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Historic Buildings and Monuments in Kendal

Listed buildings and scheduled monuments in Kendal Civil Parish, Cumbria, from the National Heritage List for England[1]. Use the Search (below) if looking for a specific building / monument.

Structure List No. Grade Built~ Note
No. 10, Market Place 1145695 II    
Nos. 10,10a,11,11a, Thorny Hills 1158015 II    
No. 100, Highgate 1137881 II    
No. 109, Burneside Road 1318976 II    
No. 12, Collin Croft 1145703 II    
Nos. 134 and 136, Highgate 1145680 II    
No. 138, Highgate 1319006 II    
Nos. 156, 158, 160, 162, 164, Stricklandgate 1319025 II    
No. 157, Stricklandgate 1319002 II    
No. 16, Collin Croft 1145704 II    
Nos. 163 and 163A, Highgate 1145713 II    
No.18 and 20, Market Place 1318972 II    
No. 19, Lowther Street 1319010 II    
No. 2, Market Place 1138290 II    
No. 2, Stramongate 1146395 II    
Nos. 2,4,6,8,10, New Shambles 1146358 II    
No. 20, Lowther Street 1145690 II    
Nos. 23 and 25, Market Place 1318974 II    
Nos. 24 and 26, Lowther Street 1138259 II    
No. 27, Stricklandgate 1146526 II    
No. 28, Finkle Street 1145646 II    
No. 28, Lowther Street 1145691 II    
Nos. 28,30, Milnthorpe Road 1145662 II    
No. 29, Lowther Street 1145693 II    
No. 3, Thorny Hills 1145638 II    
No. 30, Highgate 1312131 II    
No. 30, Lowther Street 1138266 II    
Nos. 31, 37, Stramongate 1146470 II    
No. 32, Market Place 1145696 II    
Nos. 33 and 33a, Beast Banks 1145700 II    
No. 34, Lowther Street 1145692 II    
Nos. 35 and 37, Market Place 1318995 II    
No. 36, Market Place 1138316 II    
No. 36, Stramongate 1145668 II    
No. 4, Market Place 1318971 II    
No. 4, Thorny Hills 1319027 II    
Nos. 46 and 48, Appleby Road 1137488 II    
No. 5, Thorny Hills 1145639 II    
No. 53, Stramongate 1145673 II    
No. 56, Stramongate 1311837 II    
Nos. 56-62, Gillinggate 1312231 II    
No. 6, Thorny Hills 1319028 II    
No. 65, Castle Street 1145702 II    
No. 7, Finkle Street 1318978 II    
No. 7, Thorny Hills 1311688 II    
Nos. 71-75, Highgate 1137747 II    
No. 74, Kirkland 1145689 II    
Nos. 80 and 80a, Highgate 1137865 II    
Nos. 9 and 11, Church Walk 1318977 II    
No. 9, Lowther Street 1138277 II    
No. 9, Thorny Hills 1319029 II    
No. 90, Stricklandgate 1145677 II    
No. 96, Highgate 1137875 II    
No. 98, Stricklandgate 1145634 II    
Abbot Hall Art Gallery 1145684  I 1759 By John Carr
Anchorite Well 1145729 II    
Aynam Lodge and Aynacote 1145701 II    
Bank House and Bank Cottage 1145699 II    
Beezon Lodge 1318975 II    
Birk Hag Farmhouse 1318952 II    
Bridge Carrying Drive to North East of Helsington Laithes Farmhouse 1137459 II    
Bridge Carrying Farm Road to North East of Helsington Laithes Farmhouse 1254289 II    
Bridge House 1145730 II    
Call Stone 1318980 II    
Carnegie Library and Forecourt Railings 1157878 II 1908 Kendal Library, Stricklandgate
Castle Dairy 1145642  I C14th Remodelled C16th
Central Primary School Opposite Number 23 1318954 II    
Change Bridge over Former Lancaster-Kendal Canal 1320583 II    
Church of Holy Trinity and St George 1318999  II* 1837 Roman Catholic church, by George Webster.
Church of St Thomas 1319026 II 1837 by George Webster.
Church of the Holy Trinity 1319009  I C13th  
Coach House to North-East of Mint House 1145667 II    
Collinfield Farmhouse 1312242  II*    
Cottage Adjoining West End of Queen's Club 1145682 II    
County Offices 1410338 II    
Cropper Memorial in North-East Corner of Abbot Hall Recreation Ground 1145683 II    
Drinking Fountain in Grounds of Brewery Arts Centre to South West of No 118 1145678 II    
Drinking Fountain on South Side of Abbot Hall Recreation Ground 1319007 II    
Entrance to Yard 34 1137604 II    
Flats A,b,c,d,e,f Grandy Nook 1138242 II    
Fleece Inn and Yard Entrance 1145714 II    
Former Gas Company Facade to North-West of Nos 9 and 11 Church Walk 1319008 II    
Former Public Wash House and Baths with Adjoining Public Convenience 1312303 II    
Former Woolpack Inn, and Entrance to Yard 56 1319003 II    
Friends Meeting House 1319001  II* 1816 Stramongate
Garden House 1145705 II    
Gate Piers and Forecourt Wall to West of Wattsfield Farmhouse 1158049 II    
Gate Piers at No.162 1145636 II    
Gate Piers, Gates, and Railings to Churchyard Entrance 1138100 II    
George and Dragon 1145658 II    
Gilling Reane House with Integral Lodge and Adjoining Garage 1145643 II    
Gilthwaiterigg 1145706  II*    
Globe Inn 1138299 II    
Helsington Laithes Farmhouse 1145728  II*    
Highgate Hotel 1319004  II*    
Hill Cote and Garden Walls Adjoining to East and West 1318979 II    
Hsbc Bank 1312132 II    
Icehouse in South-West Angle of Natland Mill Beck Bridge and Disused Canal 1311843 II    
Kendal United Reformed Church 1404303 II    
Kentdale Nursing Home 1145640 II    
Kirkbie Kendal Lower School 1145637 II    
Littleholme 1145666 II    
Lynnside House with Garden Wall Adjoining to West 1137671 II    
Market Hall and No 16 1138302 II    
Memorial Cross in Churchyard to West of Church Porch 1138126 II    
Milestones Flanking Steps to Entrance of Number 128 1145679 II    
Mint Cottage 1137686 II    
Mint House and Barn 1146381 II    
Museum of Lakeland Life and Industry 1138059 II    
Natland Mill Beck Bridge over Lancaster/Kendal Canal 1145663 II    
Netherfield Works, Kendal War Memorial 1441505 II    
New Inn 1145718 II    
No 26a and Passage on Northern Side 1145676 II    
No 44 Branthwaite Brow, Market Place 1318996 II    
No 50 and Entrance to Yard 52 1145659 II    
No 69 (Including Nos 69a and 69b) 1145708 II    
No 7 Yard 17: Shop Adjoining East End of Number 19 Highgate 1145707 II    
No. 25 and Entrance to Yard 23 1311817 II    
No. 29 and Entrance to Yard 27 1319000 II    
No. 30, Kirkland 1311951 II    
No. 34, Market Place 1145697 II    
No. 69 and Entrance to Yard 67 1145675 II    
No. 95, Stricklandgate 1157853 II    
No.108 and Passage Entry to No.110 1145635 II    
No.54 and Entrance to Yard 56 1145670 II    
No.7 (Includes 9 and 11) Stramongate 1145672  II*    
Nos. 13, 15, 17, 17a and 19 Stricklandgate 1145674  II*    
Nos. 130 and 132 Including Area Railings to No 130 1319005 II    
Nos. 17-21 and Entrance to New Shambles 1138354 II    
Nos. 22-28 with Entrance to Yard 30 1311878 II    
Nos. 27 and 29 and Entrance to Yard 31 1145657 II    
Nos. 39, 43, 45, 45a and Entrance to Yard 41 Market Place 1318997  II*   Branthwaite Brow
Nos. 47 and 49 Branthwaite Brow, Market Place 1145661 II    
Nos. 54 and 56, Branthwaite Brow, Market Place 1145660 II    
Nos. 58-62 (Grosvenor House) and Entrance to Side of 58 1145671 II    
Nos. 8, 10 and 10a, Highgate 1137808 II    
Nos. 48 50/50a with Entrance to Yard 50 (Stramongate Court) 1145669 II    
Nos. 42 (Nag's Head) and 46 and Entrance to Yard 44 1311831 II    
No. 11 and Entrance to Yard 9 1145698 II    
No. 117 and Entrance to Yard 119 1312145 II    
No. 147 and Entrance to Yard 149 1145712 II    
No. 151 and Entrance to Yard 153 1137797 II    
No. 28 and Entrance to Yard 28 1145687 II    
No. 32 (Rainbow Hotel) and Entrance to Yard 32 1318981 II    
No. 32 Incorporating Entrance to Yard 32a and Number 32b Adjoining to Rear 1145688 II    
No. 40 and Entrance to Unitarian Chapel 1318973 II    
No. 41 and Entrance to Yard 43 1137733 II    
No. 60 and Entrance to Yard 62 1145716 II    
No. 99 and Entrance to Yard 97 1145711 II    
Nos. 21 and 25 and Entrance to Yard 23 1137706 II    
Nos. 26 and 28 with Entrance to Yard 24 Highgate 1145715  II*    
Nos. 52, 54 and Passage 1138236 II    
Oxenholme Farmhouse and Raysholme 1145665 II    
Parish Hall 1138184 II 1912 Kendal Parish Hall, Kirkland.
Parkside Bridge 1444080 II    
Parkside House and Parklands 1311853 II    
Property Adjoining South Side of Fleece Inn 1312121 II    
Queen's Club 1145681 II    
Rear of No 19 Market Place and Nos. 3-23 Inclusive 1145664 II    
Ring O'bells Public House 1145686 II    
Romney House Hotel 1318998 II    
Sand Aire House 1146488 II    
Sandes Hospital Cottages 1145717 II    
Shop and Adjoining Public Convenience 1254250  II*    
Sleddale Hall 1390760 II    
Snuff Works 1311904 II    
Spital Farmhouse 1318953 II    
Stricklandgate House 1157894 II    
Sundial in Churchyard to West of Nave 1145685 II    
The Brewery 1318983 II    
The Dun Horse 1311814 II    
The Shakespeare Inn and Basement Shop 1318982 II    
Threshing Barn and Gin Gang to North East of Spital Farmhouse 1312283 II    
Town View 1158075 II    
Unitarian Chapel and Schoolroom to North East of Number 40 1138339 II    
Wall with Bee Boles in Garden to North of No 4, Prospect Terrace 1145645 II    
Wall with Bee Boles to Rear of No 45 1145644 II    
War Memorial 1145694 II 1921 Market Place
Warehouse at Head of Lane 1146362 II    
Warehouse to North of Number 12 1312238 II    
Wattsfield Farmhouse and Cottage 1145641  II*    
Yard 2; Smoke House 1311742 II    
Yard 83 (Dr Manning's Yard) 1145709 II    
Yard 83 (Dr Manning's Yard) 1145710 II    
Yard 83 (Dr Manning's Yard) 1312172 II    
Yard 83 (Dr Manning's Yard) Nos 14 and 16 and Passage 1261377 II    
Yard 83 (Dr Manning's Yard) Smoke House to South West of Nos 14,16 1254290 II    
Kendal Castle and associated earthworks, and earlier ringwork 1008901 n/a C13th Scheduled Monument
Greenside lime kiln 480m west of Castle Howe 1020923 n/a   Scheduled Monument
Castle Howe motte and bailey 1008900 n/a   Scheduled Monument
Miller Bridge 1007109 n/a   Scheduled Monument
Nether Bridge 1007110 n/a   Scheduled Monument
Stramongate Bridge 1004592 n/a   Scheduled Monument

Primary source: the National Heritage List for England - NHLE is the register of nationally protected historic buildings and sites in England, including listed buildings, scheduled monuments, protected wrecks, registered parks and gardens, and battlefields. The list is maintained by Historic England. Check NHLE for updates and new entries. Secondary sources: British Listed Buildings.

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