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Bywell St Andrew's Parish, 1855

Extract from: History, Topography, and Directory of Northumberland...Whellan, William, & Co, 1855.

BYWELL ST. ANDREW’S is a small parish, extending along both sides of the Tyne, from Corbridge to the village of Bywell, where the churches of this, and the adjoining parish of Bywell St. Peter, are situated. It comprises the townships of Bearl, Broomhaugh, Riding, Stocksfield Hall, and Styford, whose united area is 3,512 acres. The population of the parish in 1801, was 402; in 1811, 428; in 1821, 399; in 1831, 436; in 1841, 452; and in 1851, 480 souls. For the village of Bywell, see Bywell St. Peter's parish, page 767.


BEARL is a township and hamlet, the property of W. B. Beaumont, Esq., who is also lord of the manor. The area of the township is 421 acres, and its rateable value £618 15s. 6d. rrhe number of inhabitants in 1801, was 69; in 1811, 62; in 1821, 56; in 1831,70; in 1841,36; and in 1851,48 souls. THE HAMLET of Bearl is situated about four miles east of Corbridge, and the principal resident is John Angus, farmer.


BROOMHAUGH is a township and small village, the property of Charles B. Grey, Esq., Vl. B. Beaumont, Esq., Jacob Wilson, Esq., and the Executors of John Shields, Esq. The township contains 800 acres, and its rateable value is £928 8s. 2d. Population in 1801, 93; in 1811, 105; in 1821, 116; in 1831, 115; in 1841, 100; and in 1851, 134 souls. It is intersected by the Newcastle and Carlisle railway. THE VILLAGE of Broomhaugh is situated three miles south-east of Corbridge. Here is a school which was endowed, in 1851, with a sum of £38 per annum, by the landed proprietors of the neighbourhood.

DIRECTORY. Rev. Joseph Jacques; Martin Cook, shoemaker; William Johnson, gardener; John Newbiggin, shopkeeper; Sarah Richardson, grocer; George Soulsby, merchant tailor; and the farmers are Mary Burdis; Priscilla Marshall; and John Temperley.


RIDING is a township and hamlet, the property of Charles B. Grey, Esq.,  Jacob Wilson, Esq., Mr. John Blackburn, of Riding Hills, and Lord Charles Beauclerc. The township comprises an area of 1,007 acres, and its rateable value is £1,090. The number of its inhabitants in 1801, was 105; in 1811, 139; in 1821, 135; in 1831, 151; in 1841, 132; and in 1851, 141 souls. The Newcastle and Carlisle railway passes through the township. THE VILLAGE of Riding is situated at the point where the Watling Street inter- sects the north road from Newcastle to Hexham, three and three-quarter miles south-east by south of Corbridge. Here is· a station upon the Newcastle and Carlisle Railway, .Matthew Robson, station master.

DIRECTORY. John Blackburn, yeoman, Riding Hills ; Cuthbert Dixon, joiner and cartwright; Margaret Havelock, publican; John Jemsons, smith; Miss Caroline Loraine; and the farmers are Archibold Little ; and Robert Richardson.


STOCKSFIELD HALL township is situated five and a half miles E.S.E. of  Corbridge, on the south side of the Tyne, opposite to Bywell, and is the property of W. B. Beaumont, Esq., who is also lord of the manor. It comprises 311 acres, and the rateable value is £555. Its population in 1801, was 24; in 1811, 26; in 1821, 23; in 1831, 35; in 1841, 29; and in 1851, 27 souls. STOCKSFIELD HALL, the building which gives name to the township, is a substantial and respectable farm house, the residence of Messrs. John and Edward Lee.

DIRECTORY. George Ellison, farmer, Lead Hill; and John and Edward Lee, farmers, Stocksfield Hall


STYFORD is a township and hamlet, the property of Charles B. Grey, Esq., who is also the possessor of the manorial rights and privileges. The township contains 973 acres, and its rateable value is £I ,291. The number of inhabitants in 1801, was 111; in 1811, 96; in 1821, 69; in 18:n, 65; in 1841, 104; and in 1851, 84 souls. THE HAMLET of Styford is on the north bank of the Tyne, two and three-quarter miles south-east of Corbridge. STYFORD HALT, the seat of Charles B. Grey, Esq., is a plain substantial building, pleasantly situated near the Tyne, and is surrounded with extensive grounds, on all sides but the south, where a beautiful plain- extends to the river's bank.

DIRECTORY. Charles B. Grey, Esq., Styford Hall; James Oliver, bailiff; Thomas. Pace. joiner; John Stevenson, gardener, Styford Hall; and the farmers are John Leadbitter, Brocks Bushes; and Richard Shanks, High Barns.

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