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Historic Buildings and Monuments in Ford CP

Listed buildings and scheduled monuments in Ford Civil Parish, Northumberland, from the National Heritage List for England[1]. Use the Search (below) if looking for a specific building / monument.

Structure List No. Grade Built~ Location Note
Battle of Flodden 1513 1000011 n/a 1513   Historic Battlefield (falls in Branxton, Carham and Ford parishes)
Ford Colliery 920m north east of Blackcrag Wood 1020746 n/a C17th Ford Moss Scheduled Monument
Ford Westfield settlement 1006423 n/a Romano-British   Scheduled Monument
13 Ford Village 1370990 II C19th Ford  
14 Ford Village 1042156 II C19th Ford  
2 Neville Gravestones Circa 5 Yards North West of Church of St Michael 1154144 II 1895 Ford  
8, 10, 12 Ford Village 1370991 II C19th Ford  
Apple Store Circa 60 Yards West of Pallinsburn 1042163 II C18th Pallinsburn  
Black Grave Circa 20 Yards North East of Church of St Michael 1042151 II 1833 Ford  
Church of St Mary the Virgin 1042179 II 1858 Etal  
Church of St Michael and All Angels 1371006  II* C13th Ford Restored by John Dobson 1853
Colliery Engine House Chimney 1154125 II C19th nr. Ford Ford Moss Colliery
Crookham Cottage 1153900 II C17th Crookham  
Crookham Manse and Attached Garden Wall 1371003 II c.1750 Crookham  
East Lodge 1154360 II 1840    
Encampment Farmhouse 1042178 II 1780    
Etal Castle Gate Tower, South Curtain Wall and South West Tower 1153966  I C14th Etal Licence to crenellate 1342
Etal Castle Great Tower 1042183  I 1341 Etal Scheduled Monument (1011644)
Etal Manor 1153945  II* 1748 Etal  
Etal Rhodes Farmhouse 1154010 II C18th Etal  
Flodden Lodge 1042175 II 1865    
Ford Bridge 1042176 II 1809 Ford Incorporating an arch from an earlier C16th bridge
Ford Castle 1371004  I C14th Ford  
Ford Castle East Gateway, East Forecourt Wall and Handyman's Cottage 1154087  II* 1791 Ford Cottage added c.1862
Ford Castle Flagpole Tower and Forecourt Wall Attached to North 1154034  I C14th Ford Licence to crenellate 1338
Ford Castle Game Tower with Attached Garden Walls and Carriage Arch 1154099 II C19th Ford  
Ford Castle North Forecourt Wall and Gateway with Laundry and Service Wing Attached to Rear 1042186  II* 1791 Ford  
Ford Castle Portcullis Gate, Armoury Tower and Forecourt Walls to Ford Castle 1042185  I 1791 Ford Incorporating earlier materials
Ford Castle Terrace Walls to West and North West of Ford Castle 1303985 II 1870 Ford  
Ford Castle the Dene Bridge 1371005 II 1870 Ford  
Ford Castle Walled Garden Circa 60 Yards East of Ford Castle 1042187 II C19th Ford  
Ford Forge 1042159 II 1767 Ford  
Ford Smithy 1042157 II 1863 Ford  
Former Cart Shed Circa 30 Yards West of Heatherslaw Mill 1303909 II C18th Heatherslaw  
Former Presbyterian Church 1153983 II 1800    
Former Presbyterian Manse 1042184 II C18th    
Garden Wall and Gatepiers Circa 3 Yards North of Number 14 1370992 II C19th Ford  
Garden Wall and Gatepiers Circa 3 Yards South of Number 13 1042154 II C19th Ford  
Garden Walls and Gatepiers in Front of Encampment Farmhouse 1304056 II      
Gates and Gate Piers Circa 150 Yards North West of Pallinsburn 1154354 II   Pallinsburn  
Gates, Gatepiers and Railings Circa 1 Mile South of Etal Manor 1153954 II      
Gates, Gatepiers and Steps Circa 50 Yards South of Church of St Michael 1042152 II   Ford  
Gingang and Attached Threshing Barn at West Flodden Farmhouse 1154374 II      
Gravestone of Louisa, Marchioness of Waterford, Circa 10 Yards West of Church of St Michael 1042188 II   Ford  
Heatherslaw Bridge 1154240 II   Heatherslaw  
Heatherslaw Mill 1042160 II C18th Heatherslaw  
High Kiln with Attached Gift Shop at Heatherslaw Mill 1042161 II      
Joiner's Shop Circa 60 Yards East of Pallinsburn 1303870 II      
Jubilee Cottage 1154205 II      
Lady Waterford Hall 1042153  II* 1860 Ford  
Mardon Farmhouse 1154288 II      
Milepost About 1/4 Mile North East of Ford Village 1304088 II      
Milepost at Berryhill Road End 1042177 II      
Milepost Beside Ford Castle West Lodge 1371002 II   Ford  
Milepost by the Blue Bell 1304081 II      
Milepost Circa 1/4 Mile South East of Barelees 1304073 II      
Milepost Circa 1/4 Mile South of Pallinsburn 1371000 II      
Milepost Circa 100 Yards North of Hay Farm Road End 1153914 II      
Milepost Circa 200 Yards West of Mount Pleasant 1042174 II      
Milepost Circa 50 Yards North of Junction with B6352 1304084 II      
Milepost in Etal Village 1042182 II   Etal  
Monument Circa 50 Yards East of Etal Manor 1042180 II c.1850 Etal  
Old Farmhouse 1042158 II 1780    
Pallinsburn House 1042162  II* C18th Pallinsburn County House
Parson's Tower 1370989 II Medieval Ford Pele to wer (ruins). Scheduled Monument(1018372)
Range of Farmbuildings to North of Old Farmhouse 1154231 II      
Stable Block About 40 Yards North of Etal Manor 1042181 II   Etal  
Sundial Circa 10 Yards North of Pallinsburn 1370993 II   Pallinsburn  
The Blue Bell 1371001 II C18th Pallinsburn  
The Waterford Fountain 1154211 II c.1860 Ford  
Village Pump Beside the United Reformed Church 1304052 II      
Wall and Gatepiers at West Lodge 1154368 II      
Wall and Railings Circa 160 Yards North West of Pallinsburn 1042164 II   Pallinsburn  
Watchlaw Farmhouse 1370994 II      
Well Circa 20 Yards South of Lady Waterford Hall 1042155 II      
West Lodge 1042165 II      
West Lodge and Gateway to Ford Castle 1153904 II   Ford  
Rock art at Goatscrag, 200m north west of Routin Lynn 1418572 n/a Prehistoric   Scheduled Monument
Rock art including four animal carvings at Goatscrag rock shelter, 155m north west of Routin Lynn 1417671 n/a Prehistoric   Scheduled Monument
The King's Stone NW of Crookham Westfield Farm 1002906 n/a Prehistoric   Scheduled Monument. Reputedly where King James IV was killed at the Battle of Flodden.
Hazely Hill round cairn 1002948 n/a Bronze Age   Scheduled Monument. Burial Mound
Defended settlement on White Hill, 700m south east of Kimmerston 1006408 n/a Iron Age   Scheduled Monument
Circular enclosure W of Second Linthaugh 1006430 n/a     Scheduled Monument
Camp 400yds (370m) NNE of Flodden 1006445 n/a Romano-British   Scheduled Monument
Flodden Edge camp 1006449 n/a Iron Age   Scheduled Monument
Flodden camp 1006481 n/a     Scheduled Monument
Fordwood camp, Broomridge Dean 1006522 n/a Iron Age   Scheduled Monument
Two incised rocks on Broom Ridge, Hunter's Moor 1006554 n/a     Scheduled Monument

Primary source: the National Heritage List for England - NHLE is the register of nationally protected historic buildings and sites in England, including listed buildings, scheduled monuments, protected wrecks, registered parks and gardens, and battlefields. The list is maintained by Historic England. Check NHLE for updates and new entries.
Secondary sources: British Listed Buildings and Keys to the Past.

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