Churches Conservation Trust

The Churches Conservation Trust is a charity which aims to protect historic churches at risk in England.

Nationally the Trust cares for over 300 churches. The Trust was originally established in 1969 as the Redundant Churches Fund, as a partnership of church, state and charity driven by church heritage enthusiasts.[1] The Trust's Website includes details of the churches, visitor information and in some cases the churches can be hired and even used for church camping!.

In North East England former churches under the care of the Trust include:

All Saints Church, Gosforth?10249732
All Saints Church, Lower Pilgrim Street?11063291
All Saints Church, Middlesbrough?12524802*
Carlisle Cathedral?12084301
Cathedral Church of St Nicholas, Newcastle?13553091
Chapel of St Peter, Auckland Castle?11964461
Christ Church, Felling?11849012
Christ Church, Jarrow?10251992
Christ Church, North Shields?11850502
Christ Church, Shieldfield?10247482*
Christ Church, Stanley?13918652
Church of St. Cuthbert, Parsonby?12756032
Church of All Hallows, Henshaw, Northumberland?13703032
Church of All Saints, Great Stainton?11859082
Church of All Saints, Hartlepool?12505342*
Church of All Saints, Lanchester?11859831
Church of All Saints, Skelton?12504072*
Church of All Saints, Thropton?10419102*
Church of All Saints, West Woodburn?13040192
Church of Holy Trinity, Berwick-upon-Tweed?12336761
Church of Holy Trinity, Eggleston?11216342
Church of Holy Trinity, Sunderland?12080561
Church of Holy Trinity, Washington?11850612
Church of Our Lady and St. Wilfrid, Blyth?11547022
Church of Our Lady, Seaton Sluice?10413171
Church of Saint Nicholas, West Bolden?13550701
Church of St Aidan, Thockrington?13704662*
Church of St Aidan, Bamburgh?10422691
Church of St Aiden, Thorneyburn?13028582
Church of St Andrew, Bishop Auckland?11964582*
Church of St Andrew, Bolam, Northumberland?13041021
Church of St Andrew, Bywell?10448311
Church of St Andrew, Dalton-le-Dale?12316902*
Church of St Andrew, Heddon-on-the-Wall?10427701
Church of St Andrew, Lamesley?10251542
Church of St Andrew, Penrith?11450481
Church of St Andrew, Roker?12071131
Church of St Andrew, Shotley Low Quarter?11563122
Church of St Andrew, Spennymoor?11214472
Church of St Andrew, Stanley?13236892
Church of St Andrew, Winston?11601271
Church of St Ann, City Road?13552221
Church of St Anne, Ancroft?10422342*
Church of St Augustine, Alston?11062302
Church of St Bartholomew, Longbenton?10253932
Church of St Bartholomew, Sunderland Bridge?11592862
Church of St Bartholomew, Whittingham?10412571
Church of St Brandon, Brancepeth?11589561
Church of St Chad, Bensham?12778412*
Church of St Christopher, Gunnerton?11553492
Church of St Cuthbert, Amble?13711352
Church of St Cuthbert, Bedlington?11534972*
Church of St Cuthbert, Carham?10421952
Church of St Cuthbert, Greenhead?10452672
Church of St Cuthbert, Hebron?11535552
Church of St Cuthbert, Kirkleatham?11396381
Church of St Cuthbert, Marton?13295022*
Church of St Cuthbert, Norham?13036051
Church of St Cuthbert, Redmarshall?11400011
Church of St Cuthbert, Shadforth?11597822
Church of St Cuthbert, Shotley Bridge?12403812
Church of St Ebba, Beadnell?12767862
Church of St Ebba, Ebchester?12404182*
Church of St Edmund, Sedgefield?11214821
Church of St George, Cullercoats?13550001
Church of St George, Mickley?10449502
Church of St George, Wall?10429912
Church of St Giles, Birtley, Northumberland?13704672*
Church of St Giles, Chollerton?11552711
Church of St Giles, Durham?11599911
Church of St Gregory the Great, Kirknewton?11536042*
Church of St Helen, Low Fell?12485322*
Church of St Helen, St Helen Auckland?11966021
Church of St Helen, Whitley Chapel?10453262
Church of St Hild and St Helen, Seaham?12322692
Church of St Hilda, Hartlepool?12633551
Church of St James and St. Basil, Fenham?10248962
Church of St James the Greater, Whitehaven?10867471
Church of St James, Castle Eden?11209402
Church of St James, Coundon?12928522
Church of St James, Riding Mill?13702622
Church of St James, South Charlton?10458872
Church of St James, Thorpe Thewles?11392242
Church of St John Lee, Acomb?10448222*
Church of St John the Baptist, Alnmouth?13711662
Church of St John the Baptist, Greatham?12635222*
Church of St John the Baptist, Lowick?10422532
Church of St John the Baptist, St John's Chapel?12321712
Church of St John the Baptist, Stillington?13565892
Church of St John the Evangelist, Birtley?13550962
Church of St John the Evangelist, Ingleton?11210872
Church of St John the Evangelist, Killingworth?11842272
Church of St John the Evangelist, Longhirst?10421272
Church of St John the Evangelist, Lynesack?11216172
Church of St John the Evangelist, Middlesbrough?11398542*
Church of St John The Evangelist, Otterburn?13705142
Church of St John the Evangelist, Seaham?12772622
Church of St John, Healey?13035732
Church of St John, Keswick?11446662*
Church of St John, Shildon?11214982
Church of St John, Whitfield?10454382
Church of St Joseph, Birtley?14310202
Church of St Kentigern, Aspatria?12348612*
Church of St Kentigern, Great Crosthwaite?13271182*
Church of St Laurence, Hallgarth?13108921
Church of St Lawrence, Warkworth?13034461
Church of St Leonard, Warwick-on-Eden?11218762*
Church of St Luke, Ferryhill?11214722
Church of St Luke, Greystead?10448572
Church of St Luke, Spital Tongues?13552242
Church of St Margaret of Antioch, Tanfield?12408872
Church of St Mark, Marske-by-the-Sea?13875462
Church of St Martin, Brampton, Carlisle?11371701
Church of St Mary and St Michael, Doddington?11551681
Church of St Mary and St Wilfred, Warwick Bridge?11118972*
Church of St Mary Magdalen, Seaham?14310222
Church of St Mary Magdalene, Yarm?10546862*
Church of St Mary the Less, Durham?11213352
Church of St Mary the Virgin, Ponteland?13707361
Church of St Mary the Virgin, Seaham?12321161
Church of St Mary the Virgin, Throckley?11860662
Church of St Mary the Virgin, West Rainton?11207372*
Church of St Mary the Virgin, Whickham?11853591
Church of St Mary, Ambleside?12447842*
Church of St Mary, Barnard Castle?12182771
Church of St Mary, Blanchland?13042261
Church of St Mary, Churchtown, Sebergham?13272462*
Church of St Mary, Cockfield?11218272*
Church of St Mary, Easington?12318131
Church of St Mary, Heworth?10251832
Church of St Mary, Holy Island?11553691
Church of St Mary, Holystone, Northumberland?13032342
Church of St Mary, Horden?11588952
Church of St Mary, Rokeby?11216732*
Church of St Mary, Sherburn Village?11593482
Church of St Mary, South Hylton?13908292
Church of St Mary, Staindrop?13385941
Church of St Mary, Wigton?11445902*
Church of St Mary, Windermere?12033192
Church of St Mary, Wooler?10423322
Church of St Mary, Wycliffe?13227631
Church of St Matthew, Newbottle?11848902
Church of St Matthew, Summerhill Street?10247572*
Church of St Maurice, Eglingham?10419752*
Church of St Maurice, Ellingham?12763682
Church of St Michael & All Angel's, Ilderton?13709292*
Church of St Michael and All Angels, Ford?13710062*
Church of St Michael and All Angels, Hawkshead?10872591
Church of St Michael and All Angels, Houghton-le-Spring?11847801
Church of St Michael and All Angels, Howick?13711842
Church of St Michael and All Angels, Newburn?11860361
Church of St Michael's and all Angels, Low Alwinton?10412962*
Church of St Michael, Alnham?13034551
Church of St Michael, Alnwick?10415461
Church of St Michael, Bishop Middleham?13228262*
Church of St Michael, Bowness-on-Solway?11370072*
Church of St Michael, Burgh By Sands?13671341
Church of St Michael, Heighington?13229531
Church of St Michael, Ingram?12768112*
Church of St Nicholas, Cramlington ?13714162
Church of St Ninian, RC, Wooler ?13041052
Church of St Oswald, Bellingham?10449922
Church of St Paul, Elswick?10248462
Church of St Paul, North Thornaby?11399192
Church of St Paul, Ryhope?12178352
Church of St Paul, Spennymoor?11214492
Church of St Paul, West Pelton?11593012
Church of St Paul, Whitley Bay?11856152
Church of St Paul, Winlaton?10251752
Church of St Peter the Apostle, Byers Green?11597082
Church of St Peter, Bywell?10448281
Church of St Peter, Elwick?11398212*
Church of St Peter, Harton?12323242
Church of St Peter, Humshaugh?11559192
Church of St Peter, Kirkbampton?11371081
Church of St Peter, Redcar?11396142
Church of St Peter, Wallsend?10253262*
Church of St Peter, Wolviston?13294692
Church of St Philip and St James, Tow Law?12325162
Church of St Philip, Arthurs Hill?10247732
Church of St Romald, Romaldkirk?11218571
Church of St Thomas the Martyr?10249522*
Church of St Thomas, Harelaw?12409512
Church of St Thomas, Stanhope?12317012*
Church of St Thomas, Stanley Crook?12288102
Church of St. Alban, Earsdon?11843082
Church of St. Andrew, Aycliffe Village?13228061
Church of St. Andrew, Bolam, County Durham?11211332
Church of St. Andrew, Corbridge?13035081
Church of St. Andrew, Hartburn, Northumberland?13710471
Church of St. Barnabas, Bournmoor?11209882
Church of St. Barnabas, Linthorpe?11398322
Church of St. Bartholomew, Kirkwhelpington?10449152*
Church of St. Bartholomew, Newbiggin-by-the-Sea?13041411
Church of St. Bartholomew, Thornley, nr Wolsingham?12333132
Church of St. Cuthbert, Allendale?10429412
Church of St. Cuthbert, Bellingham?13704421
Church of St. Cuthbert, Beltingham ?13708171
Church of St. Cuthbert, Blaydon?13551202
Church of St. Cuthbert, Blyth ?10413452*
Church of St. Cuthbert, East Rainton?11847782
Church of St. Cuthbert, Ormesby?11396282
Church of St. Cuthbert, Satley?11859972
Church of St. Edmund, Edmundbyers?12293312
Church of St. Edward, Whitley Bay?14133942
Church of St. Edwin, High Coniscliffe?11155622*
Church of St. Helen, Kelloe?11207481
Church of St. Helen, Longhorsley?11536082
Church of St. Hilda, Lucker?10422632
Church of St. James, Benwell ?10249592
Church of St. James, Morpeth?10427332*
Church of St. James, Shilbottle?10417232*
Church of St. John the Baptist, Annitsford?10413512
Church of St. John the Baptist, Edlingham?10419901
Church of St. John the Baptist, Ulgham?10421012
Church of St. John the Evangelist, Percy Main?13550132
Church of St. Joseph, Blaydon?10251772
Church of St. Margaret of Antioch, Brotton?12632992
Church of St. Mark, Ninebanks?10454042
Church of St. Mary and St. Stephen, Wolsingham?12328412
Church of St. Mary and St. Thomas Aquinas, Stella?13550822
Church of St. Mary Magdalene, Hart?12498981
Church of St. Mary Magdalene, Mitford?12065211
Church of St. Mary Magdalene, Whalton?12478051
Church of St. Mary the Virgin, Etal?10421792
Church of St. Mary the Virgin, Stannington?10426272
Church of St. Mary the Virgin, Stockton-on-Tees?11400121
Church of St. Mary, Hartlepool?12502632
Church of St. Mary, Lesbury?10417952*
Church of St. Mary, Longframlington?13035131
Church of St. Mary, Morpeth?10427631
Church of St. Mary, Nunthorpe?11398412
Church of St. Mary, Ovingham?10449401
Church of St. Michael and All Angels, Felton?10418811
Church of St. Michael and All Saints, Barnington?11217212
Church of St. Michael, Low Warden?10449881
Church of St. Mungo, Simonburn?11571542*
Church of St. Nicholas, Durham?13106842
Church of St. Nicholas, South Gosforth?13552182
Church of St. Oswin, Wylam?10449592
Church of St. Paul the Apostle, Choppington?10414222
Church of St. Paul, Branxton?10421912
Church of St. Peter, Chillingham?12327391
Church of St. Wilfred, Kirkharle?13704991
Church of St.James, Newcastle?10248202*
Church of St.Thomas of Canterbury, Longhorsley?11536192
Church of the Divine Unity, Ellison Place, Newcastle?12451262
Church of the Holy Cross, Haltwhistle?10452331
Church of the Holy Paraclete, Kirkhaugh?10429252
Church of the Holy Saviour, Tynemouth?10253692
Church of the Holy Trinity and St Constantine, Wetheral?10876922*
Church of the Holy Trinity, Embleton?10418221
Church of the Holy Trinity, Jesmond?10249422*
Church of the Holy Trinity, Old Bewick?10424121
Church of the Holy Trinity, Seaton Carew?12507512
Church of the Holy Trinity, Seghill?13713842
Church of the Holy Trinity, Southwick?12070662
Church of the Holy Trinity, Whitfield?11560492*
Church of the Holy Trinity, Wingate?13230872
Durham Cathedral?11610231
Emmanuel Church, Saltburn?13876132
Holy Cross Church (ruins), Wallsend?12996381
Holy Trinity Church, Cambo?11541392
Lindisfarne Priory?10423041
Primitive Methodist Chapel, Milfield?13709952
RC Church of St Charles, Tudhoe?11600072
RC Church of St Mary & Presbytery, Whittingham?13714532
RC Church of St Mary and St Romuald, Yarm?14251282
RC Church of St Michael, Elswick?10247432*
RC Church of St Peter, South Bank, Middlesbrough?11396222
Sacred Heart Church, Middlesbrough?13295102
Sacred Heart Church, North Gosforth?13917862
Salvation Army Citadel, North Shields?13549882
Saxon Church, Escomb?12921221
St Andrew's Church, Crook?12290122*
St Andrew's Church, Newgate Street?11048871
St Catherines Chapel, Hylton?12932811
St Cuthbert's Church, Billingham?11392411
St Cuthbert's Church, Darlington?11212801
St Dominic's Priory Church?10248162
St Edmunds Chapel, Gateshead?12778741
St George's Church, Jesmond?10247841
St John The Baptist Church, Egglescliffe?11049011
St Mary's Cathedral, Newcastle?10249131
St Mary's Parish Church, Gainford?11211141
St Patrick's RC Church, Felling?11849322
St Paul's Monastery, Jarrow?13550911
St Peter ad Vincula Church, Thornaby?11399172*
St Peter's Church, Hilton?11392291
St Peter's Church, Monkwearmouth?12179581
St. Hilda's Church, South Shields?12321562
Stockton Parish Church?11399771
Stockton Road United Reformed Church, Sunderland?12799162*
Sunderland Minster?12079932*
Teesside Vineyard Church (St Luke's)?13294632*
Trinity Methodist Church, Allendale?13706022
Trinity Methodist Church, Barnard Castle ?12827382
United Reformed Church, Great Bavington ?11550382
United Reformed Church, Kielder?11561852
United Reformed Church, Thropton?12816952
United Reformed Church, Wooler?13922332
Wesleyan Providence Chapel, Baybridge?10454092
Whitburn Parish Church?10252442
Whitworth Parish Church?11214482
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Churches Conservation Trust
- Details of churches, visitor information, hire a church etc. "The Churches Conservation Trust is the national charity saving historic churches at risk. We have saved over 350 buildings which attract ...

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The Churches Conservation Trust's champing breaks on BBC Radio 4's You and Yours

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The Churches Conservation Trust - Not what you were expecting?

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Old All Saints Church, Skelton
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Old All Saints Church, Skelton
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Church of St Stephen, Low Elswick
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Church of St Stephen, Low Elswick
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Former Church
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Former Church
Church of St Andrew, Shotley Low Quarter
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Church of St Andrew, Shotley Low Quarter
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Documentary on Churches Conservation Trust

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Churches and Cathedrals
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Churches and Cathedrals
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