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Historic Buildings and Monuments in Acomb Civil Parish

Listed buildings and scheduled monuments in Acomb Civil Parish, Northumberland, from the National Heritage List for England[1]. Use the Search (below) if looking for a specific building / monument.

Structure List No. Grade Built~ Note
Hadrian's Wall and vallum between the track to Portgate Cottage and the field boundary east of milecastle 24 in wall miles 22 and 23 1010626 n/a Roman Hadrian's Wall
Acomb High House 1153915 II   Acomb
Acomb House 1044844 II   Acomb
Acomb Methodist Church 1370529 II   Acomb
Acomb Mill House 1044847 II   Acomb
Barn 30 Metres South-East of Fold Cottage 1153937 II    
Barn 40 Metres North of Chare Head Farmhouse 1044851 II    
Base of Cross on Cross Bank 1370506 II    
Bast Headstone 6 Metres South-West of Nave of Church of St John 1154218 II   Acomb
Boatacres 1370533 II    
Cartshed 20 Metres South of Fold Cottage and Attached Wall to East 1044853 II    
Church of St John of Beverley 1044822  II* 1843 Acomb. By John Dobson. On site of Medieval church.
Conservatory in Walled Garden to East of House 1303978 II    
Cottage Occupied by Mr Iley, with Adjacent Outbuildings and Wall Attached 1044815 II    
Dixon and Hume Headstones 8 Metres North-East of South-West Corner of Churchyard 1044823 II    
East Oakwood Farmhouse 1370534 II    
Farmbuildings and Walls North of Riding Farmhouse 1370537 II    
Farmbuildings to West of East Oakwood Farmhouse 1303947 II    
Fold Cottage with Adjacent Outbuildings 1044852 II    
Footbridge over the Birkey Burn 220 Metres South of Acomb House 1044846 II   Acomb
Garden Cottage with Adjacent Outbuilding to East 1154113 II    
Garden House and Garden House Cottage 1370508 II    
Garden Walls on East of House 1044818 II    
Gatepiers and Garden Walls to East of Acomb House 1044845 II   Acomb
Group of 4 Headstones Adjacent to East End of Church of St John 1370535 II   Acomb
Ha-Ha Wall to South of the Riding 1044825 II    
Heslop Gravestone in Walled Garden, 10 Metres from East Wall 1370532 II    
Hexham Bridge 1042629  II* 1793 Straddles Hexham and Acomb civil parishes. Scheduled Monument(1002905)
Hydrant 5 Metres South-West of Cartshed South of Fold Cottage 1044812 II    
Low Engine Cottage 1370530 II    
Middle Farmhouse 1044850 II    
Milestone South of Old Road 12 Metres West of Entrance to the Hermitage 1044819 II    
North View 1044813 II    
Old Mill 1044848 II    
Old Windmill Forming Part of Lanthorn Cottage 1304085 II    
Outbuilding 10 Metres South of Old Mill 1044849 II    
Pair of Floodmark Stones 15 Metres South of South-West Corner of Stable Block 1154064 II    
Pant with Adjacent Hydrant 1370528 II    
Ramsay Headstone 12 Metres South East of South West Corner of Nave of Church of St John 1303931 II   Acomb
Rectory 1370536 II    
Riding Farmhouse and Attached Outbuildings 1154347 II    
Stable Block 20 Metres North of Acomb House 1370507 II    
Stable Block and Farm Buildings to Rear 1044817 II    
The Barracks 1044814 II    
The Hermitage 1044816  II* C18th Reputedly on the site of a C7th hermitage
The Riding 1154336 II    
Tynevale House 1153907 II    
Wall with Outbuildings Behind, Linking the Hermitage and Stable Block 1370531 II    
War Memorial to North-East of Church of St John 1154246 II c.1920 Acomb
Wellhouse in Field to North of A69 1154119 II    
Wilkinson Headstone 5.5metres South of South-West Nave Corner of Church of St John 1044824 II   Acomb

Primary source: the National Heritage List for England - NHLE is the register of nationally protected historic buildings and sites in England, including listed buildings, scheduled monuments, protected wrecks, registered parks and gardens, and battlefields. The list is maintained by Historic England. Check NHLE for updates and new entries.
Secondary sources: British Listed Buildings and Keys to the Past.

Church of St John Lee, Acomb
  Co-Curate Page
Church of St John Lee, Acomb
- Overview Map Street View The Parish Church of St John Lee, in Acomb, Northumberland, is Grade II* listed on the National Heritage List for England.
War Memorial, Acomb
  Co-Curate Page
War Memorial, Acomb
Hexham Bridge
  Co-Curate Page
Hexham Bridge
- It replaced an earlier bridge, which was destroyed in the Great Flood of 1771. Hexham bridge is Grade II* listed on the National Heritage List for England.


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