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Historic Buildings and Monuments in Lakes Civil Parish

Listed buildings and scheduled monuments in Lakes Civil Parish, Cumbria, from the the National Heritage List for England[1]. Use the Search (below) if looking for a specific building / monument.

Structure List No. Grade Built~ Note
Nos. 1-3, Smithy Brow 1272009 II    
Nos. 1-6, Main Street 1245274 II    
Nos. 1-7, Mill Street 1245275 II    
Nos. 2 and 3, Bridge Street 1272215 II    
No. 2, Cheapside 1244945 II    
Nos. 2-11, Church Street 1245006 II    
Nos. 3 and 4, Cheapside 1244793 II    
No. 4, Bridge Street 1244790 II    
Nos. 5 and 6, Bridge Street 1272216 II    
AA Telephone Call Box No 487 1367182 II    
Albert Moore's Barn 1245582 II    
Allan Bank 1272018 II    
Arbour in Garden at Dove Nest 1245155 II    
Ash Tree Cottage 1272217 II    
Ashton Cottage, Little Beck and Raesbeck 1245117 II    
Barn Adjacent to the Bield 1271944  II*    
Barn and Cottage Belonging to the Red Lion to South of Hotel 1245185 II    
Barn and Stable Attached to Forest Side Cottage 1054624 II    
Barn at Rear of Church Stile Studio 1245161 II    
Barn at Town End 1245541  II* 1666 Townend, Troutbeck
Barn to East of Howe Top Farmhouse 1271871 II    
Barn to North of Underhelm Farmhouse 1272001 II    
Barn to South West of Gillside 1245257 II    
Barn to West of Low Fold Farmhouse 1245511 II    
Barns Attached to Mill Brow Farmhouse 1271826 II    
Barns Etc to North of Low House 1245508 II    
Barns, Stables Etc to North and East of Rydal Hall 1245500  II*    
Beckside 1271818 II    
Becksteps 1245201 II    
Belle Hill 1271816 II    
Birk Howe Farmhouse 1245286 II    
Blea Tarn House 1245283 II    
Blindtarn Gill 1245188 II    
Borran's Field (Galava Roman Fort) 1244785  I C2nd Ambleside
Bridge Beside St Oswalds Church 1245158 II    
Bridge End 1271954 II    
Bridge House 1245148  I C17th Ambleside
Bridge over Rydal Beck in Grounds of Rydal Hall 1245408  II* 1682 Rydal
Bridge Syke 1245270 II    
Brimmer Head Farmhouse with Adjoining Farm Building 1272005  I 1574 Near Grasmere
Britannia Inn 1245200 II C17th Elterwater
Brow Head 1245399 II    
Buildings Attached to Walthwaite 1245269  II*    
Buttments Farmhouse 1245509 II    
Calgarth Park 1245505 II    
Church Cottage 1245406 II    
Church of St Mary 1244784  II* 1854 Ambleside
Church of St Mary 1245403  II* 1824 Rydal
Church of St Oswald 1245157  I C14th Grasmere
Church of the Holy Trinity 1245198 II 1857 Chapel Stile
Church Stile Cottage 1245162 II    
Church Stile Studio 1245160 II    
Cobbled Courtyard with Mounting Block and Pump 1271873 II    
Corbrig, 1245149 II    
Cote How 1271836 II    
Cottage Adjoining Kirkstone Foot Cottage 1245172 II    
Crag Head 1245401 II    
Cross Brow 1272010 II    
Cross in Front of the Salutation Inn 1245151 II    
Dale End with Adjacent Barn 1271945 II    
Dockray Cottage 1245187 II    
Dove Cottage at Town End 1272002  I C17th Grasmere. Wordworth Museum
Dove Nest 1245154 II    
Eltermere Hotel 1271958 II    
Elterwater Bridge 1271955 II 1702 Elterwater
Fairview Cottage, the Cottage and Nos 3-6 1244795 II    
Farm Buildings at Fell Foot 1245297 II    
Fir Bank 1271957 II    
Forest Side Cottage 1271951 II    
Former Croft Hotel 1271856 II    
Former Friends Meeting House 1245150 II    
Fox Ghyll 1245398 II    
Fox How 1271870  II*    
Game Larder in Grounds of Rydal Hall 1245409  II*    
Gatehouse at Croft Hotel 1245480  II*    
Ghyll Foot 1271974 II    
Ghyll Side 1244791 II    
Gillside 1245194 II    
Glen Rothay Hotel 1245404 II    
Golden Rule Hotel 1245152 II    
Goodybridge House and Attached Barn to North East 1272006  II*    
Grasmere War Memorial 1441481 II 1921 By W.G. Collingwood
Great House Barn 1409301 II    
Greenend 1271956 II    
Hall Bank 1254495 II    
Hart Head 1245503 II    
High Broadrayn Cottage 1245195 II    
High Colwith 1245293 II    
High Fold 1271817 II    
High Fold Farmhouse with Iron Railings in Front 1271830 II    
High Green (House to the East) 1245568 II    
High Green (House to the North) 1271833 II    
High Green Farmhouse and Attached Buildings 1271832 II    
High Scorecrag Farmhouse with Attached Farm Building 1245268 II    
High Sweden Bridge 1244787 II C17th Ambleside. Packhorse bridge
Howe Top Farmhouse 1245396 II    
Howsley Cottage 1245400 II    
Ice House in Grounds of Rydal Hall 1245501  II*    
Jaunie Wife House and Attached Barn to North West 1376753 II    
Jesus Church 1271827  II* 1562 Troutbeck
Kitty Hall 1245273 II    
Knott House Farmhouse with Adjoining Farm Building to North. 1271950 II    
Lancrigg 1245190 II    
Lane Foot Farm bank barn, attached possible smithy and cartshed and detached former wash house 1416818 II    
Langdale Chase Hotel 1245506 II    
Langdale War Memorial 1457094 II 1920 Chapel Stile
Loughrigg Brow 1245455 II    
Loughrigg Cottage 1245397 II    
Loughrigg Fold 1245481 II    
Loughrigg Holme with Attached Building to South 1271872 II    
Loughrigg How (House to North West) 1245402 II    
Loughrigg How (House to South East) 1245482 II    
Low Broadrayn Farmhouse and Attached Building to North 1272003 II    
Low Colwith with Attached Farm Buildings 1245284 II    
Low Fold 1245510 II    
Low Fold 1245512 II    
Low House 1271829 II    
Low Scorecrag 1245196 II    
Low Sweden Bridge 1244786 II C17th Ambleside
Low Wood Hotel 1272015 II    
Lowfield with Former Cottage Adjoining to North East 1245146 II    
Maple Tree Cafe 1245272 II C19th Elterwater
Market Hall (Occupied by Mountain Restaurant and Offices) 1245141 II    
Mathew How 1246648 II    
Middlefell Place Farmhouse 1245276 II    
Mill Cottage 1272012 II    
Millbeck Farmhouse with Attached Farm Building 1271943 II    
Miller Bridge 1244788 II    
Mortal Man Inn 1245513 II C19th Troutbeck. Established c.1689
Moss Side 1272016 II    
New Dungeon Ghyll Hotel 1245278 II    
No. 1 Cheapside 1244792 II    
No. 22 Lake Road 1245140 II    
Nook End Farmhouse and Attached Farm Building 1244798 II    
North Syke 1272221 II    
North View 1272014 II    
Nos. 1-4, Tom Fold 1245153 II    
Oaks Farmhouse 1245483 II    
Old Farm Cottage 1271953 II    
Old Mill Studios 1244789 II    
Old School House and Barn Attached to Old School House 1244926 II    
Old Stamp House 1245110 II    
Outbuilding to South of Low House 1271820 II    
Pavement End Farmhouse 1245164 II    
Pearson's Lane 1245567 II    
Pelter Bridge 1245484 II    
Premises Occupied by Browns Booking Office 1272220 II    
Premises occupied by Stoneage, The Priest Hole Restaurant, Oxfam 1244794 II    
Pye Howe 1245280 II    
Queens Head Inn 1271819 II    
Raw Head Farmhouse 1245279 II    
Rectory 1245159 II    
Red Lion Hotel (Old Portion Only) 1245163 II    
Robin Ghyll 1245282 II    
Robin Lane Cottages 1245507 II    
Robinson Place 1271948 II    
Rock Cottage 1271874 II    
Rose Cottage 1245271 II    
Rosebank Barn 1417647 II    
Rossett Farmhouse with Attached Barn 1271960 II    
Rothay Bridge 1245147 II    
Rothay Manor Hotel 1272011 II    
Royal Oak Hotel 1272218 II    
Rydal Cottages 1245498 II    
Rydal Hall 1245499  II* C16th Rydal
Rydal Lodge 1245405 II    
Rydal Mount 1271835  I C16th Rydal. Home of Wordsworth
Scale How (Part of Charlotte Mason College) 1244797 II    
Scroggs 1271875 II    
Side House Farmhouse 1245277 II    
Skelwith Bridge 1245504 II    
Slaters Bridge 1245295  II* C17th Little Langdale. Partly in this Parish.
St Anne's Court 1313425 II    
St Oswalds 1272017 II    
Stock Cottage 1245144 II    
Stool End Farmhouse, Barn to South East of Farmhouse and Barn to North East of Farmhouse 1245281 II    
Storeythwaite 1271831 II    
Summer House in Grounds of Rydal Hall 1271834  II* 1668 'The Grot' described by Wordsworth
Swan Hotel 1272004 II    
Syke Barn 1456487 II    
Terraces to South of Rydal Hall 1245407  II*   Rydal
The Haven 1244796 II    
The Knoll 1272013 II    
The Mount 1245502 II    
The Nab 1271876  II*    
The Nook Cottage 1245143 II    
The Old House 1245171 II    
The Thrang, Thrang Barn 1245199 II    
The Toft 1403725 II    
The Travellers Rest 1271973 II    
The Wray 1245186 II    
Thickholme Bridge (Thirlmere Aqueduct) 1332570 II    
Thorney Howe Youth Hostel 1245189 II    
Thornthwaite, Town Head 1245569 II    
Thrang Farmhouse with Attached Barn 1271952 II    
Three Shires Inn 1245294 II    
Town End Boathouse 1271460 II    
Town End with Attached Farm Buildings 1271828  I 1626 Troutbeck. House, Nationl Trust
Town Foot Farmhouse 1245540 II    
Town Head Cottage 1245192 II    
Town Head Farmhouse 1245253 II    
Underhelm Cottage 1272000 II    
Underhelm Farmhouse 1245191 II    
Undermount 1393595 II    
Wall End Farmhouse with Barns to South East and North 1271959 II    
Wansfell Holme 1272007 II    
Wateredge Hotel 1272219 II    
Willy Goodwaller Bridge 1245197 II    
Wilsons Place 1245285 II    
Wood Farmhouse 1245538  II*    
Wordsworth Group of Graves in Churchyard of Church of St Oswald 1272008  II*    
Wordsworth Museum, Town End 1245193 II    
Yew Tree Cottage 1245514 II    
Prehistoric rock art, 150m south west of Nook End 1424947 n/a   Scheduled Monument
Brockhole - Grounds 1001463 II   Listed Park and Garden
Low Kingate concentric stone circle 1011350 n/a   Scheduled Monument
Mickleden Beck prehistoric cairnfield and field system, funerary cairn and a medieval dispersed settlement centred 840m south west of Pike of Stickle 1021143 n/a   Scheduled Monument
Seven Intakes medieval dispersed settlement 210m south west of Fell Foot 1021186 n/a   Scheduled Monument
Rydal Mount - Grounds 1000672 II C18th Listed Park and Garden
Ambleside Roman fort, associated vicus and Roman road 1009348 n/a C2nd Scheduled Monument
Round cairn 75m east of Hagg Gill 1011357 n/a   Scheduled Monument
Round cairn 200m south-south-west of Bluegill Fold 1011348 n/a   Scheduled Monument
Round cairn 60m east of Hagg Gill 1011355 n/a   Scheduled Monument
Northern round cairn on north end of The Tongue, Troutbeck Park 1011594 n/a   Scheduled Monument
Round cairn 180m east of Rydal Beck 1011352 n/a   Scheduled Monument
Round cairn 80m east of Hagg Gill 1011356 n/a   Scheduled Monument
Round cairn 15m east of Hagg Gill 1011358 n/a   Scheduled Monument
Three round cairns 70m east of Rydal Beck 1011351 n/a   Scheduled Monument
Moot mound at Fell Foot Farm, Little Langdale 1011354 n/a   Scheduled Monument
Medieval shieling 150m west of Trout Beck 1011136 n/a   Scheduled Monument
Medieval shieling 70m west of Trout Beck 1011137 n/a   Scheduled Monument
Rydal Hall - Grounds 1000671  II*   Listed Park and Garden
Round cairn on Dunmail Raise 1011353 n/a   Scheduled Monument
The Langdale Boulders, two prehistoric rock art sites in Great Langdale 250m south of Harry Place 1019434 n/a   Scheduled Monument
Two rifle ranges on Silver How 1453320 n/a   Scheduled Monument
Rifle Range target and Marker's Hut, 150m north west of Blea Moss 1455816 n/a   Scheduled Monument
Roman road up Wrynose Pass 1007173 n/a   Scheduled Monument
Settlement on W slope of The Tongue, Troutbeck Park 1007201 n/a   Scheduled Monument
Medieval shieling 100m west of Trout Beck 1011135 n/a   Scheduled Monument
Round cairn 250m south-south-west of Bluegill Fold 1011349 n/a   Scheduled Monument
Southern round cairn on north end of The Tongue, Troutbeck Park 1011593 n/a   Scheduled Monument
Medieval shieling 640m north of Troutbeck Park Farm 1011677 n/a   Scheduled Monument
Lead mine and ore works at Greenhead Gill, Grasmere 1015651 n/a   Scheduled Monument
Castle Howe hillfort, Little Langdale 1019747 n/a   Scheduled Monument
Roman road in Wrynose Bottom 1007188 n/a    
High Street, Roman road 1003275 n/a    

Primary source: the National Heritage List for England - NHLE is the register of nationally protected historic buildings and sites in England, including listed buildings, scheduled monuments, protected wrecks, registered parks and gardens, and battlefields. The list is maintained by Historic England. Check NHLE for updates and new entries. Secondary sources: British Listed Buildings.

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High Sweden Bridge, Ambleside
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Townend, Troutbeck
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Old Barn, Townend
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Old Barn, Townend
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Elterwater Bridge
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Elterwater Cafe
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War Memorial, Grasmere
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War Memorial, Grasmere
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Langdale War Memorial
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Langdale War Memorial
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Mortal Man Inn, Troutbeck
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Mortal Man Inn, Troutbeck
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