Historic Buildings and Monuments in Haydon Civil Parish

Listed buildings and scheduled monuments in Haydon Civil Parish, Northumberland, from the the National Heritage List for England[1]. Use the Search (below) if looking for a specific building / monument.

Structure List No. Grade Built~ Notes
'The Golf House' Outbuilding 1154494 II C16th Chesterwood. Former bastle.
1-25, Shaftoe Terrace 1045003 II 1805 Haydon Bridge. Almshouses.
18-24, Shaftoe Street 1045002 II C19th Haydon Bridge
Alton Side House and Cottage Adjoining 1370844 II C16th Alton Side. Pair of bastle houses
Anchor Hotel 1042509 II C18th Haydon Bridge
Barn Adjoining West Wharmley Farmhouse to South West 1154984 II C18th Wharmley
Barn and Adjoining Shelter Shed to East of West Wharmley Farmhouse 1370427 II C16th Wharmley. Former bastle house
Barn and Gingang 50 Metres South-West of Wood Hall Farmhouse 1045012 II    
Building 10m West of House Adjoining West End of Mellom Cottage 1154518 II    
Chimney to Flue from Former Langley Lead Smelting Mill 1154466 II    
Church of St Cuthbert 1154539  II* 1796 Haydon Bridge
Coastley Farmhouse 1042503 II    
Congregational Chapel 1303671 II    
East Wharmley Farmhouse 1154980 II    
Elrington Hall Farmhouse 1154553 II    
Esp Hill Farmhouse 1154451 II    
Garden Gate Piers Wall and Railings to South of West Wharmley Farmhouse 1155012 II    
Garden Wall and Area Railings to No 2 Station Cottages 1303749 II    
Garden Wall Railings and Gate to South East of Coastley Farmhouse 1154547 II    
Garden Walls to South and West of High Staward Farmhouse 1303725 II    
Garden Walls to the East of Threepwood Hall 1045009 II    
Gatehouse to Staward Pele 65 Metres South East of Pele 1045007 II C14th Staward Gorge. Part of Scheduled Monument (1006592).
Harsondale Farmhouse 1042505 II    
Haydon Old Church 1042512  I C12th Haydon Bridge
Haydon Spa 1042499 II    
High Shaw (House 300 Metres East of High Staward Farmhouse) 1303754 II    
High Staward Farmhouse with Back Yard Walls and Outbuildings Attached 1042507  II*    
House Adjoining West End of Mellom Cottage 1042500 II    
Langley Castle 1154672  I 1350 Langley. Now a hotel.
Lipwood House 1303696 II    
Lipwood House Cottage to North West of Lipwood House 1042510 II    
Lipwood House Gate Piers to Stable Yard 1154748 II    
Main Group of Farm Buildings and Walls to North East of High Staward Farmhouse 1042508  II*    
Memorial Cross 300 Metres East of Light Birks Farmhouse 1042498 II    
Middle Lipwood Farmhouse 1370848 II    
Old Bridge Now Footbridge 1154570 II    
Old Coal Mine Buildings South-East of Stublick Farmhouse 1370425  II*    
Old Cottage and Shelter Sheds 50m South-West of West Wharmley Farmhouse 1045011 II    
Outbuilding to South-East of Green 1042501 II    
Pigsties 30 Metres North East of High Staward Farmhouse 1370846  II*    
Roman Altar on Lawn Immediately South of Staward Manor 1045006 II    
Sewingshields Farmhouse 1045001 II    
Smithy and Shelter Sheds 60 Metres North East of High Staward Farmhouse 1303736  II*    
Springhead Structure and 4 Troughs 1393495 II    
Stable Range to North of Lipwood House 1042511 II    
Station Cottages 1042506 II    
Staward Manor 1045005 II    
Staward Pele 1370424 II C14th Staward Gorge. Part of Scheduled Monument (1006592).
Threepwood Hall 1045008 II    
Threepwood Hall Farmhouse 1370426 II    
Vicarage to East of Parish Church 1370845 II    
Wall and Gate Piers to West of Threepwood House 1154977 II    
Wall with Attached Outbuildings to Rear of Numbers 1 to 25 1045004 II    
Walls Enclosing Garden to East of Lipwood House 1303666 II    
War Memorial 30 Metres South West of Parish Church 1042502 II 1921 Haydon Bridge
West Deanraw Farmhouse 1042504 II    
West Wharmley Farmhouse 1045010 II    
Whinnetley Farmhouse 1303831 II 1744  
Wood Hall Farmhouse and Adjacent Cottages 1303554 II    
Workshop 200 Metres Due East of B6295/A686 1370847 II    

Primary source: the National Heritage List for England - NHLE is the register of nationally protected historic buildings and sites in England, including listed buildings, scheduled monuments, protected wrecks, registered parks and gardens, and battlefields. The list is maintained by Historic England. Check NHLE for updates and new entries.
Secondary sources: British Listed Buildings and Keys to the Past.


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