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Historic Buildings and Monuments in Tillside Civil Parish

Listed buildings and scheduled monuments in Tillside Civil Parish, Northumberland, from the National Heritage List for England[1]. Use the Search (below) if looking for a specific building / monument.

Structure List No. Grade Built~ Old Parish Note
Blacksmith's Shop 1370903 II   Chatton  
Broomhouse Farmhouse 1042416 II C19th Chatton Broomhouse
Chatton Bridge 1042413 II C18th Chatton Over the River Till.
Chatton Park 1042414 II   Chatton  
Chatton War Memorial 1435438 II 1920 Chatton Chatton.
Cottages 1154920 II   Chatton  
Dovecote 60 Yards East of Weetwood Hall 1370905 II   Chatton  
Farm Building to East of South Hazelrigg Farmhouse 1042382 II   Chatton  
Farmbuildings to North of Fowberry Mains Farmhouse 1042423 II   Chatton  
Farmbuildings to West of Broomhouse Farm House 1042417 II C19th Chatton Broomhouse
Fowberry Bridge 1370882 II 1825 Chatton Fowberry
Fowberry Cottages 1042420 II   Chatton Fowberry
Fowberry Cottages 1154928 II   Chatton Fowberry
Fowberry Lodge 1042421 II   Chatton Fowberry
Fowberry Mains Farmhouse 1232505 II   Chatton Fowberry
Fowberry Tower 1370883  II* 1809 Chatton Fowberry. Country house, incorporating C15th Pele tower.
Garden House Circa 1/4 Mile South West of Fowberry Tower 1042422 II   Chatton  
Garden Wall Circa 40 Yards West of Fowberry Tower 1154954 II   Chatton  
Gateway at Fowberry Lodge 1154941 II   Chatton  
Hetton Hall 1277031  II*   Chatton  
Hetton House 1042415  II*   Chatton  
Hettonburn Bridge 1370885 II   Chatton  
Holy Cross Church 1415535 II 1770 Chatton Chatton. On medieval site.
North Hazelrigg Farmhouse 1042381 II   Chatton  
South Hazelrigg Farmhouse 1370904 II   Chatton  
Stable Block Circa 40 Yards West of Fowberry Tower 1303565 II C18th Chatton Fowberry
The Smithy 1370884 II   Chatton  
Weetwood Bridge 1042383  I C16th Chatton Bridge over River Till. Later alterations.
Weetwood Hall 1042384 II   Chatton  
Nos. 9-12, the Square 1276837 II   Chillingham  
Bank Top 1042386 II   Chillingham  
Bank Top 1370907 II   Chillingham  
Bank Top Cottage 1276956 II   Chillingham  
Bridge Circa 200 Yards West of Botany 1042385 II   Chillingham  
Chillingham Castle 1042387  I C14th Chillingham  
Church of St Peter 1232739  I C12th Chillingham  
Deersheds in Chillingham Park 1370870 II C19th Chillingham  
East Lodge 1232783 II 1828 Chillingham  
Garden Wall and Gateway South East of Chillingham Castle 1232716 II   Chillingham  
Garden Wall to Left of Drive Circa 100 Yards North West of Chillingham Castle 1370908 II   Chillingham  
Garden Wall to West of Chillingham Castle 1042388 II   Chillingham  
Gateway and Garden Wall to North of Chillingham Castle 1232691 II   Chillingham  
Hepburn Bastle 1232898  II* C15th Chillingham Bastle
Hepburn Bell Farmhouse 1042395 II   Chillingham  
Limekiln Circa 200 Yards South of Botany 1370906 II   Chillingham  
Pair of Sandstone Urns in the Italian Garden, Chillingham Castle 1232847 II   Chillingham  
Public Fountain at Bank Top 1042393 II 1872 Chillingham  
Stable Yard at Chillingham Incorporating Coach House, Bridge House and West House 1370909 II   Chillingham  
The Estate House 1042390 II   Chillingham  
The Manor House 1042392 II   Chillingham  
The Post Office 1276861 II   Chillingham  
Tombstone of Batie Family Circa 7 Yards South West of South Porch of Church of St Peter 1042389 II   Chillingham  
Tombstone of Robert Jobson Circa 6 Yards South West of South Porch of Church of St Peter 1232774 II   Chillingham  
Urn Circa 10 Yards West of Estate House 1042391 II   Chillingham  
Urn Circa 5 Yards North of Estate House 1232856 II   Chillingham  
Walled Garden and Associated Buildings at Chillingham 1408139 II   Chillingham  
West Lodge and Gateway to Chillingham Castle 1042394 II 1835 Chillingham  
Belvedere Wall to South and East of Lilburn Tower 1042360 II   Lilburn  
Byre and Dovecote 200 Yards North of Lilburn Tower 1370874 II   Lilburn  
Coach House and Storage Buildings to East of Stables at Lilburn Tower 1233223 II   Lilburn  
East Lilburn Farmhouse 1370873 II   Lilburn  
Garden Wall to East of Lilburn Tower 1042359 II   Lilburn  
Ha Ha Circa 10 Yards South of Newton Farmhouse 1042363 II   Lilburn  
Lilburn Bridge 1233165 II   Lilburn  
Lilburn Chapel 1042401 II   Lilburn  
Lilburn Tower 1233174  II* 1843 Lilburn County house, by John Dobson.
Newtown Farmhouse 1233233 II   Lilburn  
Observatory Circa 100 Yards South West of Lilburn Tower 1370892  II*   Lilburn  
Stable Block to North of Lilburn Tower 1042361 II   Lilburn  
Wellhead Circa 100 Yards West of Lilburn Tower 1370893 II   Lilburn  
West Lilburn Tower 1233229 II   Lilburn  
West Lodge, Walls and Gate Piers 1042362 II   Lilburn  
The carved stone, Chatton Park, Kettley 1006553 n/a   Chatton Scheduled Monument
Circular ditched enclosure W of Chatton 1006407 n/a   Chatton Scheduled Monument
Chatton Law camp, and cup and ring marked rocks 1006552 n/a   Chatton Scheduled Monument
Sandyford Moor cairn cemetery 1006548 n/a   Chatton Scheduled Monument
Rock art at Ketley Crag rock shelter 1417677 n/a   Chatton Scheduled Monument
Rock art on Amersidelaw, 215m ENE of Kay Hill 1417940 n/a   Chatton Scheduled Monument
Rock art on Amersidelaw, 290m north west of Drakestruther Moss 1417941 n/a   Chatton Scheduled Monument
Rock art 350m east of The Ringses hillfort 1418072 n/a   Chatton Scheduled Monument
Rock art on Weetwood Moor, 1km south of Clavering 1415509 n/a   Chatton Scheduled Monument
Rock art on Weetwood Moor, 1km south west of Clavering 1416807 n/a   Chatton Scheduled Monument
Rock art on Weetwood Moor, 702m north east of Wooler Post Office Radio Station 1416808 n/a   Chatton Scheduled Monument
Rock art on Weetwood Moor, 487m south of Clavering 1416809 n/a   Chatton Scheduled Monument
Rock art on Amersidelaw, 195m north west of Achnacarry Plantation 1417672 n/a Prehistoric Chatton Scheduled Monument
Prehistoric rock art, 92m south west of Buttony 1417674 n/a   Chatton Scheduled Monument
Prehistoric rock art, 225m east of Whitsunbank Hill 1418763 n/a   Chatton Scheduled Monument
Romano-British enclosed settlement, 405m east of Fowberry Moor 1006518 n/a   Chatton Scheduled Monument
Buttony Wood camp, Horton Moor 1006531 n/a   Chatton Scheduled Monument
Cup and ring marked rocks 1/4 mile (400m) NE of Buttony Wood, Horton Moor 1006532 n/a   Chatton Scheduled Monument
Incised rocks at Fowberry Park 1006537 n/a   Chatton Scheduled Monument
Incised rocks in North Plantation, Fowberry Moor 1006538 n/a   Chatton Scheduled Monument
Weetwood Bridge 1006549 n/a   Chatton Scheduled Monument
Weetwood Bank cup and ring marked rock, 290m north west of Wooler Post Office Radio Station 1006559 n/a   Chatton Scheduled Monument
Defended settlement, 550m south west of Broomhouse 1006410 n/a   Chatton Scheduled Monument
Sandyfold Burn settlement 1006444 n/a   Chatton Scheduled Monument
Weetwood Moor round cairns 1006454 n/a   Chatton Scheduled Monument
Cairnfield, on eastern edge of Ros Hill Wood 1006461 n/a   Chatton Scheduled Monument
Whinny Hill cairn cemetery 1006462 n/a   Chatton Scheduled Monument
Iron Age defended settlement in Fox Covert 1016246 n/a   Chatton Scheduled Monument
Simonside camp 1002907 n/a   Chatton Scheduled Monument
The standing stones on Doddington Moor 1006586 n/a   Chatton Scheduled Monument
Standing Stones camp, Horton Moor 1006587 n/a   Chatton Scheduled Monument
Two cairn cemeteries W of Willie Law 1006451 n/a   Chatton Scheduled Monument
Chillingham Park 1001045 II   Chillingham & Chatton Listed Park & Garden.
West Lilburn tower 50m north east of Lilburn Cottage 1014923 n/a   Lilburn Scheduled Monument
West Lilburn chapel and burial ground 1014922 n/a   Lilburn  Scheduled Monument
Defended settlement, 790m WNW of Howemoor Plantation 1006533 n/a   Lilburn Scheduled Monument
Site 1/2 mile (800m) W of Bewick Bridge 1006433 n/a   Lilburn Scheduled Monument
Castle Hill camp 1006464 n/a   Lilburn Scheduled Monument
Standing stone with cup markings 270m north west of Newtown Mill 1014925 n/a   Lilburn Scheduled Monument
Medieval standing cross known as the Hurl Stone, 900m north west of Newtown Mill 1015479 n/a Medieval Lilburn Scheduled Monument. Nr. Newtown
Newton Bridge 1006551 n/a   Chillingham & Lilburn Scheduled Monument
Tower house in Chillingham Park, 270m north east of Hepburn Cottage 1017360 n/a   Chillingham Scheduled Monument
Univallate hillfort, 560m south west of Shepherd's Cairn 1006565 n/a   Chillingham Scheduled Monument
Promontory fort, 551m east of Hepburn Cottage 1006547 n/a Iron Age Chillingham Scheduled Monument
Two cairn cemeteries W of Willie Law 1006451 n/a   Chillingham Scheduled Monument

Primary source: the National Heritage List for England - NHLE is the register of nationally protected historic buildings and sites in England, including listed buildings, scheduled monuments, protected wrecks, registered parks and gardens, and battlefields. The list is maintained by Historic England. Check NHLE for updates and new entries.
Secondary sources: British Listed Buildings and Keys to the Past.

Chillingham Castle
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West Lodge and Gateway
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Hilltop Fort, Hepburn
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Hepburn Bastle
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Stable Block, Fowberry Tower
Bank Top Fountain
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Bank Top Fountain
- Map Street View Octagonal limestone public fountain at Top Bank in Chillingham, built 1872. The fountain is Grade II listed.
The Hurl Stone
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The Hurl Stone
- Overview Map Tthe Hurl Stone is a Medieval standing cross located near Newtown and Lilburn Tower in Northumberland. The stone is a Scheduled Monument.
Holy Cross Church, Chatton
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Chatton War Memorial
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Chatton War Memorial
Chatton Bridge
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Chatton Bridge
Lilburn Bridge
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Lilburn Bridge
Rock art on Amersidelaw Moor, near Achnacarry Plantation
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Rock art on Amersidelaw Moor, near Achnacarry Plantation


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