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Historic Buildings and Monuments in Alnmouth

Listed buildings and scheduled monuments in Alnmouth Civil Parish.

Structure List No. Grade Built~ Note
Nos. 1-4 Victoria Place with Attached Wall to North West 1041808 II C17th  
Nos. 1-8, Lovaine Terrace 1371148 II C.1860  
No. 14, Northumberland Street 1041809 II C17th  
Nos. 6, 7 and 8 with Attached Wall, Prospect Place and 52 Northumberland Street 1153326 II C18th Converted granary
Nos. 7 and 7a, Northumberland Street 1371169 II C19th  
Aln House 1041810 II c.1740  
Alnmouth War Memorial 1420286 II 1921  
Attached Wall to South West of the Hall 1304356 II C17th  
Barn 750 Metres East of Junction with High Buston Road 1041836 II C18th  
Barndale House and barndale Cottage 1371170 II C18th  
Church of St John the Baptist 1371166 II 1876  
Coach House Range to North West of High Buston House 1153188 II C18th High Buston
Driftwood Lodge 1041807 II C18th  
Front Wall and Gateways to the Hall and Hallsteads 1153323 II C19th  
Garden and Terrace Walls to North East of High Buston House 1304419 II C18th High Buston
Garden Wall to South of High Buston House 1371147 II C18th High Buston
High Buston Farm Cottage 1371146 II C18th High Buston
High Buston Farmhouse 1041842 II C17th High Buston
High Buston House 1041843 II c.1780 High Buston
Hindmarsh Hall 1371168 II C18th Village Hall, converted granary
K6 Telephone Kiosk 1052198 II 1935  
Duchess' Bridge, Over River Aln 1041841 II 1864  
Lifeboat Station 1041838 II C19th  
Marine House Private Hotel 1153199 II C18th  
Old Battery Over Looking Alnmouth Links 1041839 II 1881  
Old Harbour Wall 1153191 II C18th  
Pant Adjacent to Driftwood Lodge 1041812 II 1859  
Pant on North Side of Junction with the Wynd 1041804 II 1866  
Pant on North Side of Road to Lifeboat Station 1041837 II C19th  
Ruined Chapel on West Side of Church Hill  1371145 II 1870  
Seabank 1041805 II C18th House
Seafield 1153294 II C18th House
Stableyard Buildings and Attached Wall to North of High Buston House 1041844 II C18th High Buston
Sundial to West of the Hall 1371171 II 1834  
The Aln 1371167 II C18th House
The Galleon 1041806 II C18th House
The Hall 1041811 II C18th House
The Norse Camp 1041304 n/a   Scheduled Monument
The Old Watch Tower and Attached Walls, in Grounds of the Grange 1304381 II C18th Former harbourmaster's office
The Schooner Hotel 1153250 II C19th  
Well Opposite Alnmouth Methodist Church 1041840 II C18th  
War Memorial, Alnmouth
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War Memorial, Alnmouth
Church of St John the Baptist
  Co-Curate Page
Church of St John the Baptist
- Overview About St John's Map Street View The Church of St John the Baptist on Northumberland Street in Alnmouth was consecrated on 6th November 1876. Shortly after this Alnmouth became …
Duchess Bridge
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Duchess Bridge
- Overview Map Street View This stone bridge over the River Aln at Alnmouth was built in 1864. The bridge is Grade II listed on the National Heritage List for England. A …
Hindmarsh Hall
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Hindmarsh Hall
- Overview Map Street View Hindmarsh Hall on Northumberland Street in Alnmouth is the village hall. It was built in the 18th century as a granary and was later used as …
Old battery, Alnmouth Links
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Old battery, Alnmouth Links
- There is a old gun battery on Alnmouth Links. It was originally built in 1881 by the Duke of Northumberland for the use of the Percy Artillery Volunteers. It includes …
Old Lifeboat Station, Alnmouth
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Old Lifeboat Station, Alnmouth
- Overview Map Street View There are two old Lifeboat Station buildings by the beach at the east of Alnmouth. One lifeboat was provided by the Duke of Northumberland in the …


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