at Car Park Entrance 1042830 II    
Piers and Screen Wall Opposite Garden Gate 1370659 II    
Portico House and Terrace Walling 1303871 II    
Priors Hall Farmhouse 1370639 II    
Privy House 25 Metres to North-West of Owl House 1042867 II    
Range of Farmbuildings South-West of Hartburn Grange Farmhouse 1154256 II   Hartburn Grange
Roadside Wall to South and South-West of the Garden House 1042863 II    
Sir Walter's Privy in East Wood 1370640 II    
Stable Range to the North of No 1 1303935 II    
Standing Stone on East Side of Chinese Pond 1042865 II    
Stone 60 Metres West of West Gate of Courtyard 1154433 II    
Stone Walls Associated with Farm Buildings 1370636 II    
Sundial 10 Metres South of Wallington Hall 1042831 II    
Sundial in Walled Garden 100 Metres South-East of Owl House 1154373 II    
Terrace Wall in Walled Garden 1042868 II    
The Arches 1370638  II* 1735 Wallington. Relocated in 1751.
The Chapel, Farmbuilding 70 Metres South-West of Corridge Farmhouse 1154247 II    
The Garden House 1042862  II*    
The Middle Stead 1303941 II    
The Old Byre, Outbuilding North-West of No. 9 1042851 II    
The Owl House on North Side of Walled Garden 1303845 II    
The Two Queens 1042888 II    
Trevelyan Graves 9 Metres East of South Churchyard Gate 1154153 II    
Urn 17 Metres South-East of Hall 1154446 II    
Urn at West End of Terrace 160 Metres West of Hall 1370660 II    
Urn in Walled Garden 60 Metres South of Owl House 1154377 II    
Village Hall and Adjacent House 1042855 II    
Wall and Gate Piers Between North Front of Hall and Main Courtyard 1154415 II    
Wall and privy houses 40 metres south-east of Pele House 1042854 II    
Walled Garden with Gateways 1154358  II*    
Wallington Hall 1042869  I 1688 Built for Sir William Blackett on site of earlier house.
West House and West End 1370672 II    
Western Cottage Adjacent to Manse 1042860 II    
Bob Gin Pitt mine drainage system 520m south east of Wallington Hall 1020739 n/a   Scheduled Monument
Wallington - Grounds 1001054 II*   Listed park and garden
Wallington Bridge 1002903 n/a   Scheduled Monument
Standing stone, 700m south west of Middleton South 1015523 n/a   Scheduled Monument
South Middleton medieval village and open field system 1017738 n/a   Scheduled Monument
Romano-British settlement and Iron Age defended settlement, 550m north east of Shaftoe Grange 1013757 n/a   Scheduled Monument

Primary source: the National Heritage List for England - NHLE is the register of nationally protected historic buildings and sites in England, including listed buildings, scheduled monuments, protected wrecks, registered parks and gardens, and battlefields. The list is maintained by Historic England. Check NHLE for updates and new entries. Secondary sources: British Listed Buildings and Keys to the Past.

Wallington Demesne Civil Parish Wallington War Memorial, Cambo Holy Trinity Church, Cambo Bastle House, Cambo Drinking Fountain, Cambo The Arches Dragons' Heads Clock Tower Gate Ice House Highlaws, Northumberland Bridge over the Wansbeck, south of Wallington
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Ice House
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The Arches
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