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Historic Buildings and Monuments in Wetheral Civil Parish

Listed buildings and scheduled monuments in Wetheral Civil Parish, Cumbria, from the National Heritage List for England[1]. Use the Search (below) if looking for a specific building / monument.

Structure List No. Grade Built~ Note
Nos. 1-6, High Buildings 1335514 II    
Nos. 8-12, High Buildings 1120913 II    
Acorn Bank 1322406 II    
Birkhill Farmhouse and Attached Farmbuildings to South 1049105 II    
Blacksmith's Shop 1335516 II    
Brook Villa 1087714 II    
Brookside 1336942 II    
Byre Hill Farmhouse, Corby Castle Estate 1087676 II    
Cairn House 1087687 II    
Cascade to West of Corby Castle 1335535  I    
Chapel Farmhouse 1087710 II    
Church of All Saints 1335538 II 1854 Scotby
Church of St Leonard 1121876  II* C12th Warwick-on-Eden
Church of St Mary and St Wilfred 1111897  II* 1841 Warwick Bridge
Church of St Paul 1087689 II    
Church of the Holy Trinity and St Constantine 1087692  II* C13th Wetheral
Clematis Cottage 1087716 II    
Corby Bridge 1087690  I 1834 aka Wetheral Viaduct. Rail viaduct over River Eden
Corby Bridge Inn 1120829 II    
Corby Castle 1087717  I Medieval Tower house with C17th extensions.
Corby Viaduct 1087711 II 1834 Rail viaduct over Corby Beck
Cote House 1111822 II    
Cotehill War Memorial 1457967 II    
Cringles 1120818 II    
Crown Hotel 1087707 II    
Cumwhinton Station 1335564 II    
Cumwhinton War Memorial 1458593 II 1922  
Dixon Monument in North-West Corner of Wetheral Churchyard 1112550 II    
Dovecote to South East of Corby Castle 1335536  I    
Drybeck Viaduct 1326692 II    
Eden Brow Park Cottage 1087652 II    
Eden Mount 1329372 II    
Edenbank 1111858 II    
Edenside Cottage 1335545 II    
Folly East of Whoof House 1323161 II    
Footbridge at East End of Wetheral Station 1087691 II    
Former Stationmasters House at Cumwhinton Station 1087655 II    
Friends Meeting House 1335539 II 1718 Scotby. Former Quaker meeting house.
Froddle Crook 1335563 II    
Gate Lodge to East of Corby Castle 1335534  I    
Gate Piers Railings and Wall to North of Moorhouse Hall 1087684 II    
Great Corby School 1087713 II 1834 Now primary school.
Green Farm 1335513 II    
Greystones 1087694 II    
Grove Cottage 1122689 II    
Hawthorn Cottage 1121532 II    
Henry Lonsdale Home (Rose Hill) 1111831 II    
Holly Cottage 1087715 II    
Holme Eden Abbey 1087685  II* 1837 Former house, by John Dobson
Holme Eden War Memorial 1457982 II    
Holme House 1087709 II    
Howard Cottage 1087688 II    
Howard Tomb in Churchyard Near East Window of Wetheral Church 1335544 II    
Ivy House 1120898 II    
Kitchen Garden Walls to South East of Corby Castle 1122629  I    
Lodge South of Warwick Hall 1335540 II    
Lodge to South of Holme Eden 1337663 II    
Low House 1111796 II    
Milestone 1087683 II    
Moorhouse Hall 1337672 II    
No 13 Green Farmhouse 1087679 II    
Oak House 1120801 II    
Orchard House 1087705 II    
Orchard House 1323178 II    
Orchard Lodge 1121142 II    
Queens Inn 1335542 II    
Railway Cottages at Cumwhinton Station 1250244 II    
Red Beeches and Wall to Right 1087680 II    
River House 1322404 II    
Road Bridge at Cumwhinton Station 1335565 II    
Salmon Coops to South of Corby Castle 1087677  I    
Scotby War Memorial 1463529 II 1920 Churchyard of All Saints Church.
St Constantine's Cells 1087654  I    
Stable Block to North West of Warwick Hall 1087681 II    
Station Master's House and Offices, with Stone Platform to Front 1336960 II    
Statue of Polyphemus, Corby Castle 1087675  II*    
Statue of St Constantine, South of Corby Castle 1087678 II    
Stone House and Stable Adjoining 1336974 II    
Sundial South of Wetheral Church 1087693 II    
Sunny Nook 1335517 II    
Tempietto, Corby Castle 1335537  I    
The Corn Mill 1087686  II*    
The Grange 1335515 II    
The Lodge 1087653 II    
The Mill 1087706 II    
The Old Chapel 1087682 II    
The Old Rectory, 1323129 II    
The Priests House, Adjacent to the Church of St Mary and St Wilfrid 1250282 II    
The Shrubbery 1087657 II    
Tithe Barn Farmhouse 1123723 II    
Wall and Gate Piers to East of Corby Castle 1087674  I    
Wall and Gate Piers to South of Holme Eden Abbey 1335543 II    
Walls of East Range of Wetheral Priory, East of Gatehouse 1336985  I    
Warwick Bridge 1123701 II 1835 Bridge over River Eden at Warwick Bridge.
Warwick Green 1335541 II    
Warwick Hall 1121918 II   Warwick-on-Eden
Warwick House 1123727 II    
Wellholme 1121906 II    
Wetheral Abbey Farm 1452573 II    
Wetheral Cross 1323117 II    
Wetheral Priory Gatehouse 1087695  I    
Wheelbarrow Hall 1337013 II    
Whitegate 1087708 II    
Yew Tree House 1087712 II    
Wetheral Priory gatehouse and length of medieval wall 1007904 n/a    
St Constantine's cells (Wetheral Caves) and rock-cut Roman inscription 1007160 n/a    
Corby Castle Gardens 1000662  1 C18th Listed Park and Garden

Primary source: the National Heritage List for England - NHLE is the register of nationally protected historic buildings and sites in England, including listed buildings, scheduled monuments, protected wrecks, registered parks and gardens, and battlefields. The list is maintained by Historic England. Check NHLE for updates and new entries. Secondary sources: British Listed Buildings.

Wetheral Civil Parish Corby Castle Corby Castle Gardens Great Corby School Corby Bridge (Wetheral Viaduct) War Memorial, Cumwhinton Former Friend's Meeting House, Scotby Church of All Saints, Scotby War Memorial, Scotby Church of the Holy Trinity and St Constantine, Wetheral Church of St Mary and St Wilfred Warwick Bridge (bridge) Holme Eden Abbey Warwick Hall, Warwick-on-Eden Church of St Leonard, Warwick-on-Eden
Church of the Holy Trinity and St Constantine, Wetheral
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Church of the Holy Trinity and St Constantine, Wetheral
Corby Bridge (Wetheral Viaduct)
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Corby Bridge (Wetheral Viaduct)
- Overview Map Street View Corby Bridge (more commonly called Wetheral Viaduct) is a railway viaduct over the River Eden, between Great Corby and Wetheral in Cumbria. The 5 arch, red …
Corby Castle
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Corby Castle
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Great Corby School
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Great Corby School
- Great Corby School is a primary school in Great Corby in Cumbria. The school has roughly 90 pupils aged 3 to 11 years old. The school has a history going …
Corby Castle Gardens
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Corby Castle Gardens
Warwick Bridge (bridge)
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Warwick Bridge (bridge)
- Bridge over the River Eden at Warwick Bridge, Cumbria.
Church of St Mary and St Wilfred
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Church of St Mary and St Wilfred
Holme Eden Abbey
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Holme Eden Abbey
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War Memorial, Cumwhinton
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War Memorial, Cumwhinton
Church of St Leonard, Warwick-on-Eden
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Church of St Leonard, Warwick-on-Eden
Warwick Hall, Warwick-on-Eden
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Warwick Hall, Warwick-on-Eden
Former Friend's Meeting House, Scotby
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Former Friend's Meeting House, Scotby
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Church of All Saints, Scotby
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Church of All Saints, Scotby
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War Memorial, Scotby
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War Memorial, Scotby
- Overview Map Street View The war memorial is Scotby is located by the entrance to All Saints Church. It was unveiled by the vicar of Scotby, the Reverend R. S. …


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