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Historic Buildings and Monuments in Patterdale Parish

About the Parish. Listed buildings and scheduled monuments:

Structure List No. Grade Built~ Locality Note
Bank End 1245321 II C17th Hartsop  
Beck Side 1245319 II C17th Hartsop  
Broadhow Wordsworth Cottage 1245325 II C17th Rooking  
Brothersfield Cottage 1271923 II C16th Hartsop  
Church of St Patrick 1404461 II 1853 Patterdale Designed by Anthony Salvin
Caudale Beck Farmhouse 1245314 II C17th    
Chamberlaine Cottage 1245316 II C17th Hartsop  
Corn Drying Kiln in Field at Rear of How Green Farmhouse 1271922 II C16/17th Hartsop  
Cow Bridge 1271942 II C17th Nr. Hartsop Packhorse bridge (widened)
Crook-A-Beck crookbeck Farmhouse 1245326 II C17th    
Dalehead 1245317 II C17th Hartsop  
Deepdale Cottage at Deepdale Bridge 1245288 II C18th    
Deepdale Hall 1245310 II C17th    
Eagle Farmhouse 1271911 II c.1635 Glenridding  
Elmhow with Attached Cart Sheds 1245333 II C17th    
Farm Buildings Attached to Glencoyne glencoyne 1245329 II* C17th    
Fell Yeat 1245320 II C16th Hartsop  
Glenridding House 1245312 II   Glenridding  
Grassthwaitehow 1245313 II C17th Grisdale  
Hartsop Hall and Farm Buildings Attached to Hartsop Hall 1245315 I C16th Hartsop  
High Beckside 1245324 II C17th Hartsop  
Hoghouse 1413918 II C19th    
How Green Farmhouse; Farm Buildings Attached to How Green Farmhouse 1245323 II C17th Hartsop  
K6 Telephone Kiosk 1367183 II 1935 Nr. Hartsop  
Lane Head 1271939 II C16 Lane Head  
Low House with Attached Farm Buildings 1271877 II C17th Hartsop  
Mireside 1245318 II C17th Hartsop  
Moss Side with Attached Barn 1245308 II C18th Deepdale  
Parsey House with Attached Barn 1245322 II C17th Hartsop  
Pasture Beck Bridge 1271921 II C17th Hartsop  
Patterdale Hall (With Attached Gatehouse and Stable Wing) 1245393 II C17th Patterdale  
Prehistoric rock art in Patterdale 40m north west of Beckstones 1019435 n/a     Scheduled Monument
Prehistoric rock art in Patterdale 270m north west of Crookabeck 1019436 n/a     Scheduled Monument
Prehistoric rock art at Place Fell Cottage, 370m north east of Goldrill Bridge 1019438 n/a     Scheduled Monument
Prehistoric rock art at Green Rigg, 310m north east of Goldrill bridge 1019437 n/a     Scheduled Monument
Myers Head lead mine 1015652 n/a 1870s nr. Hartsop Scheduled Monument
Rattlebeck Cottage 1271941 II C17th Glenridding  
The How Cottage with Associated Farmbuildings 1054609 II C17th Hartsop  
Thorn House 1245392 II C17th Hartsop  
Top Power House electric power generation station and associated leat for Greenside lead mine centred 740m NNW of Hole-in-the-Wall 1021144 n/a     Scheduled Monument
Romano-British enclosed stone hut circle settlement and round cairn 350m south of Hartsop Hall 1011359 n/a     Scheduled Monument
Hogget Gill lead smelting mill, water management system and wood drying kiln 1015653 n/a     Scheduled Monument
Greenside lead mines, ore works and smelt mill 1015654 n/a     Scheduled Monument
High Street, Roman road 1003275 n/a     Scheduled Monument
Wall End Farmhouse with Attached Barn 1245311 II 1630s    
Wallend Bridge 1271940 II C17th    
Yew Tree Cottage at Deepdale Bridge 1245287 II C18th    
Church of St Patrick, Patterdale
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Church of St Patrick, Patterdale
Cow Bridge, near Hartsop
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Cow Bridge, near Hartsop
Myers Head Lead Mine
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Myers Head Lead Mine
- The remains of Myers Head Lead Mine are located by the confluence of Pasture Beck and Hayeswater Gill, south-east of Hartsop in the Eden district of Cumbria.


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