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Historic Buildings and Monuments in Sedbergh Civil Parish

Listed buildings and scheduled monuments in Sedbergh Civil Parish, Cumbria, from the National Heritage List for England[1]. Use the Search (below) if looking for a specific building / monument.

Structure List No. Grade Built~ Note
Nos. 1, 2 and 3, Settlebeck 1384211 II    
No. 1, Back Lane 1384067 II    
No. 1, New Street (See details for further address information) 1384189 II    
Nos. 15, 16 and 17, Back Lane 1384068 II    
Nos. 18 and 19, Back Lane 1384069 II    
No. 20, Back Lane 1384070 II    
Nos. 3 and 5, New Street 1384209 II    
No. 3, Main Street 1384177 II    
No. 33, Loftus Hill 1384168 II    
No. 33, Main Street 1384179 II    
Nos. 34 and 35, Loftus Hill 1384169 II    
No. 35, Main Street 1384180 II    
Nos. 36 and 37, Loftus Hill 1384170 II    
Nos. 37 and 39, Main Street 1384181 II    
Nos. 4 and 5, Settlebeck 1384212 II    
No. 4, Main Street 1384178 II    
Nos. 48 and 50, Main Street 1384183 II    
No. 57, Main Street 1384186 II    
Nos. 6 and 7, Settlebeck 1384213 II    
Nos. 7 and 9, New Street 1384210 II    
Nos. 79 and 81, Main Street 1384187 II    
Nos. 80, 82 and 84, Main Street 1384188 II    
No. 95, Main Street 1384190 II    
Abbot Holme Bridge 1384064  II*    
Abbot Holme House (East) and Attached Barn 1384065 II    
Abbot Holme House (West) and Attached Stable to West and Barn to East 1384066 II    
Archer's Hall 1384200  II*    
Bank Barn Approximately 100 Metres to North West of Catholes Farmhouse 1384088 II    
Bank Barn Approximately 50 Metres East of High Branthwaite Farmhouse 1384151 II    
Bank Barn Attached to East End of Draw Well Farmhouse 1384147 II    
Banty Gill Bridge 1384139 II    
Barn Adjoining Hollin Hill Farmhouse to East 1384083 II    
Barn and Cottage Attached to West End of High Birks Farmhouse 1384076 II    
Barn Approximately 10 Metres West of Taythes 1384117 II    
Barn Approximately 15 Metres South East of Castlehaw Farmhouse 1384086 II    
Barn Approximately 20 Metres to North West of Archer's Hall 1384201 II    
Barn Approximately 25 Metres North of Cross Keys Hotel 1384098 II    
Barn Approximately 25 Metres South East of Garths Farmhouse 1384062 II    
Barn Approximately 30 Metres South of Fell Yeat Farmhouse at Side 1384125 II    
Barn Approximately 30 Metres to North of Mire House 1384112 II    
Barn Approximately 5 Metres North of Cautley Thwaite Farmhouse 1384093 II    
Barn Approximately 5 Metres South of Low Haygarth Farmhouse 1384104 II    
Barn Attached to West End of Uldale House 1384120 II    
Barn Attached to West Side of Low Hollins Farmhouse 1384128 II    
Beck Farmhouse and Attached Barn 1384140 II    
Beckside Farmhouse and Attached Barn to South West 1384141 II    
Birks Cottage 1384074 II    
Birks Farmhouse and Attached Barn 1384090 II    
Blands Gill Farmhouse with Attached Barn to North 1384142 II    
Bluecaster 1384091 II    
Boer Wall Memorial Approximately 40 Metres North of Chapel of Sedbergh School 1384172 II    
Boundary Wall and Railings to Chapel at Sedbergh School with Gateways and Lamp 1384173 II    
Browside Cottage 1384203 II    
Castlehaw Farmhouse 1384085 II    
Catholes Farmhouse 1384087 II    
Cautley Thwaite Farmhouse 1384092 II    
Chapel at Sedbergh School 1384171  II*    
Church of St Andrew 1384191  I C16th On the site of earlier church
Church of St Gregory (Vale of Lune Chapel) 1384060 II    
Church of St Mark 1384094 II    
Church of the Holy Trinity 1384143 II    
Classroom Block to East of Powell Hall at Sedbergh School 1384217 II    
Crook of Lune Bridge 1384145  II* C16th Partly in this parish
Cross Hall Cottage 1384095 II    
Cross Haw Farmhouse with Attached Outbuildings 1384096 II    
Cross Keys Hotel 1384097 II    
Danny Bridge 1384131 II    
Draw Well Farmhouse 1384146 II    
Evans House and Attached Area Railings to the Front 1384193 II    
Fell Yeat Farmhouse at Side 1384124 II    
Folly Yard 1384195 II    
Folly Yard 1384196 II    
Former Barn Approximately 20 Metres to North West of Catholes Farmhouse 1384089 II    
Former Mitchell's Pharmacy 1384184 II    
Former Smithy at Farfield Mills 1384137 II    
Garden Wall with Two Bee-Boles Approximately 10 Metres South of Draw Well Farmhouse 1384148 II    
Garsdale Bridge to North West of Farfield Mills 1384073 II    
Garths Farmhouse 1384061 II    
Gate Farmhouse 1384149 II    
Gateside House 1384121 II    
Green Farmhouse 1384126 II    
Group of Farm Buildings 100 Metres West of Ingmire Hall 1384162 II    
Hallbank 1384129 II    
Hebblethwaite Cottage and Attached Barn to West 1382850 II    
Hebblethwaite Hall 1384099 II    
High Beckside Farmhouse and Attached Former Barn 1384100 II    
High Birks Farmhouse 1384075 II    
High Branthwaite Farmhouse 1384150 II    
High Fawes 1384130 II    
High Oaks 1384164  II*    
High Wardses Bridge 1384101 II    
Hill 1382830 II    
Hollin Hill Farmhouse 1384082  II*    
Howgill War Memorial 1457238 II    
Ingmire Gardens and Associated Walled Garden 1384160 II    
Ingmire Hall and Stables and Outbuildings to North Known As Ingmire Cottage 1384161 II C16th Mansion with pele tower
Jubilee Drinking Fountain Built into Churchyard Hall 1384123 II    
K6 Telephone Kiosk Approximately 20 Metres South East of Holy Trinity Churchyard 1384144 II    
K6 Telephone Kiosk Beside Churchyard 1384192 II    
Killington New Bridge 1137973 II    
Kilnbeck Farmhouse and Attached Barn 1384122 II    
Lincolns Inn Bridge over the River Lune 1384063 II    
Low Beckside Farmhouse and Attached Peat House and Barn 1384102 II    
Low Birks 1384077 II    
Low Branthwaites 1384132 II    
Low Brigflatts 1384078 II    
Low Haygarth Farmhouse 1384103 II    
Low Hollins Farmhouse and Attached Garden Wall 1384127 II    
Low Ridding and Former Barn Attached to West End 1384105 II    
Lune Viaduct at Newbys Dub 1086911  II*    
Mackereth Hill and Attached Barn 1384106 II    
Marshall House and Attached Area Railings 1384185 II    
Middleton Bridge over River Rawthey 1384163 II    
Milestone (Sedbergh 1) Approximately 180 Metres West of Archer's Hall 1384204 II    
Milestone (Sedbergh 2) to South East of Low Ridding 1384107 II    
Milestone (Sedbergh 3) to East of Steps End 1384108 II    
Milestone (Sedbergh 4) by High Wardses 1384109 II    
Milestone (Sedbergh 5) at Ngr 7045 9731 on A683 1384110 II    
Milestone Approximately 100 Metres East of Low Branthwaites on Hawes Road 1384133 II    
Milestone Approximately 120 Metres East of Junction with Frostrow Lane 1384134 II    
Milestone at South East Corner of Sunny Bank 1384215 II    
Milestone on East Corner of Junction with Frostrow Lane 1384135 II    
Milestone on East Side of Lane Approximately 30 Metres South of Fairmile Beck 1384152 II    
Milestone on South of Road Approximately 100 Metres East of Killington New Bridge (Not Included) 1384165 II    
Mill Cottage 1384154 II    
Mill House 1384155 II    
Millers Cottage 1384156 II    
Millthrop Bridge over River Rawthey 1384206 II    
Mire House 1384111  II*    
Moss Farm and Moss Cottage 1384136 II    
Nether Bainbridge Farmhouse 1384157 II    
New Bridge 1384138 II    
No. 41 Main Street 1384182 II    
Palmers Hill 1384199 II    
Pedge Croft Farmhouse 1384175 II    
Powell Hall at Sedbergh School 1384216 II    
Queen Victoria Memorial Cross, Queen's Garden 1400656 II    
Railton Yard 1382853 II    
Rawthey Bridge 1384113 II    
Rawthey Bridge 1384079 II    
Rue Crofts and Attached Barn to North 1384214 II    
School House at Sedbergh School 1384174 II    
Sedbergh War Memorial 1400659 II    
Small Barn Approximately 30 Metres North of Archer's Hall 1384202 II    
Spedding House and Attached Barn to South 1384207 II    
Stable and School Room to North West of the Friends Meeting House 1384081 II    
Stone Hall 1384219  II*    
Straight Bridge 1384114 II    
Taythes Bridge over Taythes Gill 1384115 II    
Taythes Farmhouse 1384116 II    
The Friends Meeting House and Adjoining Cottage to West 1384080  I 1675 Brigflatts
The Hill 1384166  II*    
The Old Grammar School (Now the School Library) 1384071  II*    
The Old Vicarage 1384072 II    
Thorns Cottage 1384220 II    
Thorns Hall and Attached Stable Wing to Rear 1384176  II*    
Thursgill 1384084 II    
Thwaite Farmhouse 1384158 II    
Uldale House 1384119 II    
Walled Garden Approximately 40 Metres South of Evans House 1384194 II    
War Memorial Cloister at Sedbergh School 1384218  II*    
Weavers Yard 1384197 II    
Weavers Yard 1384198 II    
Wesleyan Methodist Church 1384118 II    
Winder Cottage (Number 9) 1384159 II    
Castlehaw Tower, motte and bailey castle and Royal Observer Corps monitoring post 1007128 n/a    
Queen's Garden 1400679 II   Listed Park and Garden

Primary source: the National Heritage List for England - NHLE is the register of nationally protected historic buildings and sites in England, including listed buildings, scheduled monuments, protected wrecks, registered parks and gardens, and battlefields. The list is maintained by Historic England. Check NHLE for updates and new entries. Secondary sources: British Listed Buildings.

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