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Greystead Parish, 1855

Extract from: History, Topography, and Directory of Northumberland...Whellan, William, & Co, 1855.

GREYSTEAD parish comprises the townships of Chirdon and Smalesmouth, which were separated from the ancient parish of Simonburn by act of parliament, in 1811, and consists principally of moors and mountains, which abound with various kinds of game. It extends between Chirdon-burn and Smales-burn, and from the south side of the north Tyne to the borders of Cumberland. The parish is about 8 miles in length by 4½ in breadth, and comprises an area of 17,745 acres. The population in 1801, was 199; in 1811, 230; in 1821, 246; in 1831, 250; in 1841, 219; and in 1851, 251 souls.

CHIRDON, a township extending along the east side of the Chirdon-burn, is a property of W.H. Charlton, Esq. and Hunter Allgood, Esq. It contains 4,770 acres, and its rateable value is £998. The number of its inhabitants in 1801, was 68; in 1811, 76; in 1821, 83; in 1831, 77; in 1841, 60; and in 1851, 84 souls.



Bartholomew Charlton, Chirdon

John, William, and James Dodd, Padow-burn and Kirnsyke

Walter and Matthew Dodd, Hope House and Clint-Burn


Walter Murray, Whitehill

George Ridley, Snab’d Haugh

Matthew Robson, Whitchester


SMALESMOUTH is a township, the property of W.H. Charlton Esq., Captain Haggerstone, and others, each of whom claims the manorial rights of his own estate. It embraces an area of 13,275 acres, and its rateable value is £1,712. Population in 1801, 131; in 1811, 154; in 1821, 163; in 1831 173; in 1841, 159; and in 1851, 167 souls. This township comprises more than 2/3 of the entire parish, and contains the hamlets of Greystead and Hott, with a number of scattered houses. The parish church is at Greystead, a small hamlet in this township, situated on the south side of the north Tyne, 5 miles west by north of Bellingham. It is a neat stone edifice in the gothic style, and was erected by the Commissioners of Greenwich Hospital, shortly after Greystead was raised to the dignity of a parish. The living is a rectory in the archdeaconry of Northumberland, and Deanery of Bellingham, gross income £133. The patronage is vested in the Commissioners of Greenwich Hospital. Incumbent, the Rev. James E. Surridge, ma. The tithes are commuted for £150. Here is a Presbyterian school erected in 1851, and open to children of all denominations.

Horr is a hamlet in this township, about 1/4 of a mile east of Greystead.


Baty Walter, cooper, Craig

Dodd William, joiner and builder, Barn Know

PRESBYTERIAN SCHOOL, Ralph McAdie, teacher, Hott

Robson John, Shoemaker, Eals Cottage

Robson Robert, vict. Moor Cock

Waitt James, blacksmith, Eals Cottage

Weatherson Charles, blacksmith, Hott


Charlton William, yeoman, Hott 

Douglas Robert, yeoman, Thornyburn Eals

Elliott Nenian, Bent House

Gillespie Adam, and corn miller, Dally Castle Mill

Hall Henry, Smalesmouth

Nicholson Thomas, yeoman, Birks

Ridley William, yeoman, Stokoe

Scott John, Bower

Telfer Adam, High Eals

Telfa Walter, Middle Eals 



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