Siege of Newcastle, 1644

3rd February1644: start of the Siege of Newcastle, which lasted until 19th October 1644, when the Scottish Covenanters took the city.

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Newcastle, Siege and Civil War, 1644
- "This site deals with the Civil War as it affected the north-east of England in 1644. A more general history of Robert Curthose's "New" Castle is included. Some photograph ...

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Civil War in the North, 1644
- "he signing of the Solemn League and Covenant between Parliament and the Scots and the subsequent Scottish invasion of England marks a major turning point in the English Civil War ...

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Timeline: The Stuarts and the Civil War - 1603AD to 1644AD
- "Plagues, witch trials and fires are familiar aspects of Elizabethan and Stuart life but the greatest disruption was caused by the Civil War in the mid-1600s. In 1640, Charles I ...

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