Listed Buildings in Sandhoe Parish

About the Parish Listed buildings and Scheduled Monuments....

Structure List No. Grade Built~ Locality Note
Anick Farmhouse 1043007 II C16th Anik  
Apple Store and Adjacent Walls on North of Kitchen  1156424 II C18th    
Appletrees 1043018 II C19th Sandhoe House
Bank Foot Farmhouse 1043008 II C17th Anik  
Barn 40 Metres South-West of Bank Foot Farmhouse 1370592 II C18th Anik  
Beaufront Castle 1043009 I 1841   Country house by John Dobson
Beaufront Woodhead Farmhouse and Adjacent Cottage 1043014 II C18th Beaufront Woodhead  
Bridge End House and Bridge End Cottage 1370560 II C18th    
Butlers Cottage and House to Right of Butlers Cottage 1156587 II C18th Sandhoe  
Byre 15 Metres West of Bank Foot Farmhouse 1302955 II C18th Anik  
Cartshed 30 Metres North-East of Beaufront Woodhead Farmhouse 1302839 II C18th Beaufront Woodhead  
Corbridge (Corstopitum) Roman station 1006611 n/a     Scheduled Monument (partly in the parish)
Chapel of St Aidan 1042981 II 1885    
Hadrian's Wall and vallum between field boundary east of milecastle 24 and field boundary west of the site of turret 25b in wall miles 24 to 25 1010958 n/a     Scheduled Monument (partly in the parish)
Hadrian's Wall and vallum between the track to Portgate Cottage and the field boundary east of milecastle 24 in wall miles 22 and 23 1010626 n/a     Scheduled Monument (partly in the parish)
Round cairn 530m west of Stanley Cottages 1017734 n/a Bronze Age   Scheduled Monument
Beaufront Castle
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Beaufront Castle
- Overview About Beaufront Castle Map Aerial View Beaufront Castle is an extensive privately owned country house, located about a mile and a half north-east of Hexham, situated between the villages ...
Corbridge Roman Town and Fort
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Corbridge Roman Town and Fort
- Overview About Corbridge Roman Fort/Town Map Street View  Corstopitum Coria was a fort and town 2.5 miles (4.0 km) south of Hadrian's Wall, in the Roman province of Britannia at a ...


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