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Historic Buildings and Monuments in Capheaton Parish

Listed buildings and scheduled monuments in Capheaton Civil Parish, Northumberland, from the National Heritage List for England[1]. Use the Search (below) if looking for a specific building / monument.

Structure List No. Grade Built~ Locality Note
1-3, Front Street 1370679 II C18th Capheaton  
4 and 5, Front Street 1303804 II C18th Capheaton  
6-8, Front Street 1154465 II C18th Capheaton  
Boundary Stone Approx 40 Yards North-West of Clock Mill 1042793 II C18th Clock Mill  
Bridge Approx 30 Yards North of Clock Mill 1042792 II C18th Clock Mill  
Capheaton Bridge Approx 400 Yards South of Makemerich 1154596 II C18th Makemerich  
Capheaton Hall and Walls Attached 1154285  I 1668 Capheaton by Robert Trollop
Church of St Bartholomew 1042796 II 1755 Kirkheaton  
Clock Mill Farmhouse 1370677 II c.1840 Clock Mill  
Cottage and Mill Building 1042791 II C18th Clock Mill  
Conservatory and Garden Wall Approx 20 Yards East of Capheaton Hall 1042828 II C19th Capheaton  
Defended settlement, 450m NNW of Ferney Chesters 1011835 n/a     Scheduled Monument
East Lodge to Capheaton Hall 1154278 II 1838 Capheaton


East Shaftoe Hall 1154609  I C16th East Shafto

incl. C14th tower

Farm Buildings at Hillhead Farm 1154548 II C18th  


Farmbuildings North of White House Farmhouse 1370684 II C18th  


Farmbuildings to North of Shaftoe Grange 1042800 II C18th Shafto Grange


Folly Ruin Approx 60 Yards South-West of Capheaton Hall 1370658 II C18th Capheaton


Former Stable at Barnhill Farm 1241813 II 1722 nr. Capheaton


Garden Wall and Gatepiers to East of No.4 1042794 II C18th Capheaton

Front Street

Gatepiers at West Lodge to Capheaton Hall 1370675  II* 1668 Capheaton

by Robert Trollop

Gatepiers, Wall and Mounting Block South and East of Kirkheaton Manor 1042797 II C18th Kirkheaton


Ha-Ha Wall Approx 35 Yards South of Capheaton Hall 1154302 II C18th Capheaton

probably by Capability Brown

Henhouse and Dovecote Approx 20 Yards East of East Shaftoe Hall 1042798 II C18th East Shafto


Hunter Gravestone Approx 15 Yards South of Church of St Bartholomew 1370681 II 1807 Kirkheaton


Kirkheaton Manor 1154574  II* c.1740 Kirkheaton


Limekiln Approx 800 Yards South of White House Farmhouse 1042801 II C19th  


Milestone Approx 50 Yards South-East of East Lodge 1042827 II c.1830  


Orchard House 1042788 II c.1830 Capheaton


Post Office and Adjoining Cottage 1370676 II 1830's Capheaton


Pump and Water Trough Approx 20 Yds East of White House Farmhouse 1303679 II C19th  


Pump Approx 20 Yards South of School House 1154522 II C19th Capheaton


Romano-British settlement and Iron Age defended settlement, 550m north east of Shaftoe Grange 1013757 n/a     Scheduled Monument
Sandybraes Cottage 1370682 II 1830's    
School House 1370680 II C18th Capheaton  
Shaftoe Grange 1042799 II C18th Shaftoe Grange  
Shelter Shed and Pigsty Approx 50 Yds North of East Shaftoe Hall 1303724 II C19th East Shafto  
Small Detached Outbuilding to North of Clock Mill Cottage 1370678 II C19th Clock Mill  
Stable and Farmbuildings Approx 25 Yards South-East of East Shaftoe Hall 1370683 II C19th East Shafto  
The Dovecote 1042789 II C18th nr. Capheaton  
The Old Joiners Shop 1042790 II C19th Capheaton  
Walled Garden and Carriage House Approx 50 Yards North-West of Capheaton Hall 1303867 II C18th Capheaton  
Walled Garden Approx 100 Yards South-West of East Shaftoe Hall 1303730 II C18th East Shafto  
West Lake View and the Old School 1042795 II C18th Capheaton 2 cottages
West Lodge to Capheaton Hall 1042829 II C18th Capheaton  
White House Farmhouse 1303705 II C16th    

Primary source: the National Heritage List for England - NHLE is the register of nationally protected historic buildings and sites in England, including listed buildings, scheduled monuments, protected wrecks, registered parks and gardens, and battlefields. The list is maintained by Historic England. Check NHLE for updates and new entries.
Secondary sources: British Listed Buildings and Keys to the Past.

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