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Historic Buildings and Monuments in Humshaugh Civil Parish

Listed buildings and scheduled monuments in Humshaugh Civil Parish, Northumberland, from the National Heritage List for England[1]. Use the Search (below) if looking for a specific building / monument.

Structure List No. Grade Built~ Notes
Chesters 1155585  II* 1771 Country House
Chesters Museum 1043022  II* 1895  
Chollerford Bridge over River North Tyne 1370563 II 1785  
Church of St Peter 1155919 II 1818 Humshaugh
Coldwell Farmhouse with Attached Outbuildings 1043026 II    
Dale House and Dale Cottage 1043038 II    
Dovecote 20 Metres South-East of Linden House, and Attached Garden Walls 1370570 II    
Dovecote and Attached Garden Walls to East of House 1370587 II    
East Farmhouse and Attached Cottage 1370569 II    
Entrance Screen and Gates to Chesters 1044769 II    
Evans Almshouses with Attached Wall and Outbuilding to East 1155991 II    
Farmbuilding Range 30 Metres South-West of Coldwell Farmhouse 1370564 II    
Forge Cottage 1043002 II    
Front Garden Walls to Little Walwick with Attached Drinking Troughs 1043004 II    
Garden Wall and Attached Outbuildings to West of Wester Hall 1155777 II    
Garden Wall to West End Terrace and Evans Almshouse, with Attached Pant 1043037 II    
Garden Wall with Bee-Boles to West of House, and Shelter Shed Behind 1155829 II    
Garden Wall with Gate and Railings on East of Garden to South of House 1043032 II    
Garden Walls South-West of Linden House 1043035 II    
Garden Walls to West of Humshaugh House 1043039 II    
Garden Walls with Rails, Gate and Attached Cottage, to West of Haughton Strother Farmhouse 1155810 II    
Gate Piers and Attached Walls 40 Metres North of House 1155849 II    
Gate Piers and Attached Walls to Walwick Hall 1043005 II    
Gateway 60 Metres West of Haughton Castle with Attached Walls and Outbuildings 1155702 II    
Ha-Ha Wall 40 Metres South of Linden House 1155965 II    
Haughton Castle 1043027  I C13th Country House. C19th alterations.
Haughton House 1043028 II    
Haughton Mill House, Haughton Mill Cottage and Storage Building Between 1303190 II    
Haughton Strother Farmhouse and Attached Outbuilding to East 1370567 II    
Heatheridge House 1043031 II    
Hopewell House 1155909 II    
Humshaugh Church of England Primary School 1370568 II    
Humshaugh House 1156020 II    
Humshaugh War Memorial 1438114 II 1920  
Limekiln 30 Metres North of Junction with Road to Lincoln Hill 1044767 II    
Lincoln Hill House 1044747 II    
Linden House 1155949 II    
Little Walwick 1043003 II    
Lodge at Main Gate with Attached Yard Wall and Gatepiers 1370561 II    
Marker or Boundary Stone 100 Metres North of Chesters 1155597 II    
Milepost on North Side of Road Junction at Keepershield 1044766 II    
Nixon Headstone 2 Metres South of South-West Corner of Church of St Peter 1043034 II    
Old Lodge 50 Metres West of Chesters Main Entrance 1043023 II    
Old Mill 30 Metres North of Haughton Mill House and Attached Kennels 1043029 II    
Outbuilding Range to North-West of Haughton Castle 1370565 II    
Outbuildings Adjacent to West End of Lincoln Hill House with Attached Wall 1044748 II    
Pant Beside Road 200 Metres North of Junction by Heatheridge 1155569 II    
Piers and Quadrant Walls at Entrance to Humshaugh 1044746 II    
Roadside Wall and Gate Piers to East and South of Lincoln Hill House 1043001 II    
Rose Cottage and Attached Outbuilding 1303099 II    
Ruins of Chapel 150 Metres South-East of Haughton Castle 1155715 II    
Stable 5 Metres East of Forge Cottage 1370588 II    
Stable Block 200 Metres North of Chesters 1370562  II* 1891  
Summer House/Dovecote 75 Metres South of Wester Hall 1303168 II C18th Haughton
Sundial in Paved Forecourt 15 Metres South of Porch of Walwick Hall 1370590 II    
Sundial on Lawn 30 Metres West of Humshaugh House 1156045 II    
Teesdale House East and Teesdale House West 1370571 II    
Terrace Walls to South of Chesters 1044768 II    
The Butlers Cottage West of Chesters Stables with Attached Yard Wall and Outbuilding to Rear 1043024 II    
The George Inn 1043025 II C18th Chollerford. Coaching inn.
The Lodge with Attached Gatepiers and Railings, at Entrance to Wester Hall 1043030 II    
The Round House 30 Metres West of Humshaugh Church of England Primary School 1043033 II    
Walwick Hall 1370589 II    
West End Terrace Nos 1 and 2 with Attached Outbuildings 1043036 II    
Wester Hall 1370566 II 1732 Haughton
Westfield and Eastfield 1156007 II    
White Lodge 1156050 II    
Remains of medieval bridge, Chollerford 1006567 n/a   Scheduled Monument
Chollerford Bridge, with abutments of previous bridge 1002947 n/a   Scheduled Monument
The Roman fort, vicus, bridge abutments and associated remains of Hadrian's Wall at Chesters in wall mile 27 1010959 n/a 123AD Scheduled Monument
Hadrian's Wall and vallum between Chesters and the road to Simonburn in wall miles 27, 28 and 29 1010960 n/a   Scheduled Monument
Hadrian's Wall and vallum between the road to Simonburn and the field boundary east of Carrawburgh car park in wall miles 29, 30 and 31 1010961 n/a   Scheduled Monument

Primary source: the National Heritage List for England - NHLE is the register of nationally protected historic buildings and sites in England, including listed buildings, scheduled monuments, protected wrecks, registered parks and gardens, and battlefields. The list is maintained by Historic England. Check NHLE for updates and new entries.
Secondary sources: British Listed Buildings and Keys to the Past.

Humshaugh Civil Parish Church of St Peter, Humshaugh Chesters Roman Fort Wester Hall Summer House and Dovecote, Wester Hall Humshaugh War Memorial Chollerford Bridge Chesters, Humshaugh The George Hotel, Chollerford Stable Block, Chesters Chesters Museum (building) Haughton Castle
Haughton Castle
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Haughton Castle
- Overview About Haughton Castle Map Haughton Castle is a privately owned country house in Northumberland located a mile north of Humshaugh and on the south side of the River North …
Church of St Peter, Humshaugh
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Church of St Peter, Humshaugh
- Overview Map Street View St Peter's is the Parish Church in Humshaugh, Northumberland. It was built 1818 by H.H. Seward. Before then Humshaugh was part of the parish of Simonburn. …
Humshaugh War Memorial
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Humshaugh War Memorial
- Overview Map
The George Hotel, Chollerford
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The George Hotel, Chollerford
- Overview Map A mid 18th Century coaching inn, located by the River North Tyne next to the stone bridge in Chollerford, Northumberland. It was extended in the 19th and 20th …
Wester Hall
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Wester Hall
- Overview Map Wester Hall in Haughton, near Humshaugh, was built in 1732. The Hall is Grade II listed on the National Heritage List for England.
Summer House and Dovecote, Wester Hall
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Summer House and Dovecote, Wester Hall
Chesters Roman Fort
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Chesters Roman Fort
- Overview About Chesters (Cilurnum) Map Chesters Roman Fort and Museum, managed by English Heritage, is located near Walwick and Chollerford in Northumberland. The Roman cavalry fort (Cilurnum) was built in …
Chollerford Bridge
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Chollerford Bridge
- Overview Street View The stone bridge over the River North Tyne at Chollerford in Northumberland was built in 1785 by Robert Mylne. It replaced an earlier medieval bridge which had been …
Chesters Museum (building)
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Chesters Museum (building)
Chesters, Humshaugh
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Chesters, Humshaugh
- Overview About Chesters Map Chesters is a country house near Humshaugh in Northumberland. It was built in 1771 by John Carr for John Errington of Walwick Grange. In 1796 the …
Stable Block, Chesters
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Stable Block, Chesters
- Overview Map Street View The large stable block for Chesters country house was built in 1891 by Norman Shaw. The former stables, now converted for residential use are located just …


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