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Historic Buildings and Monuments in Belford with Middleton

Listed buildings and scheduled monuments in Belford with Middleton, Northumberland, from the the National Heritage List for England[1]. Use the Search (below) if looking for a specific building / monument.

Structure List No. Grade Built~ Note
1 and 2, Clark Place 1233353 II    
1 and 3, High Street 1276674 II    
1, Church Street 1233318 II    
1, West Street 1233781 II    
12 14 and 16, High Street 1276609 II    
18 20 and 22, High Street 1233424 II    
2 and 3, Market Place 1276613 II    
2, High Street 1233421 II    
2, West Street 1276434 II    
24 and 26, High Street 1233425 II    
28, High Street 1276610 II    
3 4 and 5, Clark Place 1276673 II    
3 and 5, West Street 1233782 II    
3, Church Street 1233319 II    
3, North Bank 1233775 II    
32 and 34, High Street 1276611 II    
33 and 35, High Street 1276606 II    
36, High Street 1233451 II    
38-46, High Street 1233427 II    
4 and 6, High Street 1276608 II    
4-7, Church Street 1233320 II    
48 and 50, High Street 1233467 II    
52 and 54, High Street 1233428 II    
5a 5b and 7, High Street 1233410 II    
8 and 10, High Street 1233423 II    
9, High Street 1233322 II    
Belford Hall 1233314  I 1756 Belford
Belford Hall (grounds) 1001574 II C18th Belford Listed park and garden
Enclosure and chapel, 295m north west of North Bank Cottage 1006515 n/a Medieval Scheduled Monument. Ruins
Belford Mains Farmhouse 1233317 II    
Belford War Memorial 1391869 II 1922 Belford
Brown Headstone Circa 15 Yards East of Church of St Mary 1276614 II   Belford
Church of St Mary 1276454 II C12th Belford
Craggyhall Farmhouse and Attached Stable 1276626 II    
Erskine Manse 1276433 II    
Farmbuildings and Cottages Circa 60 Yards North of Newlands House 1233773 II    
Garages and Outbuildings South and West of the Blue Bell 1233716 II    
Garden Wall Circa 20 Yards East of Number 4 1233321 II    
High Mousen Farmhouse 1233776 II    
Ice House Circa 40 Yards North of Belford Hall 1233316 II    
Limekiln Circa 1/2 Mile North of Warenton Farm 1233778 II    
Limekiln Circa 50 Yards North West of Craggyhall Farmhouse 1233405 II    
Limekiln Circa 700 Yards North of Warenton 1233777 II    
Market Cross in Front of Blue Bell Hotel 1276612 II C18th Belford
Newlands East Lodge 1233774 II    
Newlands House 1276431 II    
Osborne House 1233426 II    
South Gateway to Belford Hall 1233416 II    
South Lodge to Belford Hall 1276607 II    
Taits Shop W Pattersons Shop and Flats Above 1233430 II    
The Black Swan Hotel 1233429 II C19th Belford
The Blue Bell Hotel 1233431 II C18th Belford. Former coaching inn.
The Croft 1276675 II    
The Old Vicarage 1276432 II    
The Post Office 1276672 II    
The Villa 1233323 II    
Watch House Circa 20 Yards South West of Church of St Mary 1233432 II    
Well Circa 10 Yards North of Westhall 1233780 II    
Westhall Courtyard Wall and Attached Outbuildings 1233779 II    
Limekiln Circa 600 Yards South West of Dicks Oldwalls 1234460 II   nr. Middleton
Middleton Hall 1233967 II 1871 Middleton
Mill House 1276157 II   Middleton
Navigation Beacons at North End of Ross Links 1233970 II   nr. Middleton
Old Farmhouse 1234269 II   nr Middleton

Primary source: the National Heritage List for England - NHLE is the register of nationally protected historic buildings and sites in England, including listed buildings, scheduled monuments, protected wrecks, registered parks and gardens, and battlefields. The list is maintained by Historic England. Check NHLE for updates and new entries.
Secondary sources: British Listed Buildings and Keys to the Past.

Church of St. Mary
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Belford War Memorial
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The Black Swan Hotel
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The Blue Bell Hotel
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