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Historic Buildings and Monuments in the Borough of Darlington

Listed buildings and scheduled monuments in the Borough of Darlington, from the National Heritage List for England[1]. Use the Search (below) if looking for a specific building / monument.

Structure List No. Grade Built~ Ward~ Note
Nos. 11 and 12, Horsemarket 1121274 II   Park East Ward  
No. 11, Houndgate 1160777 II   Park East Ward  
No. 11, Skinnergate 1121256 II   Park East Ward  
No. 12, Skinnergate 1121257 II   Park East Ward  
Nos. 12,14,15 and 16, High Row 1322926 II   Park East Ward  
No. 13, High Row 1121268 II   Park East Ward  
No. 13, Horsemarket 1322931 II   Park East Ward  
No. 14, Horsemarket 1121275  II*   Park East Ward  
No. 16, Horsemarket 1160746 II   Park East Ward  
Nos. 16a and 17, Post House Wynd 1322957 II   Park East Ward  
Nos. 17 and 18, High Row 1322927 II   Park East Ward  
Nos. 19 and 20, High Row 1121269 II   Park East Ward  
No. 2, Mechanic's Yard 1310388 II   Park East Ward  
Nos. 2-5, Friends' School Yard 1121293 II   Park East Ward  
No. 20, Skinnergate 1161303 II   Park East Ward  
No. 21, Skinnergate 1121258 II   Park East Ward  
No. 22, Post House Wynd 1121247 II   Park East Ward  
No. 24, Blackwellgate 1322890 II   Park East Ward  
No. 25, Post House Wynd 1258064 II   Park East Ward  
No. 26, Coniscliffe Road 1310814 II   Park East Ward  
Nos. 3-7, Crown Street 1121291 II   Park East Ward  
Nos. 30, 32 and 33, Blackwellgate 1121352 II   Park East Ward  
Nos. 31 and 32, Bondgate 1322908 II   Park East Ward  
Nos. 32 and 33, High Row 1121271 II   Park East Ward  
No. 34, Priestgate 1121250 II   Park East Ward  
Nos. 35 and 36, Blackwellgate 1322891 II   Park East Ward  
No. 35, Priestgate 1322959 II   Park East Ward  
No. 35, Tubwell Row 1322924 II   Park East Ward  
No. 36, Coniscliffe Road 1121329 II   Park East Ward  
Nos. 38 and 40, Coniscliffe Road 1310820 II   Park East Ward  
Nos. 38 and 40, High Row 1121272 II   Park East Ward  
Nos. 39 and 40, Priestgate 1161103 II   Park East Ward  
No. 44, Bondgate 1258066 II   Park East Ward  
Nos. 45 and 47, Bondgate 1121313 II   Park East Ward  
No. 49, Bondgate 1322910 II   Park East Ward  
Nos. 5-8, Horsemarket 1121273 II   Park East Ward  
No. 53, Bondgate 1322911 II   Park East Ward  
No. 6, Bakehouse Hill 1322888 II   Park East Ward  
Nos. 67 and 69, Stanhope Road 1121261 II   Park East Ward  
Nos. 7 and 8, Prebend Row 1121249 II   Park East Ward  
No. 74, Skinnergate 1161332 II   Park East Ward  
Nos. 75, 75a, 76 and 76a, Skinnergate 1121260 II   Park East Ward  
Nos. 78 and 79, Skinnergate 1310133 II   Park East Ward  
Nos. 8, 8a and 9, Post House Wynd 1121248 II   Park East Ward  
No. 8, High Row 1121267 II   Park East Ward  
Nos. 9 and 10, Horsemarket 1160692 II   Park East Ward  
No. 92, Bondgate 1121317 II   Park East Ward  
Bank Top Railway Station (Main Building) 1310079  II* 1887 Park East Ward  
Barclays Bank 1322928  II*   Park East Ward  
Blackwellgate Post Office 1121353 II   Park East Ward  
Bondgate Methodist Church 1121254  II*   Park East Ward  
Bondgate Motors 1121315 II   Park East Ward  
Central Hall 1310904 II   Park East Ward  
Church of St Cuthbert 1121280  I C12th Park East Ward  
Church of St Hilda 1322955 II   Park East Ward  
Crown Street Chambers 1121292 II   Park East Ward  
Darlington Civic Theatre 1392707 II   Park East Ward  
Doric House 1121265 II   Park East Ward  
Edward Pease Public Library and Darlington Art Gallery 1322938 II   Park East Ward  
Forecourt Wall to No 36 1322917 II   Park East Ward  
Forecourt Walls to Numbers 67 and 69 1310105 II   Park East Ward  
Fountain in South East Corner of Public Garden 1121277 II   Park East Ward  
Friends Meeting House 1121255  II* 1846 Park East Ward Skinnergate
Gate Piers, Gates and Wall to West of St Cuthbert's Churchyard 1121281 II   Park East Ward  
Gift Shop and Market Tavern 1121349 II   Park East Ward  
Gold Case Travel Agency 1161484 II   Park East Ward  
Head Post Office and Sorting Office 1160864 II   Park East Ward  
K6 Telephone Kiosk Outside Friends Meeting House 1121230 II   Park East Ward  
Lloyd's Bank 1121328 II   Park East Ward  
Museum 1322925 II   Park East Ward  
No 12 Including Wall Running from Corner of House 1121278 II   Park East Ward  
No 18 (Northernmost Bay of Woolworth's) 1121284 II   Park East Ward  
Nos 4 to 16 (Even) and the King's Head Hotel Above Shops 1310393 II   Park East Ward  
Number 39 Including Rear Premises Fronting on to Burns' Yard 1121259 II   Park East Ward  
Old Town Hall 1121276 II 1864 Park East Ward Darlington, Horsemarket
Pease's House 1310453 II   Park East Ward  
Polam Lane Bridge 1391730 II   Park East Ward  
Rear Boundary Wall (Part) of Nag's Head Hotel (Approximately 10 Yards in Length) 1121319 II   Park East Ward  
Roman Catholic Church of St Augustine 1242908 II   Park East Ward  
South African War Memorial within St Cuthbert's Churchyard 1160823 II   Park East Ward  
Statue of Joseph Pease 1322930 II 1875 Park East Ward  Prospect Place
The Boot and Shoe Public House 1121320 II   Park East Ward  
The Clock Tower 1121224 II   Park East Ward  
The George Public House 1322913 II   Park East Ward  
The Golden Cock Public House 1161463 II   Park East Ward  
The Market Building 1322944 II   Park East Ward  
The Mechanics' Institute 1322961 II   Park East Ward  
The Midland Bank 1121252 II   Park East Ward  
The National Westminster Bank 1121270 II   Park East Ward  
The Presbytery 1140124 II   Park East Ward  
The Quaker Coffee House 1121283 II   Park East Ward  
The Queen's Head Hotel 1121264 II   Park East Ward  
The Red Lion Hotel 1121251 II   Park East Ward  
The Slaters Arms 1121314 II   Park East Ward  
The Turks Head Public House 1322892 II   Park East Ward  
The Yorkshire Bank 1322929 II   Park East Ward  
Wall 1159777 II   Park East Ward  
Walls of the Friends Meeting House Around South West Corner of Quaker Burial Ground 1161282 II   Park East Ward  
Nos. 1 and 2, Harewood Hill 1322942 II   Park West Ward  
Nos. 1-8, Harewood Grove 1121296  II*   Park West Ward  
No. 102, Coniscliffe Road 1310827 II   Park West Ward  
No. 104, Coniscliffe Road 1121331 II   Park West Ward  
Nos. 111-117, Coniscliffe Road 1121290 II   Park West Ward  
Nos. 122 and 124, Coniscliffe Road 1159915 II   Park West Ward  
No. 126, Coniscliffe Road 1322919 II   Park West Ward  
No. 14, Harewood Hill 1121300 II   Park West Ward  
No. 140, Coniscliffe Road 1121332 II   Park West Ward  
Nos. 2,4 and 6, Northumberland Street 1160990 II   Park West Ward  
No. 21, Cleveland Terrace 1121321 II   Park West Ward  
Nos. 27-33, Cleveland Terrace 1121322 II   Park West Ward  
Nos. 3 and 4, Harewood Hill 1160202 II   Park West Ward  
No. 4, Cleveland Avenue 1310853 II   Park West Ward  
Nos. 41-61, Coniscliffe Road 1322936 II   Park West Ward  
Nos. 5 and 6, Harewood Hill 1121298 II   Park West Ward  
Nos. 7 and 8, Harewood Hill 1121299 II   Park West Ward  
No. 83, Blackwell 1121350 II   Park West Ward  
Nos. 94 and 96, Coniscliffe Road 1121330 II   Park West Ward  
Nos. 98 and 100, Coniscliffe Road 1322918 II   Park West Ward  
Bandstand in South Park 1121246 II   Park West Ward  
Blackwell Grange Hotel 1322941  II* 1693 Park West Ward  
Forecourt Wall and Piers to No 205 (Neasham House) 1121295 II   Park West Ward  
Forecourt Wall to No 19 and to Sheraton Park 1121351 II   Park West Ward  
Forecourt Wall to Number 3 1121297 II   Park West Ward  
Fountain to North East of Bandstand in South Park 1322956 II   Park West Ward  
Garden Walls to West and South of Number 6 1160217 II   Park West Ward  
Neasham House 1322940 II   Park West Ward  
No 21 (Including Wrought Iron Hand and Area Railings) 1121333 II   Park West Ward  
Outbuilding to North East of Blackwell Grange 1160162 II   Park West Ward  
Polam Hall 1121294 II   Park West Ward  
Robertsons Furniture Store 1310697 II   Park West Ward  
The Grange Hotel 1121289 II   Park West Ward  
Barn 100 Metres East of Hall Farmhouse 1322949  II*   Archdeacon Newton  
Nos. 152 and 154, Yarm Road 1322948 II   Bank Top & Lascelles Ward  
Church of St John the Evangelist 1322932 II   Bank Top & Lascelles Ward  
Barmpton Hall 1185894 II C18th Barmpton Farmhouse
Low Skerningham 1299482 II   Barmpton  
Skerningham Farmhouse 1185895 II   Barmpton  
Blackwell Bridge 1121318 II   Barton Ward  
Blackwell Bridge 1131341 II   Barton Ward  
Bishopton War Memorial 1433639 II   Bishopton  
Church of St Peter 1185897 II   Bishopton  
Manor Farmhouse 1185896 II   Bishopton  
Musgrave Headstone 7 Metres West of Church of St Peter 1185898 II   Bishopton  
Remains of Village Cross 15 Metres West of Church of St Peter 1185899 II   Bishopton  
Springfield House with Farm Building on Right Return 1185900 II   Bishopton  
St John's House 1185901 II   Bishopton  
Ketton Hall 1186113 II   Bafferton  
Ketton Packhorse Bridge 1185904 II   Bafferton  
Manor Farmhouse and Adjoining Farmbuilding 1185903 II   Bafferton  
Peartree House 1186119 II   Bafferton  
Threshing Barn and Gin Gang 10 Metres West of Number 24 (Manor Farmhouse) 1186094 II   Bafferton  
U Plan Farmbuildings and Gin Gang North of Peartree House 1299443 II   Bafferton  
Stooperdale Offices 1389488 II   Brinkburn & Faverdale Ward  
Coatham Hall 1121234 II   Coatham Mundeville  
Coatham Hall Farmhouse 1121235 II   Coatham Mundeville  
Coatham Mill 1121232 II   Coatham Mundeville  
Crossing Keeper's Cottage 1121236 II   Coatham Mundeville  
Curved Wall to South East of Coatham Hall 1186144 II   Coatham Mundeville  
Deer House South of Hall Garth 1186127 II   Coatham Mundeville  
Farmbuildings to North West of Coatham Hall Farmhouse 1299334 II   Coatham Mundeville  
Foresters Arms 1241145 II   Coatham Mundeville  
Glebe Farmhouse and Front Garden Wall 1121237 II   Coatham Mundeville  
Hall Garth 1299345 II   Coatham Mundeville  
Mill Bridge 1121231 II   Coatham Mundeville  
Mill Bridge 1185902 II   Coatham Mundeville  
The Stables Bar and Restaurant, Front Wall and Piers to East of Hall Garth 1121233 II   Coatham Mundeville  
No. 103, Cockerton Green 1121327 II   Cockerton Ward  
Nos. 107, 109 and 109, Cockerton Green 1159861 II   Cockerton Ward  
No. 19, Cockerton Green 1159805 II   Cockerton Ward  
Nos. 39 and 39a, Cockerton Green 1121324 II   Cockerton Ward  
No. 43, Cockerton Green 1121325 II   Cockerton Ward  
Nos. 59 and 61, Cockerton Green 1159815 II   Cockerton Ward  
Nos. 63-67, Cockerton Green 1121326 II   Cockerton Ward  
No. 79, Cockerton Green 1159832 II   Cockerton Ward  
Nos. 80 and 82, Cockerton Green 1121323 II   Cockerton Ward  
Fountain Near West End of Green 1322916 II   Cockerton Ward  
Number 76 Incorporating Number 74 1159794 II   Cockerton Ward  
Church of Holy Trinity 1121226  II*   College Ward  
Danesmoor 1322914 II   College Ward  
Drinking Fountain on West Corner of Milbank Road 1322947 II   College Ward  
Inglenook 1140082 II   College Ward  
St Clare's Abbey, Lodge, Walls and Ancillary Garden Buildings 1393423 II   College Ward  
Steps, Ramp, Rail and Lampholder to North of Holy Trinity Church 1121227 II   College Ward  
The Woodlands 1121228 II   College Ward  
Walls, Gates and Piers to North and West of Church of Holy Trinity 1322946 II   College Ward  
Denton Hall 1121239 II   Denton  
Glebe House 1121238 II   Denton  
Hall Headstone 20 Metres South of Church of St Mary 1322950 II   Denton  
Limekiln 140 Metres East of Limeklin Bank Cottage 1116547 II   Denton  
Milepost 700 Metres South East of Junction with New Lane 1186215 II   Denton  
Stone Coffin Against South Nave Wall of Church of St Mary 1186231 II   Denton  
Thompson Headstone 25 Metres South of Church of St Mary 1186238 II   Denton  
High Firth Moor Farmhouse 1121253 II   Eastbourne Ward  
Barn on Left Rear of Close Farmhouse 1186154 II   Great Burdon  
Burdon House 1185905 II   Great Burdon  
Cargott Farm Threshing Barn 20 Metres East of Glendor 1299356 II   Great Burdon  
Close Farmhouse 1299445 II   Great Burdon  
Cottage and Smithy to Left of Number 9 1185906 II   Great Burdon  
Farmbuildings on Left of Great Burdon Farmhouse 1299446 II   Great Burdon  
Great Burdon Farmhouse 1185907 II   Great Burdon  
Ivy Cottage 1299355 II   Great Burdon  
Milepost and Milestone 15 Metres West of Number 2 1299444 II   Great Burdon  
Water Mill on Left Return of Mill Batts Farmhouse 1186138 II   Great Burdon  
Church of All Saints 1185908 II   Great Stainton  
Stainton Grange 1299447 II   Great Stainton  
The King's Arms Public House 1299448 II   Great Stainton  
The Old Rectory 1185910 II   Great Stainton  
Water Pump and Railings About 5 Metres North of Meridian House 1185911 II   Great Stainton  
Water Pump at Rear of Stainton Grange 1185909 II   Great Stainton  
Huntershaw 1322945 II   Harrowgate Hill Ward  
(Bewick) Outbuilding to South West of No 76 1121310 II   Haughton & Springfield Ward  
No. 11, Haughton Green 1160286 II   Haughton & Springfield Ward  
Nos. 17 and 19, Haughton Green 1160299 II   Haughton & Springfield Ward  
Nos. 33-37, Haughton Green 1121307 II   Haughton & Springfield Ward  
Nos. 38 and 40, Haughton Green 1121308 II   Haughton & Springfield Ward  
Nos. 42 and 44, Haughton Green 1310597 II   Haughton & Springfield Ward  
No. 5, Haughton Green 1160278 II   Haughton & Springfield Ward  
No. 50, Haughton Green 1121309 II   Haughton & Springfield Ward  
No. 53, Haughton Green 1310624 II   Haughton & Springfield Ward  
Nos. 58 and 60, Haughton Green 1310604 II   Haughton & Springfield Ward  
No. 7, Haughton Green 1322943 II   Haughton & Springfield Ward  
No. 76, Haughton Green 1322907 II   Haughton & Springfield Ward  
No. 9, Haughton Green 1121304 II   Haughton & Springfield Ward  
Archway House 1121305 II   Haughton & Springfield Ward  
Barmpton, Great Burdon and Haughton-le-Skerne War Memorial 1437911 II 1920 Haughton & Springfield Ward  
Butler House and the Rectory 1121301  I C15th Haughton & Springfield Ward With later additions
Church of St Andrew 1160229  I c.1125 Haughton & Springfield Ward  
Haughton Methodist Church 1121306 II   Haughton & Springfield Ward  
Haughton Villa 1322905 II   Haughton & Springfield Ward  
Sherne Cottage 1322906 II   Haughton & Springfield Ward  
Skerne Lodge 1160332 II   Haughton & Springfield Ward  
South Garden Wall and Piers of Butler House and the Rectory 1121302 II   Haughton & Springfield Ward  
St Andrew's Church Hall 1160257 II   Haughton & Springfield Ward  
Wall to East of Drive of Butler House and the Rectory 1121303 II   Haughton & Springfield Ward  
No. 1, West Green 1121217 II   Heighington  
No. 16, East Green 1116243 II   Heighington  
No. 17, Darlington Road 1322976 II   Heighington  
Nos. 38 and 39, West Green 1115742 II   Heighington  
No. 39, Church View 1322951 II   Heighington  
No. 42, West Green 1322981 II   Heighington  
No. 7, West Green 1322980 II   Heighington  
Cart Shed on Rear of Middridge Grange Farmhouse 1116090 II   Heighington  
Carter Headstone 30 Metres South West of Church of St Michael 1121244 II   Heighington  
Church of St Michael 1322953  I c.1130 Heighington  
Churchyard Wall and Gate Piers to East Number 10 1121203 II   Heighington  
Churchyard Wall, Gate and Gate Piers to North of Village Hall 1322974 II   Heighington  
Coatsay Moor Farmhouse 1322975 II   Heighington  
Cock Inn Farmhouse and Attached Farmbuildings 1322979 II   Heighington  
Dovecote and Outbuildings North West of Trafalgar House 1320050 II   Heighington  
Dovecote West of Dovecote Cottage 1121209 II   Heighington  
East and North Garden Walls to South East of Number 7 1322978 II   Heighington  
Eldon House 1121207 II   Heighington  
Garden Screen Wall North East of Heighington Hall 1121241 II   Heighington  
Garden Wall and Gate Piers South of Number 16 and Number 18 1320032 II   Heighington  
Gates and Posts to South of Redworth Hall Lodge 1320071 II   Heighington  
Gates to Redworth Hall 1392339 II   Heighington  
Gazebo and Walls to Rear of Number 43 1121242 II   Heighington  
Gazebo, Terrace Wall and Sheds South-East of Number 7 1116286 II   Heighington  
Greenbank 1121219 II   Heighington  
Hearse House 35 Metres North East of Church of St Michael 1121202 II   Heighington  
Heighington Hall 1121240  II*   Heighington  
Heighington War Memorial 1438087 II   Heighington  
Highside 1121212 II   Heighington  
Hodgson Tomb 3 Metres North of Church of St Michael 1121201 II   Heighington  
Holly House 1121218 II   Heighington  
Ivy House 1115747 II   Heighington  
Lawn House 1121208 II   Heighington  
Manor Farm House 1322977 II   Heighington  
Middridge Grange Farmhouse 1121214  II*   Heighington  
Northcott 1115778 II   Heighington  
Number 45 and Former Smithy 1116500 II   Heighington  
Outer Walls and Gate Piers to East of Middridge Grange Farmhouse 1121216 II   Heighington  
Pigeon Cote West of Coatsay Moor Farmhouse 1121204 II   Heighington  
Redworth Hall 1121213 II   Heighington  
Rutter Headstone 12metres South of Church of St Michael 1121243 II   Heighington  
Surtees Table Tomb 2.5 Metres North of Church of St Michael 1319974 II   Heighington  
The Bay Horse Public House 1320296 II   Heighington  
The Cottage 1319919 II   Heighington  
The Manor House 1121206 II   Heighington  
The Old Hall 1322952 II   Heighington  
The Pump House 1115768 II   Heighington  
The Village Hall 1121205 II   Heighington  
Todd Fall Farmhouse and Attached Farmbuildings 1116097 II   Heighington  
Toytop Farmhouse and Farmbuildings 1320125 II   Heighington  
Trafalgar House and Garden Wall Attached to North 1121210 II   Heighington  
Wall and Gate Piers in Front of Number 43 1319904 II   Heighington  
Wall to East of Heighington Hall 1116514 II   Heighington  
Walls and Gate Piers to East of Middridge Grange Farmhouse 1121215 II   Heighington  
Walls Gate Piers and Pigsty to West and North of Trafalgar House 1121211 II   Heighington  
Water Pump 20 Metres South of Number 12 1116160 II   Heighington  
Wilkinson Headstone 14 Metres South of Church of St Michael 1116409 II   Heighington  
Young Headstone 10 Metres West of Church of St Michael 1116441 II   Heighington  
Nos. 1 and 2, Carlbury Vale 1322983 II   High Coniscliffe  
Nos. 24 and 25, the Green 1121183 II   High Coniscliffe  
Braemar Cottage 1121184 II   High Coniscliffe  
Church of St Edwin 1115562  II* c.1170 High Coniscliffe  
Garden Wall and End Piers in Front of Number 23 (The Old Hall) 1121182 II   High Coniscliffe  
Garden Wall to East of High Carlbury Farmhouse 1121181 II   High Coniscliffe  
Garden Walls and Gate Piers in Front of Numbers 24 and 25 1322965 II   High Coniscliffe  
Garden Walls and Gate Piers to South of Thornton Hall 1121222 II   High Coniscliffe  
Garden Walls Enclosing Three Paddocks to North, South and East of Thornton Hall 1320337 II   High Coniscliffe  
Garden Walls in Front of Ulnaby Hall 1121189 II   High Coniscliffe  
Garden Walls, Farmbuilding and Smithy to North and East of Ulnaby Hall 1115489 II   High Coniscliffe  
Headstone to Dorothy Robinson 5.0 Metres East of Church of St Edwin 1115547 II   High Coniscliffe  
High Carlbury Farmhouse 1323003 II   High Coniscliffe  
K6 Telephone Kiosk Opposite Old Hall 1121180 II   High Coniscliffe  
Milepost 600 Metres West of Thornton Hall 1320326 II   High Coniscliffe  
Milepost at High Coniscliffe Bridge 1121220 II   High Coniscliffe  
Milepost South of Carlbury Hall 1322982 II   High Coniscliffe  
Robinson Chest Tomb 3.0 Metres East of Church of St Edwin 1322967 II   High Coniscliffe  
The Mill House 1115499 II C18th High Coniscliffe Former water mill.
The Old Hall 1322964  II*   High Coniscliffe  
The Old Vicarage 1121185 II 1860 High Coniscliffe  
Thornton Hall 1121221  I C16th High Coniscliffe  
Ulnaby Hall 1121188 II   High Coniscliffe  
Valley House with Conservatory on Left 1121187 II   High Coniscliffe  
Wall and Tower to East of Number 46a 1322966 II   High Coniscliffe  
Wall and Tower to West of Number 48 (The Old Vicarage) 1121186 II   High Coniscliffe  
Wall with Two Light Traceried Window 40 Metres West of Carlbury Hall 1115695 II   High Coniscliffe  
Barn and Privy on Right Return of Manor House 1115421 II   Houghton le Side  
Dovecote 45 Metres East of Manor House 1121194  II*   Houghton le Side  
Former Stable and Shed 15 Metres North East of Manor House 1121193 II   Houghton le Side  
Garden House 1121190 II   Houghton le Side  
Garden Wall to West and South of Manor House 1121192 II   Houghton le Side  
Manor House 1121191 II   Houghton le Side  
Outbuilding and Linking Wall 5.0 Metres to Rear of Garden House 1115415 II   Houghton le Side  
Single Storey Farmbuilding 6.0 Metres South East of Manor House 1320591 II   Houghton le Side  
Single Storey Outbuildings 7.0 Metres North of Manor House 1115398 II   Houghton le Side  
Two Storey Farmbuilding 4.5 Metres East of Manor House 1322968 II   Houghton le Side  
Nos. 478 and 480, Coniscliffe Road 1159922 II   Hummersknott Ward  
Barn to East of Hillclose Farm House 1121245 II   Hummersknott Ward  
Carmel House Convent 1322935 II   Hummersknott Ward  
Carmel House to North East of Carmel House Convent 1161014 II   Hummersknott Ward  
Carmel Lodge (To North-West of Carmel House Convent) 1121288 II   Hummersknott Ward  
Hillclose Farm House 1322954  II*   Hummersknott Ward  
St Clare's Abbey Chapel 1393424  II*   Hummersknott Ward  
Tees Bank House 1322937 II   Hummersknott Ward  
Woodburn Gardeners' Cottage 1393710 II   Hummersknott Ward  
Nos. 34 and 35, the Green 1319897 II   Hurworth  
No. 41, the Green 1116534 II   Hurworth  
No. 42, the Green 1185919 II   Hurworth  
No. 51, the Green 1116475 II   Hurworth  
Aquila Cottage 1116430 II   Hurworth  
Barn and Link Section on Left Rear of Springfield Farmhouse 1299451 II   Hurworth  
Bay Horse Cottage 1319940 II   Hurworth  
Beech Cottage 1319911 II   Hurworth  
Church of All Saints 1299450 II   Hurworth  
Colling Chest Tomb 3 Metres South of Church of All Saints 1185914 II   Hurworth  
Danby Cottage 1185915 II   Hurworth  
Dovecote and Adjacent Pigsty, 10 Metres West of Number 4 (The Old House) 1299314 II   Hurworth  
Eden House 1116545 II   Hurworth  
Emerson Table Tomb 3 Metres West of Church of All Saints 1299285 II   Hurworth  
Font Bowl and Stem 2 Metres North of Church of All Saints 1186227 II   Hurworth  
Fountain and Trough 20 Metres South of Number 2 1116452 II   Hurworth  
Garden Walls and Gate Piers to North and West of Number 44 1185921 II   Hurworth  
Gate Piers and Forecourt Walls to Number 38 1116530 II   Hurworth  
Greenways 1185916 II   Hurworth  
Greenwells and the Surgery 1299452 II   Hurworth  
Hurworth and Neasham War Memorial 1438706 II   Hurworth  
Hurworth Hall West 1185923 II   Hurworth  
Hurworth House Boys' Preparatory School 1185917 II   Hurworth  
Little Breckon 1299455 II   Hurworth  
Newbus Arms Hotel 1319928 II   Hurworth  
No. 1 (Merrydale Rest Home), No. 2 (Banks House) and Nos. 3 to 12 Bank Terrace 1299449 II   Hurworth  
Outbuilding on Left Return of Number 4 (The Old House) 1185913 II   Hurworth  
Outbuilding on Right Return of Number 44 1116518 II   Hurworth  
Oxney Flatt Farmhouse 1186241 II   Hurworth  
Red House 1185918 II   Hurworth  
Rockliffe Hall in Rockliffe Park 1185949 II   Hurworth  
Rose Cottage 1299453 II   Hurworth  
Springfield Farmhouse and Farmbuilding on Right Return 1242203 II   Hurworth  
Strawberry Cottage 1186764 II   Hurworth  
Sundial House 1186243 II   Hurworth  
Tees Bridge 1131366 II   Hurworth  
The Comet Public House 1185925 II   Hurworth  
The Manor House 1185920 II   Hurworth  
The Old Church School 1185912 II   Hurworth  
The Old Hall 1185922  II*   Hurworth  
The Old Parsonage 1185924 II   Hurworth  
Detached Farmbuilding 20 Metres South East of Killerby Grange 1121196 II   Killerby  
Dovecote at Killerby Grange 1393673 II   Killerby  
Farmbuildings Attached to Left of Killerby Grange 1115138 II   Killerby  
Garden Walls and Detached Gate Piers in Front of Killerby Grange 1322969 II   Killerby  
Killerby Grange 1121195 II   Killerby  
Killerby Hall 1139031 II   Killerby  
The Old Granary 1115136 II   Killerby  
Water Pump and Trough 7.0 Metres to Rear of Killerby Grange 1139025 II   Killerby  
Longpasture House with Barn on Left Return 1116414 II   Little Stainton  
Nos. 55 and 57, Low Coniscliffe 1139006 II   Low Coniscliffe and Merrybent  
Milepost in Front of Number 12 (Cedar Ridge) 1322970 II   Low Coniscliffe and Merrybent  
Well Bank House 1121197 II   Low Coniscliffe and Merrybent  
Nos. 15, the Front 1185934 II   Middleton St George  
2 Arched Stone Doorways in Garden Left of Number 64 (Mown Meadows) 1116304 II   Middleton St George  
Castle Hill 1319981 II   Middleton St George  
Church of St George 1299460 II C13th Middleton St George  
Church of St Lawrence 1185932 II   Middleton St George  
Deanery Cottage 1116326 II   Middleton St George  
Dovecote at Low Middleton Farm About 150 Metres South of Woodstock 1299462 II   Middleton St George  
Garden Wall and Privy on Left Return of Low Middleton Hall 1116338 II   Middleton St George  
Jessamine House 1319996 II   Middleton St George  
Low Middleton Hall and Former Stable on Rear 1185935  II*   Middleton St George  
Middleton Hall 1299459 II   Middleton St George  
Middleton One Row St Laurence's War Memorial 1440044 II   Middleton St George  
Oak Tree Farmhouse 1185931 II   Middleton St George  
South View 1185933 II   Middleton St George  
Tees View 1320001 II   Middleton St George  
Yohn House 1299461 II   Middleton St George  
Kerbstones Surrounding Pool in Front of Cummins Engine Factory 1299427  II*   Morton Palms  
Little Burdon Cottage 1320019 II   Morton Palms  
Little Burdon Farmhouse 1185936 II   Morton Palms  
Security Fence at Cummins Engine Factory 1335834  II*   Morton Palms  
The Cummins Engine Factory Including Chimney 1185948  II*   Morton Palms  
Mowden Hall 1322889 II   Mowden Ward  
Nos. 1 and 3, Neasham Hill 1320035 II   Neasham  
Bridge About 30 Metres South of the Manor House 1299458 II   Neasham  
Carved Stone Fragment, 25 Metres South of Neasham Hill 1116260 II   Neasham  
Church of All Saints 1185947  I C12th Neasham Ruins.
Church of St John the Baptist 1319947 II C12th Neasham Low Dinsdale. Restored 1876
Cliffe Cottage 1185940 II   Neasham  
Cross Shaft Fragment About 5 Metres South West of Church of St John the Baptist 1299456  II*   Neasham  
Dinsdale Park Residential School 1185930 II   Neasham  
Dovecote 10 Metres North of Sockburn Farmhouse 1116131 II   Neasham  
Former Coach House 30 Metres North West of Sockburn Hall 1185946 II   Neasham  
High Holme with Coach House/Stables on Right Return 1116229 II   Neasham  
Manor House Farmhouse 1299457 II   Neasham  
Mounting Block About 15 Metres South West of Church of St John the Baptist 1185928 II   Neasham  
Neasham Abbey 1320007 II   Neasham  
Neasham Grange Farmhouse 1185939 II   Neasham  
Neasham Hall Bridge 1299423 II   Neasham  
Neasham Hill 1185938 II   Neasham  
Pigeon Cote About 120 Metres South East of Neasham Hall 1299424 II   Neasham  
Public Shelter About 8 Metres South of Numbers 1 and 3 Neasham Hill 1185937 II   Neasham  
Sockburn Farmhouse 1320072 II   Neasham  
Sockburn Hall 1116156  II* 1834 Neasham On the site of earlier building.
Stone Coffin and Lid About 3.5 Metres West of Church of St John the Baptist 1185927  II*   Neasham  
The Manor House 1185929  II* Medieval Neasham Low Dinsdale
Cemetery chapels and porte-cochere 1465676 II   North Road Ward  
Cemetery commemorative column 1466365 II   North Road Ward  
Cemetery keeper's house 1466267 II   North Road Ward  
Cemetery lodge, gate piers, gates and flanking walls 1466268 II   North Road Ward  
Honey Pot House 1121279 II   North Road Ward  
Railway Viaduct 1121286 II   North Road Ward  
Rise Carr County Primary School 1322939 II   North Road Ward  
Wall to North of Number 279 1310408 II   North Road Ward  
Nos. 1 and 2, Mcnay Street 1121282 II   Northgate Ward  
Nos. 138-148 Northgate 1322933 II   Northgate Ward  
No. 30, Archer Street 1322887 II   Northgate Ward  
No. 33, Bondgate 1121311 II   Northgate Ward  
No. 34, Bondgate 1322909 II   Northgate Ward  
No. 35, Bondgate 1121312 II   Northgate Ward  
Nos. 37 and 39, Russell Street 1310256 II   Northgate Ward  
No. 67, Bondgate 1322912 II   Northgate Ward  
No. 81, Bondgate 1121316  II*   Northgate Ward  
Bandstand to West of Bowling Green 1121287 II   Northgate Ward  
Bridge over River Skerne 1242992 II   Northgate Ward  
Bridge over the River Skerne 1329402 II   Northgate Ward  
Central School (East Block) 1160912 II   Northgate Ward  
Central School Annexe 1242805  II*   Northgate Ward  
Forecourt Railings and Gate Piers to Northgate United Reformed Church 1258171 II   Northgate Ward  
Front Garden Wall to North Lodge 1322934 II   Northgate Ward  
Goods Shed East South East of North Road Station 1121262  II*   Northgate Ward  
North Lodge (Education Offices) 1121285 II   Northgate Ward  
North Road Railway Station (Now Railway Museum) 1322962  II*   Northgate Ward  
Northgate United Reformed Church 1258167 II   Northgate Ward  
Numbers 31 to 35 (Odd) (Including Plain Wrought Iron Railings) 1322960 II   Northgate Ward  
The Britannia Public House 1121348 II   Northgate Ward  
No. 2, the Green 1121200 II   Piercebridge  
No. 28, the Green 1121157 II   Piercebridge  
No. 29, the Green 1121158 II   Piercebridge  
Carlbury Bridge 1320318 II   Piercebridge  
Church of St Mary 1322973 II   Piercebridge  
Farmbuildings to Rear of White Cross Farmhouse 1329711 II   Piercebridge  
Front Range of Farmbuildings and Gin Gang to West of Piercebridge Grange Farmhouse 1121199 II   Piercebridge  
Garden Wall, Gate Piers and Railings in Front of White Cross Farmhouse 1322971 II   Piercebridge  
Ivy House 1322993 II   Piercebridge  
Medieval Chapel Ruins on Roman Foundations in Rear Garden of Bath House, Tees View 1322972  II*   Piercebridge  
Pierce Bridge 1131363  II*   Piercebridge  
Piercebridge Bridge 1145843  II*   Piercebridge  
Piercebridge Grange Farmhouse and Front Garden Wall, Railings and Gate 1145830 II   Piercebridge  
The Bridge House 1318900 II   Piercebridge  
Wall, Gate Piers, Overthrow and Lantern to West of Church of St Mary 1322992 II   Piercebridge  
White Cross Cottage 1121198 II   Piercebridge  
White Cross Farmhouse 1139015 II   Piercebridge  
Elm Court Pierremont, Dentdale East, Dentdale West, Tower House, Pierrement Hall. 1121263 II   Pierremont Ward  
Gates, Piers and Forecourt Wall to Elm Court, Pierremont, Dentdale East, Dentdale West, Tower House 1161440 II   Pierremont Ward  
Lime Cells 1391819 II   Pierremont Ward  
Memorial Hall at Darlington Memorial Hospital 1259261 II   Pierremont Ward  
Obelisk at Darlington Memorial Hospital 1259263 II   Pierremont Ward  
Pierremont Lodge 1310113 II   Pierremont Ward  
Stockton and Darlington Railway Carriage Works 1121229 II   Pierremont Ward  
The Clock Tower 1322963 II   Pierremont Ward  
Walls, Gatepiers and Gates to Stooperdale Offices 1389487 II   Pierremont Ward  
West Lodge 1121223 II   Pierremont Ward  
Woodland Road 1121225 II   Pierremont Ward  
Nos. 4 and 5, Chapel Row 1116202 II   Sadberge  
Church of St Andrew 1185943 II   Sadberge  
Lych Gate and Churchyard Wall of Church of St Andrew 1116208 II   Sadberge  
Milepost Between Numbers 8 and 9 1116237 II   Sadberge  
Raby House 1185941 II   Sadberge  
Sadberge Hall 1185945 II   Sadberge  
The Three Tuns Public House 1299425 II   Sadberge  
Thithe House 1185944 II   Sadberge  
Thorn Cottage 1116220 II   Sadberge  
White House 1185942 II   Sadberge  
Church of St James 1121347 II   Stephenson Ward  
Former Gner Engine Shed 1392356 II   Stephenson Ward  
Red Barns 1121266 II   Stephenson Ward  
Roman Catholic School-Church of St William of York and St Francis de Sales 1431011 II   Stephenson Ward  
8, Summerhouse 1322996 II   Summerhouse  
Farmbuildings South-East of the Grange 1121165 II   Summerhouse  
Farmbuildings to Rear of Number 12 1322995 II   Summerhouse  
Farmbuildings West of Raby Hunt Inn 1322997 II   Summerhouse  
Former Forge, Wall and Shed to Rear of South View 1322994 II   Summerhouse  
K6 Telephone Kiosk 1335916 II   Summerhouse  
Numbers 11 and 12 and Flanking Farmbuildings 1121160 II   Summerhouse  
Raby Hunt Inn 1121163 II c.1835 Summerhouse With older C18th side wing.
Sandforth Moor Farmhouse and Flanking Farmbuildings 1121167 II   Summerhouse  
South View 1121159 II   Summerhouse  
Stable 40 Metres South East of the Grange 1121166 II   Summerhouse  
T Plan Farmbuildings 30 Metres South East of Number 12 1121161 II   Summerhouse  
The Grange and Attached Farmbuilding to South 1121164 II   Summerhouse  
The Old Post Office, Front and Rear Walls, Gate Piers and Garage 1121162 II   Summerhouse  
Barn and Flanking Shelter Sheds to South of Parkside Farmhouse 1322998 II   Walworth  
Barn to North of North Farm Farmhouse 1323001 II   Walworth  
Dovecote and Single Storey Range to South of Parkside Farmhouse 1322999 II   Walworth  
Farmbuildings to North of Low Walworth Farmhouse 1121170 II   Walworth  
Garden Wall and Gate Piers in Front of Parkside Farmhouse 1121173 II   Walworth  
Garden Walls South West of Low Walworth Hall 1121171 II   Walworth  
Garden Walls, Gate Piers and Greenhouse North of Walworth Castle 1323000 II   Walworth  
Haybarn and Attached Shed South of Parkside Farmhouse 1121174 II   Walworth  
Ice House to East of Quarry End 1121177 II   Walworth  
Low Walworth Hall 1121168 II   Walworth  
Outbuildings to North of Low Walworth Hall 1121169 II   Walworth  
Parkside Farmhouse 1121172 II   Walworth  
The Lodge, Linking Walls and Gate Piers to West of Walworth Castle 1121176 II   Walworth  
Threshing Barn and Gin Gang East of Walworth Grange Farmhouse 1121178 II   Walworth  
Walworth Castle 1121175  I C16th Walworth  
Cart Shed with Loose Box and Pigsty 5 Metres North of High Beaumont Hill Farmhouse 1323002 II   Whessoe  
Manor House Ruins and Wall, 70 Metres South East of Whessoe Grange Farmhouse 1121179 II   Whessoe  
Stable 30 Metres North of High Beaumont Hill Farmhouse 1087005 II   Whessoe  
South Park, Darlington 1001278 II     Listed Park & Garden
West Cemetery, Darlington 1001562 II     Listed Park & Garden
Skerne Railway bridge, 320m south east of Darlington Railway Museum 1002331 n/a     Scheduled Monument
World War II bombing decoy control shelter 600m south east of Great Burdon Farm 1020759 n/a   Great Burdon Scheduled Monument
Coniscliffe Road waterworks 1002300 n/a     Scheduled Monument
Smotherlaw round barrow 1002327 n/a   High Coniscliffe Scheduled Monument
Pre-Conquest and post-Conquest church and graveyard and medieval and post-medieval manors at Sockburn 1002340 n/a   Sockburn Scheduled Monument
Ketton Bridge 1002345 n/a   Brafferton Scheduled Monument
Piercebridge Roman fort 1002365 n/a   Piercebridge Scheduled Monument
Medieval moated manorial site of Low Dinsdale at the Manor House 1007715 n/a   Low Dinsdale Scheduled Monument
Anglo-Saxon cross in St John the Baptist's churchyard 1019025 n/a   Low Dinsdale Scheduled Monument
Motte and bailey castle 400m south east of Bishopton 1008668 n/a   Bishopton Scheduled Monument
Deserted medieval village of Ulnaby 1008972 n/a   High Coniscliffe Scheduled Monument
Tower Hill motte castle, 370m north-east of Dinsdale Spa 1011072 n/a   Middleton St. George Scheduled Monument
Shrunken medieval village at Sadberge 1011073 n/a   Sadberge Scheduled Monument
Deserted medieval village at Walworth 1011256 n/a   Walworth Scheduled Monument
Deserted medieval village of West Hartburn, 100m north-east of Foster House 1011257 n/a   Middleton St. George Scheduled Monument
Summerhouse moated site and associated drainage channels, enclosure and field system 1011265 n/a   Summerhouse Scheduled Monument
Archdeacon Newton moated site, deserted manorial settlement and section of rig and furrow 1015841 n/a   Archdeacon Newton Scheduled Monument
Small multivallate hillfort and tower mill on Shackleton Beacon Hill 1016867 n/a   Heighington Scheduled Monument
Piercebridge Bridge 1002344 n/a   Piercebridge Scheduled Monument
Coatham Mundeville medieval village, fishpond and areas of rig and furrow 1016109 n/a   Great Aycliffe Scheduled Monument

Primary source: the National Heritage List for England - NHLE is the register of nationally protected historic buildings and sites in England, including listed buildings, scheduled monuments, protected wrecks, registered parks and gardens, and battlefields. The list is maintained by Historic England. Check NHLE for updates and new entries. Secondary sources: British Listed Buildings.

St Cuthbert's Church
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St Cuthbert's Church
- Overview Map In 995 AD Darlington was one of the resting places of St Cuthbert’s remains on the journey from Ripon to Durham. Bishop Puiset built a palace (on the site of …
Statue of Statue of Joseph Pease
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Statue of Statue of Joseph Pease
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Darlington Railway Station
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Darlington Railway Station
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St Andrew's Church
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St Andrew's Church
- Overview About St Andrew's Church Map Street View St Andrew's Church in Haughton-le-Skerne was built in c.1125, on the site of an earlier Saxon church.[1] The church was restored in …
Blackwell Grange Hotel
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Blackwell Grange Hotel
Barmpton, Great Burdon and Haughton-le-Skerne War Memorial
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Barmpton, Great Burdon and Haughton-le-Skerne War Memorial
- The war memorial for Barmpton, Great Burdon and Haughton-le-Skerne is located near St Andrew's Church in Hauton. The memorial was unveiled on the 7th of October 1920 by Lt. Col. …
Church of St Michael, Heighington
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Church of St Michael, Heighington
- Overview Map Street View St Michael's is the parish church in Heighington, County Durham. The present church was built c.1130 AD, over the remains on an even earlier Anglo Saxon …
Church of St. John, Low Dinsdale
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Church of St. John, Low Dinsdale
- St. John  the Baptist is the parish church in Low Disdale, originally built in the late 12th century. In 1876 the church underwent a major restoration by J.P. Pritchett, at …
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Low Dinsdale Manor House
Raby Hunt Inn
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Raby Hunt Inn
- Overview About the Raby Hunt Inn Map Street View The Raby Hunt Inn in the village of Summerhouse was built in c.1835, with an earlier 18th century wing to the …
Friends Meeting House, Darlington
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Friends Meeting House, Darlington
- Overview Map Street View The Friends Meeting House is located on Skinnergate in Darlington. The Quakers bought a house and land at Skinnergate in 1678, and converted it into a …
Church of St George, Middleton St. George
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Church of St George, Middleton St. George
- Overview Map St George's Church dates frtom the 13th century. It is located about 1½ miles south-east of the village of Middleton St George. The church is a Grade II …
Sockburn Hall
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Sockburn Hall
Walworth Castle
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Walworth Castle
- Overview About Walworth Castle Map Street View Walworth Castle is a 16th century mansion house built in the style of a medieval castle, located in Walworth, near Darlington. It stands …
Thornton Hall
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Thornton Hall
- Thornton Hall is a 16th century Manor House (now a farmhouse) located within the Civil Parish of High Coniscliffe in County Durham. It lies off the B6279 road near Ulnaby. The …
Church of St. Edwin, High Coniscliffe
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Church of St. Edwin, High Coniscliffe
- Overview Map Street View The Parish church in High Coniscliffe was originally built c.1170 and the tower parapet and spire dates from the 14th century. The church underwent a major …
Barmpton Hall
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Barmpton Hall
- Overview Map Street View Barmpton Hall, is a farmhouse located at the west end of the village of Barmpton. The farmhouse dates from the late 18th century with early 19th …
Old Town Hall and Market Hall, Darlington
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Old Town Hall and Market Hall, Darlington


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