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Historic Buildings and Monuments in Dent Civil Parish

Listed buildings and scheduled monuments in Dent Civil Parish, Cumbria, from the National Heritage List for England[1]. Use the Search (below) if looking for a specific building / monument.

Structure List No. Grade Built~ Note
No. 2, Queens Square 1383995 II    
Acre Farmhouse and Attached Farm Buildings at East and West Ends 1383814 II    
Allen Haw and Barn Adjoining at East End 1383816 II    
Artengill Viaduct 1383817 II 1875 Settle & Carlisle Railway
Backstone Gill Cottage 1383818 II    
Bank Barn Approximately 5 Metres South of Acre Farmhouse 1383815 II    
Bank House 1383977 II    
Barn (Called Hazel Haw) Approximately 75 Metres North of Lunds Farmhouse 1383907 II    
Barn Adjoining to South East of Hall Bank Farmhouse 1383885 II    
Barn Approximately 10 Metres North East of Geslings 1383873 II    
Barn Approximately 10 Metres South of Hewthwaite Farmhouse 1383889 II    
Barn Approximately 10 Metres South West of Biggerside Farmhouse 1383821 II    
Barn Approximately 100 Metres to East of Whernside Manor 1383953 II    
Barn Approximately 15 Metres East of Hacra Farmhouse 1383882 II    
Barn Approximately 15 Metres West of Peggles Wright Farmhouse 1383926 II    
Barn Approximately 2 Metres East of Dairy Cottage 1383843 II    
Barn Approximately 20 Metres North of Howgill House 1383897 II    
Barn Approximately 3 Metres to South East of Mire House 1383921 II    
Barn Approximately 30 Metres South of Rash House on Opposite Side of Lane 1383930 II    
Barn Approximately 30 Metres South of Scotchergill Farmhouse 1383936 II    
Barn Approximately 4 Metres North of Hewthwaite 1383888 II    
Barn Approximately 4 Metres North West of Moser Hill Farmhouse 1383924 II    
Barn Approximately 5 Metres North East of Burton Hill Farmhouse 1383830 II    
Barn Approximately 5 Metres North West of East Banks Farmhouse 1383854 II    
Barn Approximately 5 Metres North West of Gawthrop Hall 1383965 II    
Barn Approximately 5 Metres South of Gale Garth Farmhouse 1383865 II    
Barn Approximately 5 Metres West of Craggs Hill 1383841 II    
Barn Approximately 5 Metres West of Ellers 1383860 II    
Barn Approximately 50 Metres South East of Combe House 1383837 II    
Barn Approximately 50 Metres West of Lunds Farmhouse 1383908 II    
Barn Attached to West End of Birchentree Farmhouse 1383823 II    
Barn Linked to West End of Gale Garth Farmhouse 1383866 II    
Barn to North East of Blake Rigg 1383957 II    
Barn to North of West Stonehouse Farmhouse 1383951 II    
Barn to North West of East Clint 1383857 II    
Barn to South West of High Hall Farmhouse 1383894 II    
Barras House 1383961 II    
Barth Bridge 1383802 II    
Basil Busk 1383819 II    
Beech Hill Cottage 1383803 II    
Biggerside Farmhouse 1383820  II*    
Birchentree Farmhouse 1383822 II    
Blake Rigg 1383956 II    
Blands Farmhouse 1383824 II    
Blea Beck Approximately 160 Metres North of Hacra 1383825 II    
Boundary Stone on West Side of Road Approximately 20 Metres South of Lane to Catholes 1383826 II    
Brackensgill and Attached Barn to East 1383827 II    
Broadfield House and Broadfield Farmhouse 1383828 II    
Brookside 1383962 II    
Building (Former Workers Barracks) Approximately 100 Metres South South East of Dent Railway Station 1383849 II    
Burton Hill Farmhouse Including Adjoining Outbuilding 1383829  II*    
Burtons 1383806 II    
Cage Farmhouse 1383832 II    
Carlow Hill 1383833 II    
Church Bridge 1383805 II    
Church of St Andrew 1383978  I C12th Dent
Church of St John the Evangelist 1383834 II 1838 Cowgill
Combe House 1383836 II    
Congregational Manse 1383958 II    
Coventree Farmhouse and Former House Attached at South End 1383807 II    
Cow Dub Farmhouse and Attached Barn 1383838 II    
Cowgill Bridge 1383839 II    
Craggs Hill 1383840 II    
Dairy Cottage and Attached Stable 1383842 II    
Dee Side Farmhouse 1383845 II    
Dee Side House Youth Hostel 1383846 II   House - former Youth Hostel
Deepdale Head Farmhouse 1383808 II    
Dent Head Viaduct 1383847 II    
Dent War Memorial 1457103 II 1921 By St Andrew's Church, Dent
Docklesyke Farmhouse 1383809 II    
Dockra Bridge over Cowgill Beck 1383852 II    
East Banks Farmhouse 1383853 II    
East Clint 1383856 II    
East Stonehouse 1383858 II    
Edmonsons 1383981 II    
Ellers 1383859 II    
Ewegales Bridge 1383861 II    
Far End Cottage and Barn Attached to West 1383963 II    
Field Barn on South Side of Road Approximately 150 Metres South West of High Chapel (Not Included) 1383862 II    
Fletchers Farmhouse 1383863 II    
Gale Garth Farmhouse 1383864 II    
Gap Farmhouse 1383867 II    
Gate 1383869 II    
Gate Arch at South East Corner of Garden of Gate 1383870 II    
Gate Piers and Gates to Churchyard of Church of St John the Evangelist 1383835 II    
Gateway to South Side of Churchyard of Church of St Andrew 1383979 II    
Gawthrop Hall 1383964 II    
Gawthrop Villa 1383966 II    
Geslings 1383872 II    
Gibbs Hall 1383874 II    
Gibbs Hall Farmhouse 1383875 II    
Greenwell 1383878 II    
Hacker Gill Farmhouse 1383879 II    
Hacra Farmhouse 1383881 II    
Hall Bank Cottage 1383883 II    
Hall Bank Farmhouse 1383884 II    
Harber Gill Farmhouse 1383886 II    
Hennery-Piggery and attached Privy 1442060 II    
Hewthwaite Farmhouse 1383887 II    
High Barth and Attached Barn 1383891 II    
High Barth Barn 1383892 II    
High Foul Syke and Attached Barn 1383967 II    
High Hall Farmhouse Including Cartshed 1383893  II*    
High House 1383968  II*    
High Laning Farmhouse 1383996 II    
Hill 1383895 II    
Hobstones 1383969 II    
Hodgsons Cottage and Attached Smithy 1383804 II    
Howgill House 1383896 II    
Huds House and Attached Barn 1383898 II    
Ivy Cottage 1383982 II    
K6 Telephone Kiosk Adjacent to Outbuilding in Front of Gibbs Hall Farmhouse 1383876 II    
K6 Telephone Kiosk to West of Rose Cottage (Not Included) to North of Lea Yeat Bridge 1383899 II    
Lea Yeat Bridge over River Dee with Associated Bridge over Monkey Beck 1383900 II    
Lime Kiln Approximately 100 Metres South East of High Chapel (Chapel Not Included) 1383901 II    
Lime Kiln Approximately 20 Metres North West of Gibbs Hall Farmhouse 1383877 II    
Lime Kiln Built into Hillside Approximately 50 Metres South of Stonehouse Bridge 1383943 II    
Lime Kiln in Keldishaw Field at Sd 684 864 1383801 II    
Lime Kiln on Field Boundary to South of Road Approximately 100 Metres South West of High Croft 1383902 II    
Lime Kiln on South Side of Lane Immediately West of Yellow Gill 1383800 II    
Little Town 1383903 II    
Low Chapel Farmhouse 1383904 II    
Low Ground 1383905 II    
Low Haycote 1383970 II    
Low Nun House 1383810 II    
Lunds Farmhouse 1383906 II    
Methodist Manse 1383959 II    
Middleton Cottage 1383983 II    
Milestone (Sedbergh 10) Approximately 120 Metres South East of Sportsmans Inn 1383917 II    
Milestone (Sedbergh 11) Opposite Small Barn at Studley Garth (Not Included) 1383918 II    
Milestone (Sedbergh 2) on North Side of Road Opposite Silverdale Cottage 1383909 II    
Milestone (Sedbergh 3) on North Side of Road Approximately 20 Metres West of Craggs Hill 1383910 II    
Milestone (Sedbergh 4) on North Side of Lane at Sd 688 885 1383911 II    
Milestone (Sedbergh 5) Approximately 10 Metres West of Hippins on North Side of Road 1383912 II    
Milestone (Sedbergh 6) Approximately 5 Metres West of Hallbank Lane 1383913 II    
Milestone (Sedbergh 7) Approximately 170 Metres West of Sundial Cottage 1383914 II    
Milestone (Sedbergh 8) Approximately 200 Metres East of Broadfield Lane on South Side of Road 1383915 II    
Milestone (Sedbergh 9) on South Side of Road Approximately 50 Metres South West of Cowgill Bridge 1383916 II    
Mill Beck and Barn Attached to South End 1383971 II    
Mill Dam House with Barns Attached to North and South Ends 1383972 II    
Mire House 1383920 II    
Monument to Lucy Elam 1383922 II    
Moser Hill Farmhouse and Attached Shippons 1383923 II    
Nettle Pot and Barn Attached to East 1383973 II    
Old Grammar School in Churchyard of Church of St Andrew 1383980 II    
Old Post Office 1383997 II    
Old School 1383998 II    
Oliver Bridge 1383974 II    
Packsaddle Bridge Beside Dent Head Viaduct 1383848 II    
Pair of Interlinked Barns Approximately 5 Metres South East of Gap Farmhouse 1383868 II    
Passenger Waiting Room on East Side of Railway Track at Dent Station 1383850 II    
Peggles Wright Farmhouse and Cart Shed Attached at North End 1383925 II    
Peggleside and Attached Barn 1383927 II    
Platt 1383811 II    
Post Office and Adjoining Barn 1383984 II    
Rash Bridge 1383928 II    
Rash House 1383929 II    
Rash Mill 1383931 II    
Rash Mill Cottage and Attached Barn to East 1383932 II    
Raw Ridding Farmhouse and Attached Barn 1383933 II    
Roantree 1383934 II    
Scar View (Old Portion to North Only) 1383975 II    
Scotchergill Farmhouse 1383935 II    
Sedgwick Cottage 1383985 II    
Sedgwick Fountain 1383986 II    
Siege Ghyll 1383987 II    
Silverdale Cottage with Attached Barn 1383937 II    
Slack Farmhouse 1383812 II    
Spice Gill Farmhouse 1383938 II    
Sportsmans Inn 1383940 II C17th Public House, Cow Dub
Stable Approximately 10 Metres North of East Banks Farmhouse 1383855 II    
Stable Range Immediately West of Hacker Gill Farmhouse 1383880 II    
Stable with Attached Privy to West of Hewthwaite Farmhouse 1383890 II    
Stables and Loose Boxes Approximately 2 Metres South of Dairy Cottage 1383844 II    
Stone Close Cafe and Adjoining Barn to West 1383988 II    
Stonehouse 1383941 II    
Stonehouse Bridge 1383942 II C17th Road bridge over River Dee.
Sun Inn 1383989 II    
Sundial Cottage 1383944 II    
Sundial in Forecourt of Gate 1383871 II    
The George and Dragon 1383990 II    
The Old Cobblers Shop and 2 Adjoining Cottages 1383991 II    
The Old Station at Dent Railway Station 1383851 II    
The Old Vicarage and the Old Parsonage 1384000 II    
The Wool Shop 1383992 II    
Three Roods with Former Shop and Barn Attached to East and Stable to North 1383945 II    
Tofts Farmhouse 1383946 II    
Tub Hole 1383947 II    
Underwood 1383976 II    
Washhouse Approximately 2 Metres North of Burton Hilll Farmhouse 1383831 II    
Wesleyan Chapel 1383999 II    
West Clint Farmhouse and Attached Barn 1383948 II    
West Cowgill Farmhouse 1383949 II    
West House Farmhouse at Whernside Manor Farm 1383954 II    
West Stonehouse Farmhouse and Attached Garden Wall 1383950 II    
West View and Cobble Cottage 1383993 II    
Whernside Manor 1383952 II    
White Hart House and Gable Cottage and Attached Mounting Steps 1383994 II    
Womans Land 1383955 II    
Woods 1383813 II    
Workshop and Store Approximately 5 Metres South West of Spice Gill Farmhouse 1383939 II    
Zion Chapel 1383960 II    
Dent Head viaduct 1007243 n/a   Scheduled Monument
Arten Gill viaduct 1007242 n/a   Scheduled Monument

Primary source: the National Heritage List for England - NHLE is the register of nationally protected historic buildings and sites in England, including listed buildings, scheduled monuments, protected wrecks, registered parks and gardens, and battlefields. The list is maintained by Historic England. Check NHLE for updates and new entries. Secondary sources: British Listed Buildings.

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