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Blyth, 1855

Extract from: History, Topography, and Directory of Northumberland...Whellan, William, & Co, 1855.

BLYTH (SOUTH) is a chapelry, township, and seaport, in Earsdon parish, situated on the southern bank of the river Blyth at its junction with the German Ocean, nine miles south-east of Morpeth, and thirteen miles north-east of Newcastle. Blyth and Newsham lordship from one township whose area. is 1,180 acres; and its population in 1801, was 1,170; in 1811, 1,522; in 1821, 1,805; in 1831, 1,769; in 1841, 1,921; and in 1851, it had increased to 2,584, souls. The principal landowner is Sir Matthew White, Ridley, Bart. Steam coal of excellent quality is raised in this neighbourhood, three of the principal mines being calculated to produce from 1,700 to 2,000 tons per diem, and affording, with the other collieries of the district, abundant employment for shipping. From the neighbourhood of Gloucester Lodge, and Link Houses, beautiful views of the beach, Bath-row, and Camboise water, may be obtained. Warm, cold, and shower baths have been recently established at Bath Row, and Crofton Mills, and families can be comfortable accommodated at the various inns in the neighbourhood. 


Blyth, like many other places, has risen rapidly, and is mainly indebted for its present prosperous condition, to the energetic and industrious character of its inhabitants. A considerable portion of the town has extended into the adjoining township of Cowpen and Cowpen Square, Cowpen Quay, Crofton, Crofton Mills, and Waterloo, now form part of the town and port of Blyth. Formerly the streets were small and irregular, and the general arrangement of the buildings inconvenient, but now the town contains several spacious streets, and the aspect of the different buildings is much improved. The houses are chiefly constructed of brick and are generally two stories high. Water works have been recently constructed in the lordship of Newsham, by Sir M. W. RidIey, Bart., and there is no doubt that the cleanliness and sanitary condition of the place will thereby be much improved. House property continues to increase, and ample accommodation for visitors is now to be met with. Gas works have been erected by a joint-stock company, who have a large gasometer in a central situation, between Blyth and Cowpen Quay, and the lighting of the town with gas has much improved its general appearance. The harbour of Blyth, situated within a short distance of the German Ocean is very safe, and there are few instances upon record or vessels suffering damage upon entering it, even in the most tempestuous weather. It has a south-easterly outlet, and with the wind in any point from N.N.E., to W.S.W., can be entered by vessels under canvass. The depth of water on the bar ranges from eight feet at the lowest neap tide to sixteen at the highest spring tide. If a pier and water were constructed, it is supposed that the depth of water would be increased about two feet. An act of parliament was obtained and received the royal assent in 1854, for the construction of docks, and it is expected that the works will commence immediately. When the dooks are constructed, ships of large tonnage will have easy access to deep water, by passing into the sea under sail, or by safe towing, and vessels can leave the port by all the leading southerly winds. The trade of the port is principally carried on between ports in France, the Baltic, and Russia, and there are frequently more French than English sailors to be seen on the quays. From its position in the centre of an almost boundless coalfield, Blyth carries on a great trade in the exportation of coal, as the following returns of the number of ships, their tonnage and the number of tons annually exported from 1847 to 1852, inclusive will sufficiently prove:  

Shipping tonnage information

Upwards of 1,200 vessels clear this port annually, and about fourteen keels, and four steam-boats, are constantly employed on the river. 

The ship-building yards of Blyth are very commodious, possessing ample accommodation for the repair of ships, and there is a first-rate dry dock capable of receiving vessels of any size up to 800 tons register. There are also two patent slip-ways and a floating dock, the latter of which will admit vessels of 300 tons burden, without having to be removed from their moorings. Ship-building is extensively carried on, and the superior manner in which the work is executed has caused a great increase in that branch of industry. The vessels constructed here, are remarkable for the substantial manner in which they are built, for the superiority of their finish, and for their fast sailing qualities. The following return shows the number and tonnage of the vessels built here in each year from 1847 to 1853 inclusive:

THE CHAPEL situated in Northumberland-street is a neat building, erected in 1751. by Sir Matthew White Ridley. Bart. for the use of the inhabitants. It is surrounded by a burial ground and has a Sunday school attached. Rev. Robert Greenwood, chaplain - THE ENGLISH PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH is situated in Church-street; it is commodious brick edifice, possessing accommodation for about 500 hearers. Rev. John Reid, minister - THE METHODIST NEW CONNEXION, or ZION CHAPEL, erected in 1818, is situated at Waterloo; it is an octagonal building, and has sittings for about 700 persons. Rev. Joseph Simon, minister. THE UNITED PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH,  Waterloo Place, was erected in 1825, at  a cost of £600. It is a small handsome stone building seated for 450 persons. The Rev. Daniel Carmichael, the present minister, has officiated here for the last 26 years. - THE WESLEYAN CHAPEL, Ballast Hills, erected. in 1815, is a neat brick building, and. is capable of accommodating upwards of 600 hearers. There is also a PRIMITIVE METHODIST CHAPEL at Cowpen Quay. 


The Catholics of this town and neighbourhood go to Cowpen, where there is a very beautiful Catholic Church, erected and endowed by Malow John Francis Sidney, Esq, The above-mentioned places of worship have Day and Sunday schools attached, which are well attended.


THE CUSTOM HOUSE is situated at the north bank of the river Blyth, and is under the control of the establishment at North Shields. It is superintended by Mr. James Irwin, sub-collector, and Mr. James Scott, sub-controller. The district of coast under the Custom House here extends from Lynn Burn in the north, to Brierdean Burn in the south, a distance of twelve miles. THE COAST GUARD OFFICE is situated at the Low Quay. J. T. Sullivan, R.N. commanding officer; and the HARBOUR MASTER'S OFFICE is on the High Quay, George Harrison, master. A circular stone lighthouse was erected here in the year 1788, by Sir M. W. Ridley; William Morrison is the present keeper. There is also a beacon light called the "Basket Rock Light," or more commonly "Jack in the Basket." During the French wars a detachment of soldiers from Tynemouth did duty at a small fort which had been erected here. 


There is a MECHANICS INSTITUTION in Northumberland-street, Mr. John Robert Forster, secretary and a NEWS ROOM in the same street, which is well supplied with London and local papers. Mr. John Dent, secretary. 


The PILOT OFFICE is situated at the Ferry Boat Landing, Robert Oliver master; and the SHIPWRECKED FISHERMEN .AND MARINERS ROYAL BENEVOLENT SOCIETY has its offices in Northumberland-street, Mr. James Dar!ing, honorary secretary. Here are also two Ship Insurance Clubs, the "Manne," and "Friendly," which are held at the Star and Garter Inn. Mr. William Marshall is the secretary of the former, and Mr. James Darling of the latter. Besides these there are building, friendly, and other societies. Petty Sessions are held at the Ridley Arms Inn once a month, and a kind of market for the sale of vegetables is held every Saturday.


A LIFE BOAT is stationed here and a second is in contemplation. A melancholy disaster attended the use of the life boat on the 3rd of April, 1810, when it was manned by sixteen persons, who went to the assistance of the Hartley and Cullercoats fishermen, who had been overtaken by a violent gale. Twelve fishermen were taken on board the boat, which immediately made for the shore at Hartley Bates, but on its approaching the land it was struck by a heavy sea and twenty-six poor fellows found a watery grave, A second accident, which is still fresh in the memories of the inhabitants, occurred on the 28th October, 1841. The Sibsons from Archangel, appeared off Blyth. Mr. Hodgson the owner of the vessel had charge of the life boat, and it being, customary to try its capabilities when the sea ran high, advantage was taken of the opportunity which then offered. Mr. Hodgson and the crew embarked, but scarcely had they crossed the bar, when the boat was upset and its inmates thrown into the sea. The men clung to the bottom of the boat, from which they were successively washed away by the violence of the waves. Mr. Hodgson, being a cripple and unable to make much exertion, tied an oar to his wrist, and by that means was enabled to keep afloat until he was rescued. Another man, Henry Kinch, escaped by his superior swimming, the others were lost. 


NEWSHAM is a lordship and joint township with Blyth, held formerly in capite of Henry Ill. by the Deleval family, from whom it passed to the Cramlingtons, and Radcliffes, becoming ultimately the property of the Ridleys. It is situated one mile and three-quarters south by west of Blyth, to which it united about sixty years ago, having been previously a separate township. The Blyth and Tyne Railway Company have a station here. 

LINK HOUSE is a hamlet in this lordship, one mile south of Blyth. 


BIOGRAPHY. Mr. William Carr, of this town, was, when in his prime, a prodigy of strength. He was born at Hartley Old Engine, on the 3rd of April, 1766, and at the early age of eleven years was apprenticed to his father who carried on business as a blacksmith, at that place. When he had attained his seventeenth year, he was upwards of six feet three inches in height, weighed 16 stones, and could raise from the ground seven or eight hundred weight with the greatest ease. At thirty he measured six feet four inches, and weighed 24 stones. We are told that, at this period, he carried an anchor weighing ten hundred weight, from the sands to his father's shop, for repairs. By his frequent and violent exertions of this nature, he became, at a period of life when most men are in their prime, quite enfeebled, and unable to sustain his immense body. For some time he was enabled to walk by the aid of sticks, but nature at length refused this kind of assistance, and he finally took to his bed, where he lay for several years. Distressed in mind, and weakened in body, he died at Blyth on the 6th of September, 1825, in the sixtieth year of his age.



POST OFFICE, Northumberland-street, Thomas Gray, post-master, Letters arrive from North Shields at 10-30 a.m. and are despatched thereto at 2-30 p.m. and to Morpeth at 1-30 p.m.


Appleby Henry, shipwright and sea captain, 2, Camden street, Cowpen Quay

Baron Mr. George, Crofton Cottage

Bell Robert, salt manufacturer, Low Quay

Briggs Robert Ray, brewer, etc. Bridge st

Campbell James, iron and tin plate worker, Market place 

Carmichael Rev. Daniel, (Presbyterian) Waterloo

Carr John, colliery owner, Bath row

Charlton William, deputy registrar of births and deaths, etc Northumberland-street

Coxon George, ship building manager for Mrs. Stoveld, Blyth Dock

Colven Andrew, green grocer, Cowpen Quay 

Crawford Mr. Ralph, Ridley-place 

Darling Jas. insurance agent, etc .Bath row 

Dent Mr. John, ship owner, Ridley place 

Dixon John, butcher, Waterloo

Dodds Philip, ship and general smith (Wm· Dodds & Sons); ho. 1, York street 

Farrow Sarah, public baths, Bath row

Forster John, secretary to the Blyth Mechanics' Institution

Gair George, smith and farrier (manager for Mrs. Jane Gair), Church street

Gilbert Jane, earthenware dealer, Market pl

Gilbert Thomas, French interpreter, Blagdon street

Goldie Mr. James, classical and mathematical teacher, et. Waterloo

Gray William, agent, Cowpen Colliery 

Greenwood Rev. Robert, east Cramlington, Link House

Gregory Ralph, grocer and Yarmouth flour dealer, Cowpen Quay 

Hanson Rev. J. Bridge street 

Harrison George, harbourmaster, Waterloo

Hodgson Richard, corn miller, Crofton Mills 

Heppell William, block, mast, and pump maker, Nelson-place 

Hodgson Joseph, general agent, & receiver of droits of Admiralty, Waterloo

Inness Thomas, staithman, High Quay 

Irwin Jas. collector of customs, Waterloo

Kinch Henry, ship chandler, High Quay 

Lawson Mrs. E. Waterloo

Lawson Mr. George, Crofton

Mackenzie Wm. ship owner and corn miller, Cowpen Mill; ho. Cowpen Quay

Marshall George, joiner, builder, and cart-wright, near Waggon Hill

Middlemiss John, vict. Ridley Arms Inn, Northumberland street, and iron and brass founder, Low Quay

Morriss Robert M. agent to Sir Matthew White Ridley, Bart.; and land & colliery agent, Northumberland street 

Morrison Edward, steam-boat master; ho. near the Harbour 

Morrison William, lighthouse keeper; ho. near the Harbour 

Pape J. collector of poor rates, Market pl 

Reed Robert, viewer; Cowpen Quay 

Redhead Geo. boat builder, Cowpen Quay 

Scott J. comptroller of customs, Crofton

Smith Mrs. Mary, Northumberland street

Smith Stephen, millwright, Northumberland street 

Sidney Marlow John Francis, Esq. J.P. Cowpen 

Sidney M.W.J. solicitor, Blagdon street; ho. Cowpen 

Simon Rev. Joseph, Waterloo

Turnbull James, cooper, Sussex street

Turner David, excise officer, Waterloo

Ward Gilbert, Esq. M.C.S.L.H. medical officer for the Blyth district of Tynemouth Union, public vaccinator, registrar of births and deaths, and ship owner Bridge street 

Watts Mr. John, Crofton

Watts Edmund H. jun. rope and sail maker, ship and insurance broker, Swedish and Norwegian vice consulate, and secretary to the Morning Star Insurance Association, Low Quay; ho. Cowpen House

Wilson Mr. John, Bath row

Wright Mrs. Ann, timber and slate merchant, Bridge street

Wright Mr. Joseph Edmund, Bridge street



Academies and Schools 

Charlton William, Blyth Chapel School

Dryden Jane, Waterloo

Duxfield Jane, Sussex-street 

Duxfield Timothy, Church st 

Goldie James, boarding and day, and teacher of languages, Waterloo

Reed Thomas, Cowpen

Scott Benjamin, Crofton Mills; ho. Blyth Links

Storey Mary, Northumberland street

Temple Edward, Crofton

WESLEYAN SCHOOL, Ballast hill, Wm. Andrew, teacher



Arkless John G. Bridge-st 

Coppin Wm. jun. ship and custom house, Ridley-ter 

Hodgson Joseph, general, & to Lloyds; Waterloo 


Auctioneers and Appraisers 

Cockerill Wm, Northumberland-street

Johnston Joseph, Crofton

Maxwell Wm. Blagdon-street

Ruddock Wm. Northumberland-street 



Clark Wm., Cowpen Quay

Davison John, Blagdon street

Elder Thomas, and grocer, Sussex street

Jaggs William, Ridley terrace 

Newman John, Market place



NORTHUMBERLAND AND DURHAM DISTRICT, Brewery office; Robt.R.Btiggs,agent 



Block and Mast Makers 

Bowman and Drummond, Cowpen Quay 

Heppell Thomas, High Quay

Smith Wm. Ranson, Blyth 

Stevenson Wm. High Quay 


Boot and Shoe Makers

Alder John Charlton, Market place

Cummins Geo. Cowpen Quay 

Darling Barkas, Northumberland street 

Davison Wm. High Quay 

Dodds John, High Quay 

Doulgas Edward, Sussex street

Forster William, Northumberland street

Hand Thomas, Waterloo

Hunter George, Chmch st 

Lynn Joseph, & innkeeper, Ship Inn, Albert street, Cowpen Quay 

Manners George, Low Quay 

Moffit John, dealer, Sussex street

Smith Wm. Watt, Church street

Soulsby George, Northumberland street

Suthern Philip, Bridge street

Tynemouth John, Back Ridley-terrace

Wallace John,. Sussex-street

Wilson Robert, Nelson street

Wrightson Geo. Low Quay 



Bennett Timothy, Ridley ter 

Cowan William, High Pans

Dixon John, Waterloo

Davis Robert, Cowpen Quay

Dobson John; Sussex street

Dolmohay John, Low Quay 

Gledstone Gilbert, Ridley ter 

Heron Edward, Sussex st. and Low Quay 

Reavely Thos. Ridley-terrace 

Soulsby John, Cowpen Quay 

Towns John, Blagdon street 


Cabinet Makers and Joiners 

Davison Jno, Northumberland st 

Kelsey Emanuel, Cowpen Quay 

Maxwell William, junior, Blagdon street 

Maxwell Wm. Blagdon st

Tulley David, Cowpen Quay 

Winship Wm. Cowpen Quay 


Coal Fitters

Dryden Benjamin Waterloo

Gibson Thomas, kidley-ter

Stafford Francis, Cowpen Quay



Davidson Ann, Northumberland st 

Jaggs William, Ridley ter

Mills Hannah, Blaydon st

Towns Margaretta, Blagdon street 



FRENCH, Gilbert Ward, Bridge street 

SWEDEN AND NORWAY,  Edmund H. Watts, junior, Blyth 


Drapers and Tailors 

Marked * are Drapers only. 

Anderson Nathaniel, High Quay

Clough Wm. Market place *

Crisp Jas. Blagdon street *

Davison Jas. Market place

Detchton Robert, Sussex st 

Elliott Robt. Blagdon st *

Gray Robt. & Co. Sussex st 

Guthrie Aaron Robert, Cowpen Quay *

Joblin Joseph, Market place

Johnston Joseph, Sussex st 

Newsome Samuel. Sussex st

Nicholson Edw. Sussex st

Wallace Jno. Blagdon st *


Dressmakers and Milliners

Alder Ann, Northumberland st

Broadie Isabella, Crofton

Butcher Ann, Back Ridley ter 

Crisp Elizabeth, Blagdon st 

Dumble Jane, Northumberland st

Foreman Margaret, Northumberland street

Forster Ann, Ridley terrace

Forth Jane, Low Quay

Heppell lsabella, Waterloo

Patterson Jane, Cowpen square

Soulsby Mary, Northumberland st


Druggists and Grocers 

Forster John Robert, and chemist, Market place 

Thompson Jas. Market place

Wilkinson Thomas, Bridge st 



Bennett Joseph, Low Newsham 

Greig John, Barras Farm, Newsham 

Hogg Fawcus, Blyth Link

Hogg Thomas Link House

Lamb Stephen, vict. and gardener and seedsman, Half Moon lnn, Blyth Link House

Milburn G. High Newsham

Wilson John, Low Newsham 

Wright Ann, Crofton 


Gardeners (Market)

Bell John, near Waggon Hill

Lamb Stephen, and seedsman and farmer, Blyth Link House

Shanks Robert, CowpenQnay 


Grocery, Tea, Flour, and General Dealers 

Anderson Barbara, Northumberland street 

Anderson Nathel, High Quay

Bell William, Blagdon street 

Best Waiter, Market place

Brown Jane, Queen's lane 

Brown Mary, Waterloo

Campbell Margt. Ridley ter 

Charlton William, Northumberland street

Clinton Jas. Northumberland st

Davison John, Blagdon street

Davison Philip, & shipwright, Cowpen Quay

Ditchburn Thos, Newsham 

Dixon Matthew, Cowpen Quay

Dodds Eleanor, Waterloo

Duxfield Ann, Sussex street

Elder Thomas, and baker, Sussex street 

Garrett John, Cowpen Quay

Gleghorn Mary, Cowpen Quay

Grey Robert & Co. Sussex st

Gray Betsy Ann, Ridley ter

Gregory Ralph,& Yarmouth flour dealer, Cowpen Quay

Guthrie A. R. Cowpen Quay 

Hindmarch Sarah, Cowpen Quay 

Hindmarch Thos. Ridley ter

Hossick John, Crofton 

Jacks Rodger, Blyth

Jamison Jane, Cowpen Quay

Leech Robert, Cowpen Quay 

Lynn Joseph,& vict. Albert st, Cowpen Quay

Marshall Cecily, Waterloo

Morton Hannah, Northumberland street

Newman John, Market place

Short Hannah, Cowpen Quay

Simpson John, Cowpen Quay

Snowdon John, Cowpen Quay

Sivan Charles, Blagdon st 

Thompson M. Cowpen Quay

Towns Edward, Cowpen Quay

Towns Margaretta, Blagdon street

Wann Margaret, Sussex st

Wealands Lancelot, Waterloo

Welch Mary, Blagdon street

Wilkie Jas. Saltpan square

Wilkinson Thos. Bridge st 

Wood John Job, Cowpen Quay

Wood George, Cowpen Quay


Hair Dressers 

Ruddock Wm. Northumberland street 

Scott Robert, Cowpen Quay

Shanks Robert, Church street 


Hosiers and Haberdashers 

Crisp James, Blagdon street 

Davison John, Blagdon street 

Temple Nathaniel, Northumberland street


Inns, Hotels, and Taverns

Bath Hotel, Matthew Forster, Crofton Mills

Black Bull Inn, Robt. Grunson, Sussex street

Buffalo, Lionel Aynsley, Cowpen Quay 

Commercial, James Shipley, Waterloo

Dun Cow Inn, Mary Moffet, Low Quay

Fox and Hounds, James Sample, Cowpen Quay

Globe, Margaret Jobling, Waterloo

Grey Horse, George Cook, Cowpen Quay

Half Moon Inn, Stephen Lamb, Blyth Link House

King's Arms, Joseph Brown, Cowpen Quay 

King's Head, Thomas Norman, Northumberland street 

Lord Nelson, William Davison, High Quay

Masons' Arms, John Hossick, Crofton 

Nag's Head, Wm. Cockerill, Nothumberland st 

Northumberland Arms, James Brydon, Cowpen Quay

Odd Fellows' Arms, John Richardson, Northumberland street 

Queen's Head, Phillip Tully, Cowpen Quay 

Ridley Arms Inn, and posting house, John Middlemiss, Northumberland street 

Ship Inn, Joseph Lynn, Albert street, Cowpen Quay.

Ship, John Cummins, Crofton

Star and Garter Inn, and posting house, William Ward, Northumberland street

Sun, Ann Gremson, Low Quay 

Sun, Ann Bowman, Cowpen Quay

Victoria, John Dodds, Cowpen Quay

Waggon, Thomas Young, Crofton 

Waterloo, William Dick, Waterloo

White Swan, Catherine Wallace, Waterloo 

Willow Tree, Jane Frost, Newsham 


Weatherby Thomas, Cowpen Quay

Wood John, Cowpen Quay


Insurance Companies' Agents 

BLYTH FREIGHT AND CARGO, James Darling, Bath row 

BLYTH FRIENDLY, MARINE, James Darling, Bath row 

MANCHESTER, FIRE, William Clough, Market place 

METROPOLITAN, LIFE , Wm. Ruddock, Northumberland st

NEWCASTLE, COMMERCIAL, James Darling, Bath row

NEWCASTLE, FIRE, John H. Garins, Northumberland st

NORWICH UNION, FIRE & LIFE, M.W.J. Sidney, Blagdon st

STAR, LIFE, William Clough, Market place


YORKSHIRE, FIRE AND LIFE, John Robinson, Sussex st



Brewis William, Sussex street

Carins John H. Northumberland street 

Whitehead Wm. Blagdon street 


Joiners and House Carpenters 

See also Cabinet-makers and Joiners. 

Dixon Joseph, Cowpen Quay 

Dixon Matt, Cowpen Quay 

Elliott John, and ship, Low Quay; ho. Sidney street, Cowpen Quay 

Fenwick John, Waterloo 

Fenwick Thomas, Wapping

Gatis Edward, Northumberland street

Harbottle Robert, Waterloo 

Heppell Tristram, High Quay

Kelsey Emanuel, Cowpen Quay

Marshall Geo. & builder & cartwright, Waggon hill

Tully David, Cowpen Quay

Tully Philip, Cowpen Quay

Wealands Lancelot, Waterloo 

Winship Wm. Cowpen Quay


Bullock Thos. Crofton mills

Fullbeck Richard, Cowpen Quay 

Hossick John, Crofton

Hunter Wm. Northumberland st

Mills John, Blagdon street

Richardson John, Crofton


Master Mariners 

Appleby Henry, Cobden street, Cowpen Quay 

Appleby John, Cowpen Quay

Bell Robert, Cowpen Quay

Bergin Richard, Cowpen Quay 

Bergin Stephen, Waterloo 

Blacklock Thomas, Cowpen Quay

Brown George, Cowpen Quay 

Burn William, Ridley ter

Carr Lancelot, Cowpen Quay

Cole John, Cowpen Quay

Cooper Jas. Northmbrlnd-st 

Cowans Thos. Ridley terrace

Curry Robt. Cowpen Quay

Darling Jas. jun. Bath row 

Dawson Geo. Cowpen Quay

Dent William, Nelson place

Dixon George Hindhangh, Bridge street

Dobson Geo. Cowpen Quay

Dunn Thomas, Cowpen Quay

Duxfield Henry, Church st 

Elliott Ninian, Cowpen Quay

Farrow Wm. Cowpen Quay

Foreman Jno. Cowpen Quay

Freeman George, High Quay 

Gibson John, Cowpen Qnay 

Gibson Thos. Cowpen Quay

Gibson Thos. Waterloo

Gray John, Bridge street

Hall Robert, Cowpen Quay

Hayes William, Waterloo 

Heathley Jas. Cowpen Quay

Hedley James, Waterloo

Innes Chas. near the Harbour

Jobling Thos. Market place 

Kinch Henry, Ridley terrace

Lough Jas. Cowpen Quay

Mackenzie Edward, Cowpen Quay

Manners Jas. Cowpen Quay 

Manners Jno. Cowpen Quay

Marr James, Cowpen Quay

Mitchell George, Waterloo

Morrison Edward, steamboat master, house near the Harbour

Newman Henry, Waterloo

Norman Jno. Cowpen Quay

Pill Richard, Cowpen Quay

Potts John, Cowpen Quay

Potts Thos. Cowpen Quay

Potts William, Crofton

Quack William, Waterloo 

Ramsay Thos. Cowpen Quay

Redford Jno. Cowpen Quay

Sample Jno. Cowpen Quay

Seetur Robert, HiglPPans

Smith John1 Church-street

Smith Thos. Nelson-place

Stavers John, Waterloo 

Steel John, Blagdon street

Tate James, Cowpen Quay

Totherick Henry, Waterloo

Turner Edward, Waterloo

Wallace James, Waterloo 

Weightman Robert, Crofton

Wheatley Joshua, Cowpen Quay

Wheatley Walker, Nelson pl

Wilkie Archibald, Waterloo

Wilson Matthew, Church-st

Winship Jno. Cowpen Quay 

Wood George, Waterloo

Wood James, Cowpen Quay



Davison John, Blagdon st 

Hodgson Richard, Crofton mills

Mackenzie William, Cowpen Mill, Cowpen Quay 


News Agents

Ruddock William, Northumberland st 

Young Henry, Cowpen Quay 


Painters and Glaziers 

Aynsley John, Blyth

Elliott James, Cowpen Quay

Patterson W.G. Low Quay



Armstrong William, Low Quay 

Brown John, Low Quay

Burn John, Northmberland st 

Burn Matthew, Northumberland st

Chambers William Ridley ter

Davis Marshall, Ridley ter 

Dolmohay Thomas, Low Quay 

Redford James, Low Quay

Stephenson John, Low Quay

Twizell John, Church street 


Rope and Sail Makers

Smith Wm. Ranson, Northumberland street

Watts Edmund H. junior, & secretary to the Morning Star Insurance Association, etc. Blyth


Ship Brokers 

Heron James, Bath row

Watts Edmund H. junior, & insurance, Blyth


Ship Builders

Bowman & Drummond, Cowpen Quay

Robinson George, Cowpen Quay 

Stoveld Mrs. Margaret Jane, Blyth Dock, George Coxon, manager 


Ship Chandlers 

Brewis William, Sussex street

Nicholson Robert, Wapping 

Taylor Edward, Low Quay


Ship Owners

Appleby John, Cowpen Quay 

Barron Thomas, Bridge street

Bell John, near Waggon hill

Bell Robert, Cowpen Quay

Blakey Jas. Northumberland street

Bowman George, Bridge street

Brown Isaac, Bebside

Brown James, Waterloo 

Crawford Mary, Waterloo Villa

Davis Edward, Waterloo 

Davison John, Blagdon street

Dawson George R. Blyth 

Dent John, Ridley place

Dent William, Nelson-place 

Dobson John, Sussex street 

Drummond Thomas, Cowpen Quay 

Dunn Thomas, Cowpen Quay

Gibson Jno. Cowpen Quay

Gray Robert & Co. Sussex street

Gray Matthew, Bridge street

Heppell Thos. Nelson place 

Heron James, Bath row 

Hindmarsh Thomas, Ridley terrace

Hodgson Joseph, Waterloo 

Jobbing Joseph, Market place 

Kell Robert, Bath row 

Knight Thomas, Crofton 

Lawson George, Crofton 

Lawson Henry D. Blyth 

Lough Richard, Waterloo

Mackenzie William, Cowpen Quay 

Milburn William, Bridge st 

Murray Thomas, Market pl

Newman John, Market-place

Newton Edwd. F. Waterloo

Parsons John, Ballast Hill 

Ramsay Thomas, Blyth

Robinson George, Wellington street, Cowpen Quay

Shepherd William, Cowpen Quay 

Sidney M. W. J. Blagdon street

Smith George, Church street

Smith John, Waggon Hill House

Smith William, Ranson, Northumberland street

Soulsby Robert, Cowpen Quay 

Stafford Francis, Cowpen Quay

Steel John, Blyth 

Taylor Henry, Waterloo 

Taylor Joseph, Bridge street 

Towns John, Blagdon street 

Turnbull James, Sussex street

Turner William, Waterloo 

Twizell John, Church street 

Tynemouth Robert, Blyth 

Wallace Catherine, Waterloo

Wallace James, Waterloo

Ward Gilbert, and corn merchant, etc. Bridge street

Wilkie Archibold, Waterloo 

Wilson John, Bath row

Wilson Matthew, Church st

Winsbip William, Cowpen Quay 

Wood George, Cowpen Quay



Brown David, near the Custom House

Davison Philip, and grocer, Cowpen Quay



Bowman and Drummond, Cowpen Quay

Dodds William, ship and general smith, 1 York Street

Gai George, smith

Gar Jule, Bridge street 

San pl Jas. Cowpen Quay 

Smoult James, High Quay

Wilson Thomas, Ferry Boat Landing 



Sidney Marlow William John, Blagdon street 


Stationers and Bookbinders

Alder William, Ridley terrace 

Robinson John, and chart seller, etc, Sussex street 


Steam Boat Owners

Burn John, Bridge street 

Morrison Edward, steamboat master, ho. near the harbour

Redhead George, Cowpen Quay 

Sidney M.W.J. Blagdon st



Cockburn Thomas, Waterloo

Mann Joseph, Bridge street

Murray Thomas, Market place

Smith John, Waggon Hill House

Ward Gilbert, and public vaccinator, etc. Bridge street


Tallow Chandler 

Parsons John, & ship owner, Ballast Hill 



Anderson Nathl. High Quay

Clarkson J. Cowpen Quay 

Newsome Samuel, Sussex street

Richardson John, and inn keeper, Northumberland st

Snowdon John, Cowpen Quay

Taylor Nicholas, Waterloo

Temple Nathl. Northumberland street

Turner Edward, Sussex street

Willis Thomas, Cowpen Quay 


Watch and Clock Makers

Alder C. G. Northumberland st

Heron John, Cowpen Quay 

Pape John, Market place 


Conveyance by railway 

BLTTH AND TYNE RAILWAY STATION Cowpen Quay, George Turner, station master



To Elsdon, Otterburn, Rochester, and Morpeth, Walter Best, from the Market place, on Mondays

To Rothbury, William Bell from Blagdon street, on Mondays 

To Shields, David Davidson, from Cowpen Quay, on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays 

To Shields, William Bell, from Blagdon street, on Thursdays

William Smart and John Southern, are also carriers 


Notes: Cowpen Square consisted of terraced houses built to accommodate miners working at Cowpen Colliery (the houses have since been demolished).

Blyth Horton Parochial Chapelry, 1855 Earsdon Parish, 1855


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