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Historic Buildings and Monuments in Warkworth CP

Listed buildings and scheduled monuments in Warkworth Civil Parish, Northumberland, from the National Heritage List for England[1]. Use the Search (below) if looking for a specific building / monument.

Structure List No. Grade Built~ Note
Low Buston medieval settlement, 231m south east of Low Buston Hall 1006502 n/a Medieval Low Buston.Scheduled Monument.
Cup and ring marked rock 430m north of Morwick Hall 1014482 n/a Prehistoric Scheduled Monument.
Warkworth Castle motte and bailey castle, tower keep castle and collegiate church 1011649 n/a C12th Scheduled Monument
St Mary Magdalene's medieval chapel and associated earthworks, 90m north of Mauldin 1014744 n/a C13th Scheduled Monument
Nos. 1 and 2, Dial Place 1155106 II    
No. 1, Castle Terrace 1371232 II    
No. 1, the Stanners 1371222 II    
Nos. 10, 11 and 12, Bridge Street 1154922 II    
No. 13, Dial Place 1155198 II    
No. 14, Castle Street 1041706 II    
No. 14, the Butts 1303569 II    
No. 15, Bridge Street 1041735 II    
Nos. 16 and 16a, Castle Street 1371231 II    
No. 16, Dial Place 1041712 II    
No. 19, Dial Place 1371234 II    
No. 20, Dial Place 1041716 II    
No. 21, Bridge Street 1041736 II    
Nos. 25 and 26, Castle Street 1371208 II    
3 Stone Coffins to East of South Aisle of Church of St Lawrence 1303427 II Medieval  
Nos. 30 and 31, Castle Street 1041740 II    
No. 33, Castle Street 1041741 II    
No. 37, Castle Street 1154988 II    
No. 4, Castle Street 1371228 II    
No. 4, Dial Place 1155178 II    
No. 43, Castle Street 1303578 II    
No. 44, Castle Street 1041700 II    
No. 46, Castle Street 1371227 II    
No. 47, Castle Street 1041701 II    
No. 4a, Castle Street 1041703 II    
No. 5, Castle Street 1371229 II    
No. 5a, Castle Street 1041705 II    
Nos. 6 and 7, Dial Place 1041710 II    
No. 6, Castle Street 1371230 II    
Barclays Bank 1041707 II C19th Castle Street, Warkworh
Barn 30 Metres North East of Morwick Hall 1155355 II   Morwick
Birling Manor 1371205 II    
Bridge End House 1041733 II    
Bridge Head Tower 1154927 II    
British Rail East Coast Main Line Viaduct over River 1371134 II    
Bullock and Fawcus Tombs 6 Metres South of South of Church of St Lawrence 1041714 II    
Buston Barns Farmhouse 1155307 II C17th Low Buston
Butlesdon House 1371235 II    
Cartshed Range on South of Yard 1041693 II    
Cartshed/Granary 60 Metres North of Low Buston Hall 1041718 II C19th Low Buston
Cartshed/Granary to North of Northfield Farmhouse 1371259 II    
Warkworth Castle - Castle Curtain Walls with Gateway, Towers and Attached Buildings 1041690 I C12th  
Castlegate House 1041702 II    
Cemetery Chapel 1041691 II    
Church of St Lawrence 1303446 I 1132 On the site of an Anglo Saxon church
Churchyard Walls, Gate and War Memorial 1303431 II 1920 Warkworth War Memorial
Co-Operative Shop 1155282 II    
Coach House and Stable to Rear of Number 5 1041704 II    
Coach House Range to West of Birling Manor 1041729 II    
Coach House, Outbuilding, Yard Walls and Gatepiers North East of Southside Farmhouse 1303340 II    
Coquet House 1041738 II    
Coquet Lodge 1155662 II    
Coquet Lodge Cottages 1041692 II    
Coquet View 1154958 II    
Detached Byre 50 Metres North of Sturton Grange Farmhouse 1041689 II   Sturton Grange
Dodsworth Tomb 14 Metres North East of South Churchyard Gate 1041715 II    
Dorothy Boutique 1154982 II    
Farmbuilding Group North West of Northfield Farmhouse 1041683 II    
Farmbuilding Group to North of Southside Farmhouse 1041686 II    
Forecourt Wall, Railings and Gates to Bridge End House 1303592 II*    
Front Wall and Gate Piers to United Reformed Church 1154978 II    
Front Wall and Gate Screen 1041713 II    
Garden Wall and Gates to Emberside House 1371206 II    
Garden Wall to East South and West of New Barns Farmhouse 1041682 II    
Garden Wall to North of Emberside and Elm House 1154913 II    
Garden Wall to North West of Sturton Grange Farmhouse 1303282 II   Sturton Grange
Garden Wall to Number 1 1041687 II    
Garden Walls 100 Metres West of Shortridge Hall 1041685 II    
Garden Walls to East of Morwick Hall 1371237 II   Morwick
Garden Walls to Rear of Bridge End House 1041734 II    
Garden Walls to West and South West of Southside Farmhouse 1371221 II    
Gate Screen 80 Metres South West of Morwick Hall 1371256 II   Morwick
Gate Screen at Drive Entrance 220 Metres South of Morwick Hall 1041680 II   Morwick
Gatepiers, Quadrant Wall and Mounting Block to North of Gloster Hill Farmhouse 1155296 II    
Grey Monument in Garden 100 Metres East of Morwick Hall 1041720 II   Morwick
Ha-Ha Wall to South of Morwick Hall 1041679 II   Morwick
Hen House and Attached Structures to North West of Birling Manor 1303611 II    
Hulne House 1371209 II    
J V Hall, Newsagent and Post Office 1154986 II    
K6 Telephone Kiosk 10 Metres South of Pant Outside Number 19 1041708 II    
Lodge and Gatepiers 80 Metres North East of Southside Farmhouse 1155509 II    
Low Buston Hall 1155303 II C17th Low Buston
Market Cross 1303500 II    
Masons Arms 1371233 II    
Morwick Hall and Attached Wall to North West 1155337 II   Morwick
New Barns Farmhouse 1041681 II    
Northfield Farmhouse 1371258 II    
Number 8 and Attached Outbuilding 1041731 II    
Old Barns Farmhouse 1371257 II    
Old Gate Piers to East of Gloster Hill Farmhouse 1041717 II C17th Gloster Hill
Old Smithy 200 Metres East of Sturton Grange Farmhouse 1155548 II   Sturton Grange
Outbuildings and Gate Piers to North of Sturton Grange Farmhouse 1041688 II   Sturton Grange
Outbuildings at Rear of Numbers 4 and 5 1154909 II    
Outbuildings on North and East of Rear Courtyard with Attached Wall on West 1041719 II    
Pant Outside Number 19 1303536 II    
Pill Box at NU233032 1372340 II    
Pill Box at NU250047 1052199 II 1940 Between Gloster Hill and Warkworth
Pill Box at NU250063 1372339 II    
Shortridge Hall 1303334 II    
Southside Farmhouse 1303337 II    
Stable Range and Kennels on North of Yard 1155678 II    
Stone Coffin and Lid Flanking Path 10 Metres South of Grey Monument 1371255 II    
Sturton Grange Farmhouse 1155517 II   Sturton Grange
The Barn 1155040 II    
The Donjon 1303256 I C15th Warkworth Castle - Keep
The Hermitage Inn 1041739 II    
The Horseless Carriage 1041730 II    
The Old School 1041737 II    
The Old Smithy 1155049 II    
The Old Vicarage 1155207 II    
The Schoolhouse 1154948 II    
The Sun Hotel 1155096 II    
The Vicarage 1041711 II    
United Reform Church 1371207 II    
Wall and Railings Enclosing Lawn in Front of Sun Hotel 1041709 II    
Walls and Gatepiers to Warkworth Station 1303237 II    
Warkworth Bridge 1041732 II C14th Over the River Coquet. Scheduled Monument(1020741)
Warkworth Hermitage 1041684 I C14th Scheduled Monument(1011648)
Warkworth House Hotel 1154938 II*    
Warkworth Station 1041694 II    
West Part of Farmbuilding Group to North of Maudlin Farmhouse 1371236 II    

Primary source: the National Heritage List for England - NHLE is the register of nationally protected historic buildings and sites in England, including listed buildings, scheduled monuments, protected wrecks, registered parks and gardens, and battlefields. The list is maintained by Historic England. Check NHLE for updates and new entries.
Secondary sources: British Listed Buildings and Keys to the Past.

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