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Thorneyburn Parish, 1855

Extract from: History, Topography, and Directory of Northumberland...Whellan, William, & Co, 1855.

THORNEYBURN parish is bounded on the east by Bellingham, on the west by Falstone, and extends from the North Tyne along the west side of Tarset Burn, to the borders of Redesdale. It comprises a townships of West Tarset and Thorneyburn, whose united area is 20,133 acres, and its population in 1801, was 322; in 1811, 363; in 1821, 358; in 1831, 334; in 1841, 359; and in 1851, 340 souls. This was formally included in the extensive parish of Simonburn, from which it was severed by the act of 51, George III, c. 194. The greater part of this district is wild and mountainous, yet it affords good pasturage for sheep and cattle.

TARSET (WEST) is a township containing 26 scattered houses, which are situated between two branches of Tasset Burn, and are sheltered by the lofty hills of Comb Fell, Great Dodd, and Heslop Crag. It contains 17,408 acres, and the rateable value is £2,214 3s 3d. The tithes were commuted in 1839; aggregate amount £113 10s, 7d. The number of inhabitants in 1801, was 159; in 1811, 207; in 1821, 169; in 1831, 149; in 1841, 173; And in 1851, 173 souls.



Simon  Dodd, Blackmiddings

William Famelton, Gleedlee

John Potts, Redheugh

James Scott, Shipley Shields

Simon Telfer, Newbiggin


THORNEYBURN is a township giving name to the parish in which it is situated, and comprising an area of 2,725 acres. Its rateable value is £1,131, and its population in 1801, was 163; in 1811, 156; in 1821, 189; in 1831, 185; in 1841, 186; and in 1851, 167 souls. It contains 36 scattered houses, and is situated 5 miles W.N.W. of Bellingham. The parish church is a neat stone edifice, in the gothic style, erected in 1818, at a cost of £4,000 pounds, by the Commissioners of Greenwich Hospital, the patrons of the living, which is a rectory in the archdeaconry of Northumberland and Deanery of Bellingham, and incumbency of the Rev. George Richards, M.A. for whom the Rev. Thomas Surridge, LL.D, officiates. The benefice is rated at £4 5s, gross income £120. Tithes commuted in 1839; Aggregate amount £50 17s.11½d. The parish register commences in 1819. The church stands in the field formerly called Draper Croft, and in its vicinity an elegant rectory has been erected. The North Tyne is crossed here by a neat “iron foot bridge”, which was erected by subscription in 1854, at an expense of £170, and connects the parishes of Greystead and Thorneyburn.

DONKLEY WOOD is a hamlet in this township, on the north side of the North Tyne, 5 miles west by north of Bellingham.


Gibson Joseph, surgeon, Hill House

Newton Frederick and Forster, travelling drapers, Mount Pleasant

Turnbull James, shopkeeper

Turnbull John, clogger, Mount Pleasant


Dodd Edward, High Stokoe

Elliott James, Rushend

Elliott William, Old Hall

Hall Robert, Bewick, Thorneyburn

Hedley Ephraim, Boat-hill

Hedley Robert, Craig house

Parker Robert, Camp Cottage

Robson Thomas, Yeoman, Thorneyburn

Telfer Adam, Donkley Wood

Telfer Thomas, Donkley Wood

Temple Thomas, Gray’s Gate

Wilkinson George, Low Stokoe


CARRIER: -- to Bewick, in Scotland, James Turnbull, on Tuesdays

Thorneyburn Tindale Ward, 1855 Northumberland Parishes and Townships - 1855


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