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Historic Buildings and Monuments in Otterburn Civil Parish

Listed buildings and scheduled monuments in Otterburn Civil Parish, Northumberland, from the the National Heritage List for England[1]. Use the Search (below) if looking for a specific building / monument.

Structure List No. Grade Built~ Note
Battle of Otterburn 1388 1000029 n/a n/a Register of Historic Battlefields
Fawdon Hill defended settlement, 900m north-west of Closehead 1007527 n/a Iron Age Scheduled Monument
Defended settlement, 700m north of Overacres 1007526 n/a Iron Age Scheduled Monument
Target operator bunker, cable trenching and three target pits 650m north of Hopehead 1021038 n/a 1960s Scheduled Monument
Target operator bunker, cable trenching and three target pits 750m north of Hopehead 1021031 n/a 1960s Scheduled Monument
Three target operator bunkers 730m north of Hopehead 1021033 n/a 1960s Scheduled Monument
Round cairn 460m south of Cowey's Cairn 1018939 n/a Bronze Age Scheduled Monument
Round cairn cemetery on Levey Bog, 880m north east of Hopehead 1018942 n/a Bronze Age Scheduled Monument
Romano-British farmstead, 550m south-east of Shittleheugh 1007528 n/a Romano British Scheduled Monument
Round cairn, 300m south east of Fiddlers Wood 1008564 n/a Bronze Age Scheduled Monument
Round cairn, 100m ENE of Dunns Cottage 1008995 n/a Bronze Age Scheduled Monument
4 and 5, Bank Foot 1044865 II C19th  
Bleach House Circa 20 Yards South East of Otterburn Mills 1370515 II C19th Disused bleach house
Cart Shed and Bothy C.10 Yards North of Old Town Farmhouse 1156275 II C19th  
Church of St John the Evangelist 1370514 II 1858 by John Dobson
Farmbuildings Attached to Rear of Otterburn Hall Farmhouse 1156315 II    
Fountain Base C.80 Yards South of Otterburn Tower 1044862 II    
Garden Wall Attached to South West Corner of Otterburn Tower 1370513 II    
Garden Walls, Walled Garden and Ha Ha Wall South and East of Old Town Farmhouse 1044866 II    
Gate and Gateway by South Lodge to Otterburn Hall 1156307 II    
Gatepiers, Garden Walls, Railings and Sundial, Circa 30 Yards South of Overacres 1156318  II*    
Limekiln C.200 Yards North-East of Greenchesters 1156268 II C19th  
Milestone C.1/2 Mile West-North-West of Otterburn 1156222 II    
Milestone South of Shittleheugh Bridge at NGR 869943 1052205 II C19th  
Monkridge Hall 1044861 II    
Old Town Farmhouse with Wall and Archway Attached to West Side 1370516 II    
Otterburn Hall 1156287 II 1870 Country house, now hotel
Otterburn Hall Farmhouse 1044868 II    
Otterburn Mill 1156242 II C18th Water wheels replaced late C19th by a turbine
Otterburn Tower 1156191 II c.1830s Incl. materials from C18th house
Overacres Farmhouse 1370518 II    
Shelter Shed and Granary Circa 50 Yards North-East of Overacres 1044869 II    
Shittleheugh Bastle 1044870 II Medieval Scheduled Monument (1008426)
South Lodge to Otterburn Hall 1370517 II    
Stable Block and Attached Wall C.20 Yards East of Otterburn Tower 1044863 II    
Stable Block to North-West of Otterburn Hall 1044867 II    
Stable Circa 40 Yards East of Overacres Farmhouse 1302920 II    
Sundial C.50 Yards South-East of Otterburn Tower 1302979 II C19th  
Tenters C.40 Yards South-East of Otterburn Mill 1156260 II    
The Percy Cross 1044864 II 1777 Incorporating earlier medieval cross base
The Vicarage 1156215 II C18th  

Primary source: the National Heritage List for England - NHLE is the register of nationally protected historic buildings and sites in England, including listed buildings, scheduled monuments, protected wrecks, registered parks and gardens, and battlefields. The list is maintained by Historic England. Check NHLE for updates and new entries.
Secondary sources: British Listed Buildings and Keys to the Past.

Church of St John The Evangelist
  Co-Curate Page
Church of St John The Evangelist
Otterburn Tower
  Co-Curate Page
Otterburn Tower
Otterburn Mill
  Co-Curate Page
Otterburn Mill
Battle of Otterburn, 1388
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Battle of Otterburn, 1388
- Overview About The Battle of Otterburn   The Battle of Otterburn took place according to Scottish sources on 5 August 1388, or 19 August according to English sources, as part ...
Percy Cross
  Co-Curate Page
Percy Cross
- Overview Map Percy Cross was erected to commemorate the Battle of Otterburn, 1388. It was erected on this site in 1777, incorporating the earlier medieval cross base. The shaft is ...
Lime Kilns, Greenchesters
  Co-Curate Page
Lime Kilns, Greenchesters
- Overview Map These early-mid 19th century lime kilns are located near Greenchesters Farm, about a mile north-west of Otterburn. The kilns are Grade II listed.


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