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Historic Buildings and Monuments in Hexhamshire Civil Parish

Listed buildings and scheduled monuments in Hexhamshire Civil Parish, Northumberland, from the National Heritage List for England[1]. Use the Search (below) if looking for a specific building / monument.

Structure List No. Grade Built~ Notes
Adamson and Carr Headstones to South of Parish Church Vestry 1370268 II 1860  
Black Hall 1303185 II 1714 Near Juniper
Black Hall Cottage 1045331 II 1725  
Boundary Stone 100 Metres North of Shooting Box 1045412 II C19th  
Boundary Stone at Harwood Carrs on East Side of Fence 1045317 II    
Boundary Stone at NGR NY 87184980 1045315 II    
Boundary Stone at NGR NY 87234966 1370281 II    
Boundary Stone at NGR NY 87264992 1370298 II    
Boundary Stone at NGR NY 87274952 1155423 II    
Boundary Stone at NGR NY 87304939 1045355 II    
Boundary Stone at NGR NY 87345003 1045316 II    
Boundary Stone at NGR NY 87425015 1370299 II    
Boundary Stone at NGR NY 87524937 1045354 II    
Boundary Stone at NGR NY 87704934 1303343 II    
Boundary Stone at NGR NY 87705048 1045318 II    
Boundary Stone at NGR NY 87815058 1370300 II    
Boundary Stone at NGR NY 87944922 on West Side of Fence 1370280 II    
Boundary Stone at NGR NY 87945076 1045319 II    
Boundary Stone at NGR NY 88125094 1370301 II    
Boundary Stone at NGR NY 88275112, on West Side of Fence 14 Metres North of Fence Junction 1045320 II    
Boundary Stone at NGR NY 88425126 1155522 II    
Boundary Stone at NGR NY 88565140, on East Side of Fence 1370302 II    
Boundary Stone at NGR NY 88685154 1303318 II    
Boundary stone at NGR NY 93945483, outside fence corner. 1045280 II    
Boundary stone at NGR NY 94005482, on west of fence 1302782 II    
Boundary stone at NGR NY 94045475, on east of fence 1045281 II    
Boundary stone at NGR NY 94125463, on west of fence 1156633 II    
Boundary stone at NGR NY 94165455, on west of fence 1370322 II    
Boundary stone at NGR NY 94305430, on west of fence 1045282 II    
Boundary Stone Inside Fence Corner, in Rowantree Cleugh 1303284 II    
Boundary Stone on East Side of Fence on Edge of Rowantree Cleugh 1045321 II    
Bridge on Riddlehamhope Track 170 Metres South of Farmhouse 1045352 II 1832 Near Harwood Shield
Bridge over Blaeberry Cleugh 1155553 II    
Bridge over Dukesfield Cleugh 60 Metres South of Hall 1045278 II    
Bridge over Linn Burn 1370265 II    
Brown Headstone 2 Metres East of Parish Church 1155689 II    
Church of St Helen 1045326 II 1742 Whitley Chapel. Built on Medieval site.
Churchyard Gates with Piers and Quadrant Walls 1155671 II    
Curry Headstone 3.5 Metres East of South-East Corner of Parish Church 1045327 II    
Dotland Park Farmhouse 1155783  II* C15th Hunting Lodge of Priors of Hexham
Farm Buildings to East of Mollersteads Farmhouse 1303270 II C19th  
Farmbuildings 20 Metres North of Park House Farmhouse 1155654 II    
Farmbuildings 20 Metres West of Black Hall Farmhouse 1155767 II    
Farmbuildings Adjacent to Stable Block, and Attached Roadside Wall 1045335 II    
Farmbuildings to West of Harwood Shield Farmhouse 1303364 II C18th Harwood Shield
Farmbuildings to West of House 1370269 II    
Fox and Hounds Inn (former inn) 1155706 II C18th Whitley Chapel. Now a private residence.
Garden Wall to West of Dukesfield Hall 1156551 II    
Garden Walls with Attached Outbuildings and Railings, 150 Metres East of Newbiggin Hall 1370287 II    
Gate Lodge, Piers and Walls 100 Metres South-West of Newbiggin Hall 1155872 II    
Harwood Shield Farmhouse 1045351 II C19th Harwood Shield
Houtley Farmhouse 1045333 II    
Low Ardley Farmhouse and Adjacent Farmbuildings 1155578 II    
Low Dalton Cottages 1045350 II    
Low Rawgreen Farmhouse and Attached Bastle House, and Barn 1052202 II    
Low Staples Farmhouse with Garden Wall to South-West and Farmbuildings to East 1045323 II    
Methodist Chapel 1155839 II 1865 Dye House
Mile Post on East Side of Road at NGR Ny 94615988 1045329 II    
Milestone on East Side of Riddlehamhope Track 2.5 Metres South of Bridge 1155384 II C19th Near Harwood Shield
Mollersteads Farmhouse 1370266 II C18th  
Newbiggin Hall and Attached Garden Wall to North-East 1370270 II C17th  
Nunsbrough 0.5 Km North-East of Ordley 1045295 II    
Old Mill 30 Metres South West of Linnels Bridge 1045330  II* c.1700  
Old Mill at Linnel Dene 1045334 II    
Old Smelting Mill 200 Metres South-West of Dukesfield Mill Bridge 1156558 II    
Outbuilding 15 Metres North of Hesleywell Farmhouse 1303375 II    
Outbuilding 30 Metres North of Holme House 1045322 II    
Outbuilding to East of the Hall 1370319 II    
Park House Farmhouse and Adjacent Outbuilding 1045324 II    
Range of Farmbuildings on West Side of Road 1370288 II    
Shooting Box 1045411 II    
Simpson Headstone 9 Metres South-West of Parish Church Vestry 1045328 II    
Stable Block 70 Metres West of Newbiggin Hall 1303104 II    
Stobs Cross 1045325 II    
Stone House, 200 Metres South-West of Hackford Farm 1303387 II    
The Hall 1302821 II C17th Dukesfield Hall
The Heigh Farmhouse 1045353 II    
The Old Granary and Attached Wall, 40 Metres South-East of the Hall 1045277 II    
Turf House Farmhouse 1155660 II    
Western House 1155663 II    
Whitehall Methodist Chapel 1370267 II 1871  
Cairnfield 730m south east of Burntshield Haugh 1018530 n/a   Scheduled Monument
Hut circle settlement and field system, Romano-British settlement, hush and lead ore works, 750m north east of Burntshield Haugh 1017959 n/a   Scheduled Monument
Prehistoric hut circle settlement, farmstead and field system, 425m east of Burntshield Haugh 1017960 n/a   Scheduled Monument
Burntshieldhaugh Fell prehistoric settlement and field system, 570m east of Ivy Pool 1017962 n/a   Scheduled Monument

Primary source: the National Heritage List for England - NHLE is the register of nationally protected historic buildings and sites in England, including listed buildings, scheduled monuments, protected wrecks, registered parks and gardens, and battlefields. The list is maintained by Historic England. Check NHLE for updates and new entries.
Secondary sources: British Listed Buildings and Keys to the Past.

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