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Hebron Chapelry, 1855

Extract from: History, Topography, and Directory of Northumberland...Whellan, William, & Co, 1855.



HEBRON is a parochial chapelry, comprising the townships or Causey Park, Cockle Park, Earsdon, Earsdon Forest, Fenrother, Hebron and Shield Hill, and Tritlington. It is bounded by the chapelries and parishes of Felton, Warkworth, Widdrington, Ulgham, Bothal, Mitford, and Longhorsley, and comprises an area of 7,696 statute acres. Its population in 1801, was 539; in 1811, 525 ; in 1821, 564; in 1831, 564; in 1841, 633 ; and in 1851, 618 souls. Hebron possesses a rich clayey soil, well adapted for pasturage or tillage.


CAUSEY PARK is a township, situated six and a half miles north by west of Morpeth. It contains 1,117 acres, the property of John Hogg, Esq.+ or Hazon, and the rateable value is £795. The number of its inhabitants in1801, was 107; in 1811, 92: in 1821, 88; in 1831, 98; in 1841, 116; and in 1851, 93 souls. This was formerly one of the manors of the barony of Bothal, of which it was held by a junior branch of the Ogle family, but the township having been in chancery for many years, it was sold in 1854, by an order of that court, and was purchased by John Hogg, Esq., above-mentioned, for the sum of £21,700. CAUSEY PARK SCHOOL. Henry Ogle by his will, bearing date 16th December, 1760, devised property and a rent charge of £15 per annum, for the education of the children of Causey Park township. 

Anderson Joseph, shopkeeper

Appleby Thomas, yeoman, Earsdon Hill

Appleby William, farmer, Hagg House 

Bean William, farmer, New Houses

Cook Edward, gardener

Harbottle Thomas, blacksmith 

Huntley John, farmer, Longdyke

Kelly Thomas, shopkeeper 

Henry George, cartwright

Lee George, vict. & stonemason, Ogle Arms

Morrison Matthew, tailor 

Sadler Mrs. Sarah, farmer, Side Farm 



COCKLE PARK is a township and hamlet, the property of the Duke of Portland; the area of the township is 1,335 acres, and its rateable value £600 3s. 3d. Population in 1801, 52; in 1811,88; in 1821, 57; in 1831, 78; in 1841, 53; and in 1851, 95 souls. THE HAMLET of Cockle Park is situated about three miles north of Morpeth. COCKLE PARK TOWER, anciently 

a seat of the Bertrams, is now a handsome farm-house, occupying an elevated position, and was formerly a stronghold, not only for the family, but also for the tenantry, who, in times of danger, fled to it with their cattle. The principal residents are William Dickinson, land-steward, The Tower; and Miles Hewitt, farmer, Hebron Hill.


EARSDON is a township and hamlet in this chapelry, comprising 913 acres, the rateable value of which is £762. The number of its inhabitants in 1801, was 93; in 1811, 60; in 1821, 94; in 1831, 100; in 1841, 86; and in 1851, 68 souls. The Duke of Portland is the principal proprietor. THE HAMLET of Earsdon is situated five and a quarter miles north of Morpeth. EARSDON MOOR is also a hamlet in this township, five miles north of  Morpeth.

DIRECTORY. Thomas Davison, miller; William Davison, yeoman; John Embleton, farmer; John Gustard, blacksmith; William Nixon, farmer; and John Young, yeoman. 


EARSDON FOREST is a township, situated about six miles north of Morpeth, the property of the Duke of Portland. It comprises an area of 744 acres, and its rateable value is £377. It contained in 1801, 40; in 1811, 30; in 1821, 34; in 1831, 32; in 1841, 31 ; and in 1851, 26 inhabitants.


DIRECTORY. Oswald and Michael Brewis, farmers, Peighill; George Moore farmer, West Farm; and William Waddle, farmer, East Farm. 


FENROTHER is a township and village, the property of the Duke of Portland. The township contains 1,415 acres, and its rateable value is £668. The number of its inhabitants in 1801, was 79; in 1811, 74; in 1821, 99 ; in 1831, 90; in 1841, 92; and in 1851, 96 souls. THE VILLAGE of Fenrother is situated about four and a half miles north by west of Morpeth. 


GORFIN LATCH is a hamlet in this township, four miles N.N.W. of Morpeth, on the road to Loughorsley. A farm in this township, called Heron's Close, is the property of Mrs. Grace Woodman, of North Shields.


DIRECTORY. The farmers are Michael Barker; Catherine Margaret Embleton; William Embleton; Henry Gallon; and John Gallon.


HEBRON is a township and village, in the chapelry of the same name, the property of the Duke of Portland. The area of the township is 972 acres, and its rateable value is £862 9s. The population in 1801, was 79; in 1811, 98; in 1821,93; in 1831, 84; in 1841, 124; and in 1851, 117 souls. THE VILLAGE of Hebron is situated three miles N.N.W. of Morpeth. THE CHAPEL, a neat stone edifice, consists of a square tower, nave, and chancel. The register of the chapelry commences in 1680. The living is a curacy in the patronage of the rector of Bothal, and incumbency of the Rev. S. B. Maughan. Henry Ogle, Esq., in 1760, bequeathed £140 to the minister and churchwardens, in trust, for the poor of this chapelry. He also founded a school at Causey Park Bridge, and endowed it with a house and garden, a small field, and £15 per annum, for the education of the poor. Near the village is a lofty hill called Hebron Shaw, commanding an extensive, and varied prospect. SHIELD HILL is a hamlet in this township.

DIRECTORY. James Bell; shopkeeper; Reginald Brown, blacksmith; Joseph Harbottle, shopkeeper and joiner; Joseph D. Wilkinson, Lower Shield Hill; and the farmers are Robert Brown; James Crozier, Shield Hill; and John Rutherford. 


TRITLINGTON is a township and village, comprising 1,200 acres, the property of the Duke of Portland, John Davison, and Dr. James Mercer. Its rateable value is £1,093. The number of its inhabitants in 1801, was 89; in 1811, 103; in 1821, 99; in 1831, 82; in 1841, 131; and in 1851, 123 souls. THE VILLAGE of Tritlington is situated on the river Line, four and a half miles north by east of Morpeth.

DIRECTORY. George Coulson, vict., Portland Arms; John Davison, yeoman; Peter Givens, woodman; Thomas Mundell, schoolmaster; and the farmers are John Brown, Shield Green; William Dobson; and Frances Hume, Broom. 


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