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Historic Buildings and Monuments in Bellingham Civil Parish

Listed buildings and scheduled monuments in Bellingham Civil Parish, Northumberland, from the National Heritage List for England[1]. Use the Search (below) if looking for a specific building / monument.

Structure List No. Grade Built~ Notes
Nos. 1 and 2, West View 1044970 II    
Nos. 1-3, High Street 1304200 II    
Nos. 1-3, King Street 1304182 II    
Balustraded Terrace to East of Hesleyside Hall 1304227 II    
Bastle House C 300 Yards East of West Ealingham Farm 1153908 II   Ealingham
Bellingham Bridge 1044990 II 1834 By John Green.
Boer War Memorial Fountain 1153725 II 1902  
Boundary Stone 1154885 II    
Boundary Stone 600 Yards North-East of Billerley Farm 1044952 II    
Bridgend 1370455 II    
Charlton Old Farmhouse 1044994 II    
Church of St Cuthbert 1370442  I C13th Bellingham
Church of St Oswald 1044992 II 1839 Bellingham By Ignatius Bonomi
Cottage and Farmbuilding to East of Dunterley Farmhouse 1370459 II    
Dunterley Farmhouse Cottage and Wall Adjoining 1153551 II    
Farmbuildings 20 Yards West of Dunterley Farmhouse 1370421 II    
Farmbuldings to West and South of Hole Bastle 1370423 II    
Garden Building 40 Yards South-East of Lee Hall 1153707 II    
Garden Wall and Attached Byres to East of Charlton Old Farmhouse 1044995 II    
Garden Wall and Sheds to South-West of Redesmouth House 1044965 II   Redesmouth
Gate Piers, Walls and Gates C60 Yards North of Hesleyside Hall 1153633 II    
Ha-Ha Wall C 30 Yards South-East of Redesmouth House 1044964 II   Redesmouth
Hesleyside Hall 1044997  II* 1719  
Hole Bastle, 20 Yards North of Hole Farmhouse 1044998  II*    
Homelea 1153575 II    
Lee Hall 1044999  II* C17th  
Lloyds Bank 1045000 II    
Lychgate to Bellingham Cemetery 1044991 II    
Memorial to Anne Heslop C 0 Yards South of St Cuthbert's Church 1370443 II    
Memorial to Gillespie Children C 10 Yards South of St Cuthbert's Church 1044967 II    
Monument to John Bell C10 Yards North of St Oswalds Church 1370456 II    
North View 1044996 II    
Outbuildings C 10 Yards North-East of Bellingham Rectory 1370444 II    
Rede Bridge C 900 Yards North of Redesmouth 1044962 II 1715 Redesmouth
Redesmouth House and Redesmouth House Cottage 1044963 II   Redesmouth
Robson Family Memorial C 30 Yards South-West of St Cuthbert's Church 1044968 II    
St Cuthbert's Well 1153901 II    
St Oswald's Church Hall 1044993 II    
Stable Block C 15 Yards West of Hesleyside Hall 1370422 II    
The Rectory 1044969 II    
The Riding Farmhouse 1370441 II    
Town Hall 1153580 II C19th Bellingham
Walls and Gatepiers to North of Hesleyside Hall 1153642 II    
Woodpark Farmhouse and Attached Byre 1370457 II    
Hesleyside - grounds 1001047 II   Listed Park and Garden
Hareshaw ironworks 1006424 n/a   Scheduled Monument
Romano-British farmstead in Riding Wood 1008986 n/a   Scheduled Monument
Bastle and round cairn at Hole Farm 1008993 n/a   Scheduled Monument
Romano-British settlement and field of cord rig, 625m south west of Rede Bridge 1015526 n/a   Scheduled Monument
Romano-British farmstead and field system 320m north east of Rede Bridge 1016200 n/a   Scheduled Monument

Primary source: the National Heritage List for England - NHLE is the register of nationally protected historic buildings and sites in England, including listed buildings, scheduled monuments, protected wrecks, registered parks and gardens, and battlefields. The list is maintained by Historic England. Check NHLE for updates and new entries.
Secondary sources: British Listed Buildings and Keys to the Past.

Lee Hall, near Bellingham
Church of St. Cuthbert
  Co-Curate Page
Church of St. Cuthbert
- Overview Map Street View St Cuthbert's is the Parish Church in Bellingham. The church dates from the 13th century; it was extensively remodelled in 1609. The church was restored and …
Hesleyside Hall
  Co-Curate Page
Hesleyside Hall
- Overview About Hesleyside Hall Map Hesleyside Hall is a large country house, located about a mile and a half north-west of Bellingham in Northumberland. It was built in 1719 on or …
Bellingham Bridge
  Co-Curate Page
Bellingham Bridge
- The stone bridge over the River North Tyne at Bellingham was built in 1834 by John Green.[1] The bridge is a Grade II listed structure.
Town Hall
  Co-Curate Page
Town Hall
Boer War Memorial
  Co-Curate Page
Boer War Memorial
Church of St Oswald
  Co-Curate Page
Church of St Oswald
- Overview Map Street View St. Oswald's Church in Bellingham was built in 1839 by Ignatius Bonomi. The church is Grade II listed on the National Heritage List for England.
Rede Bridge, Redesmouth
  Co-Curate Page
Rede Bridge, Redesmouth
- Overview Map Rede Bridge over the River Rede, is located about half a mile north of Redesmouth in Northumberland (not to be confused with the downstream Redesmouth Bridge). The stone …
Lee Hall, near Bellingham
  Co-Curate Page
Lee Hall, near Bellingham


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